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The red vulture episode 37 – 39



Episode 37


An Epic story By Chichi Tonia




Old dwarf: (sighed) I don’t think there will be any need for the sacrifice, because I have thought about everything, and how you all risk your life just to get my RED VULTURE, and it will be useless to take your life after what you people have went through before getting to my hut, and because of this, I have decided to give you my precious RED VULTURE with my whole heart without taking your life, and it will protect you against any danger till you get to your village. Obiora! come forth and take my RED VULTURE, am handing it to you because you determine to sacrifice your life for your people, so you deserve to hold the VULTURE (he collected the vulture from the basket and handed it to obiora with his whole heart)

obiora : (excitedly) Thank you great one, I am very grateful for this

Nnana: Thank you great one for giving us your RED VULTURE, we will forever be grateful

old dwarf: you can go now, remember no danger will come your way, even if they do, as long as they see the RED VULTURE on your hand they will not near you, and it will lead you through till you get to your village, you can now go, I wish you well (so they took the RED VULTURE and started the journey back to their village, obiora was the one holding the vulture, As they were going, they encountered many danger but with the help of THE RED VULTURE they overcome it and it protected them till they got to their village tiredly. when they arrived to their kingdom, the villagers were very very happy to see them, while some fell on the ground crying rolling themselves because they didn’t see their love ones with them, while some went to inform the others about their return, so Nnana and obiora took the RED VULTURE to the palace.


the king was with his cabinets discussing, but elder mba wasn’t with them because he was down with illness. So as the king was still talking with his cabinets, Nnana and obiora came inside the palace with THE RED VULTURE, when the king and cabinets saw them they were very happy to see them return, and at the same time they were surprise of not seeing the others with them

Nnana : (bowing) igweee…….. may you live long

obiora : your highness, may you live long, we are back with the RED VULTURE

king : yes I know you are back with the VULTURE and you are welcome, but where are the others that went with you to the forest, does it mean they went home without coming to the palace with you and Nnana?

obiora : Am sorry your highness, they didn’t make it, they died in the forest (he said and the king was shocked on it, and likewise the elders)

Elder okeke : chai……. what a great loss

king : (still shocked) so you mean the other men that went with you to the forest are all dead?

Nnana: yes igwe, they died in the forest, I and obiora are the only surviving ones (As they were still talking, obiora’s mother rushed inside the palace)

olamma : What am I hearing, obiora where is your twin brother obinna?

obiora : Am sorry Mama, obinna is dead (he said and she fell on the ground crying)

olamma: (crying) Nooo….. my son can not be dead, Ejime village have killed my son (she cried rolling herself on the ground, the queen who just came out from her chamber started consoling her)

Queen : please olamma Take it easy on yourself, we understand how you feel, but at least you still have obiora and Ejike with you, although I know how it hurt for losing a child, please stop crying ( As the queen was consoling her, okwe’s wife who was heavily pregnant rushed inside the palace)


wife : I don’t want to believe what am seeing, Nnana where is my husband Okwe?

Nnana: Am sorry to say this, but your husband is dead

Okwe wife: That one you are talking is story, you and obiora should better go back to the forest and bring back my husband, if not the two of you will not rest until you provide my husband, you must provide him ooo, am not going anywhere until I see my husband Okwe ( she said and sat down on the ground in front of Nnana and obiora)

Elder Anene: please nkoli you have to get up, I understand how you feel but is not their fault, is a game of luck

Okwe wife: Mazi Anene, am not going anywhere, Nnana and obiora must provide my husband for me, if not I will not allow them to rest (she said with tears, while the king shake his head)

King: Nkoli you don’t have to do this, we understand how you feel by losing your husband, but is not obiora and Nnana fault that your husband died, remember others died as well, even olamma here son obinna also died, and we all feel the same pain with you people because those men are our brave men, please take it easy on yourself you know your condition (the king was able to calm okwe’s wife down) As all this was going on, the palace was later filled with people crying over their love ones that lost their life in the forest, and the king consoled them, after everything the people left the palace and went home, apart from Nnana and obiora who was still there, Not too long after the people had left, the priestess appeared in the palace)




Episode 38




King : great priestess you are welcome, The men are back with THE RED VULTURE

Priestess : yes I know they are back, that was why I came

king : so great priestess what next?

priestess : They will take the vulture to the place where they buried Afamefula and they will slaughter it and pour the blood on his grave, to appease his spirit to forgive the kingdom, I hope you remember where you buried him?

king : great priestess, we don’t know, you know we have killed many strangers, we don’t know the one that is Afamefula and the place we buried him, please help us (he pleaded and the priestess closed her eyes and started murmuring something which They don’t understand, after some moment, she opened her eyes and collected THE RED VULTURE from obiora)

Elder okeke: but great priestess, sorry for asking, this one you said that they will slaughter the VULTURE and pour the blood on Afam’s grave to appease his spirit to forgive the kingdom, how are we going to know if he has forgiven us?

priestess : there will be darkness in the kingdom, and once it happen, know that he has forgiven your kingdom

Elder Anene: And what if after all this and there is no sign of darkness, what will happen?

priestess : The kingdom will perish and no one will exist anymore, just pray Afam forgive your kingdom

Elder Akumo: So when are we going There, is it now?

Elder okeke: No is next year, look at the kind of question you are asking, you saw that we are going now and you are still asking

Priestess: (in a loud voice) you people should stop wasting my time and let’s go (so the king, his cabinets, obiora and Nnana followed the priestess behind, because she was the only one that know where they buried Afamefula, when they got to the place where they buried Afamefula inside the Bush, the priestess told them to stop, so they stopped)

king : great priestess, is this the place where we buried Afam?

priestess : Yes, this is the place, now that we are here, let the sacrifice begin (The priestess strench up her hand and a knife appeared in her hand, so she took the RED VULTURE and wanted to slaughter it, but before she could do that, a heavy wind began to blow and trees around the bush started falling down, not too long a heavy thunder blow and everybody there became afraid of what was going on.

King : Great priestess what is going on? (he asked with fear, but the priestess didn’t reply him, as she was busy looking around because she can sense something coming)

Elder okeke : (talking to elder Anene) are you sure we are safe here, me am scared

Elder Anene: even me too, I think something bad want to happen, look at how the trees around here are falling

Nnana: obiora, what do you think that is going on here?

obiora: I don’t know, for me am not scared, as far as the priestess is here, I don’t think anything bad will happen


: All of you should stay calm, let me figure out what is going on, I can sense something coming, but first I have to calm this wind so that I can consectrate.

Priestess : You this wind trying to distract me, I the priestess of the seven seas command you to stop right now (she said in a loud voice and a heavy thunder blow, then the wind stopped instantly, So the priestess took the RED VULTURE again to slaughter it, but as she put the knife on the vulture neck to slaughter it, suddenly the wind started blowing again and this time it became worst to the extent it blow everybody there and they fell down, but it couldn’t fall the priestess because of her power.

King : please great priestess, you have to do something to stop this wind, is getting out of hand (And the priestess order the wind to stop again and it stopped)

Priestess: Something is trying to stop me from slaughtering this vulture, but whatever it may be I must slaughter it because that is the only way your kingdom will be free from calamity (And Then she took the RED VULTURE again to slaughter it, as she was about to slaughter it, all of a sudden Afamefula ghost appeared)



Two more Episode to go👹👹👹

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