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The sacrifice Episode 102


©Sir Zach

Jake was having the scare of his life as he watched Jade walk angrily ahead of him. He wanted to walk side by side with her, but he couldn’t he hold her hand because he knew she was mad at him right now and would want her space right now, but also didn’t want that.

Just as one of the ushers was directing them to their table, Jade caught sight of a familiar figure in a black go-wn.

“Amy?” She said to herself, her eyes suspiciously looking at the lady approaching the adjacent table. She was sure that was Amy.

She confirmed it was indeed Amy when she called her name. “Jade” She called excitedly.

“Amy” Jade’s eyes wi-de-ned in surprise. She couldn’t believe Amy was there. But how?

“Why are you here?” Jade asked in surprise.

“I’m here with Ethan” She replied pointing to Ethan who was beside her.

“Hey, it’s nice to see you again” Jade greeted with a sweet smile. It was her favorite artist again, and she couldn’t help but smile sweetly at him.

“Yeah, it is, and I can see Amy wasn’t lying after all” Ethan said with a small smile of his own.

“Yeah, I told you didn’t i” Amy gloated with a proud smile, ma-king Jade look at them in confusion. What has Amy told him?

Jade turned to Jake who reminded her of his pres£nce by clearing his throat. Yeah, he was there too. She had almost forgotten about him.

“Ah boss” Amy almost face palmed herself when she realized Jake was standing behind Jade.

“Ethan meet my boss, Mr Jake Beau, boss my friend Ethan” Amy introduced them.

“Nice to meet you” Ethan stretched his hand for a hand shake, which Jake accepted.

“Same here”

“So Amy where are you sitting?” Jade asked enthusiastically. And Jake didn’t miss the enthusiasm in her voice. Was she going to leave him alone and go seat with Amy? Was she that angry at him?

“Just right there” Amy replied pointing to the table which they had been directed to before she saw Jade.

“Okay” Jade nodded. She also wanted to seat with Amy. But as much as she’d rather be anywhere else but with Jake at the moment, she didn’t want to hurt that way. She knew how excited he was to have her with him, and she knew acting that way would be childish and immature. Relationsh!pissues are to handled properly and since she had agreed to be in a relationsh!pwith Jake then she should also be re-ady to work things out with him, when things don’t go the right ways. No one was perfect after all, and she wasn’t expecting him to be one either. They all had their flaws, she included and from what he said he just wanted to spend time with her, and after all it was before they had started [email protected]!ng. She could see herself seeing reason with him alre-ady but she still wasn’t going to make things easy for him.

“I wish we could sit together but i don’t know where we’re sitting yet” She said to Amy with a sad smile. What Jade didn’t know was that those words had brou-ght relief to Jake’s heart and a happy smile to his face.

“You can join our table” Jake gladly offered. He’d do anything just to keep his woman to his side. Jade snapped her head towards him, and he smiled at her, but she just looked away and turned back to the usher who was leading them to their table.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. Shall we?” She said with an apologectic smile, while the girl nodded.

“Baby girl what’s going on?” Amy asked Jade in a whisper as they walked to the table.

“What do you mean?” Jade asked back in a whisper.

Amy surreptitiously turned to look at Jake’s face who looked like a whinning baby seeking attention from it’s mother. Despite the fact that he was trying to stay normal, he still couldn’t completely hide away his expression.

“I mean you and the boss” Amy replied.

“Oh I’m only teaching him a lesson” She replied with a shrug. Amy tsked as she shook her head.

“You have him wra-pped around your f!nger don’t you?” Amy tea-sed while Jade shrugged.

“I don’t, but he just have to learn how to do things the right way” without lying, she added in her mind.

“Okay” Amy shrugged. She believed Jade would handle whatsoever was wrong with the both of them.

“But how did you know?” Jade curiously asked.

“That there was a tiff between you?” Amy asked just to be sure that was what Jade was asking about, while Jade nodded.

“You guys were all over each other back at your place, looking at each other with longing eyes but now it feels different, like you’re fighting” She explained, ma-king Jade nod in un-derstanding. Amy was really attentive towards her and whatever concerns her. She felt lucky to have a friend like Amy in her life.

