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the royal love episode 55

©Sir Zach


‘He will surely fall for me this time.’ she thought when she saw the approval written on his face. He was smiling at her, nodding his head in appreciation.

However she just doesn’t know that she just made Louis’s target very easy by acting so self righteous and overconfident.

“All right then.” Louis smirked.

He turned on the phone and ordered the @ssistant outside. “As soon as Ms. Parker arrives, s£nd her inside.” Louis commanded.

As the receptionist knows who the real CEO is, she right away informed the receptionist at the outer desk.

After giving the order, Louis came back and sat down across Nadia who is glowing with arrogance and also happiness.

“All right, Ms. Russell. Continue with your pres£ntation as for now while we waiting for Ms. Parker to arrive.” he told her.

Nadia smirked and continued concentrating on making a good impression in front of her ‘Edward’ who is none other than Daniel.

As for Brina, the other reason why she being called by Louis is to inform him about the notification she got. She secretly connected her office PC to her work tracker. So, when Nadia stole it by copying it into her laptop, Brina got the notification.

Everything is going as per planned.

Louis actually knew this would happen and so he started to showing interest in Nadia’s pres£ntation. He is waiting for the right time, happily.

By wearing her innocence face, she actually decreased the steps they had to take to destroy her.

When he recognized that the time had come, he messaged Brina and asked her to come if she wanted to give some trailer ‘face slaps’ to Nadia.

After a few minutes.

Brina arrived and she was dressed in a simple jumpsuit which gave the vibes of both casual and work attire.

It is the same white suit with a simple black sash at her slender wa-ist which is bought by Louis for her during their vacation.

Though the look is simple, the quality is of course top notch. Brina is someone who never compromise when it comes to dressing. Though she sometimes like to dress in a simple outfit. It will always suit her as if it is made only for her.

Fortunately, Louis has a good taste in selecting the perfect dresses for his queen and this white jumpsuit made Brina look like as if she is a dainty goddess, an angel.

However, one could see the bandage on her forehead, right away figuring out that she had met with an accident.

Louis right away gave her a compliment with his eyes. She is looking totally beautiful and elegant.

Meanwhile, Daniel almost gaped in awe at his sister-in-law. He couldn’t help but deny that she and Louis are really perfectly match made in heaven.

Brina is like an angel eluding the peace and warm vibes while Louis is like a devil in disguise emanating the formidable and cold aura.

‘Bro, you both are perfect together!!’ Daniel communicated with his eyes and a smile lit up on Louis’s face.

Later, Daniel blinked his eyes at Brina with a sweet smile, as if greeting her with respect. She smiled back at him and slightly nodded her head, greeting him back.

After that her eyes shifted to Louis who had his eyes locked on her beautiful face. He gave her a flying klzz making Brina flush.

It felt strange and bashful to show their affection in public.

However on the other hand, Nadia is totally unaware of what just happened between these three. She was totally shocked when she saw her cousin just enter the room.

‘Why is she here? Isn’t she dead already?!’ Nadia thought angrily.

The woman who is proved dead, is standing right in front of her harmless and very healthy. In fact, Brina look totally different, something about her is different!!

She is glowing with bliss and peace just like an angel descended from heaven. Nadia would have thought that it is her cousin’s ghost if not for the bandage on Brina’s head.

She is totally shocked!!

How can Brina be alive??

“Please sit down, Ms. Parker.” Louis said, gesturing for her to sit across from him and Brina obliged.

“Ms. Parker, I heard you had an accident. How are you feeling now?” Daniel asked as soon as she took her seat.

“I am fine sir. Thank you for asking.” Brina said.

Daniel nodded his head and smiled politely before coming back to the topic.

“I have temporarily allocated Ms. Russell here to fill up your place, Ms. Parker. After you applied for sick leave and suggested us in replacing you, few of our board members recommended Ms. Russell.” Daniel told.

“Though your project manager was not fine with Ms. Russell taking your position. We did it under some external forces. However, today Ms. Russell is blamed for copying your pres£ntation.” he explained.

