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the royal love episode 56

©Sir Zach


“I made you sad, didn’t I? I ruined your mood.” Brina talked after an eternity.

She pursed her l!ps while her apologetic eyes looked into his sad and heavy eyes.

“You are the first one with whom I’ve ever talked about this you know, Louis? I never shared about anything that happened to me, not even Harry.” she said.

Louis klzzed her forehead and wiped away the residue of her tears at her eyes rim. “You didn’t ruin my mood, Brina and will never do it. Remember that I will always be here for you to hear everything you wanted to share. I will not even question you in return and all I want is to free you from the shackles of your past.” he seriously said.

Brina smiled gratefully and a tear escaped her left eye. “Thank you so much, honey. I promise that I will surely tell you everything one day. I will try my best level t-” she was about to continue but Louis placed his f!ng£r on her l!ps.

“Don’t force yourself all right. I can’t see my girlfriend become a cry baby everytime she brings her past.” Louis teasingly said.

Brina nodded her head and closed the distance between their faces, planting a [email protected] klzz on his l!ps.

Soon they packed up, this time they didn’t bring anything related to other matters except for the happy memories.

Later, Louis helped her with shifting her luggage to his house. As it was still four in the evening, they even arranged her study room which is just adjacent to his study room, connected by a door.

“Let me show you our bedroom.” Louis huskily whispered in her ears, s£nding the electric chills down her spine.

He took her clothes bag in one of his hands and wrapped an arm around her waist, hugging her tight to his body.

He then led her to the master bedroom upstairs.

His bedroom is simple with one of its walls, made up of one way [email protected] It has black curtains but slides to one of the sides.

It has a walk-in closet connected to the bedroom and also a balcony with the beautiful scene of the busy city.

Brina loved it. The simplicity and elegant designs are totally her style and it suited her the best.

“Liked it?” Louis asked after a few moments. He knew that she would not be swayed by the beauty and expensive things in the room. Her villa on the island is ten times better than this.

Brina nodded her head and hugged him. “I love it.” she said.

“It’s good to hear.” Louis said, klzzing her nape.

“I will go and take a shower in the guest room. You can use the main bathroom.” Louis said when they walked into the closet.

Brina chuckled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “We are living together now, Mr. Boyfriend. I think you are aware of its meaning. Hmm?” she teasingly said.

Standing on her tiptoes she whispered into his ears. “It means we have to share everything we have. So, take the main bathroom and in the meanwhile, I will unpack my clothes.” she said, her voice sounds slightly coquettishly.

Louis gulped his saliva when he felt her warm breath lingering on his neck. He is losing his control.

“O-oo.. okay.” he stuttered over his words but hurried went inside the bathroom making Brina chuckle.

While Brina and Louis are busy in their own sweet time, Nadia is having a [email protected] time controlling her emotions.

She is sitting in her brother’s bar and started drinking recklessly.

She couldn’t help but blast out in anger!!

How can she go home and tell her father that she lost her job? He will surely skin her alive!!

Even she is angry at herself for acting so repulsive and overconfident. Now, Brina is back and the first she did is to make her lose the job!!

Now, she has to work extra [email protected] to get close to Edward Wright.

Then, she immediately remembered his words and fished out her mobile, before texting her sugar daddy that she is ready to meet him tomorrow.

“Let me see how you all will stop me from achieving something that I want.” she muttered and gulped away all the beer in her bottle.

After drinking this much she started to getting hor-ny and started [email protected] her neck.

“Hey beautiful, need my help?” a handsome man walked to Nadia and seductively held her shoulders.

“Sure, Mr. Handsome. Where to?” she asked, a silly expression marred on her face.

He huskily chuckled and pointed upstairs with his eyes.

“Good.” Nadia giggled and started walking upstairs.

Before following her, that man made a call. “Target took our bait. Proceed with the second phase.” after giving orders he left the bar but another man took his place and followed Nadia upstairs.

In the dark theme of the bar, she observed his body but not his face. Of course she will only see what she wanted to see.

After coming out of the bar, he called another number. “Ma’am, work from my side is done.” he politely said, his voice akin to a well trained military person.

On the other side, Brina is chatting with Daniel who just came to her and Louis ‘home’.

Getting the message from one of her men, she smirked. “Good.” she said.

But even before she could keep her mobile away, she got another call.

It’s from Nadia’s sugar daddy.

“That bitch called and told me that she wanted to meet me again. Ma’am, should I proceed with the last stage?” he asked.

Brina chuckled, her voice suddenly become chilly and extremely dangerous. “Not so soon. Don’t worry, this time she will not deviate. I am yet to place a trap for her precious brother and after he walks into my trap, let’s end these stupids together.” she said.

Brina might have stopped liking a revenge but that doesn’t mean she will just sit quiet when someone dared to attack her. She will be sure not to show her power in front of them, except for her brain.

“Yes, ma’am. We will do as what you said.” John, Nadia’s sugar daddy said.

