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The sacrifice Episode 86


©Sir Zach

Blake held his phone in his hand as he sat behind his office desk. After confirming from Jake that Amy’s number could now be reached, he suddenly felt hesistant towards calling her. Just yesterday he was moving mountains and crossing valleys, throwing threats at his brother just to reach her so he could check up on her. But now that he could, he suddenly found himself feeling nervous.

He looked at the number sitting on his contact list for a while but he still didn’t dial it. He couldn’t tell why he was feeling this way. Maybe because this would be the first time he would be speaking with her over the phone or maybe he was finally feeling guilty for turning her down.

Remembering Amy’s attitude towards him after that night, his anxiety wors£ned.

But he had to call her, after all he has called her his friend. What kind of friend doesn’t check up on his friend when he/she is sick? Blake took de-ep breaths to calm himself down before dialling the number.

He shouldn’t be nervous he was simply calling to check up on her. He told himself.

Blake stiffened slightly when he heard her hoarse voice coming throu-gh the phone, “Hello” she said.

It was Amy’s voice and from the way she sounded she must either be seriously sick or he had just woken her up from her sleep.

“Hey…beautiful” He called out softly with a nervous smile on his face, even his tone was nervous.

Blake wouldn’t lie, he was having a h@rd time trying to sound as normal as he used to be before the whole confession things. He had only talked to her once after that night and that was the day he had seen her with that guy at the office.

Amy’s eyes which were groggy flew wi-de open when she heard the voice. She re-moved the phone from her ears and indeed it was Blake calling. Yes she had his number all along, don’t ask her how she got it. After crushing on him for so long she could easily identify his voice even from the de-epest abyss and getting his number was a piece of cake. She just didn’t have any reason to call him.

“Sir Blake?” Though she knew, she still asked anyway, as she sat up right.

“Yes pretty Walker, It’s me” He confirmed with a smile. Smiling to the fact that she could recognize his voice though it was the first time they were talking on phone. she was truly attentive. “I guess I woke you up. I’m sorry” He apologized.

“No, no you didn’t. I was very much awake before you called” Lies Amy, Lies! She chided herself. She was very much asleep before he called.

Blake was really calling her?!

“Oh okay…I heard you’re sick, how are you feeling now? Are you getting better?” Blake asked with concern. Amy could feel her heart flvster when she heard his concern for her.

“Yeah I’m getting better” She replied.

“Are you sure? Are you really nursing yourself back to health or you’re still working in your sick state? Why do I feel like you’re working from your sickbe-d hmm? Tell me there’s no work related stuff around you at home” Blake inquired. He really doubted Amy would stay idle even in her sick state. That girl was a workacholic. She worked tirelessly and that has built her a good reputation at the company.

Amy chuckled lightly, “There’s no working material close by. I’m truly resting right now. It’s practically all I do” She hissed. Yeah, all she did was sleep, eat, and sleep…thanks to that brother of hers. To her she was alre-ady feeling better and should probably return to work alre-ady.

“Well you need to do that. You’re not taking good care of yourself enough, that’s why you fell sick. You should know how to work less and rest more”

‘Of course he’ll say that, when he practically hates working. What a slack off’ Amy said in her mind.

“Sure I’ll do that. Now I know better”

“plea-se do, and get better soon. I… we miss seeing your pretty face at the office. Everyone’s missing the fierce boss Amy Walker” He tea-sed.

Amy couldn’t help but blush when he called her pretty. Blake always had this effect on her, even though he had rejected her, she couldn’t get rid of the feelings she had for him in one day. They’ll slowly go away and she hoped it does soon, even though certain p@rt of her didn’t want to. It wanted to be hopeful that one day maybe Blake would return her feelings and they would have that blissfull relationsh!pshe has always fantasized about.

“I also missed the office too. Wish I can get back to work soon” Amy hissed again in frustration. She missed working, lying in be-d all day was ma-king her feel more sick than she was. She was someone who was always up and doing, and staying in be-d doing nothing was irking her out.

“There is nothing for you to miss here okay. Just get your mind off work and stay at home. You need to recuprate fully so you can maintain that glow on your face okay” He said with a small smile, as he picture her face.

” Sure I will” Amy blu-shed again. This Blake would be the death of her, she was sure of it. All though she was feeling a little awkward and angry towards him, hearing him say these things made her heart flutter.