Meanwhile, Nadia is sweating profusely in her seat and a bead of sweat can be seen rolled down from her forehead while she fidgeted with her own f!ng£rs.

And, her heart is started to get heavy as well. Here she was, thinking that she got this position because of the CEO took a liking of her. However, she was utterly and awfully wrong.

He did it because of the pressure from higher ups but not because he has interest in her. And, that doesn’t mean she will just give up! But, on contrary this made her more ambitious to become Mrs. Wright.

She has already shown off in front of the many people that she is Edward Wright’s girlfriend. Now, all of a sudden she just can’t change it or back off. Hell no! So, she must make that impossible possible.

And, the other shocking news is Brina. She is alive and she is here to help Louis in suing her.

This often made her wonder why he is so grudgeful against her.

“Yes sir. This pres£ntation solely belongs to me.” Brina said and as soon as Nadia heard those words she snapped her head towards Brina.

“No sir. Ms. Parker is lying.” Nadia said, all of a sudden not understanding what to talk anymore.

She can’t challenge Brina in this because she knows that her cousin is a pro in this field and can right away explain this pres£ntation hundred times better than her even without batting her eyes.

“Sir, in fact this pres£ntation is outdated. Let me tell you what might have happened here. Ms. Russell would have hacked into my PC and copied the pres£ntation from it. As I actually don’t work in my office PC it’s rather unprotected and I don’t keep it updated with my works.”

“And, this pres£ntation is actually having some major mistakes in it. Before I met with an accident I have s£nt it to our project manager for verification and he gave me some pointers, showing what all has got to be wrong.”

“Later, I have made some modifications and I have the latest pres£ntation on my laptop. I just mailed it to you sir. What Ms. Russell has told us might be the old version that I saved on my PC. You can both check the verification of it.” Brina said, acting all innocent in front of Nadia.

But, god know that she is having a [email protected] time too. Her ‘pervy’ boyfriend is being naug-hty and care-ssing her legs with his toes, making her feel ticklish.

She is sure that his office romance fantasy will reach its peaks if no one is pres£nt here.

Meanwhile, Daniel was praising his sister-in-law inside. She is a genius!!

She can turned the tables and improvised his plan just overnight.

What happened is….

Louis just told Brina about Daniel’s plan regarding Nadia, a couple of days back.

Daniel’s plan is just to humiliate Nadia for fun because she is trying to climb on to the CEO’s bed. He doesn’t want Louis to get implicated by this.

But seeing how his sister-in-law planned everything so meticulously by taking his previous actions into advantage, Daniel is totally awestruck.

She asked Luke not to attend the meeting and also to not [email protected] the pres£ntation to Nadia. She asked him to s£nd Nadia alone to the meeting by giving one or other excuses.

Being her cousin, Brina knows how impotent and lazy @ss Nadia is. So, she predicted Nadia’s moves accurately and deleted all the pres£ntations she made and the blueprints, leaving the outdated fault ones. Knowing that Nadia will copy it from her office PC with help of her father.

And as expected, Nadia fell for it.

All Brina wanted to do is to s£nd Nadia out of the company first. Nowadays, her cousin started to concentrating more on the company rather than her modelling and sugar daddy.

The plan Brina has plotted for Nadia is connected with her sugar daddy not with the company. Nadia coming into this company has actually disrupted her plan.

So by eliminating the office life from Nadia’s daily routine, getting her back with her sugar daddy is Brina’s first step.

In that very first step, Brina plotted this tiny humiliation and decided to manipulate Nadia in concentrating more on modelling and her sugar daddy.

When she said this plan to Louis yesterday night, he said he will take care of the manipulation.

And, as promised he did that by making Nadia @ssume that Edward Wright loves independent women who are famous. But, Brina didn’t think that he would provoke her to this level where Nadia would bet on resigning her job.

She must say that she and her sweetheart make a good team.

