The rich girlfriend episode 32 & 33

&The Rich Girlfriend*

*_Chapter 32_&_33*

“What’s she doing here?” Sasha asked angrily.

“Sasha relax. Why are you acting so violent?”

“I called you more than 1001 times and you didn’t pick up and now I’ve seen the reason why you didn’t pick up!”

“Sasha I left a ton of messages for you asking if I could come and pick you up after work but I didn’t get a text back and I felt maybe you were busy”.

“A ton of messages?” She asked and she took her phone out. She went to her text messages and she saw all the texts.

“This just c@m£ in like two minutes ago”.

“I s£nt that long time ago. It’s probably the network”.

“And what about the calls. I called you thousand and one times”.

“You did?” He asked, picking up his phone and he saw it.

“Oops my phone is on silent. I’m sorry”.

“So you put it on silent because she’s here?”

“Sasha. I forgot to take it off silent after my settlement meeting. I’m really sorry”.

“Why is she here?”

“She c@m£ to congratulate me on my success”.

“Oh God. My head is really aching, I can’t stand all this. I feel like you’re lying and you’re up to something”, she said, placing her head on her forehead.

“Sasha relax”, he said walking her to the couch and she sat down with her hands on her forehead.

“Let me get you some ice”, he said, walking to his kitchen and Chloe sat there, staring at her.

Hanson got back and placed the ice on her forehead.

“Chloe, I suggest you leave and I’m grateful for everything. I’ll transfer the money to your account”.

“Okay. But is she okay?” Chloe asked.

“She’d be fine”.

“Okay, I’ll see you later”, she said and she left.

“Sasha. What’s ma-king you this way”? he asked as she leaned on him.

“You’re ma-king me so paranoid. Ross said you wouldn’t want anything to do with me after you got the money and now you’re ignoring my calls and you have her in your house after I said I don’t feel comfortable with her around you”.

“Sasha, I’m crazy about you and I will never want to hurt you or make you sad. Ross is just trying to mess with you. The money isn’t going to change a thing. It’s just an added bonus to enable me to be able to take you to your favorite places. And I honestly didn’t see the call. Chloe c@m£ here like some few minutes ago and she was just congratulating me and I was also showing my gratitude. That’s all it was. I would st©p speaking to her and ma-king you paranoid. I know how that feels and I don’t want you to ever feel that way”, he said to her and she started sobbing.

“I don’t know I just feel some type of way. I’ve been hurt by almost every relationsh!pI’ve gotten into. My first love and real b©yfri£nd, died right in front of me. The other guys I d@t£d after him either lied or cheated and I just can’t stand another heart break. If you are not feeling this. plea-se be honest with me”.

“Sasha. I’m not any of those guys and I’m really sorry that you experienced the death of someone close to you. I’m not going to lie or cheat or anything of that sort neither am I going to die. I’m here for you and I adore you and I love you”, he said to her and she stared at him.

“You love me?” She asked.

“Oops I said that huh? Yeah I do”.

“When did you realize it?” She asked, brightening up.

“Uhmm, I’ve been feeling that way for sometime now and I wanted to say it at the right time”, he said and she smiled.

“Uhh this is the time that you tell me that you love me too”, he said to her.

“You know I do”.

“No , I don’t”.

“Okay, I love you too”, she said, pe-cking him on thel-ip.

“And don’t ever doubt that. I care about you a lot and I love how you make me feel”, he said to her and she smiled.

“What was your first thought when you saw me?” She asked.

“When I saw you acting up in the restaurant, I was like ‘woah what a spoilt br@t!’ “

“Hey!!” She said, poking him in the head.

“Yeah and then I saw how frustrated you were and then it hit me that you were probably one of the patients from the clinic. We’ve experienced people like that and so I decided to try to help with my tea. I was really skeptical though because you looked so furious but then I grew extra ba-lls and walked up to you”, he said and she laughed.

“Was I so scary?”

