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The sacrifice Episode 94


©Sir Zach

“I know you probably think the worst of me right now, and these ph0togra-phs are surely guiding you in that line of thought, I un-derstand, but the truth is I got that contract on my own. Whatever happened between Mr Beau and I, had nothing to do with the contract. That’s my personal business and I’ll like if it remains so.
I’ll unashamedly say that Mr Beau and i are currently in a ro-mantic relationsh!p, hence the ph0togra-phs, but this was only after the contract. I never entangled myself with him to acquire that contract. But if you think this is wrong and I have shamed the company in anyway and would probably bring trouble to this establishment then, I’d tender in my resignation. Because Mrs Lin I’d rather work with my pride intact than have my name slandered for something I didn’t do” She spoke angrily, as she tried to say this without raising her voice.

Jade’s countenance was serious even though she was very pained by this accusal or distrust. But she knew she shouldn’t probably blame Mrs Lin for thinking this way. The evidence before her were quite convincing and very misleading.

She didn’t even need to guess who was responsible for this. It had to be that witch, Stephanie. It could only be her, she had her prints all over this. Jade’s fist clenched ti-ghtly when she thought about how Stephanie could have done this. She has been following her?

Stephanie was going to get it from her as soon as she got out of here. She’d murder that bit-ch!

The fierce and convincing tone on Jade’s face and the tone at which she had spoken got Mrs Lin confused. She could feel her mind waver towards Jade. She didn’t know who or what to believe.

At first when she had received these pictures and the letter attached to it, she doubted the authenticity of the pictures. It could be ph0toshopped she thought to herself. But after she had invited Stephanie into her office to ask her some few questions, she was shocked by the things Stephanie had told her. She didn’t believe that the girl who had awed her mind with her intelligence, dilligence and courage was actually capable of doing something like this.

But who was she to think otherwise. The evidence were pointing towards the fact that Jade had sold herself to Jake Beau in exchange for the contract, and Stephanie, a reputable staff of the company also confirmed it.

She looked up at Jade in silence for some moments.

“So you’re saying that you didn’t get S-xually involved with Mr Beau for the contract?” She asked again, her eyes fixed on Jade as she observed all her expressions. She also wanted to believe that she had not made a mistake in taking a liking to this girl.

“Yes ma” Jade replied curtly.

“And you’re both in a relationsh!p, which is not hinged on the anti-malware contract that was signed?”

“Yes ma” Jade answered again.

Mrs Lin continued to gaze at Jade. She sighed as she lolled back on her sweltvering chair, kneading her temples for a while. This was giving her a headache. She was totally buying Jade’s side of the story. She had initially wished that what was written in the note were lies.

She didn’t have a problem with Jade [email protected]!ngJake. Though the guy had a bad reputation and she wouldn’t lie and say she wasn’t beginning to feel worried for her, but it was Jade’s Personal matter. And if Jade said she didn’t get entangled with Jake because of the contract then she was going to believe her.

“And you’re sure Jade, I don’t want to believe you and be disappointed by trusting you later” Mrs Lin asked again.

“I’m very sure ma” Jade’s voice was sharp and firm.

Mrs Lin sighed again. “I believe you Jade. If you say you didn’t, then I believe you. And I’m sorry for the way I reacted, I guess I should have handled it better than I just did. I should have trusted my decision of wanting to take you un-der my wings and should have believed you’re not that kind of a person” She apologized.

Yes, she should have trusted her instincts that had always liked and admired Jade from the day she made that bold move in her office. Doubting Jade, meant she had indirectly doubted her own judgement.

“I perfectly un-derstand. I’m sure I would have reacted in the same way. I know you only have the best interest of the company at heart” As a matter of fact Jade’s respect for the woman just doubled. Mrs Lin could have mentioned this at the conference room earlier, but she didn’t. Doesn’t that mean she subconsciously doubted she was wasn’t capable of doing something like that?

“Still I’m sorry. I’ll look more into this matter” Mrs Lin said apologectically. She was slightly [email protected] of how she had handled the issue. She had let her emotions get the best of her, and that was something she has never done before.

“Thank you ma” Jade greeted. She didn’t know how she should feel at the moment. Relief, excitement, anger were all she was feeling at the moment. This meant that she still had her job right? She actually didn’t want to resign as well. She loved it here.

