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The sacrifice Episode 100


©Sir Zach

“Ethan why didn’t you tell me this was where you were bringing me?” Amy complained when they parked in front of the h0tel.

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because you didn’t ask” Ethan replied with a shrug.

“You should have told me. I should have dressed more better for it” She scowled at him, before hitting him on his arm.

“Baby girl, you look good in that beautiful dress, and I’m sure you’ll look the prettiest tonight, so don’t fuss about it” Ethan told her.

Amy chuckled as she shook her head. “You’ll take back your words when you see my friend. She’s the prettiest” Amy said proudly.

“I doubt anyone will outshine you tonight” Ethan didn’t want to believe that. She was looking spectacular tonight, and to him that was enough to outshine every lady tonight.

“Well my Jade is a superstar tonight” She said with a proud smile, like a mother who was so proud of her child.

“Whatever you say baby” Ethan gave in. He didn’t want to argue with her. Who was he to argue with her in the first place?

“So can you tell me how we’re here? This was strictly by invitation” Amy stated. She didn’t know how Ethan had gotten himself an invitation to the [email protected]

“Well remember I told you about my deal with my dad” Ethan said looking at her.

“Yeah” Amy nodded. It was the deal about him fulfilling his dream as a musician for ten years then he’d take over his father’s company after that.

“So since my stardom days are almost over, he said it was time I started acquainting myself with people from the business world. So that’s why we’re here. He gave me the invitation” He explained.

“Okay” Amy nodded in un-derstanding. “Well I still can’t believe you’re going to st©p singing soon. It’s so sad” Amy sighed sadly.

“Well responsibilities comes first. And I must say I’m kind of fulfilled at the moment, so I’m really with everything”

“Really?” Amy curiously asked.


“How so?”

“Well for starters I have a successful career, love, friends, family and many other things which I can’t name”

“Love?” That was the only thing that caught her attention. Her eyes were pleading for more details.

“Was that the only thing you heard?” Ethan glanced at her incredulously.

“No, but that’s the one I’m mostly interested in. So tell me, who’s the one? When can I see her? Is she a celebrity like you too?” Amy inquisitively asked, her tone filled with excitement and curiosity.

“I can’t tell you now”

“Why?” Amy faked a pout.

“Because it isn’t yet time. I’ll tell you when the time is right” Ethan told her, ma-king her frown.

“Why do you need a right time for that?” Amy was not going to listen to any of that. He could easily tell her, so why the secrecy?

“Amy I’ll tell you when it’s right okay. But for now let’s go” He said, unbuckling his seat belt to step out of the car while Amy grumpily glared at him.

“Okay fine, keep your secret. I don’t want to hear it either” She gruffed, ma-king Ethan chuckle.

They both made their way to the hall. Amy was looking beautiful in a short black shimmering go-wn, designed with little red roses. It was elegant and decent, it st©pped an inch below her knees. She paired it with a silver stra-p heel, silver clutch and a diamond dangling ear ring. Her hair was curled to the side and it was resting on her right shoulder, with some tendrils framing the side of her heart shaped face.

As she walked the stairs with Ethan, she felt excitement in her heart, as she thought about how surprised Jade would be when she saw her.

This would be a good surprise.

Ethan had his hand placed on her [email protected]!st as they stepped into the hall filled with people who were elegantly dressed, ma-king Amy feel un-der dressed.

“Damn you Ethan, this is all your fault!” She cussed at him, with a de-ep frown.

“Okay calm down Amy Walker. I know you’ve got quite a temper so plea-se don’t trash me here, I beg of you. plea-se be kind” He desperately pleaded.

“Here have a drink” He [email protected]£d a champagne flute from a [email protected] server, and handed it to Amy. “Amy believe me when I say you look great…” Ethan was still talking when someone walked over.

“Hello Mr Hills, I’m Jacob, your father’s secretary” The man introduced himself with a light bow.

“And my chaperone” Ethan tea-sed, ma-king the man chuckle lightly. This was his father’s arrangement. He had asked his secretary to show Ethan around and make proper introductions with the right people.

Ethan had asked his father to do it himself, but that man loved his money more than anything and he was currently on a plane heading for a business meeting. But he believed his secretary was up to the task, since he has been working for him for years.

“Meet my friend Amy Walker” He introduced Amy to Jacob.

“It’s nice meeting you” Amy stretched her hand for a hand shake which Jacob accepted.