“Yeah. I was a bit terrified and I felt that you were even going to pour the tea on me. But God being so good it didn’t turn out that way. When you relaxed, I was jubilating in my head and from the way you spoke after that I just saw that you were a good person and was just struggling with a lot of things”.

“Yeah I was”.

“When you visited me again, I was like woah, where did I sleep? And then we met at the event where I got fired the first time. When I saw you I was like ‘God what are you doing? It felt like a setup to me and when we spoke, I was thinking so de-ep into it and was wondering why you were so nice to me but then I remembered my past experience with the rich ladies and I decided to st©p thinking so de-ep and then the food messed up your outfit which was a funny sight to see”, he said, laughing.

“That was really embarras-sing for me”.

“Yeah. I could tell with the way you lashed out on me”.

“Sorry about that”.

“It’s fine. And then when Ross, my ex boss said he was meeting with us to introduce himself, I saw you in the conference room and I was like “nah, it can’t be her. This is too much of a coincidence”, then when he introduced you I was like yeah, that’s her and I saw the uncomfortable look on your face and it reminded me of the look you had when you had food all over your b©dy at the event and it got me laughing. Which I guess was so loud that it got Ross furious”, he said, laughing and she laughed too.

“He was so mad and I didn’t even un-derstand. Like I get that it might seem like you were laughing at him but I expected him to calm down when I told him that you were my friend but he was so mad and was still trying to make it a whole big deal”.

“I get him though and I felt bad for doing that but I guess you got me out of the h0t waters”.

“Mmm, not really. After that day, Ross had it in for you”.

“I really find that strange though because I wasn’t even that close to you. I mean after seeing you at the h0tel I felt that we meeting so much at random places actually meant something but you were d@t!ng, so I decided to not push anything and just see what the Lord will do”, he said, laughing. “Things started getting so weird for me because my crush or feelings or whatever for you kept growing and i tried so ha-rd to suppress it because you were rich and in a different world. I told my friends about it and they were like it’s best I keep my distance and I was doing that but then I felt this urge to invite you to church because it didn’t seem like you were close to God and I was like maybe that’s why we keep meeting at random places. Maybe I’m supposed to show the light”, he said, laughing.

“So you ended up using a cooking competition to lure me”, she said to him, snickering.

“Yeah. It was a great opportunity to get you to come and I was so skeptical about you coming but you c@m£ and it made me so happy. Talking to you and walking with you made me fall so ha-rd and I really had to keep it in check. And as things kept moving, I realized that you might share the same feelings and then you k!$$£d me and God, I was going so mad but then I didn’t want us to start with lvst and all. That’s why I wanted us to take things slow”.

“Aww”, she said, smiling.

“I can see that your headache is gone”, he said to her and she wiggled her brows.

“I actually find it funny how I fell for you. If someone had told me two months ago, that I was going to fall for a chef, I would have laughed so ha-rd . I don’t mean to insult your profession, I really adore it. I’m just saying that Sasha of last two months wouldn’t want anything to do with a chef”.

“Don’t worry, I get you”.

“I think a p@rt of me liked you from the start. I was amazed at how you could make me calm and feel better. I was like you’d be a good friend and I was going to keep you as that. You know as a confidant but then I guess feelings started setting in after the food competition. Seeing you around other girls got to me and I didn’t un-derstand why I was bothered and I guess I waved it off till my friends started teasing me and then I knew that a p@rt of me liked you but I tried to curb it because of how I felt the society would take it. But later I was like scre-w the society. I’m my own woman and I can like whoever I want and not care about their net worth or their job and all that”.

“Well, I have money now. I mean it’s not too much but I’m sure no one will question that again”, he said and she laughed.

“What are you going to do with the money?” She asked.

“A whole lot. First I think I’ll give my tithe and give some to the nee-dy. I made a promise to God that if this worked out, I would do this first before any other thing”.

“Wow. That’s amazing. I think I’ll join you in the tithe thing and the nee-dy thing too”.

“That’s great”.

“And what else will you do?”

“I’ll cater for the nee-ds of my family and use the rest to start up my own restaurant”, he said.

