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The prettiest of them all Episode 8 & 9

Episode 8
Clarissa POV
I paced round the empty [email protected], thinking while my friends and the boys I s£nt watched.
“Why would Ray suddenly interfere, he never interfered before” I thought aloud
” Get out” I told the boys
“Don’t you think it was because your sister was pushed by Jack” Sasha, my best friend said
Jack was the leader of the boys that do my bidding, you don’t expect me to do the bullying my self.
“She’s not my sister, she’s a lunatic” I said
“Come to think of it” Sasha continued “Ray has been attending [email protected] nowadays and I think it’s because of her”
” Do you think they have a chemistry” another friend of mine Kim suggested
“Shut the fv¢k up, you don’t know what you’re saying” I yelled “Diamond just woke up from a twelve years coma, how will they have a chemistry, unh?”
” Yea, you’re right” they agreed with me
“Clarissa, check the school’s blog”
We checked and saw the video of Ray beating up Jack with Diamond cheering behind and the video of Diamond giving Ray her lolli-pop when she first [email protected]£. there was a million reaction alre-ady and thousands of comments. We re-ad some of the comments
📑Gosh is that Ray?😯😯
📑 OMG, the prince is defending his princess😍😍
📑 Gosh, is that Ray’s girlfriend, she so pretty and cute 😍
📑 Even though it hurts,I give you approval to [email protected]£ her because she’s so cute😭😭😍🤩
📑 They are a perfect match, I’m just imagining how their kid will be😜
📑Ray, why???😭😭
“What is this” I yelled ” how can people like them together, I’m the Queen, the face of Starz high, she’s a lunatic, Ray should be with me not her” I yelled sobbing, Sasha [email protected]£ and consoled me
“Why don’t you just reveal to the world that she’s a lunatic” Sasha said
“Yea, that way they’ll hate her, and might even main her” Kim supported
“Yes, I could just video her displa-ying her madness and post it along with the doctors report” I said liking the idea
“But you’re dad wouldn’t like that” one of friends said
“Who cares?, He’s not my real dad and he doesn’t have to know I did it” I said and they agreed. They always agree with what I say, am the Queen after all.
“Uhm, Clarissa , remember the face of Starz high competition is coming soon, what re going to do about it?” Kim asked
“The usual, anyone you feel will be a competition to me give them the card and let Jack and the boys handle the rest”
“What about your sister, she seems your like your toughest competition” Sasha said
“I’ll deal with her personally, if she poses a problem”
Episode 9
Clarissa POV
I drove home and headed to the palour, I could hear her voice from outside, she was singing the SpongeBob song, I hate the fact that she has a beautiful voice. I brou-ght out my phone and took a video of her [email protected] herself.
This won’t be enough, I thought and an idea struck
“Diamond” I called and she turned
“Uhm, I wanted to apologise for the way I behaved when you first [email protected]£ until now, I just never expected to have a sister, especially not one as cute you” I said and she bluffed
“So what do you say friends?” I asked her
“Friends” she replied and hvgged me, I scoffed inwardly
“Can we [email protected] game?” I asked
“Yes, what’s the game”
“Clarissa says, I ask you to do something and you do it”
“Okay, I’ll win for sure” she said
“Clarissa says, eat food from Dustbin” I said and she frowned
“Eww that disgusting” she said
“Okay, how about we put fresh food there so you don’t have to eat garbage, it would mean a lot to me, it will show that you’ve really forgiven me” I said and faked tears
“Okay I’ll do it, but just one bite so don’t cry anymore” she said and walked towards the Dustbin. I smiled and turned on the [email protected]£ra
“This is gonna be epic” I thought
“Done” she [email protected]£ back “I think am gonna puke” she said
“Yay, that was fun”, I said feigning excitement
“Okay, one more, hold this knife and say I’m going to kill you Raymond Kings”
“But, I don’t want to kill princey”
“plea-seee, you won’t really be killing him” I begged
“Okay” she said and did it “my turn” she skrie-ked excitedly
“Sorry baby I’m suddenly feeling sick” I said and excused my self.
Diamond POV
I woke up the next morning feeling strange, I remembered the events of last night and smiled, I and Clarissa were finally friends, I hope she’s ok now, though I wonder why she asked me to do those strange things.
I got downstairs and saw my thirty guards waiting for me, God not again. Every day I spend time begging them to allow me go to school alone but they never listen
“plea-se” I begged “I promise not to get in trouble or run away”
“Sorry miss, but your father gave a direct order, you are not to go alone to school”
“But…, plea-se, pretty plea-se with a cherry on t©p” I begged sweetly but they just chuckled. I was about to give up when I heard her voice
“She’s ri-ding with me, you don’t need to come along” Clarissa said
“But miss….”
“Do you dare challenge me, dad said she was not to go alone and she’s not, she’s going with me. So leave before I call dad to fire you” she said and they left
Though that was a bit harsh, I was grateful, I thanked profusely and she smiled and got in the car
We got to school and Clarissa left with her friends, Raymond ha.d not yet come to school so I walked alone. I could hear students mummuring but I didn’t care I walked straight to the cafeteria, since we didn’t have [email protected] that morning and I was hungry
👥 Isn’t that the girl from the video
👥 I can’t believe she had the guts to t©uçh Raymond
👥 I think she used black magic on him
👥 I think the video is a lie, she’s too pretty to be mad
👥 She wants to kill my Ray, I’m going to kill her first. Hold me ooo
I wonder what video they are talking about, and who wants to kill princey, I’ll deal with that person lemme eat first. I got into the cafeteria and collected my food and was about going to my seats when I was accosted by one of Clarissa’s friends
“Lunatics don’t eat from plates and should not be allowed to eat with normal people” she said and threw my food on the floor.
“Gosh, why did you do that?, I’m very hungry” I complained and she [email protected] me, my eyes felt watery and I let the tears drop
“You’re hungry, you want to eat unh” why don’t you eat off the floor” she said and pushed me to the floor. The Students started laughing and throwing things at me
My eyes locked with Clarissa and I felt hope expecting her to help me but she just laughed and left. Even pretty saw me and ran off,
“Why are they leaving me, am I really crazy has prince left me too” all this thought ran throu-gh my mind as the Students laughed at me..

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