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March 4, 2021


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The prettiest of them all Episode 10 & 11

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Episode 10



Raymond POV

I was at a photo shoot but Diamond occupied my mind, is she okay?, What is she doing now?, It’s almost lunch time I hope she’s eating real food and not just ice cream, gosh this girl got me worrying like a grandma” I thought

“Raymond relax your face” my manager said, soon we were done with the first half of the photo shoot. I took my phone, it had been in silent mode all this while. 50missed call from an unknown number and a video text. I tried calling the number but the person wasn’t picking. I opened the text and what I saw angered me.

“Who dare touches her?” I thought aloud as I picked up my car keys and left for school

“Ray we are not done with the photo shoot” my manager yelled but I ignored him, I got straight into my car and drove to school

The number called again and I picked, I recognized the voice as Jessie’s

📞Where are you Ray?, did you get my message hurry, They are about to force her into the trash can
📞 I’m on my way, I replied

Goddamnit, just wait Diamond I’m coming and the person that dare to touch you will pay


Jessie’s POV

I had tried to warn Diamond when I saw the mad video but she wasn’t picking , I wonder what made Diamond say or do all she did in the video but I know it wasn’t completely her

I was in the cafeteria, when Sasha was picking on her but couldn’t do anything. I’m just a scholarship student after all

I was expecting Clarissa to help her but she didn’t, I caught her smirking so I knew she had a hand in this. “What kind of a sister is this” I did the only thing possible

Hack into Diamond’s phone to get Ray’s private phone number, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get in trouble phone’s company would be tracking me down now

I called Ray but he wasn’t picking, so I sent a video of what was happening to him hoping he would call back.

Not long after I saw people from the phone company looking for me, I ran to hide. When I got back they were already trying to get her into a trash can. I hurriedly called Raymond again.

Thank God he picked, I told him the situation and hung up. It’s risky to keep my phone on it’ll make them find me faster.

Before I could switch it off they caught up with me. Now I can’t even save Diamond even if I wanted to risk it. Raymond I hope you get here on time





I was upstairs watched the whole drama from my laptop. I knew I could count on Sasha to handle Diamond, we were birds of a feather the only difference was that whilst Sasha doesn’t mind displaying her bullying, I do mine in secret, though the students know who is responsible, they dare not say my name out loud.

I watched as Sasha forced Diamond to get in the cafeteria trash and Diamond was just weeping refuse to enter. Sasha slapped her and push her in, just as she was about to fall in a hand came and grabbed her

“What us he doing here?, I thought he had an important shoot today” I said to know one in particular

👥 Wow, he came to save her, he’s a real prince
👥No Raymond, don’t touch her, she’s dirty
👥 awwwwwwwwwwwn

I heard students voices in the background , the camera faced Raymond fully and I could see anger written on his face

“Get in” he told Sasha

“What!!, But….”

“Get in the fucking trash” he yelled and the students moved back in fear

Raymond has never raised his voice in anger before, and now that I hear it I don’t think I want to hear it again. Sasha quickly got in the trash can and the students laughed

Ray took Diamond by the hand and was taking her away from the cafeteria, when she stopped and went back to the trash can, she brought out Sasha who was dying with embarrassment

“Am sorry for what prince did, he was just angry, right prince” she said and Raymond looked at her shocked before he nodded

👥 Awwwwwwwn , she’s so kind
👥I can’t believe this
👥Ah, if it was me I would have slapped Sasha

“Prince, can you apologize”


Raymond POV

My head shot up at that statement, okay I know she hates bullying and she has the brain of a six years old but did her sense go on vacation, I’m angry here and she’s asking me to apologize. I turned and left the cafeteria

👥 Oh my, Ray just left her
👥 Good for her, telling him to apologize
👥Yea, she took it too far

I heard the students mummur and I stopped on my track, if I go now they’ll make Diamond a laughing stock , I sighed and turned back

“Sorry” I told the bully and she started crying

👥OMG, I can’t believe it
👥 Hold me I want to faint
👥Ah!, It haff finished

“Can we go now” I said to Diamond and she just smiled and dragged me by the arm to a table

“Let’s eat first, am hungry” she said and started eating and feeding me also


Jessie’s POV

I was glad when Raymond showed, he showed up right on time and told the guards to let go of me, then he went ahead to save Diamond.

The students were surprised, especially when Raymond apologized to Sasha. Diamond is a really lucky girl. If it were someone else the students would have joined in on the bullying but because of her personality they left Sasha to do the bullying alone

👥 Diamond is such a nice girl, and very beautiful too
👥yea, I think she should be the new Queen of Starz high
👥 Are you crazy, you want queen Clarissa to murder her

I heard the students murmur, yea, Clarissa is a real threat, that girl is like the devils incarnate, she was worst than Sasha. And she gave rules that the school board didn’t know of.

First, no one was to refer to her as just Clarissa, you must add Queen and next anybody she felt was prettier than her was not allowed to join in the Face of Starz high contest, defy her and face the consequences

That was the only way, she remained face of Starz high for three years, I just wish Diamond would compete I know she would win because she’s just too beautiful and she’s got Raymond too.

I know Clarissa was the master mind of today’s Incident and will want to attack Diamond again but I’ll will always try my best to protect her in my own little way




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