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the royal love episode 21

©Sir Zach


Meanwhile, Brina’s eyes flashed with menace. How dare that family get her engaged to someone, just because they will get profited by it?

And, how the hell did Chris find out about her maternal family? No one knows who her maternal family is….


Except Tanya, no one knows who her maternal family are. It is because Brina never mentioned anything about her family to anyone.

Not even her records have the information.

Brina clenched her fist under the table as she controlled the anger surging through her bo-dy.

Nadia looked at Brina one more time and walked away.

Her father told her not to cross the paths with Brina. And, even if she does, he asked not to make fun of her.

After they get her married to Chris they will get whatever they needed. Chris promised them!!

So, for once Nadia let Brina go. Or at least she though she had upper hand to do everything she wants. She doesn’t know that she is happily living just because Brina took mercy on her.

After Nadia and her friends walked away, Luke and Hailey looked at Brina in shock.

“You are Chris Hillary’s fiancée??” Hailey asked in shock.

“That arrogant lady is your cousin?? She looks so rich and prideful” Luke commented. He Just acted as if he didn’t hear that Brina is ‘engaged’ to Chris.

“Brina, you don’t like that cousin of yours, do you?” Hailey asked.

“And, you aren’t aware of the engagement she talked about” Luke noticed.

Brina sighed. “Guys, let’s leave this here itself. I don’t want to bring this matter again, please” she said.

“And, yes. I don’t like my cousin. I don’t like my maternal family itself.”

“I don’t know about this engagement as well. One of the reason why I shifted companies is because of Chris himself. Few days back he proposed me but I rejected.” Brina explained.

“So, he took another approach to get me” Brina told.

“But, why aren’t you interested in him?” Hailey asked. “He is handsome, he is rich” she reasoned.

“I don’t have feelings for him. I have boyfriend towards whom I am developing feelings in very alarming rate” Brina told and smile curved on her li-ps.

Hailey and Luke nodded their heads in understanding. Hailey wrapped her arm around Brina’s shoulder comfortingly.

Luke squee-zed here hand. “Just don’t listen to them. Anyway, you don’t like that family and they never treated you fairly” he told.

Brina nodded her head. “I have my ways” she chuckled.

“Let’s forget about this guys. I don’t want this to ruin our fun time.” Brina said, smiling at her friends.

“Brina” Luke called.

“Let’s go. I know that she ruined your mood Brina. We can come later as well” Hailey comforted Brina. “We don’t want our friend sad”

Brina sighed but nodded her head. “I am sorry, guys” she apologized, pursuing her li-ps.

“Don’t be. We are the understanding friends no one can succeed in getting. Just give us a ice-cream treat and you are forgiven” Luke joked.

Brina laughed. “All right, Mr. Narcissist. Consider it done” she said.

“Good girl” he chuckled and they stood up, ready to go back.

“Guys, wait for me. I will just [email protected]$$ a word to my dearest maternal family through my favorite cousin and come” Brina said giving a mischievous smile.

“Go on, girl” Hailey chuckled.

Brina reached the private booth in which Nadia is giving pa-rty to her friends.

And as soon as Nadia saw her cousin coming inside, she looked at Brina arrogantly.

“Want me to your bill or what?” she asked reluctantly.

“Nah. I am not like you to rely on others. Nadia, can you just inform uncle that I will be coming for lunch tomorrow?” Brina said, without beating around bushes.

“Why?” Nadia asked.

“Shouldn’t we talk about my engagement preparations? Wait, don’t tell me that you will not [email protected] my engagement” Brina mocked.

“You!!” Nadia scoffed, fuming in anger.

“I will meet you tomorrow, Nadia. Till then have a peaceful time” Brina said and walked away.

“Chris went to Russell family and asked Brina’s hand” Charlotte told in the call with Louis.

“Yeah, my men informed me” Louis answered.

“You know!! Still you are acting all calm!!” Charlotte scoffed.

“Louis, you have to do something. Poor Brina” Charlotte emotionally said.

“No, we are not going to do anything Char. Brina will take care of it for sure. Let her have some fun as well” Louis told.

“But-” Charlotte was about to tell something when he heard his bell ringing.

“It must be Brina. I will talk to you later Char. Don’t forget to take your medicines by the way” he reminded his best friend.

“Yep. Sure boss” Charlotte chuckled.

She isn’t angry that Louis moved out of the house. Brina needs him most now!!

Louis quickly made his way downstairs and opened the door.

As soon as he did that, Brina froze. Her cheeks turning red.

And, it is only when Louis realized that he is shirtless and has only his gym pa-nts on. His upper bo-dy is filled with sweat due to his workouts and his hair is disheveled.

He is looking more intoxication and s-xy that, Brina’s [email protected] right away started imagining dirty things.

Louis chuckled and gave himself an imaginary pat. He could see how much she is affected.

[email protected]$$up Brina? You came so early” Louis asked. As he wanted to give her privacy with her friends he didn’t ask his men to follow her.

So, he don’t know that she met Nadia.

“Did something happened, baby” he asked when she hu-gged him.

“Nothing happened. Something came up” Brina said.

Luke led her into his house and made her sit on the couch.

He gave her water and sat beside her. He want to ask her what happened but he is also hoping that she will open up to him.

Till then he don’t want to for-ce her into telling him.

“So, what are you thinking of doing?” he asked.

He intentionally didn’t ask her what happened and Brina understood him.

She smiled.

Brina felt moved to her core.

“Won’t you ask what happened?” Brina asked.

Louis chuckled. “I said I won’t for-ce you” he said.

Brina giggled. “Its my maternal family. Chris went to them and asked my hand.” She said.

Louis raised his eyebrow. “But why do you look happy” he asked pouting.

