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the royal love 2 Episode 1

©Sir Zach


“They should be here. Brina told me” Hailey said as she followed them inside.

Hailey, Luke.

Rhianna, Harry.

Ethan, Natalie.

All of them are here for the festival that happens once every three years.

Ethan wanted to see his brother. He wants to apologise to him.

Though he knows that Louis might not forgive him, he at least wanted to give it a try.

Besides this, Natalie is also drowning in guilt after knowing that Brina is now suffering because of her. She has been restless and it is when Ethan thought it would be better if they met both Louis and Brina.

They badly wanted to ask for their forgiveness.

And, as for Harry and Rhianna, they missed Brina. They haven’t met for weeks now and they are really desperate to check on whether she is happy or not.

It has already been emotionally tough on her to come to this place.

Meanwhile, Luke just came to meet his girlfriend, Hailey and his friend Brina.

“Any guess where they would go? Which ride or which stall?” Ethan asked Harry.

“I bet Brina would have dragged Louis to get her some soft toy. She loves getting gifted free soft toys from her loved ones” Harry said.

Her father used to win a soft toy just for his little daughter’s happiness. And, that habit even [email protected] to Seth.

So, there is a fair chance she would have asked Louis to get her one. It was one of her silly wishes and a memory to reminisce.

“Then let’s try looking for it,” Ethan said as he wrapped an arm around Natalie, klzzing her forehead.

“Ethan, we came here to enjoy ourselves. Let’s do both of it parallely” Harry said, putting a full stop to Ethan’s hastiness.

Brina and Louis would have come here for some leisure time after all those hectic encounters they had in these few days.

So, as a caring brother, Harry didn’t want to ruin it for them by appearing in front of them all in sudden without any notice.

Who knows how it might turn out with Ethan showing up in front of the couple for the first time after what all has happened.

And, as if Ethan understood what Harry meant, he nodded his head.

“Babe, what do you want to try?” Ethan asked Natalie as they entered the fun section.

Luke and Hailey went to the food section to fill up their glitter stomach, while Harry and Rhianna went to look around, discreetly in search of Brina and Louis.


Louis won a bug soft toy for Brina and proudly gave it to his girl. It was not a big deal for him to shoot all the target’s. It was just a piece of cake.

“Happy?” Louis asked when he saw her twinkling eyes.

They are slightly glistened with tears. She didn’t know if it was okay to get this emotional just because of a soft toy, but it badly made her remember her father and brother.

This soft toy made her remember the room in her parents house where she used to safely keep all those toys her brother and father won for her.

Now, she is not even sure what would have happened to those toys. Her uncle and his aunt might have thrown them or gave them away.

But little she knew those toys were safe and Nickolas, her ex fiancée saved them.

“So, what will my girlfriend give me in return for winning this for her?” Louis asked mischievously as he inched close to her, their faces just an inch apart.

And, it was when he saw her glistened eyes. “Baby, were you tearing up?” he asked, rather worried.

Sometimes, he couldn’t just comprehend how her brain works. She will be overly emotional about a few things while very heartless about some other things.

Harry told him that these sudden, unpredictable mood swings are connected to her past. According to him, Brina is very, very connected to her father and brother.

Her whole world used to revolve around them and all in sudden she lost all of them a few years back. And, it was like she lost her whole life when they died. It took a great deal to return back to normal.

Brina forced a smile on her l!ps. “Nope, I just teared up because it made me remember my dad and brother. These are happy tears” she told him as she tiptoed and klzzed his l!ps.

“As for what I will give, I will win something for you as well” she said, dragging him back to the same stall.

Meanwhile, Eliina and her boyfriend walked to the same place too.

Diego wanted to give her a soft toy. He heard most of the men here do this to make their girl happy.

“Uhmm.. Diego, let’s go somewhere” Eliina told, hastily covering her face.

She just saw her brother who was looking at Brina proudly. As his eyes were on his girl who was firing the gun very skilfully, he missed his sister who was not standing very far from him.

“Luna, what’s wrong? Don’t you want a soft toy? My uncle used to tell me that girls get happy when given things like these? Weren’t you that type of girl?” he asked.

“Idiot, didn’t you say that you like me because I am different? I don’t like soft toys! I like s£× toys, got it??” she said, however, froze.

All in sudden the people around them became quiet. It was actually because the woman who was firing, actually hit the spot that’s extremely tough to target successfully.

But, at that same time, Eliina shouted this, causing the shift of attention.

Thankfully, she has already covered her face with her denim jacket. No one could see her face including Louis and Brina.

Meanwhile, Brina was not gazed because she is looking into the gift menu to select something for Louis.

‘Why does this voice sound familiar? She sounded almost similar as my sis. But, my sister is an innocent child, so she wouldn’t talk like this. Anyway, she doesn’t have a boyfriend’ he thought.