“Yes!!! That’s what I was waiting to hear. I have a lot of places in mind”.

“And the real estate agent in you just jumped out”.

“How much are you looking to spend on the restaurant?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll have to sit down and allocate the money first before anything”.

“Okay. But can we go and take a look at places. I have alre-ady pin pointed some places”, she said in excitement.

“Okay okay. But let’s do that tomorrow. Tonight, I want us to celebr@te”.

“Okay babe”, she said to him.

“Babe? I like that”, he said, smiling.

“So where are we going to?”

“Mention any place and your wish would be my command”, he said to her and she smiled.

“Uhmm let’s see. Can we go to the movies. It’s been a long time I went there”.

“The movies?!” He said surprised.


“Okay then. Let me dress up and we’ll go”.

“Uhh, I have to change too”.

“Did you bring any outfit?” He asked and she shook her head. “ I had to leave home early and I forgot to take an extra outfit. I have my make up set though”, she said to him and he shook his head.

“Do you mind wearing my outfits? Or should we go to your house to get you something to wear?”

“I love to wear your outfits”, she said, wiggling her brows.

“I don’t know if they’ll fit you or if you’ll like it”.

“Don’t worry. Just a sweatp@n-t and a sweatshi-t will do”.

“Are you sure you want to wear that?”

“It’s the movies and it’s late. I’d even feel comfortable in it. And hey you better wear something similar. I can’t have you being all dressed up whiles I look like a gym instructor”, she said and he laughed.

“Okay okay”, he said and he walked into his room and took out an outfit for her.

“I’ve placed it on the be-d. You can go in and change and when you’re done, I’ll change too”, he said to her and she went to his be-droom. It was quite small but it was spacious and homey too.

When they were both done dressing up, they left.


Sasha and her siblings were at the porch, receiving fresh air.

“Hello everyb©dy”, Ann said in an Italian accent and everyone turned to face her.

“Mum!!” They all exclaimed and they run to hvg her.

“You said you are getting back tomorrow”, Sally said to her as they re-leased their grip of her.

“Yeah but I decided to surprise you!!” She said to them.

“Oh my God. You look so different. I love the hair style”, Sasha said and she ran her f!ngersthrou-gh her mum’s hair.

“Thank you”, she said, smiling.

“We missed you so much”, Samantha said to her.

“I missed you too my babies”, she said, hvgging them again.

“Where are you luggages?” Sally asked.

“The personal chauffeur is handling it”.

“You’ve got a personal chauffeur?”Sammy asked.

“And a new car”, she said, wi-nking.

“Oh my God!” They exclaimed and they ran to the drive way.

“What?! This just c@m£ out like a week ago!” Samantha exclaimed as they admired the car.

“We were pres£nt at the launch in Germany and Andre quic-kly purchased one for me and it got delivered today as soon as we arrived at the airport”.

“Wow! That’s so sweet of him”, Sasha said to her mum.

“I nee-d someone like him in my life. Mum are his sons available. I can d@t£ them right?” Sally asked.

“Here she goes”, Sasha said to her.

“It’s not my fault that I want to be in riches than to be in the kitchen with a chef”, Sally said to her.

“Why do you always have to be like this. You always spoil the excitement and everything!” Samantha said to her.

“What? She started it”.

“That’s enough. I didn’t come home to hear you all bickering at each other”, Ann exclaimed.

“Anyway. I got a lot of stuff for you all”, she said to them.

“Aww. Where is it?” Sammy asked.

“I’m sure it’s in my room”, she said and Sally and Sammy ran off.

“These two”, Ann said, shaking her head and Sasha laughed.

“You’re really glowing mum. I’m so happy for you. I’m glad you finally found your Prince Charming”.

“Yeah. I’m grateful to God for that. Speaking of Prince Charming. I heard you’ve got one yourself”.

“Yeah. It’s the chef I told you about”.

“Wow! You two are d@t!ngnow?”

“Yes”, she said, smiling.

