The prettiest of them all Episode 4 & 5

By tesiwrites
Episode 4
Desmond’s POV
Diamond knights, I can’t believe that she’s been alive all this while. She was my only friend, and my defender in third grade.
When my father died, all his properties we’re taken by his brother, leaving my mother and I penniless, My so called friends left me, I was an introvert and so my clas-s mates picked on me.
Those children were wee devils, I can still remember the first day she saved me
Flash back
” Hey Ray, what are you eating?, Gosh it smells” one of the bullies said and the rest laughed
” You behaved like you own the world, where’s your rich dad now?” They said and pushed me to the floor
” I searched to see if any of my friends would save me but they just laughed, so I bowed in shame
” Hey, why don’t you pick on someone your own size” I turned to see the most beautiful girl ever she was like an angel with the most angelic voice, the boy we’re confused to see such a little girl challenge them.
All of a sudden pudding from nowhere was dumped on the the leader, I was shocked, what planet was this girl from. She gr@bb£d my hands and started running
” Run fas-ter, they are catching up” she said, we ran till we got to a garden, we had alre-ady lost them
“Wow, that was epic” she said ” I am Diamond, what’s your name” she asked
” Well Raymond, nice to meet you, and you shouldn’t let people bully you that way” she said and I nodded
” Am so hungry, are you hungry?” She asked and I nodded
She opened her backpack and brou-ght out two snacks and a drink
” Come on let’s share” she said and handed me one “too bad I had to waste a perfectly good pudding on that ugly bully” she said and I laughed
” Thanks” I said
” You’re welcome, friends?” She asked bringing out her hands
” Friends” I said shaking her hands
Flash back ends
Diamond had never liked bullying and she never hesitated to speak out. I remember how I cried when I heard about the accident, I didn’t have any friends after her, even when we later got our wealth back, no one could ever replace Diamond, and friends would always leave you one way or the other.
But now that she’s back I promise to protect her.
Clarissa POV
I got home and searched for Diamond, she was in her room pla-ying with a doll and singing, gosh, her voice was superb, jealousy filled me.
“Diamond, come here”
“Ok, welcome”
“How dare you come to school today, are you not forbidden from leaving the house, and you even had the guts to t©uçh Raymond, my Raymond” I said whilst dragging her by the ear
” I’m sorry, plea-se let me go” she cried but I kept dragging her, I wasn’t watching so I sli-pped and fell.
” What’s going on here?” my mom asked
“It’s Diamond, I was only asking her why she left the house without permission and she pushed me” I lied
” No it’s a…..” Diamond tried to say something but my mom shut her up with a sl@p
” You lunatic, do you know how much the hair on my daughter’s head is worth and you want to damage her whole b©dy”
” But I …”
” Shut up, how dare you think of tou-ching her talk less of pushing her, Desmond has been spoiling you too much, I’m going to discipline you” my mom said and dragged Diamond
I was just enjoying the show, my mom dragged Diamond upstairs and locked her in the room.
“None of you are allowed to open this door, she’s going to stay there till she learns some manners” my mom said to the maids and left
I could hear Diamond crying from inside but I couldn’t care less.
” Good for her” I thought and got in my room.
Episode 5
Diamond’s POV
I was in my room crying, I had cried myself to sleep last night, I woke up thinking they would have opened the door but it was still locked and I was very hungry.
“I’m sorry, plea-se open up” I cried but nob©dy answered my dad had left for a conference last week and won’t be back until the end of the month and the maids were not allowed to open the door, who’s going to help me now
“Diamond” I heard someone calling from downstairs, wait is that not my dad, what’s he doing at home
“Dad, help me” I cried, not long after I heard the door being opened from outside and my dad c@m£ in, I ran to him and hvgged him while crying
I was at the diner eating and watching my Dad, he was very angry I could tell. He and my mom, wait is she my mom?, Well he and his wife had quarrelled today because of me and I was scared right now, what’s if he gets angry at me with what I’m about to ask, well I won’t know if I don’t try.
” Dad” I called and he looked at me softly. ” Uhm, I would like to go to school” I said
” I’m sorry baby, but you can’t”
“Is it because I’m mad”
“No, it’s just that.., okay which school do you have in mind”
“Uhm, the school sister Clarissa attends, uhm Starz high”
” Okay but if you must go, you’re going to go with fifty guards” he said
” Ten guards” I negotiated
“Forty” he countered
“Thirty and that’s final” he said
” Deal” I said and shook his hands while he smiled
” I’m really sorry I can’t be here all the time but I promise to always be here when you nee-d me, okay?” He asked and I nodded.
It was Monday and my dad had leave for work again, but not before enrolling me to Starz high, so I was now a proud student of the school. I got down from the car and students kept stealing glances at me and whispering, maybe it’s because of the guards
👥 Isn’t that the girl that pushed Raymond last week
👥 Yes it’s her, she’s really beautiful
👥 She must be very rich look at her guards
👥 And her dress
I ignored the students and checked if I would see Clarissa to apologize, as I searched throu-gh the crowd i saw him, my prince charming. I was so happy I squealed drawing attention
Raymond POV
I Know that squeal and I also know what comes after such squeal I didn’t think twice I started running forgetting my status, as I ran she chased after me followed by my guards followed by her guards then the students.
They all chased after us, till she caught up with me, gosh I completely forgot she was a fast runner. She pushed me to the ground and started tickling me
“You thought you could run unh” she said as she tickled me
” Baby, st©p it” I said while laughing. My guards were shocked, the students were beyond shocked, some were videoing it
👥Did Raymond just laugh
👥 Gosh his laugh his so sweet, just like music to my ears
👥 I alre-ady made his laughter my ringing tone, but who’s she to Raymond
The students mummured but I didn’t care, it was just like our childhood days, she had always been the pla-yful and outspoken one while I was the reserved one.
The guards were finally able to get Diamond off me , while the students dispersed when they heard the bell which signifies beginning of lecture
I had to follow Diamond to the principal office since she hadn’t finished her admission process , we got to the principal office and sat down.
” Raymond, nice to meet you in person my dad is your number one fan” the principal said
” Whatever” I said and rolled my eyes and immediately I received a snack on my head
My guards chuckled and I glared at them before looking at the person that sma-cked me
“Diamond” I called but she just rolled her eyes at me
“Whatever” she said mimicking me. ” You were being rude and that’s bad, apologize to him” she said sternly
I don’t know how but even as a child Diamond always had this authoritative aura, as in when she gives a command most of the time, you couldn’t help but obey, so without realizing it I actually apologized
To say the principal was shocked is an un-derstatement, he was totally perplexed the great Raymond Kings apologize .
” Oh Diamond, you’re really changing me” I thought