But there was something she really wanted to do, and that was to confirm that this was really Stephanie’s handiwork. She was sure that wench was the one behind it, but she needed to be sure, just to clear off that 0.001% doubt lingering in her mind that it might not really be Stephanie, but who the hell was she kidding.

“Ma, if I may ask, can I know how you [email protected]£ about these pictures?” Jade asked.

“They were anonymously mailed. Why do you ask? Do you know who might have s£nt these, and for what purpose?” Mrs Lin asked in return especially when she noticed the anger flashing in Jade’s eyes.

‘Purpose? Wasn’t the purpose so obvious?’

“No, I was simply curious” She replied. She didn’t really want to raise her suspicious or rather call out the culprit because that would only result taking them back to the past, of how she was gruesomely betrayed.

“Okay, I’ll further look into this, so you can go back to work” She said dismissively. She also didn’t want to mention Stephanie’s involvement in this. It could lead to problems between them. She’ll surreptitiously look into this.

“Thank you Ma” Jade bowed slightly before turning to leave.

“Jade be careful” Mrs Lin said from behind her, while Jade nodded before opening the door and walking out.

Her fist clenched the moment she walked out of the Vice president’s office. There was only one thing on her mind and that was paying that bit-ch a visit.

She might have saved her job today, but what about next time?

*Jake’s Office*

“Do you have everything re-ady?” Jake asked over the phone.

“Yes sir” A female voice [email protected]£ from the other side of the phone.

“And you’re very sure about that?” He asked again. He didn’t want to take any chances tonight.

“Yes sir, everything is in order” The lady over the phone @ssured him.

“That had better be the case. If something goes wrong tonight, consider yourself out of business” He threatened. From the tone of his voice the person at the other side of the phone could tell he wasn’t joking.

“Definitely sir” She replied, before Jake ended the call.

He picked up the little box on his desk and opened it. A smile crept on his face when he saw the beautiful n£¢klace that sat inside it.

He brushed his hands over the J-shaped pendant. This was supposed to be his proposal gift to Jade but he had missed giving it to her, because of his spontaneous proposal. Though he was happy with the fact that Jade was now his girlfriend, he still felt like he could have done it better.

Maybe he should have sticked to his original plan.

Jake raised his head up towards the door when he heard a knock, and of course the person was alre-ady standing inside his office.

“Can i come in?” Blake asked, ma-king Jake to glare at him.

“Aren’t you inside alre-ady?” Jake rolled his eyes at him.

“Who knocks when they’ve alre-ady let themselves in?” Jake asked in a annoyed tone.

“Well you asked me to always knock, but you didn’t specify where” Blake replied nonchanlantly as he plonked himself down on one of the seats in front of Jake’s desk.

His eyes lit up when he saw the small box in Jake’s hand.

“Is that for sister in-law?” He asked excitedly, leaning over the desk to get a good look of the n£¢klace inside it.

“Hmm” Jake nodded his head. Not bothering about the fact that Blake had just addressed Jade as his sister in-law. He hasn’t really thought about getting married, but the thought of getting married to Jade wouldn’t be a bad idea. He’d get to call her his wife, wake up with her every morning and have kids that look just like her?

He shook his head when he realized the thoughts were currently going throu-gh his mind at the moment.

“Is it beautiful? Do you think she’ll like it?” Jake asked showing the box to Blake.

“Of course it is. I’m sure she’ll love it” Blake @ssured him.

“I think so too” Jake said with a proud smile. He had taken him a long time to pick out this n£¢klace for her. He wanted something simple yet beautiful, and after searching for a long time he had finally settled for this.

“So you want to propose her to be your girlfriend?” Blake asked curiously, as he took the box from Jake and looked at the detail of the n£¢klace.

“Yeah, no…not really?” He replied confusedly. Blake sh0t a brow at him.

“Bro I don’t un-derstand you”

“The thing is I alre-ady asked her out”

“Really?” Blake eyes wi-de-ned in surprise. He didn’t know they had gone that far. He had a feeling his brother liked the girl, but knowing he had alre-ady taken the big step [email protected]£ as a surprise to him.

“Yes” Jake nodded, but he continued. “But the thing is it was kind of spontaneous. And I had this plan prepped out before now, but I didn’t pu-ll throu-gh with it as planned” He sighed. He was feeling slightly regretful for ma-king his proposal to Jade so casual. After watching all those proposal videos on YouTube, he really thought that Jade deserved something better.

“Really? Well spontaneous is good too. I mean it makes it look more natural and stuff.” Blake commented.

