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The red vulture episode 29 & 30



Episode 29




Agu : Wow!! finally, I can’t wait to cross the stream, so that we can get to the middle of the forest

Obiora : you people should wait, am having this feeling that this stream is not safe to pass

Nnana : No I don’t think anything is wrong with the stream, is just a stream, let’s cross we are almost there (he said, so Agu rushed inside the stream first, while others followed him behind but although they haven’t enter the water yet, As they were about to enter the stream, Agu who had already gone far in the water gave a loud scream, with fear the others move out from the water )

Agu : (screaming) you people should not enter the water, is not safe, Ahhh… my leg, my leg……..

Nnana : Agu what is it?

Agu : (still screaming) something is eating my leg inside the water

Obiora : (shouted) move out from the water

Agu : I can’t move, am stuck, you people should help me, I don’t want to die

Okwe : (with tears) Nnana do something to help hi……… ( before he could finish his statement, right in their eyes, Agu turned into blood in the stream)

Nnana & others : Noooooooo……. Aguuuuuuuuuu…… (they screamed)

Okwe : (wailing) so Agu is gone, what am I still doing in this blood sucking forest, am going back, I can’t take this anymore (he said with tears and wanted to leave but Nnana and the others stop him from going)


: please Okwe don’t go back is very dangerous, we understand how you feel right now, because Agu was your friend, we too also feel the same way because we came to this forest together, please don’t back out, not now we are getting to where we are going to get THE RED VULTURE

Okwe: All this thing is caused by our custom, if not for this barbaric custom, we wouldn’t have risk our lives by coming to this evil forest, you people should leave me, I want to go back (he sobbed the more because Agu was his very close friend)

Nnana: No! we will not let you to go back because is very dangerous, please let’s stick together and finish what we started (They consoled Okwe who was very heartbroken by the death of his friend)

obiora : Hmmm….Now how are we going to cross this stream? ( he asked because they were all afraid to enter the stream after what happened to Agu, as they were confused on what to do, even Nnana was confused too, As they were still confused and contemplating on what to do, suddenly an idea came into Nnana’s mind, which is to try the seven seas water on the stream by pouring some of it on it, so he brought out the water from his bag and sprinkle a Drop on the stream, As he sprinkle the seven seas water on the stream, immediately a black smoke came out from the stream and disappeared in the air)

Obinna : (surprise tone) did you see that black smoke came out from the stream and disappeared?

Okwe : yes I saw it, but what is it all about? (he asked no one in particular)

Nnana: this is no time for question, I think the stream is safe now to go, so who will go first?



The question now is, who will go first?


Sorry for not posting episode 27 yesterday, it was a mistake




Episode 27


An Epic story By Chichi Tonia




Agu : Afoite! what are you looking at? (he asked but Afoite didn’t say anything as he continue looking at a direction smiling, when the others turn to the direction he was looking at to know what it is, to their surprise it was two beautiful maidens almost half naked he was looking at)

Nnana : Let’s leave this place, is not safe

Afoite : (smiling) No, let’s stay a little while, can’t you see that this maidens are beautiful and they are well package, gods of our land, thank you for bringing this beautiful maidens on my way


Afoite! don’t be distracted by this maidens, they are not human, you people have started again, you see how the others died and you still want to make the same mistake, please ignore this maidens and let’s go (Nnana warned)

Afoite : forget about how others died, they died because they choose to, but you see these maidens are beautifully made, I can’t just ignore them without having one of them, or better still the both

1st maiden : (licking her lips) Do you like what you see?

Afoite : (nodded) yes…. yes I love them, and it will be my pleasure to have it

2nd maiden : (Romancing her body) Then come and join us and let’s play (without wasting time, Afoite rushed to meet them, but before he could go, Nnana dragged him with force and they left that place)

Afoite : (angry tone) Nnana what is wrong with you, and why did you drag me from meeting those beautiful maidens and now I have lost them, I don’t like it ooo, don’t try this next time

Nnana: Afoite! don’t be distracted, do you think those maidens are humans, remember what the priestes………

Afoite : let me hear word my friend, Everytime the priestess told us this, the priestess told us that, can’t somebody have fun in the forest, which man will see a beautiful maidens like that and wouldn’t want to have them, please Nnana don’t try this next time again because if you do I will not take it lightly with you, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Ah ah what kind of thing is this nah, making me to loose such opportunity to have those beautiful maidens

Obinna : Shut up your mouth, instead of you to be thankful that Nnana save your life, you are here talking rubbish, do you think those maidens are humans?