“Sir, I made this by myself. It might be that Ms. Parker’s and mine are similar in coincidence.” Nadia still tried to prove herself right.

“Then, I would say it’s worse! Are you living under a stone? Not even aware that the designs and models are totally modified? How could you be this irresponsible?!” Louis fired up.

“I told you already. She is a s¢vm.” Louis said to Daniel.

Daniel pitifully looked at Nadia, as if saying, ‘I used to have a high hopes for you, Nadia. I thought so much about us, but I didn’t expect you to do this.’

Meanwhile, Brina is having a [email protected] time controlling her laughter.

She actually lost her patience in revenge.

Once, she lost her family because she followed this vengeous road and she didn’t wanted to walk in the same path again.

Nadia shivered because of Louis’s dangerous tone. She knew that he is someone she can’t afford to offend.

“Ms. Russell, if you agree that you copied Ms. Parker’s pres£ntation, you must leave the company as you promised.” Daniel said.

“Even if you deny it, you still will be fired for being such a dull and mindless employee. L & E doesn’t encourage such an employees.” Louis added.

“So, it’s now your pick, Ms. Russell. Whether to get fired or to resign by yourself.” Louis said.

Nadia sighed. Helplessness and frustration are evident on her face.

“Take your decision wisely, Ms. Russell. But, to make it fast I have to take my girlfriend on a date.” Louis said, earning a glare from both Daniel and Brina.

He was talking so seriously but all of a sudden, he was throwing a dog food. The irony here is, his girlfriend is getting to be affected to that as well.

‘I wonder how his girlfriend is tolerating him.’ Nadia ruefully thought.

And, under his pressuring gaze she couldn’t help but to take a decisions.

“I will resign.” she said.

“So, you indeed copied mine?” Brina asked.

“No, I didn’t!!” Nadia said.

“Fine.” Brina mockingly laughed.

Louis however filed the @ssistants number and asked him to come inside.

Later, Daniel ordered him to help Nadia in doing it as soon as possible.

Inside the office room.

After Nadia went away, Louis returned back to his cool and jovial mood.

He directly went to Brina and sat down beside her, cuddling her in his arms. “You are beautiful, you know?” he whispered.

Brina chuckled and pecked his l!ps which, he of course dee-pened into a sweet and [email protected] one.

“We can go now.” Louis said and he klzzed her l!ps once again before looking at Daniel who had an incredible expression etched on his face.

“Didn’t you say that you had an important meeting?” Brina asked as she narrowed her eyes slightly.

“Baby, I just attended it before lunch time. For now, I am free, okay?” Louis pouted.

Brina felt so cute that she pinched his cheeks. “Alright. We can go then.” she said.

Meanwhile, Daniel is gaping at them.

Did he.. did he.. just see Louis klzzing?!

And, are his eyes working fine?

Someone just pinched Louis’s cheeks and didn’t get fed to the sharks!!

Daniel is in so much shocked by this sudden tenderness in Louis.

‘Okay, I get it. That is his girlfriend!! His sharks will be jealous’ Daniel thought in back of his head.

“Dan?” Louis called Daniel, snapping his f!ng£rs in front of his eyes.

And, it is only when Daniel blinked his eyes, startled.

“Eh.. wh.. what??” he asked, slightly fazed by the shock he just received.

“If you don’t have any work left with me, Brina and I will take our leave now. We have some personal work to hurry up with.” Louis said, implying the immediate task of moving Brina’s stuff to his penthouse.

“Yeah, yeah. You can both go now.” Daniel said, yet to return to his normal self.

He needs an emergency nap to return back to his normal self now!!

Getting the answer, Louis shifted his eyes to Brina who was sitting beside him akin to the angel. He smiled warmly at her and stood up before extending his hand to her.

Brina smiled and placed her hand in his rough and big palm. She stood and looked back at Daniel.

“Don’t forget to come for dinner, Daniel.” She said to him.

“If you want to taste Louis’s handmade food, don’t miss this chance.” she whispered.