Brina chuckled.

“You are looking so jealous” she teased.

“And, you look so cute when you are jealous” she added pinching his cheeks.

“I think you have a plan to handle Chris and your family.” Louis guessed.

“And, I might need your help” she added.

Louis chuckled.

“Whatever you ask” he right away answered.

“Anything?” Brina asked in return, raising her eyebrow.

“Yes” he said. Meanwhile, his hands itched to move his fin-gers through her smooth and silky hair. But he controlled himself from doing so.

He don’t want to get distracted when his beloved is talking something serious.

“You are blindly believing in me Louis” Brina said. Her eyes lingered on his flawless and perfectly contoured face.

She couldn’t control her urge to skim her fin-gers are his cheeks and feel his devilishly perfect face.

But what will he think if she get distracted.

“Trust me Brina…. I strongly believe in you, but not blindly. The way you are sitting here, all cool and relaxed is enough for me to tell that you already have a plan to handle your maternal family. What I suspect is….” saying so, Louis leaned closer to Brina.

Their faces just inches apa-rt and their eyes locked with each other.

Louis smirked and moved closer. Not to ki-ss but to whisper in her ears.

It took every ounce of his self-control to stop him bi-ting her pink ear-lobe.

“What I suspect is that, you are testing me” he said.

Meanwhile Brina is in daze. When he leaned closer his manly scent wafted her nose. It is intoxicating and so Add!¢tive.

But as soon as she heard his words she chuckled. She isn’t testing him!!

Sometimes blind love would cause some unnecessary problems.

His hand slowly moved from her shoulders to her neck and Brina couldn’t help but shiver.

Slowly his hands reached her hair and he moved his fin-gers through her hair, doing so he leaned his forehead against her forehead.

Brina almost skipped a breath when he leaned his forehead against hers.

This gesture is truly beautiful and inti-mate. A perfect methods to show how much he loves her.

“So, What’s the help you want? Dear girlfriend” he asked.

Brina moved apa-rt, just a little so that she can see his eyes.

“Hmm…. actually Louis, I don’t have anything to ask. All I need is a day off tomorrow. Is my strict boss okay with that?” she asked, involuntarily bi-ting her lower li-p.

Louis could se-nse his eyes darken with lvst. He felt an immense urge to bit and su-ck that luscious li-ps.

Gulping again, he sighed.

“So, my girlfriend has been pla-ying with her boss…huh?? What an approach to ask a day off” Louis laughed making Brina pout.

Every time she in with Louis she feels herself letting go.

All her tensions vanish into the thin air.

“And, what can her boss do now? After seeing such a cute expression on his girlfriend’s face how can he not give in” Louis teased.

“But he has one demand” Louis said, clearly enjoying the cute side of Brina.

“What will that be? My sir is too demanding” Brina teased.

“He wants you to be careful, that’s it” Louis said.

All again this moved Brina. He sounded so genuine.

The next morning…

Louis knocked Brina’s door. She took a day off and will be going to a lunch in her maternal family’s house.

Meanwhile Brina haven’t woken up yet. It’s just an hour journey and she could manage to go even if she start here at ten.

Dressed up in her black and extremelythin camisole coupled with black shorts, Brina has her hair tied up in a messy bun.

She is looking extremely cute with few of her escaped hair strands adorning her beautiful face. She is breathtakingly beautiful and exceptionally s-xy in her night wear.

And as soon as Louis saw her, he started thinking dirty. He regretted coming down to meet his girlfriend that too before going to his office.

Now, this image of his beautiful girlfriend will not leave his eyes and desiring thoughts about her will not stop conquering his mind.

“Louis, good morning” Brina greeted and hu-gged him, still sleepy with her eyes blinking close.

When she hu-gged him, Louis could se-nse his Adam’s apple move against his throat. He is now turned on and he definitely need cold shower.

“You aren’t hugging me” Brina pouted in her sleepiness.

Louis chuckled and hu-gged her. Sleepy Brina is more cute and her easy to approach.

But at the same time she looked too innocent and fragile that he felt a strong impulse to protect her from the world.

“Brina baby, wake up” Louis called out as he gently patted her reddish cheek. She might have sle-pt leaning on to one side, he could see how se-nsetive her skin is

Brina blinked her eyes, slowly coming out of her sleepy trance. She just had an beautiful dram about her and Louis.

But some idiot knocked the door and woke her up, just at the time she and Louis are selecting names for their twin babies.

And, as soon as she that it is none other than Louis, her whole sleep vanished and she blushed. Her face is already red because and now it is glowing deep red that Louis felt to ki-ss her all over her face.

“Good morning girlfriend” he greeted her as he pecked her forehead. He just found out that she love getting ki-ssed on forehead.

“Good morning” Brina greeted and leaned into his warm hug. His [email protected] is more cozy than her extremely soft mattress.

“I just came to ask if you are really okay in dealing with your maternal family. If you want I can come and help you just like I did with Chris” Louis asked in concern.

“I can manage them, Louis. Don’t worry about it” Brina said, as smile curved up beautifully on her li-ps.

She don’t want her maternal family to humiliate Louis. She know how unruly and disgusting that family could be.

“Call me if you want my help, all right” Louis said once again, as he ki-ssed her forehead and got ready to go upstairs again for cold bath.

Right now, he need cold bath more than anything.

*After three hours….*

Brina is sitting on the couch in enormous living room of her so called maternal family.

Sitting in front of her, is her uncle, aunt and their three children.

Nolen, Nadia and her youngest cousin Neil.

Even her grandfather and sick grandmother are here, waiting Chris to come.

They are happy that Brina agreed for marriage and Chris is totally excited.

But little they know that everything will be totally opposite to what they have thought.


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