The rich girlfriend episode 34

The Rich Girlfriend*

*_Chapter 34_*

Ross was in his office with his sister when Sasha walked in.

“I’m sorry sir but she just walked throu-gh and wouldn’t listen to me”, his personal as-sistant said to him.

“It’s fine”.

“And the angry violent woman appears again”, his sister said to her.

“Well, as you can see I’m not angry. I’m actually frightened. Your family really terrifies me and I think you all have to get committed in a mental institution. You all are obsessed with me. First your mum f0rç£s herself on my dad, then your brother f0rç£s himself on me and won’t st©p, then you try to look into my past and try to start a fight just to let me notice you and then your big brother was flir-ting with me and I had to put a road block to that. Then I try to get you all off me and then your brother stalks me and my b©yfri£ndand then tries to sabotage his plans. Like when will you all st©p? Do I have to get security guards or something?!” She said and they were speechless.

“Oh now you can’t talk?”

“I don’t blame you. I blame Ross for having a bad taste in women”, she said to Sasha.

“Oh plea-se, don’t compliment him. He’s not even had a taste of me and he really wants it so bad including your big brother. So I don’t know what you’re talking about”.

“Didn’t you say that she was in a mental institution? It doesn’t look like she’s fine to me”, his sister said to him.

“It seems the one you went to has got you more twisted. Roland told me how disturbe-d and crazy you were but I didn’t know that you were also delusional. He actually thanked me for using that shoe on your head because it finally gave you the push to go and seek help. I see it didn’t work. I could pray for you. You know? You and your whole family”.

“Oh Lord. Ross you see what you brou-ght into our lives?!”

“If you really want me out of your life, tell your brother to st©p messing with my business”.

“What’s she talking about?” His sister asked.

“I’m even confused myself”, he said.

“Oh now you’ve suddenly lost your memory. Let me refresh it for you then. Your dumb obsessive self kept a tab on Hanson and I. And just when you saw that we were re-ady to purchase that building, you stepped in and bought it. Only God knows what you said to the owners to get them to go with your terms”.

“Well, I offered them twice of what they wanted”, he said, smiling.

“Oh now your memory is back”, she said and he grinned.

“You’ve made me lose all the respect I had for you. I actually felt pity for you due to everything you went throu-gh and I was planning to mend our friendsh!pafter the tension had died off but you’re just a s¢v-mbag. I dodged a bullet by not falling for you”.

“Oh plea-se. That’s just my payback to Hanson and that place is going to make a lot of money for me to replenish what he got from me”.

“You’re sick”.

“Yeah sick of you. The only thing I did wrong was love you and trust you but what did you do? You dumped me and got with my employee who’s done nothing but disrespect me. And then when I got into a hvge situation with him, I asked you to do one thing but you backstabbe-d me!”

“Is it by f0rç£ to love you? Is it my fault that you loved me? Did I ever $h!t on your feelings? I broke up with you to help myself and even help you, I was a mess and being with you would have made you a mess too. I did us a solid by ending things. And even when I ended things, I was still cool with you. I always went out with you and had fun with you. Not once did I do anything wrong to you and then you started messing with Hanson because I was close to him. You went too far by digging up his past which was sealed and then it bit you back, then you wanted me to lie for you and risk my freedom and my relationsh!pwith Hanson. You’re out of your mind if you think you’re the one who’s been hurt!” She exclaimed and he was quiet.

“I wasted my time coming here. You don’t deserve any of my time anymore Ross. You can do whatever you want, you can spend your time trying to sabotage things for Hanson but as I told you before he’s got God in his corner and no matter the stumble block you put in front of him, he’d come out stronger. Have a nice day”, she said and she left his office.


Sasha felt a lot mixed emotions from her meeting with Ross and she decided to go to the clinic.

When she arrived, she was told to wait because Mavis was attending to a client.

When the client stepped out, she quic-kly walked in.

“Sasha. I have a client coming in the next 10 minutes”, she said to her.

“I won’t wake much of your time, I promise”.

“Okay. What is it?” She asked and she told her what happened with Ross.