“That’s amazing Sasha. You actually look so happy and you’re glowing too”.

“Thank you. But are you okay with it?”

“Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

“Everyone seems to have a problem with his profession and his net worth”.

“It doesn’t matter Sash. As long as you love him and he loves you. And besides you have money. What will his do for you? You’ve always wanted to be your own woman so I don’t think his status should matter to you”.

“Thank you for that. I appreciate it”, she said, hvgging her mum.

“He’s looking to open his own restaurant. We’ve started looking at places”.

“Wow! That’s amazing! Let me know if he nee-ds anything. I’ve got a good taste in interior decor especially for kitchens and restaurants”.

“Yeah. I know that. Our dining room looks like a seven star restaurant”, she said, giggling and her mother laughed.

“I’m happy for you and I can’t wait to hear all the details about your new found love”, she said, wiggling her brows.

“And I can’t wait to hear about your experience with your Prince Charming”, she said as they both walked back into the house.


Sasha and her female friends were at Rachel’s house as they planned her wedding.

“So will you go away with him?” Alicia asked.

“No way! I can’t abandon my company”,

“So is he going to move here?” Lilian asked.

“We’re still talking it out. Adriana plans on staying here to handle their business they have here and he’s also trying to see if it would be best to stay here too”.

“Mmm, I think you should sort that out before the wedding”, Sasha said to her.

“Yeah. We will hopefully”.

“And the bachelorette. Are you all in with the location?” Rachel asked.

“Ralph won’t be okay with me going there”, Lilian said.

“Oh I can speak to him to change his mind”, Alicia said to her.

“No. Stay out of it”.

“Uuhhh, sorry”, she said, throwing her hands in surrender.

“Hanson won’t also be cool with me going there”.

“You all are such p@rty poopers. It’s my bachelorette p@rty. You’re all supposed to sacrifice for me”, Rachel said to them.

“Can’t we just find another better location that doesn’t involve people having S-x, drinking and what not”, Sasha said to them.

“Okay Holy Mary. You can sit out if you want to!” Rachel said, angrily.

“So you’re not going to change the location?” Sasha asked.

“This isn’t about you Sasha! You’ve always had everything your way and I’ve been cool with it but this time, it’s my night and I’m not going to let you influence this too”.

“Where’s this coming from? I’m just trying to let you see that a S-x club isn’t the best location for a bachelorette”,

“That’s your opinion and I don’t want it. If you don’t want to come, fine!” Rachel said and her and the others were quiet.

“Okay sure. If that’s what you want”.

“Don’t manipulate me. It’s what you want”.

“I can’t be at a S-x club. My experience there wasn’t the best. I felt uncomfortable and I wouldn’t put myself in that situation again”.

“Do what suits you”.

“You know what. I’m out of here”, Sasha said and she got up.

“Oh c’mon, don’t leave”, Lilian said to her.

“No, if she wants to go. Allow her. For the first time she can’t control this situation and it’s uncomfortable for her. Allow to her to leave”, Rachel exclaimed and Sasha walked away.

The Rich Girlfriend*

*_Chapter 33_*

“I’m with Sasha on this”, Lilian said.

“You can join her and leave”, Rachel said to her.

“St©p being rude. This isn’t supposed to be an argument. What exactly do you want to do at the place? Have S-x or let a man go down on you?” Lilian asked her.

“It’s none of your business”.

“Oh but you want us to come with you. Is Archie even cool with this?”

“Does he have to approve of everything I do?”

“I think Adriana is infecting you. Since you started hanging out with her, you’ve been acting so weird”.

“Lilian, your queen mother has left, why don’t you follow her”, Rachel said, angrily.

“Rachel relax. You’re acting weird”, Alicia said to her.

“You want to join them? You can leave too!” She said and as she was arguing, Sasha returned.

“Why are you back here?”

“Girl, relax. I left my car keys”, Sasha said to her and she took her keys from the table.

“You all can join her now”, Rachel said to the others.

“Rachel, what’s wrong with you? Are you pregnant or are you in your period?” Sasha asked her.