They took their seats at the table, as the event commenced. Jake had his eyes fixed on Jade for the greater [email protected] of the event. He badly wanted the [email protected] to come to an end so he could talk to Jade. She was giving him a cold shoulder and she hasn’t even looked at him since the [email protected] started. She was whispering into Amy’s ears and would some time smile or say something to the Ethan guy, but not as much as a word to him. ‘When was the damn [email protected] going to end?!’

He couldn’t take it anymore so he leaned closer to her and said, “Are you really not going to talk to me? Or even look at me?” Jake said into her ears.

“And why should I do that?” She asked without looking at him. She was avoiding his sad gaze because she knew one look at him was all it would take for her to forget all about this.

“Because I’m sorry and sad that you’re angry with me. Babe plea-se I’m sorry” He begged, as he slowly slide his hands which was un-der the table to cover hers which was placed on her th!ghs.


“plea-se” He interrupted her. Jade sighed inwardly before turning to look at him.

“Be a good boy and then we can talk about this later, okay?” Jade said in a flat tone, while Jake bobbe-d his head up and down in agreement.

Three hours later Jake was called up on stage to come say a few words to the guest. Just before he stood up, he leaned closer to Jade and whispered, “We’ll go after this” Jade could only nod get head. She watched him as he bu-ttoned up his suit and sauntered towards the stage.

“I never knew you guys were this rich. I feel poor standing in your midst” He joked ma-king echoes of laughter to fill up the room.

Amy noticed the way Jade was staring at Jake. “I’m sure you’re super proud of him, you don’t have to make it too obvious. I thought you were teaching him a lesson” Amy tea-sed, slightly nudging Jade by the side.

“Am I that obvious?” She asked curiously.

“Hmm” Amy replied nodding her head.

“I guess maybe it’s because he keeps growing on me by the day” She said with a shrug before looking back at Jake who was about ending his speech.

“He sure is. And I’m excited for you baby” Amy said with a happy smile. Seeing Jade happy with Jake really made her happy. Although she didn’t have a ro-mantic life she was more than happy because of Jade.

“Are you still going on that [email protected]£ tomorrow?” Amy asked.

“I think so” Jade replied.

“Do you want me to come help with your make up?” Amy inquired.

“Amy are you that idle? I can manage that. You’ve done enough alre-ady. Just stay home and rest and enjoy your sick leave” Jade told her ma-king Amy eye her.

“I’m not idle, I was just trying to be of help” Amy rolled her eyes at her ma-king Jade giggle.

“Don’t bother about it, I can really manage” She @ssured her.

With a shrug, Amy replied, “If you say so”

“Did someone miss me?” Jake asked when he returned back to his seat.

“You were ba-rely gone for five minutes” She replied rolling her eyes.

“That was enough to miss you. Are you re-ady to go?” Jake asked.

“But the [email protected] isn’t over yet, and I think I want to dance too” Jade said when she heard the soft music that had started pla-ying.

“But I want to bring you somewhere” He told her.

“But I want to dance” she retorted.

“Jade I know you’re mad at me, but I want to make things right between us. Let’s not wait any longer, come with me and I promise to let you have that dance but after you’ve forgiven me and I’ve told you all I’ve been dying to tell you” He said in a soft tone, his eyes locked on Jade’s eyes, while he opened his hand for her.

“But can’t it wait?” Jade was trying so [email protected] not to sl!pher hand into his and saying ‘let’s go’. She was really trying to keep up her act of being angry with him, okay fine she was still upset but she didn’t want to ignore him anymore.

“Baby it can’t”

With her eyes fixed on Jake, she finally sli-pped her hands into his waiting palm. “Okay” She said with a stoic face, trying to stiffle the smile that was threatening to break out on her face, most especially when she saw the happy-sunny smile that appeared on his face.

Jade turned to Amy and said, “Amy I’ll see you tomorrow okay. And don’t think that I’ve forgiven you” She said faking a frown at her, ma-king Amy c0cka brow in confusion. Why was she angry at her? What did she do now?

Jade pinched her arm when she saw the confused look on her face. She was going to act ignorant like she didn’t know she had rejected her invitation and had showed up here with Ethan instead of her, leaving her to fight all the battles she faced tonight all by herself.

“But I—” Amy opened her mouth to say something but Jade interjected her.

“You’ll know what you did soon enough” She said as she quic-kly glanced at Ethan. She didn’t want to give him the impression that she was being petty and jealous. She and Amy would have this fight/talk — whatever, later.