“Hmm. I think he’s just hurt and he’s doing whatever he feels will make him feel better”.

“But it’s not right”.

“Of course it’s not right and all that is his problem now. I think you should focus on yourself. You don’t nee-d any bad energy sapping you back into the person you’re growing out from”.

“He just made me so mad today and I said a lot of things I wish I didn’t”.

“It happens but I think you should have let it go or just let Hanson handle it. He’s a grown man and I don’t think he would want you handling this”.

“Yeah, he actually asked me to let him take care of things now. God, he’ll be so mad if he knew that I went to attack Ross without letting him know”.

“You like taking control of things just like you tried to do with Rachel and has she decided on what to do yet?”

“She’s not spoken about it and I’m just giving her time but the wedding is just days away and I just wish she would tell us what she’s decided”.

“It’s good you’re giving her space to process things. She nee-ds it”.

“It’s quite difficult. I just want to talk to her about it”.

“No you’re doing good by letting her be. When she’s re-ady, she’ll talk. I think you’re getting better but you’ll nee-d to st©p feeling like you can control everything or handle things for people. Everyone is grown and should be given the space to figure out and handle their stuff. You can only step in when they ask you for help or when you see that they’re getting too de-ep in h0t waters”.

“Hmm I’ll try to keep that in mind”.

“Great. With Ross, just ignore him and let Hanson know what’s going on”.

“Okay and…”

“We’ll continue on our next meeting. My next client will be here soon”.

“Alright. Thank you so much Mavis”.

“You’re welcome and wait, how’s your Christian life going?”

“It’s going well. I pray a lot now and I’m just taking things slowly and trying to discover God for myself”.

“That’s great. Let’s continue the next time we meet”.

“Okay. Bye”, Sasha said and she left.


Sasha drove to Hanson’s place. She pressed his doorbell and he opened up.

“Sasha! Don’t tell me you ran from work again?” He asked.

“I didn’t run”, she said, giggling and she walked in.

“Have you closed for the day”? he asked as they walked to his couch and they sat down.

“No. I just c@m£ from the clinic and decided to st©p by to tell you something”.

“What is it?”

“It’s about the building. It’s been sold to someone else?”

“What? How? I thought you owned the rights to that building?”

“Yeah. The original owners sold us out because they got double the price”.

“Wow. Can they do that? Isn’t it a breach of contract?”

“We’re still getting our payments from it, so it settles all legal issues”.

“Hmmm, then I guess I would have to search for another place”.

“Just you?”

“Sasha. We’ve alre-ady talked about this”.

“Mmm fine. I’ll let you search alone but plea-se s£nd pictures when you do”, she said, pouting herl-ips like a child.

“Sure”, he said, smiling.

“And uh, there’s another thing you nee-d to know”.


“It was Ross who bought the building”.

“What? Is he stalking us or something?”

“I guess so”.

“What’s wrong with him? All that money and business he has and he still had the time to pry into my life”.

“Hmm. We can get your lawyer to get a restraining order and if we smell anything after that, he can be arrested for real this time”, Sasha said to him.

“Hmm. Let’s see if this continues and then we’d take the next step”.

“Okay and one last thing?”

“What?” He asked, wondering what Ross had done again.

“I went to Ross’ office to bring h0t waters down on him”.

“Sasha, you shouldn’t have done that. He’s just trying to get back at us and if he thinks he’s getting to us, he’d continue”.

“Yeah. I realized I shouldn’t have done that but I was just so angry”.

“You shouldn’t be letting your emotions control you all the time “.

“Yeah, I’m working on that”.

“Okay. Have you eaten?” He asked her.

“No, I was planning to get something on my way back to the office”.

“Mmm, you c@m£ at the right time then. I just finished cooking”.

“Yeah. I can smell it, if you didn’t ask me I would have gone to the kitchen to take the food myself”, she said, smiling and he laughed.

“Alright, let me go and get it for you”.

“No, I would like to serve myself”, she said to him.

“You sure you can fit in my kitchen?” He asked and she laughed.

As she got up to walk to his kitchen, the bell went off.