“Maybe I don’t really know. But I just feel like I want to do things right. Like you know, flowers and stuff” He shrugged.

Blake looked at him intently. “So you want to do it again?” Blake asked suspiciously. He had the feeling his brother wanted to repeat his proposal.

“Maybe” Jake shrugged.


“Tonight” He replied.

“At the charity ball?” Blake’s eyes wi-de-ned.

“No dummy, not at the ball” He eyed him. Sometimes he wondered if Blake was smart at all.

” So where?” Blake asked, not minding the fact that he was called a dummy.

“At the open field, close to the water side. After the [email protected]” Jake told him.

“Perfect place. So tell me about your plans” Blake urged.

Looking at him skeptically, Jake decided to share his plans with him. He has really been dying to share his plans with someone, because he had been feeling nervous about it. He had thought about talking to Phil or Dan, since Dan was the married one but he had changed his mind afterward. Maybe he could tell Blake.

“So I was thinking I’d take her for a walk..” He started telling Blake all his plans for the night.

Blake couldn’t believe all the things that had just come out from his brother’s mouth. They were strange and overly sweet.

“Woow! What did you do to my brother?” Blake asked dramatically, his face full of surprise.

“What do you mean?” Jake asked in confusion.

“I can’t believe you can actually be so ro-mantic. Gosh so many girls are going to cry when they hear you’ve been taken. It’s not like they didn’t know how you were never interested in them, but at least they were happy you were always generous with your legendary stuff” Blake said with a wi-nk, knowing Jake un-derstood what he was referring to.

“That’s their problem and not mine. And st©p talking about such things with me. It’s very [email protected] especially when you’re my younger brother”

“Everyb©dy talks about it. Who doesn’t know about your debacherous reputation” He scoffed.

“Anyway I’m happy for you bro. Maybe now I think I would be inspired to get a girlfriend someday….soon” He grinned.

“Or maybe never”

“Just so you know, I’m a clean and delicious piece of meat. I know many girls must be dying to sample me, but damn! women are scary and very unpredictable. I’d rather stay sane by keeping away” He hissed.

“Whatever. My Jade isn’t scary and unpredictable. Keep fooling around till your little girl who likes you gets taken away” Jake hissed at him, before snatching the n£¢klace from him.

“What little girl?” Blake c0cked his brow in confusion. “Amy?” He asked when he finally realized who Jake was referring to.

“First of all, she’s not a little girl. She’s a very beautiful woman. Note the word ‘woman’ and secondly we’re just friends and I’m okay with that” Blake told him.

“Whatever. If you can plea-se leave, I’d like to make an important call, so you should probably get back to work” Jake said dismissively.

“You want to call my sister in-law huh?” Blake tea-sed, ma-king Jake glare at him.

“Don’t worry I’m leaving. I’m sure you’re going to turn to a girlfriend slave soon just like in those novels and movies” He said before bur-sting out in laughter.

“Just get out”

“Sure I will. Just tell sister in-law that I have some wonderful stories to tell her about her b©yfri£nd, my handsome big brother”

“Blake I dare you to say one word to her and I’ll leave you castrated and broke” He warned. He knew Jade must have heard a thing or two about his past lifestyle…who was he kidding. She must have heard alot, but he didn’t want Blake to go scare or make her feel uncomfortable by telling her more of the shameless things he has done in the past.

“Don’t worry I’ll be nice. I won’t show her pictures” He laughed [email protected] as he ran out of his office. He was sure if he stayed a minute longer Jake was going to cut off his ton-gue before he could get the opportunity to say ‘Hi’ to his girlfriend.

Jake glared at his back as he walked away. He was going to make sure that Jade never got to talk to Blake tonight or any of his friends.

He cringed when he realized that those devilish and mischievious friends of his would be attending the [email protected] tonight.

What the hell has he done?

He wasn’t going to lose his girlfriend tonight right? His heart began to race as he thought how annoying his friends could be.

Maybe he shouldn’t have invited Jade. He should have thought about all this before inviting her. Should probably uninvite her? And maybe they could go for their [email protected]£ instead of the [email protected]?

At this point he was regretting all of his life’s decision. From to his womanising act to his horrible choice of friends. Damn he was so dead! Only God could make this night go perfectly for him.

He picked up his phone to call Jade. He hasn’t heard from her all day, except this morning when they chatted online. He frowned after calling her a couple of times and she didn’t pick up.

“What’s wrong? Is she busy?”


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