After that Brina turned off her mobile and looked at Daniel who was gaping at her in awe.

“Sister-in-law, you are awesome!! I am sure Elle will love you.” he said.

“Elle?” Brina asked, slightly confused because she never heard of that name from Louis.

“Elle is Louis’s step-sister. It’s her nickname.” Daniel said.

“Ahh, yeah. Eliina right? Louis told me a lot about her.” Brina said.

“Yep. He loves her a lot, sister-in-law. We could say that she is one of the reasons why he is often visits his home. Just like how Mr. Smith is overprotective of you, Louis is also overprotective of Eliina. She is the sweetheart princess of their family.” Daniel told.

Brina chuckled. Sister’s are always pampered in the family, just like how her family used to spoil her.

“Even brother Leo loves her a lot.” Daniel added.

“You mean Mr. Ethan Wright right?” Brina asked.

“Yeah. Just like how we use Louis more than Edward, we all got accustomed in addressing Ethan with the name Leo.” Daniel told.

“And, brother Leo is getting married soon. Around next month starting I guess.” he said.

Louis, who had just finished cooking, came out of the kitchen removing his apron. He klzzed Brina’s neck from behind and whispered, “If you are fine, next engagement will be ours.”

Brina chuckled and nodded her head as she returned his peck.

“I’ll be back guys. You continue talking.” he said and started climbing up the stairs going to his room.

Meanwhile, Daniel is shocked all over again. He just couldn’t get accustomed to seeing Louis all being lovey dovey.

“Did something happen? You were shocked earlier.” Brina asked Daniel, waving her hand in front of his eyes.

Blinking his eyes, Daniel cleared his throat.

“Umm.. actually, hehe.. this is the first time I witnessed him klzzing. I just couldn’t believe that he really got a girlfriend himself.” Daniel said, smiling a bit.

“So, Louis never klzzed before? Nor got close to any girl? Not even in his college? Not even a crush?” she asked, more interested than ever.

Daniel laughed seeing Brina’s curiosity.

“Trust me sister-in-law. When the devil told me that Louis got a girlfriend, I really thought that she was tricking me.” Daniel told Brina.

“Who is the devil? Charlotte?” Brina asked laughing. Daniel is like a cute little brother she never had.

Though she only found out about him a few days back, after observing him a bit. She could tell that he is a genuine friend to Louis. Someone who could always watch Louis’s back.

“Yep, you dunno how devilish that little demon is. She is somehow grew up very fond of you and specially asked me to give some face slapping to Nadia for doing that murder attempt on you. She is feeling sad that she couldn’t help you here.” Daniel told her.

“After Louis and Charlotte broke off their engagement, her parents asked her to go back and give them a proper explanation. They are even searching for a groom for her now.” he said.

Brina nodded her head. Feeling slightly guilty.

As she didn’t want to meet his family so soon, Louis asked Charlotte not to disclose about his relationship with Brina yet. And that would have caused Charlotte to suffer all of this.

Meanwhile, Daniel saw the light facing slightly from his sister-in-law’s eyes and he realized that he talked about something which made her sad.

“However sister-in-law, back in the college days, Louis was rumored to have a crush on this one girl. She was his junior I think. One day he met her but something went wrong and he never brought that topic again. As he didn’t want to talk about it, we didn’t ask him either.” Daniel said.

Brina got slightly surprised but not to the extent of spending a time to think about it.

College crushes and flings are common nowadays.

However, she understood that Louis is always slow when it comes to a girls. He isn’t brave enough.

But with her, she must agree that he tried all his best to bring out that courages and act fast. She must have been so valuable to him that he actually broke down all of his fear and did this.

“Done talking guys? I am very hungry.” Louis said, walking down the stairs.

He reached for Brina and took her hand, gesturing to her to come with him. He raised an eyebrow and asked Daniel to follow them too.

“You aren’t hungry, Louis. You just want to kick me out soon. Isn’t it?” Daniel said as he followed the couple to the dining area.

“You are as sharp as ever, Dan. Realized it so soon. Aren’t you?” Louis mocked his friend and earning a Sm-ack on his arm from his dear girlfriend.

“What? This is our first night together in my house. I don’t want any third wheel to be around.” Louis pouted.

Instead of Brina, Daniel blushed taking the deepest meaning of ‘firstnight’. He started overthinking about it when it had nothing related to what Louis actually implied.

All Louis wants is to cuddle with his precious girlfriend and talk to her for the whole night if it is possible.

As she is now his, by her heart and soul there is no hurry in making her his, by body. He will give her all the time she needs.

He wants to take it slow from now on.

After having a happy and comedy time during dinner, Daniel went away. It is more appropriate to say that he got kicked out by Louis.

Later, as Brina insisted on working for some time they went to the study room.

“Baby, Nadia took your bait and she is already one step away from destroying herself. What about her brother? Did you implement what you said to me yesterday?” Louis asked, suddenly remembered it.


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