Daniel’s eyes twinkled and he nodded vigorously.

“I will not miss this chance, sister-in-law.” he happily said.

Louis’s food??

He never tasted it. To be frank no one has ever tasted his food except for his Brina, Louis’s sister Eliina and Charlotte.

“But you aren’t allowed to stay overnight, alright? You have to leave by nine.” Louis commanded him on his face, making Daniel pout.

Brina couldn’t help but roll her eyes at Louis’s childishness. However, she loved how he was fierce with other people like Nadia but playful and childish in front of his friends and family.

Soon, Louis and Brina reached her house and he helped her with packing up her luggage.

“Louis honey, do you think Nadia will take our bait?” She asked as she stuffed her clothes into her luggage.

Louis who was packing up her files looked back at Brina and couldn’t help but chuckle.

He left his work in the middle and wrapped his arms around her from behind, before planting a klzz on her nape.

Brina closed her eyes and snuggled against his body.

“You seem to be in a hurry?” Louis asked, his l!ps still skimming on the s£n-sitive skin of her neck.

“Ermm, I actually don’t really like all of this unwanted revenge, honey. I always opt to do it in a peace if it is possible. However, those people aren’t allowing me to.” Brina said as she let out a sigh.

“That’s what I don’t understand in you, baby. You are so good at being fierce and plotting the revenge. But everytime, I can see the reluctance in your eyes while you handle something related to this.” Louis said, more like asking why she does that.

“You know, when I had my first fall out with my enemies, our rivalry wasn’t that intense. However, the old Brina was very stubborn, persistive and unyielding that she was not willing to let it go. Despite her knowing the power her enemies hold.” Brina told, her voice laced with guilt and sorrow.

“This what angered her enemies and they were very cunning that they started using despicable means to lure her into their trap. They bought the loyalty of her people and used it on her, which had led to her parents and family death.” she continued, her tears rolled down her cheeks.

Louis felt so bad when he realised how she seperated her past self using the word ‘her’ instead of ‘my’. It showed how much she hates herself.

She turned around and hugged Louis tightly, burying her face in his chest. Her tears started to w€t his expensive shirt but Louis least not cared about it.

He couldn’t do anything but hug her and comfort her as she let out her tears she was holding from God knows when and how long.

He didn’t try to stop her because he felt it’s ess£ntial for Brina to let this grief wash away from her heart. His heart started to ache for her but he felt helpless.

He simply couldn’t contemplate how to console her when he actually doesn’t know what happened.

“Everytime I think about it, I just think of how different it would have been if I wouldn’t have gone for revenge blindly. Just for my selfish revenge, I gambled with the innocent lives of my family and I failed very miserably in protecting them.” She sobbed.

“Now, Will is an orphan you know. He was so small when his parents died and what should I answer him after he wakes up? How can I show my face to my only nephew knowing that I am the reason why his parents and grandparents died.” Brina’s meek wailing made Louis tear up.

How is she even smiling like this, when she had been keeping this much of grief in her heart?

He didn’t know whether to feel happy or not that she is gradually opening up to him or feel sad because her past is too painful.

“Baby, who said Will is an orphan? Doesn’t he have you, me, Harry and other’s? We will not let him feel that emptiness all right?” he consoled her.

Brina nodded her head but continued hugging him, her eyes swollen red and her cheeks stained with a traces of her tears.

Now, Louis understood why she is so meticulous while handling her maternal family. Though she knew that they aren’t that powerful, the trauma had made her fear to take a revenge.

She is afraid that it will aggravate the matter more. That was the reason why she is limiting it this much.

They continued standing in the middle of the living room, hugging each other.

Brina felt her heart become light after sharing her sorrow with Louis but in contrast, Louis started to feeling more and more sad because of the [email protected] his beloved has been through.

He couldn’t help but wish to time travel and stop everything from leading it to here. However, it’s too good to be true!!

“I made you sad, didn’t I? I ruined your mood.” Brina talked after an eternity.


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