“Well I just wanted to check on you and see how you’re doing. Now that I know you’re fine and your voice is still as pretty as I remember it, I think I’ll calm down now”

Amy fell silent for a couple of seconds, her cheeks were still heating up “Thanks…for checking up on me, I really do appreciate it” Amy said appreciatively.

“Don’t do that”

“Do what?” Amy asked in confusion.

“Act like we are strangers. I’m sure you’ll do the same for me, so don’t thank me. I thought we are friends alre-ady.” Blake said with a frown. Things might be a little awkward between them but he didn’t want any form of distance between them.

“I guess we are” Amy replied, the smile on her face slowly disappearing. She hated it when Blake used that word.

“Then I’ll let you rest now okay. I’ll call to check up on you later” He told her.

“Okay” Amy nodded.

“Alright bye…for now” Blake said before ending the call. He sighed audibly.

He stared at the phone as he heaved a sigh “That went well”

Amy laid back on her be-d as she stared at the number which had just called her. Alot was going throu-gh her mind right now about Blake and her feelings for him. She didn’t know what to do about them. She sighed frustratedly.

She’d have to push them to the back of her mind and focus more on the issue at hand. And that was getting better and finding Michael. Maybe after Michael has been found she’ll think about her feelings and probably know what to do by then.

“Mom are you sure she said that?” Cale asked suspiciously. He didn’t want to believe his Jade would say that. That she was happy without him? That was impossible!
Cale didn’t want to believe that.

Jade loved him and he was sure she still do. She has always been the one ma-king efforts in keeping the relationsh!p, so he didn’t want to believe that same girl who has never fallen short of declaring her undying love for him has suddenly moved on, just because of one silly mistake.
He didn’t think that was true.

His mother must be lying to him. She didn’t want to come in the first place. So might be lying to him. She adores Jade too much.

“Yes Cale she said that” Helen replied firmly.

“I don’t believe you!” Cale snapped as he sprang up to his feet startling his mother. His eyes suddenly flashed red and the anger burning in them could be seen clearly.

“I don’t believe you mom, I don’t! Jade, she loves me, she’s just angry because of that stupid girl Stephanie. Maybe you didn’t talk to her well enough. You should have tried h@rder” He spoke in a loud and angry tone, slamming his hand on his desk.

Helen was surprised by Cale’s attitude. Her eyes followed him as he began to his office. Helen sighed in her mind before rising to her feet. This son of hers was losing his mind because of his own foolishness.

“Cale, as a mother I have done my p@rt so I’ll advice you do yours by staying the hell away from Jade” She spoke in a firm and annoyed tone.

Cale stood still and stare at his mother, annoyance filled in his eyes. He didn’t like her words at all. Stay away from Jade? That girl was his life.

“And why should I do that?” He asked defiantly.

“Because you promised. You gave your word and you must keep to it. Now stay away from that girl and let her have a happy life as she deserves” Helen hissed angrily as she picked up her bag re-ady to storm out of his office.

“Happy?” Cale scoffed. “What about me? Don’t I deserve that too?” Irritation was hinted in every of his word. His words halted Helen who had her hand rested on the door knob.

She turned to look at him squarely, “You had a sh0t at that but you lost it. All for what, S-x? Cale i thought you better than that” Helen gave him one last look before flinging the door open and storming out, slamming the door harshly.

She has done her best. No one can say she did otherwise.

Cale continued to glare at the sp©t where his mother stood seconds ago. His temper was slowly rising and he could feel nothing but rage.

Was she leaving him because of that guy? Has she taken a liking to him and was willing to forget her love for him? Has she fallen in love with that guy? Was he the reason why she was leaving him?

No! he wasn’t going to have it. He isn’t going to give up on her, not now not ever!

“Why is your face looking so dull?” Sara asked when she noticed the sour look on Jade’s face. She was all happy and giddy a while ago, what has happened now?

Jade was too lost in thought to hear what Sara was saying or rather reply her. She was thinking why Helen had showed up here in the office asking her to make up with Cale. That was something Helen would never do. Helen was a woman of principles and she wouldn’t put someone in compromising position or make horrendous request like ma-king up with Cale, even though he was her son.

Jade knew Helen and she was sure the woman would never do something like this on her volition.
Cale must have something to do with this, he must have coaxed her. Jade was hundred percent sure about it.

Why was that guy so hell bent on ma-king other’s life miserable? Why couldn’t he change for once? How dare he put his mother in a compromising position? ma-king his mother apologize to her for something she didn’t do.