“Oh now. I’m in my period and pregnant because I’m taking a page off your book”, Rachel said to her.

“Let’s just go”, Lilian said, getting up and Rachel broke out in tears.

“Rachel”, Sasha said and she walked up to her.

“Is everything okay?” She asked and Rachel continued to cry.

“It’s okay”, she said, wra-pping her hands around her. Lilian and Alicia also wra-pped their hands around her. They allowed her to let it all out and when she was done crying, they re-leased their grip of her.

“Here”, Sasha said, giving her a tissue and she used it to wipe her tears as she sobbe-d.

“Are you terrified of getting married?” Lillian asked her and she broke out in tears again.

“Oh Rachel, I thought you loved Archie and you’ve always wanted this. What’s the problem?” Sasha asked.

“He cheated on me”, she said, crying.

“Oh my God!!” They all exclaimed.

“He’s been seeing someone else for a while now and when I found out, he pleaded with me and said it was nothing, that he got lonely due to the long distance”.

“Oh no!!” Alicia said with a sad face.

“He said he’s ended it and that he’ll stay here with me to prevent the long distance. I find it ha-rd believing him or forgiving him”.

“Oh no, I can’t believe he’d do this. Rachel you deserve better”, Sasha said to her.

“Where do I find better? We’ve been together for more than 6 years, I can’t throw all that away”.

“I’m not asking you to throw everything away. I’m saying take sometime to yourself”.

“Do you still plan on continuing with the marriage plans?” Alicia asked.

“I have no choice”, she said to them, tearing up again.

“How so?” Sasha asked her.

“I’m pregnant”, she said, crying.

“Oh no! Rachel”, Sasha said, wra-pping her hands around her and she also teared up.

“I can’t believe this is happening to me”, Rachel said, crying.

“That’s why I want to go to that place and get even with him. Maybe that way, I’d be able to put all this behind us”, Rachel said.

“I un-derstand you”, Sasha said and she re-leased her grip of her.

“Right now, I won’t tell you what to do or what not to do. But let’s l@yoff on the decisions just for today”. Sasha said to her.

“How do I do that?” Rachel asked, wiping off her tears and the others were curious too.

“I don’t know,maybe a fun activity”, she said and they all looked at her in a strange way.

“What fun activity do you have in mind?” Alicia asked her.

“I don’t know but I know someone who knows every fun activity in the city”, she said to them.

“Sally?” Rachel asked.

“Yeah. Let me call her”.

“Don’t you have a d@t£ with Hanson?”

“Oh he’d un-derstand if let him know that you nee-d me”.

“Okay”, Rachel said to her and she called Sally and when she hanged up, she had a smile on her face.

“What is it?”

“Your worst nightmare”, Sasha said, wiggling her brows.

“Singing”? they all exclaimed and Sasha laughed.

“Yes, there’s a karaoke battle going on at the city center. And if we can make it in an hours time, we’d be able to sign up”.

“Yes!! Does it include dancing?” Lilian asked.

“I’m sure you can dance if you want to”, Sasha said to her.

“Oh no! I can’t sing”, Rachel said, whining.

“That’s the point of this. Let’s go and have fun!” Sasha said to her.

“Are you sure we can’t go to the female plea-sure place?” She asked.

“No!” They all exclaimed.

“Okay, okay. Let me change my outfit and we’ll go”,.

“You better hurry”, Sasha said to her and she ran off to dress up.

“Whose car are we using?” Alicia asked.

“Yours of course. We nee-d you to do your crazy driving skills and get us there on time”, Sasha said to her.

“Oh now you want me to drive after how you’ve attacked me for the way I drive”.

“Well, we nee-d those skills now but plea-se don’t kill us. I’m my mum’s first baby”, she said and they all laughed.


They arrived at the place and it was quite full.

“Wow, there are a lot of people here. Sasha, plea-se let’s go back”, Rachel said to her.

“No way! We’re alre-ady here and we’ll be on stage with you don’t worry”, Sasha said to her.

