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The red vulture episode 34 – 36



Episode 34 & 35




When Nnana and obiora saw obinna turn into ashes, they almost collapse with shock, and that was when they remembered what the priestess told them about THE RED VULTURE and they screamed.

Obiora : (sobbing)…I can’t believe what I saw now, so my twin brother is gone, no it must be a dream, please Nnana wake me up, I don’t want to believe that my twin brother obinna is gone, Noooooooo……. obinna you can’t leave me (he sobbed while Nnana was consoling him)

Nnana : please obiora, take it easy on yourself, I understand how you feel by loosing your twin brother, but doesn’t mean you should hurt yourself, remember your condition

obiora: Nnana leave me to cry, I can’t live without obinna, I can’t live without him, Nooo I want to kill myself (he fell on the ground sobbing bitterly, while Nnana was holding him so that he will not hurt himself and also he was feeling sorry for him)

Nnana: (in a concern tone) please obiora calm down, you are hurting yourself, remember the injury you have in your hand, please take it easy on yourself before the injury start bleeding again, I understand how you feel for losing your twin brother and I feel the same way too, forget the fact that I and obinna don’t get along, but I still see him as my friend, even though he doesn’t like me, I still feel hurt that he’s gone and there is nothing we can do to bring him back, all this is my fault, because if I had remember what the priestess told us, I wouldn’t have allowed him to touch THE VULTUR………….. ( he have not finish his statement when all of a sudden everywhere in the hut started shaking and they became afraid)


(trembling) Nnana! what is going on here?

Nnana: I don’t know, I think we are in danger, come let’s leave this place at once, before it get too late (And so they rushed to Leave, but on getting to the door, they found out that the door was locked, and they became more afraid)

obiora : what is really going on here? I don’t understand

Nnana : I don’t really know what is going on, and the door refused to open, it seems some forces are controlling the door (As they were still there trembling, all of a sudden an old dwarf appeared, he has four legs like that of a goat, and he also have a tail, he has a red eyes and also he was carrying a very big snake on his neck, the old dwarf look very scary, when obiora and Nnana saw the scary old dwarf, with fear they wanted to run, but do to the door that was locked they couldn’t run, they just stood there trembling

Old dwarf: (in a very loud scary voice) who are you and what brought you to my hut? (he asked but fear didn’t allow Nnana and obiora to speak)

old dwarf: For the last time, who are you and what brought you to my hut, speak up or I shall strike the both of you to death right now

Nnana: (shaking tone) m….m… na….my name is Nnana, and this is obiora, we came here to take THE RED VULTURE, although we were ten that came together to this forest, but seven died on the way, while we lost one inside this hu………….

Old dwarf: because he tried to steal my VULTURE, that was why he paid with his life

Obiora : please great one, my brother wasn’t trying to steal your VULTURE, he was only tryi…………

old dwarf: (angry tone) Are you saying that am lying? (he said and they fell on their knees with fear)

Obiora : No great one, am not saying that you are ly…….

Nnana: please great one forgive him for he said (he pleaded on obiora’s behalf)


dwarf: if not for one thing, I would have strike you to death for calling me a liar, well that is by the way, so what exactly that brought you to my hut?

Nnana: like I said before great one, we came for THE RED VULTURE

Old dwarf: Hahaha……. you mean the same VULTURE you wanted to steal from the basket I kept it? (he asked and they were speechless that moment, because they didn’t want to steal it as he said, but for them to get what they want they have to agree to whatever he said)

Obiora : yes great one

Old dwarf: And why do you want my RED VULTURE?

Nnana: our kingdom is in disaster, and the only way to stop it, is THE RED VULTURE

Old dwarf: And you think is easy to give you my RED VULTURE just like that? do you know how precious it is to me? No way, I can’t give you my RED VULTURE, so go back to where you are coming from (he stretched out his hand towards the door and it opened)

Nnana: (pleading) please great one, consider how far we have come here, and many of us have died because of this journey just to get THE RED VULTURE, please don’t send us away without giving us your RED VULTURE, the lives of our people is as take (he pleaded and even obiora joined, but the old dwarf refused to give them his VULTURE)

old dwarf: I can’t give you my RED VULTURE and that is final, now you can leave my hut before I change my mind towards you (he said and they stood up with tears and wanted to leave, but on getting to the door, the old dwarf stopped them)

Old dwarf: I have thought about what you said, and I have decided to give you my RED VULTURE, but that will be on one condition

obiora: condition? what condition wise one? because as it is now we can do anything to save our people

old dwarf: Are you sure you can do anything to get my RED VULTURE

Nnana: yes great one, we can do anything to get THE RED VULTURE to save our people, just say the condition

old dwarf: hmmm…… I can see you really need my RED VULTURE to save your people, in that case, I will tell you the condition, and is left for you to decide

obiora : please wise one, tell us the condition

Old dwarf: (sighed) the only condition to give you my RED VULTURE is, one of you will have to sacrifice yourself before I give it to you



Episode 36




Nnana : What!! one of us will sacrifice ourself?

Old dwarf: yes, one of you will sacrifice yourself before I give you my RED VULTURE

Obiora : Ah…. how is that possible? but wise one, is there no other alternative?

Nnana: please great one, have mercy on us, we were ten that came to this forest, and eight of us is dead, we are the only two remaining, please give us your RED VULTURE without taking our life, so that we can go home to our love ones (he pleaded)

old dwarf: Am sorry, but one of you will have to sacrifice your life before I give you my RED VULTURE, is either you take it or leave it, the choice is left for you to decide (he said and obiora thought about it, and so he decided that he will sacrifice himself)

Obiora : great one, you can take my life and give Nnana THE RED VULTURE to take to our kingdom

Nnana: obiora! are you out of your mind, how can you take such decision, let’s continue pleading, who knows he might change his mind and tell us another alternative

obiora: even if we plead from now till tomorrow, I don’t think he can change his mind main looking at him, don’t worry let me sacrifice my life for the sake of our kingdom

Nnana: in that case, if we are talking of who to sacrifice his life is me, remember you already lost your brother obinna, and if you sacrifice your life, your parents will be heartbroken for losing two children at a time, so I have decided to sacrifice myself

obiora : No! I will not allow you to sacrifice your life, remember you are the only child and the only hope of your blind father, and if anything happens to you your father might die of heartbreak, so please allow me to sacrifice myself, after all if I die, my parents still have Ejike with them, they will not be childless, don’t worry, I will sacrifice myself

Nnana: But your parents need you, please obiora go back to your family with THE RED VULTURE, I will take the risk, if I die, I know that I die as a hero

obiora : you matter anything you said, my decision is final, please go home with THE RED VULTURE, our kingdom needs it, great one! take my life and give him THE RED VULTURE to take home (he said with tears dropping from his eyes, and after that he and Nnana embrace themselves, when the old dwarf saw this he was touched)


(with tears) go well my brother, I will forever remember you for this

Obiora : Take care of yourself Nnana, great one! am ready for the sacrifice

Old dwarf: (sighed) I don’t think there will be any need for the sacrifice, because I have thought about everything, and how you all risk your life just to get my RED VULTURE, and it will be useless to take your life after what you people have went through before getting to my hut, and because of this, I have decided to give you my precious RED VULTURE with my whole heart without taking your life.




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