Afoite : Yes they are humans because if I see one I will know

Obinna : Look at how you are talking like someone who doesn’t have brain at all, had it been you are a little boy, I would have given you a dirty slap for vomiting such rubbish from your mouth, I even thought that you have drop this your habit of following women, now I can see that is in your blood

Afoite : you that is talking don’t you like women, who doesn’t know you obinna as a womanizer in the village

Obinna : yes I agree am a womanizer, but I drop the habit before coming to the forest, but you brought your own habit into the forest, what a shame, Ah…. Afoite you don’t have brain at all (He said and this got Afoite angry the more)

Afoite : (angry tone) see obinna don’t insult me, because if you do we will kill ourselves here

Obinna : you and who will kill yourselves, see Afoite you know you are not my match in fight, because I will beat you like a little child (he said and with anger Afoite pushed him, before they could fight, the others went in their middle and stop them from fighting)

Nnana : what is wrong with the both of you, why do you want to fight yourselves, see this is not time for all this, but is the time to focus on what we came for

Agu : I wonder ooooo

Afoite : you people should warn him ooo because I will not take any rubbish from him, Ah ah…… what kind of thing is this nah, Everytime obinna, obinna, obinna, is he the only one here

Obinna : Shut up my friend, let me hear word

Okwe : please you people should stop all this quarrel, we need to stick as brothers to find THE RED VULTURE, remember our land is in disaster and their lives lies in the hand of THE RED VULTURE, how do we get the vulture if we continue fighting all the time, and also remember that we are ten in number when we came to this forest and now we are remaining Six in number, Let’s learn from the others death

Obiora : Hmm….. Okwe you really spoke well, and am touched with that

Nnana: you all have heard what Okwe said, I think is high time we learn from it, and again we shouldn’t allow anything here to distract us, let’s focus on what we came for which is to find THE RED VULTURE, remember our love ones are in the village and their lives lies in our hands to get THE RED VULTURE, anyway let’s go because I think we are almost getting close to middle of the forest (And they all continue their journey peacefully without any quarrel, as they were going, someone called Afoite from behind because he was at the back, while Nnana was at the front with others, so as someone called Afoite from behind, he turn to know who called him, to his surprise it was still those two maidens, when he saw them he smiled Because he have been wishing to see them again)


maiden : (smiling) we know you are wishing to see us again, here we are, come to us and we will satisfy you

2nd maiden : yes we will satisfy you and give you any style you want ( she opened her breast for him to see, when Afoite saw this he was tempted and he started going to them, the other men was still moving without knowing what was going on, as they were going, all of a sudden Nnana stopped because he noticed that Afoite wasn’t with them, he turn back and sighted Afoite from afar going close to the two maidens

Nnana : Afoite stop! don’t go close to them (he shouted loudly and even the others joined, but Afoite ignored them, and was smiling heading towards the maidens)

2nd maiden : come to us and we will give you any style you want to your satisfaction (so Afoite got closer to them and started touching their breast and buttocks one after the other, as he was still touching the maidens, with that they all disappeared, and that was the end of Afoite)




Episode 30





Nnana: this is no time for question, I think the stream is safe now to go, so who will go first?

Obinna : you are asking who will go first, are you not the leader, so is you that will go first, while we follow you behind

Nnana : so because am the leader I should go first right? sense man, please obiora go first don’t mind obinna

obiora : Ah…. I can’t enter the stream first oooo….. am scared (he refused because he was afraid)

Nnana : So you and obinna don’t want to enter the water first, no problem, anyway what about you Okwe, are you going first?

Okwe: you are not serious, I should go first, so that I will die like my friend Agu right, if you people are not going, then we will remain here

Nnana: (sighed) in that case, since none of you want to enter the stream first, I will go first, while you follow me behind, but remember if anything happen to me, it will also affect you

obinna : no problem, just go first, while we follow you behind ( so Nnana entered the stream, while the others followed him behind and they move in a straight line, Nnana at the front while obiora was at the back. The stream was very long, as they continue moving, they were hearing strange sounds from behind, but they ignored the sound and continue going with fear, although nothing happened to them, As they were still moving in the stream, obiora suddenly stopped because he was too afraid


: (trembling) Am scared of this stream, and I don’t think I can move further

Nnana: obiora don’t be scared, keep moving, we will soon get to the dry land

Obinna : please obiora, keep moving, don’t be afraid

obiora : (shaking) No I don’t think I can move further, because am scared right now, what if the stream change it’s mind and decided to kill us the way it did to Agu

Nnana : obiora! you don’t have to be afraid, nothing will happen to us, just keep moving and let’s get out from this water before it change it’s mind (he said and with fear obiora continue moving, finally they came out from the water to dry land, and from there they continue their journey, Not too long they got to the middle of the forest, and they all sat down to rest because they were very tired and also they are waiting for the priestess to come and tell them on how to locate the hut. they waited and waited but the priestess didn’t show herself to them.

Okwe : what is still keeping the priestess from coming, ah…. me am tired of waiting oooo

obinna : but she told us that when we get to the middle of the forest that she will show herself to us, and now we are here, she don’t want to show herself. Nnana! are you sure we are in the middle of the forest?

Nnana: yes I think so

obiora : Then why haven’t she come yet? please she should come fast and tell us where to locate the hut, so that we can take THE RED VULTURE and go home to our love ones

Obinna : chai…… I really missed my family so much, most especially my mother

Okwe : me too, I missed my wife and my son, I can’t wait to go home and be with them

Nnana : I wonder how my poor blind father will be coping now that am not around, anyway my wife to be is there to take care of him till I return

Obinna : I even missed my Nchinkor (crab) Ejike normally bring for me, I really love it so mu……… (he have not finish his statement, when somebody who look exactly like Ejike appeared with a plate of Nchinkor well garnished, when obinna and obiora saw this, they were very surprised to see their elder brother there, and even the others were surprised too)



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