Amy sh0t her an awkward look, but she shrugged it off. She didn’t have the energy for Jade’s antics right now.

“So you guys are leaving now?” She asked, ma-king Jade nod, while Amy sighed exasperatedly.

“Give me a call when you get home okay?” Jade told her.

“Sure I will”

“Okay I’ll see you around then” She said giving Amy a side hvg.

“Okay” Amy nodded.

Jade turned to Ethan and bide him goodnight too, before leaving with Jake. She let him lead her out of the hall, they waited for the valet to drive his car back to the entrance without saying a word to each other. Though her hand was de-eply buried in his and he was holding on to it firmly and she could feel his strong and intense gaze on him, Jade didn’t lift her head to look at him. She wasn’t done with him just yet.

When the car was returned, Jake held the door for her and she stepped him. He rounded the car to the driver’s side and also got in. He revved the car to life and drove off immediately. They made their journey to only God knows where, in complete silence.

Jade leaned her head on the window and looked outside while Jake drove. He stole quic-k glances at her every now and then, and her silent treatment was ma-king him nervous. The closer they were to their destination the more he more his anxiety grew. He wanted things to work out perfectly.

Tonight was supposed to be a perfect night for them both, but it has been anything but perfect. As a matter of fact it was far from good. It has been from one problem to another and now he could wish things would work out perfectly from now.

Jade finally turned to look at Jake when the car began to slow down and they drove into a beautiful resort compound. Why was he bringing her here? She looked at him with narrowed eyes and as if Jake knew she was staring at him and asking him a silent question, he said, “Relax”

Jade continued to look at him for few more minutes before turning away to resume looking outside the window, because now she was enthralled by the beautiful night view of the outrageously gorgeous resort.

“Wait” Jake said when he saw Jade hurriedly trying to open the door. Why was she doing that now? Hasn’t he been doing that for her all night?

Jake stepped out of the car and walked to her side and opened the door for her. He was enjoying doing this for her. It was one of his b©yfri£ndresponsibilities and he shouldn’t be robbe-d of it. He stretched out his hand to help her out of the car and Jade accepted it.

He locked the car and sli-pped his hand around her [email protected]!st as they walked straight ahead. Jade was surprised when a young guy walked towards them with a medium sized box in hand. He bowed to them and handed the box to Jake.

“Thank you” He said to the guy who bowed again before disappearing back to where ever he [email protected]£ from.

Jade was looking at the box with curious eyes. She was even more curious about what they were doing there.

Jake led her to a bench which was along the walkway which they had just stepped onto. “Sit” He said in a low and gentle voice. Jade arched a brow at him, but she still sat down anyway.

She was shocked and surprised when Jake went down on one knee. He placed the box which he had in his hand on the ground and opened it. Her eyes wi-de-ned in surprise when she saw what was lying inside the box. There was a beautiful black flat shoe, designed with a beautiful red bow attached to it’s top.

She finally realized what Jake was about to do. He had gotten her a new pair of comfort shoes.

“Jake?” She called in a small voice, but Jake didn’t look up at her. He took her leg one after another and slowly began to take her shoes off, he frowned when he saw her red toes. She has been wearing this all night and had even stood in them for quite a while. He sighed as he replaced each shoe with the black pair of flats.

Jade’s heart fluttered at Jake’s attentiveness towards her. She wasn’t wrong to love him.

He looked up at her and he met her gaze on him. He couldn’t un-derstand the emotions fli-ckering in them right now. He knew she was still angry at him and he also knew he more than deserved it. She had told him back at the hospital how much she hated deceits, and he had once again done what she loathed the most.

He stood up to his feet, her gold shoes in his right hand. He opened his left palm for her and slowly said, “Babe plea-se take a walk with me” His tone was pleading, soft and heart soothing. Jade looked at his handsome face which was glowing un-der the moonlight and the post lamps mounted across the walkway, before looking at his palm which was waiting for hers. Without hesitation she put her hand in his and stood up to her feet. Jake flashed her a sweet smile before he started walking. Jade kept looking at him as they walked. His actions were ma-king her heart pound.