“Come on I’ll show you to some of our @ssociates” Secretary Jacob said to Ethan.

“You guys go ahead, I’ll look around for my friend” Amy suggested, ma-king Ethan raise his brow at her.

“Are you sure?” He asked uncertainly.

“Yeah. I work with Acrosoft remember? I know people here”

“Okay, I’ll look for you when I’m done”

“Okay” Amy nodded, while Ethan walked away with Jacob.

She turned to look around, but her eyes locked on someone who was equally staring at her.

“Mr Jake, it’s nice of you to join us in one of these occasions. We were beginning to think you were no longer interested in the good cause of the company” Mr Andrew said. He was one of the biggest shareholder in Acrosoft. Jake didn’t like this guy, because according to him, the man looked too greedy.

“Providing proper health care for children with neglected tropical diseases in tropical regions of the world is a great deed so why wouldn’t I be interested? You should know I just don’t like the sp©tlight” Jake replied.

“Then maybe it’s time you give it up” The man said with a malicious smile.

“What do you mean?” Jake asked as he tried to fake a smile.

“I heard your step mother is back from her exile? Is she coming tonight?” The man asked, ignoring Jake’s question.

“I didn’t know you were so informed, giving that you missed the last board meeting. But since you’re concerned about her, I’ll tell her you said hi” Jake replied.

“Of course”

“I’ll run along now. There are still so many people to meet and greet. Enjoy the [email protected] and don’t forget to write that big check to save some dying kids” Jake said before walking away. The smile on his face completely disappeared. He was pissed about what that man had said.

What does he mean by it was time to give it up? Give what up? His position as the new head of the company? In his dreams.

Acrosoft was his family legacy and he was going to protect it with his life. He was used to all this internal wars and nothing they did would shake him.

He was feeling tired from all the chit-chats and exchange of plea-santries. He desperately wanted to be with his girlfriend now. He looked back to the sp©t where he had sp©tted her some minutes ago but she was no longer there. He turned around to look for her when he saw her smiling at someone who definitely looked familiar.

If this was what he thought, then he was going to kill him.

“Did someone ever tell you that you’re the most beautiful girl whose walked on this very planet?” A bold s£xy voice said.

“Did someone ever tell you your pick up line is too chessy?” Jade replied.

“Oh come on, a man has to try right?”

“Of course, but not so [email protected]” She replied.

“Come on, give me a chance. Tell me your name. I can swear by the gods that it would be as beautiful as you” He said flashing her a flir-ty smile.


“Clear as Ice and beautiful as Jade”

“You mean, clear as Ice and clean as Jade?” Jade corrected with a cynical smile.

“Sweetheart only clean things are beautiful, and you my lady are everything pure and beautiful” He replied.

“So tell me why a beautiful girl like yourself is standing all alone in a [email protected] like this? [email protected]£ alone?” He asked, raising a brow at her, his smile not leaving his face.

“No I [email protected]£ with my b©yfri£nd” Jade replied.

“No man should leave a damsel all alone in a [email protected] full of wolves and lecherous eyes” He said l!çk!ng hisl-ips as he looked at her from head to toe.

“Well I’m not complaining” Jade retorted, not liking the way he was looking at her. She wanted to walk away but she also didn’t want to seem rude especially at Jake’s [email protected]

“Honey, you might not be complaining, but the whole universe is. I’m complaining and for that I’m going to keep you company all night. Out of my good will of course” He said, his smile wi-dening.

“Because??” She stressed.

“Because I want to know you and beg you to give a chance”

“Even when I said I have a b©yfri£nd?” Jade asked tilting her brows. She didn’t un-derstand guys of these days.

“Hey sugar, have you heard the words that nob©dy is free. It’s either you snatch or you get snatched” He chuckled when Jade narrowed her eyes.

“But in my case sweetheart, I just want a bit of your time, and your number and maybe dinner, and every other thing you’ll give me after that” He said gently, his eyes surreptitously viewing her cl£@[email protected]£.

“You don’t give up do you?”

“Never” He declared.

“Oh you will, when I place you in a box just about your size” [email protected]£ a cold voice which s£nt shivers down their spine.

“Jake” Jade called softly when she saw the anger in his eyes, but he simply ignored her.

“Phil do you have a death wish?” Jake snarled. Phil who was beginning to guess what was going on turned to Jade and asked, “Is he your b©yfri£nd” he whispered, while Jade nodded.