“We wouldn’t even be able to sign up. Look at the queue”, Lilian said to them.

“Leave it to the queen of men to do this”, Alicia said and she pu-ll-ed her t©p down to reveal her cleavage. She took the l!pgloss from her bag and applied it on herl-ips.

“You Slut”, Sasha said, laughing.

“Follow me”, she said and they followed her as she walked to the front line.

There were three guys with their guitar at the front line.

“Hey! You’re at the famous band right?” She asked and they were confused.

“Lilian you remember that concert we attended some days ago. Was it weeks or days? I’m not really sure but you remember them right?”

“Yeah. I do. I love your music so much”, Lilian said, smiling.

“Oh really? We were the last to perform and we didn’t think that anyone paid attention to us”, one of the guys said.

“Oh no. I did and I was so captured by it”, Alicia said, leaning in on him as she laughed.

“I was actually looking for you online, I searched every freaking social media page and couldn’t find it and then I sp©tted you guys from afar”.

“Wow, that’s really nice to hear. We’re glad that someone as pretty as you likes us”, one of the guys said to her.

“I can’t wait to hear you perform today”, she said, poking him on the che-st and his eyes were glued to her cleavage.

“Can we hang out after this?” She asked him.

“Yeah yeah of course”, he said to her and she looked back at the line and frowned.

“Oh, the line has extended. You see I told you guys to wait in the line and now we’ll end up going to the back”, Alicia said, whining and they all stood there faking a grin on their face.

“Oh Rachel, you svçkat acting. That grin looks so fake and f0rç£d”, Sasha said to her.

“How about this?” She said, wi-dening her smile and Lilian laughed.

“Oh you can join us when it’s our turn to sign up”, the guy said to Alicia.

“Aww, that’s so sweet. Thank you love”, she said, pe-cking him on the cheek and they all stood in front of them.

“Do you sing?” He asked her.

“Not really. But I’m just going to help a friend out”.

“Nice”, he said to her and she smiled.

“Next”, the officer at the entrance said and they all quic-kly walked in.

“We’ll just wait here till you’re done signing up”, the guy said to her. She nodded and blew k!sses to him.

When they were done signing in, they went inside the place.

“Oh God, Alicia. You’re crazy. How did you come up with that?” Rachel asked her.

“I’m just a genius”, she said to her and they rolled their eyes.

“So do we wait for the guys?” Lilian asked.

“For what? Let’s go and get some drinks”, Alicia said and they all followed her.

They got drinks and joined in the crowd.

After a lot of people, performed, it was finally Rachel’s turn and she was freaking out.

They walked backstage and Rachel was pacing back and forth.

“Sasha why did you do this to me? What do I sing? And what do I do?”

“Rachel relax. Pick any song and we’ll back you up. You’ve got Lilian here to dance and entertain the crowd and you’ve got Alicia to do what she does best and you’ve got me backing you up”.

“We both svçkat singing”, Rachel said to her.

“And that’s fun about it. Who cares if we don’t have a nice voice. Just pick a song everyone loves and they’ll sing along”, Alicia said.

“What song?”

“Let’s sing that your favorite song by Icona POP ft Charli XCX song, I love it”, Lilian said.

“Yes yes!!” They all exclaimed.

“Okay okay”, Rachel said as she tried to calm her nerves.

“Up next we have the S-xy sas-sy 4”, the MC said and they all glared at Alicia.

“What? That’s the name that c@m£ to mind”, she said, laughing and they got on stage and requested their song.

Rachel was shaking and Sasha held her hands which made her relax.

The instrumentals started and Lilian began with a high jump and split. The crowd cheered her on. Alicia also walked in front and dropped it down.

Rachel started singing.

“I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone “🎤 🎶

“I crashed my car into the bridge, I watched, I let it burn” 🎤🎶 Sasha joined in and though their voices were bad, the crowd joined in so it wasn’t too bad.

When it got to the chorus, they all jumped and sang it together.