Her brows narrowed when they walked into a beautiful garden gate. But before she could open her mouth to ask any question, her mouth gaped at the beautiful garden they just walked into. With how vast it looked Jade could swear that it was more than a garden. She couldn’t believe that such a place existed. Jake turned to look at her, and seeing the stunned and bewildered look on her face, he was certain that he had gotten more than what he aimed for.

Jade took a step forward, her hands freely leaving Jake’s hand which has been holding hers. Though it was night, the beautiful small lights which looked like stars illuminated the place, giving it a ro-mantic feeling. The sweet smell of flowers hovering in the air was soothing and relaxing. She loved it. Jade was awed by it. She took further steps towards the fountain that was in view. The moon was casting it’s night light on the water, and it made it glow.

She turned to look at Jake who was looking at her with nervous eyes.

“What is this place?” She couldn’t help but ask. She was amazed by it’s beauty.

“It’s a pri-vate park attached to the resort. But this is just one [email protected] of it” He replied her. “Do you like it?” He asked nervously.

Bobbing her head up and down, she replied, “Yes, it’s beautiful” Her eyes was still trailing over the whole place. She didn’t know such a place existed. It felt like paradise. If there were very tall trees she’d have said this was probably the garden of Eden. She turned around again to have a good look, she couldn’t stop admiring this place. She was sure it would be more pretty during the day.

Jade was slightly startled when she suddenly felt warm hands suddenly wra-pped against her. Jake had suddenly hvgged her from behind. She was still trying to adjust herself to this sudden action from her b©yfri£nd, when a bouquet of flowers suddenly appeared before her.

“For you” Jake said softly into her ears, s£nding tingling s-en-sation into Jade’s ears. Just the sight of the red roses made her heart begin to flutter. She slowly accepted it. Her heart was swelling with joy and happiness and any other feeling that she was feeling right now. She took a whiff of them and of course they smelled just like roses.

But where had he gotten them from?

Jade was about to ask when Jake spoke up first, his hands still wra-pped around her [email protected]!st from behind her, hisl-ips just above her ears.

“I have a lot of things to say to you, but I know you’re mad at me right now and nothing would feel right until you forgive me. Babe I’m sorry. I truly mean it. I never meant to hurt you.” He paused as he slowly turned her to face him.

“Jade plea-se forgive me.. I’ll never lie to you again. I promise to be honest to you at all times”

With their gaze locked on one another, Jade asked, “You promise?” Her sea blue eyes were searching his hazel ones and waiting for his reply.

“With my life babe. I promise never to hurt you, or do anything that make you sad or angry” He @ssured her, while Jade nodded her head.

“I’ll hold to your words then” She told him. Jake placed his hand on both sides of her arms “Does this mean that you’ve forgiven me?” He asked with his expectant eyes.

“Hmm. Yes I have” She nodded with a small smile on her face. Jake dramatically heaved out a sigh, before breaking out into a smile. He pu-ll-ed her in for a hvg and muttered, “Thank you” into her ears. Jade also wra-pped her arms around him as she hvgged him back. She knew she couldn’t stay angry at him for long, as a matter of fact, she had long forgiven him. How could she not, when she had such a sweet and cute b©yfri£nd.


“Yeah” He replied softly.

“Why did you bring me here? Was it to apologize to me?” She curiously asked. She didn’t think it was necessary to go throu-gh all the [email protected] of bringing her there just to apologize. It’s not like she was complaining or something — which girl would complain for being treated like a princess? Answer is, NONE.

“Hmmm, no” He replied. Jade pu-ll-ed free from the hvg as she looked at him.

“Then why?” She inquired, her eyes gazing at him.

Jake silently looked at her for a couple of moments. He took her hand and started walking towards a bench by the side.

“Actually this was where I wanted to bring you and confess my feelings to you, till i—”

“Till you blurted it out spontaneously” She completed his s£ntence, ma-king them chuckle.

“Yeah” He nodded his head, as they took their seat on the bench.

“So why did you still bring me here?” She asked, cradling her flowers like a baby, with her face turned towards him.

“Because I still want to do things right. And I knew you’d like this place” He told her.

“But there’s no need for that. We’re alre-ady together now” Jade reasoned.

“Babe there’s every need for that. I want to let you know how important you’re to me” He took the bouquet of flowers from her hand and placed it by the side, before taking her hand in his.


“Hear me out” He interrupted her as he placed a k!sson the back of her hand, before looking de-ep into her eyes.


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