Phil closed in eyes and muttered, “$h!t” He knew he was in a lot of trouble now. Just how did he end up messing with Jake’s woman? What sort of problem has he gotten himself into?

“Hey bro!” Phil turned back to Jake with a fake cheery smile when all he could feel and hear at the moment was his racing heart. He stretched out his hand to shake Jake but the man glared at him dangerously. He knew how terrible Jake’s temper was and he knew it wouldn’t be in his favour if the man lost control of it.

When Jake scowled at him, the smile on his face quavered till it disappeared and a countenance of distress appeared on his face.

“Come on man, I didn’t know she was your woman. You didn’t put a sign on her to indicate she was your woman okay. Any guy could have made [email protected] at her” Phil said in his defence.

“So I’m supposed to put a sign on her head that shows she’s my woman?” Jake asked, while glaring at him.

“Dude come on. It was a honest mistake. Anyb©dy could have made it. But how do you leave a woman like this unguarded?” He decided to change his tactics. Jake narrowed his eyes at him when Phil said that.

Was he now supposed to guard her because of people like him? Especially him?

“You brou-ght her to a lair of hungry lions it’s no one’s fault” He hissed at Jake before turning to Jade. “Don’t mind the formal clothes, all these men are lewd beings” He told her, before glancing back at Jake who still had that grave look on his face.

“Calm down man, st©p staring at me like that. You should be lucky I was the one talking to her. Imagine if it was some other guy” He shook his head and hissed, “Then that would have been worse. So be calm and be grateful it’s your homie”

“The fact that it was you talking to her is all the more reason I should be bothered” Jake eyed him before walking closer to Jade who has been listening to their little exchange with much interest.

Phil turned to them and looked at them with disbelieving eyes. “Wow I can’t believe it. The big bad cat has been caught and tamed by a little kitten” He glanced at Jade and smiled, “Now I see why he’s so hooked on you” Jade didn’t un-derstand and turned to look at Jake.

“Baby don’t mind him, he’s a crazy fellow” Jake told her.

“Well I guess I have to apologize for being a clingy douchebag. Anyway I’m Phil, one of your b©yfri£nd’s friends and I’m actually his favourite. And I hope you don’t get to meet the rest” He told in a scary tone.

“Oh, you mean Mike, Rick and Daniel? I’ve alre-ady met them” Jade announced, ma-king Phil’s eyes bulge in surprise.

“They [email protected]£ here?” He asked in surprise.

“Huh-Uh” Jade nodded.

“Seems you’re not well informed” Jake scoffed at him.

“Those bastards. They do mess with you did they?” Phil asked.

“Not really, we had a really good chat” Jade replied.

“Really?” Phil looked from Jade to Jake in shock. Phil couldn’t believe those crazy fools would have a good conversation with Jade. He had watched them cuss and threaten to mess things up for Jake, so how did things change?

“Yep” Jade nodded.

“Wow, I can’t believe it”

Jade turned to look at Jake with a smile on her face, her eyes fully lit up, “Jake when am I going to see him?” Jade asked. She has been feeling anxious about seeing the ProGuard genius. When was he going to introduce her to him? She had thought that he was going to return with him. She was getting really anxious at the moment.

“Soon” He replied, ma-king Jade frown a little. She had a feeling Jake was stalling on purpose. Was it because of what he had said in the car? But she had promised to keep her gaze fixed on him only, and she wasn’t really going to ogle at him or anyone else.

“Jake are you doing this on purpose? You don’t want me to see him right? But you promised” She said with a sad and cute face. Cute faces always made things easy.

“Babe I’m not. You’ll see him when the time is right okay” He said in a small tone. He had a plan to surprise her, and he didn’t want to do it now.

Phil who was watching the exchange between the couple couldn’t help but ask “See who?”

“No one of your concern” Jake said in a harsh tone.

Jade noticed the way Jake was glaring at Phil as if he was trying to scare him away before he said anything. Jade found his reaction very suspicious. Jake was trying to cheat out of the deal right? She had accompanied him to the [email protected] but he didn’t want to keep to his side of the deal. Realizing that Phil might have a clue of who she was looking for she said, “The creator of ProGuard”

Phil was slightly confused why Jade would be looking for the very person who was standing so close to her. Phil observed the way Jake was blinking at him like he had some eye problem, and that was when he dawned on him that Jake was hiding the fact that he was the one who innovated the ProGuard software.

Phil rupt out in laughter, which startled Jade and earned him some attention from close by guest, and Phil said……


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