“I’ll get that”, he said to her and she went to the kitchen.

He opened up and saw that it was Chloe.

“Chloe. You’re really beginning to act like the ladies you speak about. You know I’ve told you that we can’t be friends like that again. We’re cool but you can’t keep coming to my house”.

“I was in the neighborhood and I decided to pas-s by. St©p overreacting”.

“Okay. Thanks for pas-sing by then”.

“You’re not going to let me in?”

“No way”.

“Is it because she’s there?”

“You’re really starting to make me feel some type of way about you”.

“How so?”

“You know I’m d@t!ngnow and I’ve told you that we can’t be cool because my girl doesn’t like you being around me”.

“So you’re just going to let me out of your life because of her? So if she tells you to cut everyone you know, would you do that?”

“She’s not a monster. So she wouldn’t do that. And as a lady you should know how it’s like. We’ve had a thing before and it’s clear as day that you still harbor some feelings and no woman would want someone someone like that to be around their man”.

“So you don’t harbor the same feelings? You were the one who made a move on me first and now you just want to cut me off”.

“Chloe. It happened in the heat of the moment and it’s because you were the one there for me and it pu-ll-ed me close to you but as said before, those feelings left the minute we made out and I felt so guilty about it. You did too and that’s why we st©pped talking. So how come all of a sudden, you want to come back into my life?”

“Talking to you again reignited those feelings and I’m having a ha-rd time shaking it off”.

“Sasha would be out of the kitchen soon and I don’t want her to be upset. So plea-se just leave and I’m sure those feelings would go too. I’m in a relationsh!pnow and I’d be glad if you would respect it and let me be”.

“No problem. Don’t come running to me when she finally realizes that she can’t be with you because your social level in the society”, she said and she left.

Has-san turned around and saw Sasha eating her food.

“Who was it?” She asked.

“It was no one”, he said to her.

“What do you mean?”

“It’s no one important”, he said to her and she wanted to ask more questions but she shook it off and let it go.


Back at the office, Jennifer and Sasha were with a client. They were going throu-gh some reports when Lilian walked in and gave her a signal.

“I’ll be right back”, Sasha said and she left.

“Don’t get mad but Ross is at the conference room. He wants to see you”.

“Oh Lord. What now?”

“Just go, it seems important”, she said to her and Sasha left.

“Ross what is it?” She asked as she walked in.

“If you’re here to cause more trouble and …”

“Here”, he said, giving some do¢v-ments to her

“What is this?”

“I’m selling the building back to Hanson”.

“What?” She asked as she re-ad the do¢v-ments.

“He just nee-ds to sign that and it’ll be his for the original price”.

“If this is another plan of yours to get back to him, I’m going to…”

“Sasha it’s not. I realized that I’m in the wrong for everything and I’m really sorry. I don’t want to lose you as a friend over my selfish de-sires and hurts. I want us to start afresh and I plan to respect you and your relationsh!pwith Hanson”.

“I don’t believe you”.

“I thought about everything you said and I realized that I was letting my feelings drive me. I’m re-ady to work on myself and this is my first step”.

“This is surprising”.

“I spoke to Roland and he made me see things clear and just so you know, he wasn’t flir-ting. That’s how he is with every lady he wants to be cool with”, Ross said to her.

“I see but I still don’t believe you”.

“I’m being honest here Sasha. I’m really sorry for everything”.

“And I’m sorry for whatever role I pla-yed in all this”.

“No, don’t be sorry. You owe me nothing, I should have respected your space and stayed clear of Hanson. I got myself into this and I plan to fix it but plea-se don’t ever hate me. I wouldn’t be able to stand that”.

“I can never hate you Ross. And I’m glad you’re doing this. I’m grateful, I knew the Ross I met in here was still there”, she said, poking him in the che-st.

“Friends?” He asked, opening up his arms and she hvgged him.

“I would have to confirm that from Hanson first”, she said and he laughed.

“Of course”, he said to her.

Lilian pas-sed by the conference room and she win-ked at him.

“I’ll take my leave now. Enjoy the rest of your evening”, he said and he left.