‘She better not have for now’ he thought as he looked at the girl who had her face covered while her boyfriend took her into his arms and walked away.

‘Her physique looks a bit similar. But it’s common’ he thought. Got confirmation he was about to make a call to Eliina but stopped.

Suddenly he froze.

“Babe, we need to go now,” he said, tugging Brina’s sleeve.

“Wait! Lemme select one for you” Brina said, her concentration still on the gift menu.

“Love, we can select later. But for now we have to leave before getting caught” Louis urgently told her.

“Uhmm. Why?” Brina asked.

“Babe, Mom and Dad are here. Damn! I didn’t think they would come here! I made sure their schedule is busy today” Louis said, pulling Brina with him to the corner.

“They would have come to enjoy the same experience too. Even though your schedule was busy today, you made time for me, just like how your father made for your mother” Brina said, smacking his head lightly.

Louis pouted and rubbed his head. “Yep, it could be. But, we have to leave this fun section. I am sure they won’t go into the food section because mother is allergic to outside food. Let’s go there and eat something first” he said.

However, his face is filled with guilt.

He wanted to give a best experience to Brina. Best memories to cherish. However, it got ruined.

Louis doesn’t want his father to know. Not yet!

Though he is sure his father might not object to his relationship, it might still be problematic for Brina who wants to win this fair and square.

Brina nodded her head obediently and allowed Louis to lead her out. She couldn’t recognise where his parents were, because they were in disguise too.

Louis might have recognised because he knows how they disguise while going out.

And, Eliina was having a heart attack too. She just realised that her parents are here.

Seems like this while earth is turning against her!

It was okay if Brina and her brother got caught. It’s because they are in their mid twenties and are in the age of dating and other stuff.

She is still nineteen and so is her boyfriend, Diego.

“Luna, what’s wrong again? I never saw you acting this weird and silly. But you were cute.” he chuckled as he planted a klzz on her cheek.

“However, we can’t get sec toys here. I ca- *ouch* woman, you are hurting me!” he shouted out in surprise when she started smacking his arm.

“Uhmm… sorry,” Eliina said. She just realised that she showed her anger on Diego.

“I am hungry, let’s go to the food section” she said, all of a sudden. Just like how her brother Louis thought, even she thought the same too.

Her mother is allergic to outside food.

“So, you beat when you are hungry?” Diego asked, teasing her.

“No, I bite when I get hungry” she told him. “I beat when I am starved”

Looking at her face Diego laughed.

“Hungry for what?” he asked, teasing her again.

“You!! It’s not like that. Who will be hungry for you??” she again said, this time, her father who had just walked to the corner heard her.

‘Why is that voice similar to my princess voice? No, it can’t be a baby girl. She is too innocent and small to get hungry for a man’ he thought.

However, he was about to look towards the source but that young couple vanished.

“These days, teenagers are becoming more and more professional in ditching their parents, sneaking out from House to meet their lovers,” he said to his wife, Queen Elora.

“But, my princess is so innocent” he said, adoration brimming in his eyes.


Brina and Louis sat down in one of the Korean food stalls.

“*Phew* We just escaped” Louis sighed as he heavily leaned back.

“It was thrilling,” Brina laughed as he snuggled under his arms.

“Is it? I was feeling guilty that I ruined our date. Glad you aren’t feeling like that” Louis told, pressing a klzz on her forehead as he brushed her hair gently.

“I will never get bored of you. No matter how disastrous it could turn” Brina told, caressing his cheek.

They were so immersed in their lovely time and they totally failed to notice someone entering the room.

“Then I hope you won’t get angry if we intervene,” Harry said, smiling at his sister.

Little devilish, little emotional and little angry…

He loves to snatch away Louis’s light. That made him devilishly happy. Meeting her after a long time made him emotional. And, as she forgot to call him on the weekend, he was angry.

Brina carefully looked at the person and instantly recognized him.

“Harry!!” she called out in disbelief.

It’s unexpected.

“Ethan!!” Louis said loudly, equally shocked, when he saw Ethan standing beside Harry.

Behind them are Rhianna, Natalie, Hailey and Luke.

And, not too far from them, Charlotte who has dragged away her girlfriend was unfortunately standing right across them.

However, her girlfriend couldn’t recognize any of the people there because they are disguised.

“Char darling, who are they? Do you know them?” she asked.

“ of course no.” she told as she led her girlfriend away from them by turning her in the opposite direction.

However, she froze again.

Standing in front of her is Eliina with a boy. They were holding their hands intimately.

Eliina has a boyfriend!!


Same time, Eliina had eye contact with Charlotte.

Shocked and surprised!

Charlotte has a girlfriend??!!



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