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The ring (his woman) Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1
💍The Ring💕
His woman🧍‍♀️
💕Heaven 💕
My lord the sh!pis re-ady, Karen announced to Chi do .
He turned and starred at his family who were smiling at him ; his mom , dad , step brother and little sis .
He walked to them and bowed before his father as his father blessed him , then to his mom , she smiled and gave him a watch.
Dear when you need anything down there just look into the watch and demand what ever you wish , he smiled at his mom and patted his lil sis and hvgged his step brother .
Bro remember to look for the Ring okay ?
He moved toward the sh!pthat is about to take him to earth and turned to Karen .
How many hours will I be on this sh!p?
Just two my lord , she replied and bowed .
He smiled at his family before entering the sh!p.
EARTH: Ko-rean ⚡Seoul ⚡province
The show you’ve all been waiting for is gonna start in the next two hours .
I advice you wait patiently for your superstar shin ah .
Make up room
What? Is this how to draw eye Shadow? Do you want to make me look ugly like you bit-ch ? Shin shouted at her make-up artist .
I’m so sorry ma’am it won’t repeat itself again , she pleaded on her knees .
Ma’am did you just call me ma’am? Do I look like your dying mother or what ? She ranted
Forgive me miss , I won’t repeat it again, she pleaded
No second chance bit-ch , now get out!!
Now get me another makeup artist, she yelled on the t©p of her voice and the man standing there rushed out and [email protected]£ in with another makeup artist
Fans were shouting on t©p of their voice , they were going crazy cause of the arrival of shin ah their k-pop star
She smiled and bowed and the shouting increase
She finally cleared her voice and greeted her fans and commenced her song
Everywhere [email protected]£ quite as they all listened to her
An hour later she was rounding up her song with few dance step
Before Chi do the demi god arrived earth and headed for the concert
He stepped into the auditorium and people standing fainting , once you see him you’ll faint
His hands folded at his back he walked to the front by now everyone there has fainted even the paparazzi that were taking sh0t
He got to the front and stood starring at shin ah , while shin ah also stood starring at him unbelievably
Her dance crew has also fainted remaining only her and the guy she was starring at
Her mouth was opened unable to close , she has never in her entire life as a star come across someone so handsome
As they starred at each other he accelerated up to where she was standing giving her the shock of her life
How did he do that ?
She took a step back and he took a step forward to meet her , she moved back again and he moved forward
Slowly everywhere changed , they were no longer at the concert , they were at her house
She looked around and wondered how they got there And all she could manage to say was who are you ?
Instead of replying, he kept starring at her and she found herself in front of the guy , they were just a foot [email protected] .
He drew closer to her , his breath brushing against hers
She shivered at the t©uçh of his breath but couldn’t move away from him
She moved her head to look at him in the eyes and his eyes turned blue ma-king her almost scream out her lungs
Next thing she found out that her back was pressing against the wall and he was in front of her , this time more closely
He brou-ght his hand to her hair and moved [email protected] of it backward , she was sweating her @ss off , one of his hands t©uçhed her [email protected]!st
The other t©uçhed her cheek as he starred at her , he moved his face closer to hers and she gulped down nothing blinking her eyes repeatedly
Hisl-ips was so close to hers and she closed her eyes expecting the next thing to happen
Episode 2
🧍‍♀️His woman
💕Chi do 💕
I planted a soft k!sson herl-ips and Immediately everything that has happened to her since she was born rushed into my head.
The k!sswas just to know about her nothing more .
Immediately I dis£ngaged from her , she held her head ti-ghtly and I know her head will be spinning as a result of the memory I re-ad .
She slowly closed her eyes and I caught her before she falls down .
I carried her to the be-d nearby and la-id her to sleep and I closed my eyes ti-ghtly,when I opened them everything returned to normal
I mean the concert , everyone stood up from their sleep with the thought that nothing unusual happened and went back home.
Hours later she woke up from sleep ( shin ah) still holding her head , I was sitting close to her so immediately she saw me fear gr!pp£dher and she shifted away from me .
Don’t be sacred I’m just here to protect you , I said coolly but it seems not to work as she continued moving away from me.
I stood up from the sit and folded my arms at my back and walked to the window.
My name is *Chi do , and I’m your protector , I’m not a human , this is my first time on earth and I know you might find it funny or you might think I’m crazy* but I know what you’re thinking now , I can re-ad your thought , maybe you should try thinking to confirm what I just told you , I asked and faced her but she was just starring at me .
Oh no ! This won’t work .
Wh..why did you k!ssme?? She asked finally and I smiled.
I just wanted to no more about you , I replied still smiling.
Is this guy nut? He wanted to no more about me and he k!$$£d , doesn’t he know that it’s only when you’re in love that you k!ss?? I heard her think and I chuckled.
Don’t @ssume I love you, I don’t, and it’s a method for us over there , I blurted and her eye wi-de-ned.
Di..did you just re-ad my thought? She exclaimed.
Of cos , I replied and went back to the widow starring at earth.
It’s not even beautiful as heaven , I stood there watching as stuff they call car move about .
Of cos I’ve learnt about humans , ever since I was told I’ll have to protect a human when I clock 25 I’ve been studying them.
I was still starring outside when she stood beside me .
You no I’ve never been sacred the way I was today , but since you told me you’re to protect me then I don’t see any reasons for me to be sacred anymore, she said and I nodded.
Then a soft knock [email protected]£ at the door .
Noona!! Noona!!! Open the door , I heard a tiny voice say , guess it’s her lil sis Pearl.
She walked to the door and opened it then the lil girl ran into her arms while I watched them intensely.
They dis£ngaged from the hvg before the lil girl noticed me.
Huh! Who’s this Noona ? She asked pointing at me and shin ah searched for answers to give her and I quic-kly said “b©yfri£nd”.
Shin ah’s eye wi-de-ned when I said that .
Really? Pearl asked holding shin ah’s leg and she nodded with a smile .
Baby can we talk later you see I’m kind of busy? Shin asked and pearl nodded before running off
Do you like me em….what should I call you ?
Chi do , I quic-kly replied
Do you like…
Of cos not , I admit you’re kind of pretty but you can’t be compared to my bride to be when I return to heaven , I said and she scoffed.
Whatever! She added and sat on her be-d
So you’ll need a lot of money if you want to be near me cos my fans knows I don’t go near cheap people, she added and rolled her eyes at me.
Money?? OK like how much? I inquired
Like billions , she added starring at me as if she’s doubting what I told her.
I looked at the watch mother gave me , the watch is capable of providing anything I need in human world .
You heard her , provide billions of naira , I said to the watch and a tiny light emitted from it and landed on the floor and boom a paper showed up .
Shin ah looked at me in surprise probably wondering why a paper showed up instead of money .
I picked the paper and showed it to her and she opened her mouth wi-de in shock .
I told you , I’m a god , I said and sm-irked at her .

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