Jade’s was certain Cale must have compelled Helen to agree to his plan. She knew how convincing he could be. She has witnessed his compelling skill, and has suffered un-der it’s spell for four years. Jade hands balled into a fist involuntarily. She could feel anger seep throu-gh her.

What kind of child was Cale? Has he no have shame? Won’t he st©p harr@ssing her? Sara was surprised when Jade j£rked to her feet with a de-ep frown plastered on her face. Her look was murderous. She was sure she hasn’t seen Jade in such a mood before.

Jade couldn’t take Cale’s shamelessness anymore. What was irking her right now was the fact that he was trying to use her again and by doing that he has used his mother.

She was sure Helen didn’t know about the pres£ntation @ssigned to Cale at work, which he has been hauling her endlessly to help him with.
That guy is despicable.

Jade rode the elevator in anger and angrily barged into Cale’s office.

“What kind of a person are you?” Jade asked lividly, startling Cale as she walked into the office.

“Jade” Cale called out, his tone was a bit gentle than the one he had used on his mother minutes ago.

“I dare you to call my name one more time and I swear I’ll use my fist on you” She roared. Her tone and words were dripping with anger.


“Did you tell your mother that the reason why you so desperately want us to be together is because you’re not tired if using me? Did you tell her you were using her just so you could continue using me? I thought you were better than this, but obviously you’re still a lazy sick bastard who can’t do $h!t for himself other than ride on people’s coat tail. The hours which you spend in begging people into doing things for you can’t you use it to help yourself, improve yourself or something? Why do you behave like you have no br@ins?” Jade seethed with anger.

“That’s enough” Cale snapped. “I didn’t use anyb©dy and neither am I doing it now” Cale replied coldly.

“Really?” Jade asked with sarcasm. She was unfazed by his anger.

“So tell me that the reason why you had asked your mother come here to ask me to get back with you, completely letting go of her pride wasn’t because you wanted to get my help. Or plea-se tell me when you have ever done a thing for yourself? I did your @ssignments for you, I worked on your projects for you, I helped you study for every exam, I wrote your employment letter for you, I prepared every PowerPoint pres£ntation for you. I Spent sleepless night just so you could get this promotion and enjoy this comfort that you’re enjoying right now” She said pointing round the office.

“I did everything for you. I saved you! So tell me Mr Cale Stuart, when have you ever helped yourself” She paused to look at him, patiently waiting for his reply.

She gave a knowing hiss as she glared at him irritatedly, “St©p fooling around and save yourself, st©p looking for who will save you or continue to be stupid for you. You need to grow up and get serious with life. Your mom deserves better than the $h!t you pu-ll-ed today, and I clearly deserve better than you” She hissed, eyeing him distastefully before walking towards the door. She paused and turned to him.

“And as for getting back with you..” She paused and scoffed. “In your fv¢king dreams” she sneered.

“Is this because of him?” Cale finally asked, his tone was cold and seething. He couldn’t believe Jade was the one saying this things to him.

Jade turned to look at his ugly looking face again. Seeing his face all distorted like that she was beginning to question herself what she had seen in him in the first place.

“Is it because of the guy who’s probably flauting his fake and hired possession before you? Don’t tell me you’ve become so cheap and gullible” He snarled.

“I dare you to say that one more time and see if you won’t be missing teeth in some places” Jade growled.

“How dare you? Gullible was when I was with your lazy @ss, and don’t you dare say such things to me again” Jade roared angrily. Cale signed audibly with regret when he realized he shouldn’t have said that.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that” He apologized but Jade won’t hear any of it.

“I don’t need your apology, so you can save it.” She glared at him.

“And you see that guy who’s flaunting those fake things at me as you said, is a million times better than the man you could ever be” She lashed out before slamming the door on her way out. She had only walked out the door when she saw another horrible person standing at the door, obviously eavesdropping. Jade’s glared at her before walking away.

“Why is Xenox full of stupid people” She cussed un-der her breath as she walked away from those evil people.

” what a shame” Stephanie said as she probe-d her head into Cale’s office.

Cale looked up and saw the witch standing by his door. “Get lost” He roared.

“Oh I will. But I wonder the evil things that might befall you tomorrow” She tea-sed flashing him an evil smile. Cale raised his eyes to look at her.

“Want a clue? Oh boy never mind. You’ll just have to see” She let out an eering laugh before turning to leave.

She’ll just have to keep what she saw to herself.. Tomorrow was sure going to be a bad day for Cale Stuart.


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