The ring (his woman) Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7
💎Chi do 💎
This human ! How dare she try to use me for her game ?.
Hey listen up human I’m only here on order to protect you , you aren’t allowed to do as you plea-se I’m not your pl@ything okay? I said coolly almost leaning on her .
She didn’t reply , all she did was to stare at me wondering why I was acting like this .
The elevator door opened and people where starring at us and cl!çk!ng light on us .
The way I was leaning you could think I was k!ss!ngher so I un-derstand everything.
I suddenly smiled at her as she kept starring without blinking, I held her by the arm and she didn’t resist and pu-ll-ed her outta there .
We got outside the building before she realized herself and freed herself from me .
What? what? What did I do wrong? Weren’t you the one that first said that you’re my b©yfri£nd? She yelled .
But you know that’s not true , you’re tryna take advantage of that huh !?.
So what if I ? I’m I not allowed to? For as long as I’m concerned you’ll have to act as my b©yfri£ndperiod, she yelled even more attra-cting other human attention.
The female human she was arguing with or tryna show me off to appeared and shin held my arm ti-ghtly wi-nking her eyes repeatedly at the female human.
The female human stood starring at us obviously jealous, I know she just managed to catch a glimpse of me within a short period but she did anyways.
Let’s go Chi , shin said s£dûçt!velyand pu-ll-ed me with her while the girl watched.
The girl muttered something I heard but I know shin didn’t.
“I’ll get you bit-ch” that word I heard clearly .
Huh what’s my manager doing here ? Shin asked starring a black van .
I called him , I replied her.
But how??? Oh never mind you are a god anyways, she said .
The door of the van opened and a human male c@m£ out followed by another male .
They both rushed towards us .
I waited long for you at your place but someone s£nt a text telling me that you’re alre-ady here , so I c@m£ here .How did the meeting go ? The first male human which is her manager or what said .
Well the meeting went well , I nee-d you to take me home now , she commanded.
But..but without the do¢v-ment how come? He asked again.
I said I nee-d you to take me home , she yelled and he ran to open the van for her and she got in while I just watched her rude attitude.
Aren’t you coming with me or are you gonna do your thing , if yes take me with you , she said and I got into the van , the second male went for the wheels and started it while the other got into the front .
Suddenly shin started laughing, I re-ad her mind and immediately knew why .
Oh gosh I love the look of Sasha’s face , oh it’s interesting don’t you agree ?she asked amidst laughter and I ignored her .
Her attitude is something else , I don’t know why it had to be her of all humans and it doesn’t look like she nee-ds protec-tion anyways .
She kept on laughing while leaning on me and the two males at the front kept watching us wondering why she was laughing and why she is leaning on me .
I quic-kly pu-ll-ed myself away from her and she moved closer and leaned on me , I moved again and she moved closer till I couldn’t anymore and due to the two males watching us I couldn’t disappear from her side so I just let her lean on me .
She st©pped laughing after a while and I noticed she fell asleep.
The car st©pped suddenly and she wanted to fall off and I quic-kly held her , her hair moved away from her face a little and for a second or minutes I starred at me , I don’t know why tho but I did , I just did ..
Episode 8
💎Chi do💎
The drive c@m£ to a halt and I was still starring at her, she suddenly opened her eyes jo-lting me back to reality.
What ?are we home alre-ady ? She asked but I feigned coughing.
What are you doing? She added and I pointed on her head which was still leaning on my shoulder and she quic-kly adjusted to a sitting position and feigned coughing.
I chuckled immediately she coughed and she glared at me wondering why I chuckled but I ignored her and got of the van .
She also c@m£ down with me and pearl c@m£ running towards us .
Noona and oppa she called happily .
You can’t believe what happened, Lee mi has been be-dridden ever since you left,she has fallen sick and I don’t know what to do with her as she refused talking to me , pearl said .
Shin ah glared at me and I looked up away from her glares .
Don’t worry baby nothing is gonna happen to Lee , She’ll come off it soon , shin said to pearl who in turn left hurriedly.
What did you do to Lee? she asked and I scoffed.
What do you think ? .
Huh you better get my friend to her s-en-ses , she yelled .
And what if I refused? I cut in .
Then you …you…you seize to be my fake b©yfri£nd, she stammered.
Then I’ll gladly accept it , I don’t want to be your fake b©yfri£ndagain cos I have a girlfriend who is more beautiful than you , and you no what I’ll go tell pearl that I’m not your b©yfri£nd, I rushed my words before I could realize myself and I she was shocked at my outbur-st cos she just kept starring at me without blinking.
Hey are you okay ? Hey! Human!! I called but she just turned around without replying and walked into the house , I just followed after her .
Hey shin !
Answer me human! I called and held her hand but she freed away from my grip .
What ? What? What? What is it with you huh ? You won’t be my fake b©yfri£ndthen why are you still here , why do you care ? You no what I’m gonna go kill myself and you’ll be punished for not protecting me , she yelled and rushed to the elevator , pressed it before I could get there and it closed up.
What is it with this human huh?