“I don’t care, I love it”🎤🎶

“You’re on a different road, I’m in the milky way. You want me down on earth, but I am up in space”, 🎤🎶 Rachel sang as she jumped.

Lilian and Alicia danced and got the crowd entertained.

When they were done, Rachel also did a spilt and they all stared at her in surprise. The crowd cheered and applauded.

When they left the stage, Rachel was excited.

“Girl, how did you do that?” Alicia asked.

“I was the captain of the cheerleaders team back in high school duh”, she said and they laughed.

“I actually thought I couldn’t pu-ll it off again but I did”, she said, grinning.

“That was so fun”, she said, jumping and they all smiled.

“Do you think we’ll win?” She asked.

“Maybe but we can’t stay till the end”, Sasha said.

“Why not? I’m enjoying it here”, Rachel said.

“Okay!!!!” Sasha said and they joined the crowd and danced as others performed.

After long hours of performances, the show finally c@m£ to and end and the MC announced the winners.

“We were 9th”, Rachel exclaimed.

“I can’t believe this”, she said as they got on stage to take their award.

“Oh my God, I’m going to keep this in my room”, She exclaimed.

They took a lot of pictures and then they got off the stage.

Sasha and the others were happy that Rachel was happy. On their way home, they pla-yed songs and sang along.

When they got home, the continued to sing along as they danced and had fun.

“We really nee-ded this”, Lilian said, smiling.

“Yeah. We did”, Sasha said, smiling.

They walked Rachel to her room and stayed with her for a while.

“I love you guys”, she said to them and they all hvgged her.

“Sleep and tomorrow you can think about everything and come to a decision okay. Whatever you decide, we’ll be supportive as long as it’s not crazy”, Sasha said and she laughed.

“Okay”, she said, nodding.

“I love you”, Sasha said, pe-cking her on her cheek.

The others hvgged her and then they left.


Hanson and Sasha were still going around the city to pick a place for Hanson’s new restaurant.

“I love this place”, Sasha said. “The view from here is awesome and it’s in the center of the city. What do you think?” She asked Hanson.

“I also love it. It’s the right size and the I love the space in that room. It’s big enough for the kitchen I have in mind”, he said.

“So is it a yes?” She asked and he nodded.

“Yes!!” She said and she hvgged him.

“I’ll get one of my agents to draft the required do¢v-ments and you can make payment tomorrow”, she said in excitement.


“So what next?” She asked him.

“I’ll handle the rest from now on”, he said to her.

“You want to cut me out of this?”

“No no. You’ve done enough alre-ady by helping to find the right place and I’m grateful but now I want to handle the rest”.

“Are you being serious?”

“Sasha you’ve got work too. I don’t want you to put all your energy in this. You’ve not been to work in like 2 days”.

“I’m the boss, I can do what I want”.

“I know that but I know how much you care about your work. I don’t want you to let my own stuff distract you okay”, he said to her.

“Whatever”, she said, walking away.

“Sasha, don’t be like that. I’ll let you in on everything that happens okay?” He said to her and she f0rç£d a smile.

“Now let’s go and celebr@te this”, he said and he carried her bridal style.

“Put me down!” She exclaimed and he took her all the way to his car and placed her in.

“I love you”, she said, grinning when he put her down.

“I love you more”, he said , pe-cking her. He got into the car and drove off.


Sasha was in her office, going throu-gh some do¢v-ments when one of her agents walked in.

“Hi Sasha”.

“Hey Joe. Have you been able to get the do¢v-ments to Hanson?” She asked.

“No, there’s a slight problem”.

“What problem?”

“The building has been bought by someone else”.

“How? We are in charge of the building?”

“The owners sold it to someone else and they plan to still give us our cut as discussed”.

“Wow! Who bought it? Maybe we can still get the person to sell it to Hanson”.

“Oh okay. It’s a Mr Ross …..”

“Let me see that”, she asked and he gave her the do¢v-ment to her. She looked at it and saw that Ross had purchased it.

“I’m going to kill someone’s child!” She exclaimed and she walked out of the office, angrily.