The prettiest of them all 2 final Episode

Six months had pas-sed since Morgana’s death, Clarissa and Jack had been s£ntenced to fifteen years imprisonment each, but Clarissa committed suicide, she couldn’t handle being powerless, scarred and ugly. Jack was still in prison, although he had become lame, due to the wound Ray had inflicted on him that day, Derek was s£ntenced to death, and Knights Empire was officially handed to Dianne.
Dianne now stood on the runway, with her fellow contestant, she felt really nervous but she hid it with a smile, it was time to announce the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant, it was a big competition and the whole world was watching “what if I don’t win, God plea-se I really want to win” she thought and prayed in her heart.
Ma’am Jane and Jacquelyn sat in the audience together with Jeff, Danny, Jessie and Ray waiting for the M.C to announce the result “Wow” the M.C began “I have to say this has been a long tough and interesting, all the contestant are so beautiful it’s ha-rd to pick a winner, but in every competition a winner must emerge, to announce this years’ winner, let’s welcome Quincy Audrey, last’s years Miss Universe and Raymond Kings, five times winner of the best male model award and most handsome man in the world.” the M.C said and the audience cl@pped as Raymond and Quincy walked to the podium.
“gosh, Ray is the announcing the winner, what if I don’t win, he’ll have to crown another girl and he’ll be disappointed, he spent a lot of time to train me” Dianne thought, unconsciously b!tt!g herl-ip. Raymond smiled when he saw Dianne, he could tell she was nervous, even when she tries so ha-rd to hide her nervousness, herl-ips always gave her away. Quincy collected the envelop from the M.C, then they opened it together to check the name. “wow, this is amazing, do you want to say it?” Quincy asked increasing the suspense and agitation of the audience.
Ray fought the urge to look back at Dianne, “ I think you should say it” Ray said and Quincy nodded. “ok then, the winner of this year, 2020 Miss Universe, is no other than………., Miss California America, Dianne Knights” she announced and the audience bur-st in applause. Jessie who had come prepared hoping Dianne would win, raised a banner which re-ad “MY BEST FRIEND IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE UNIVERSE, CONGRATULATION PRINCESS” Danny couldn’t help but laugh at his fiancée’s attitude.
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Dianne was bur-sting with emotions , joy, surprise shock, she had wanted to win, but hadn’t expected to win, tears of joy flowed throu-gh her eyes, as the crown was placed on her head, Quincy and Ray c@m£ over and gave her a hvg each, “I knew you could do it” Ray said and gave her a k!ss. Ray went back to the podium and collected a mic “hello ladies and gentlemen, everyone, there’s something I would like to say, and I think this is the best time to say it” Ray said and walked towards Dianne.
“what does he want to say?” Dianne thought, as Ray took her hands and pu-ll-ed her to the front of the stage. “Dianne Knight, I remember the first time I met you, in grade three, the older boys were bullying me, because my family where going throu-gh some challenges, but you stood up for me. You were so small then, I remember how you threw your pie at them, and challenged them, even when you ba-rely knew me, you took my hands and raced me to safety, damn, you were a fast runner” Ray said and Dianne chuckled, the audience also laughed “our friendsh!pblossomed from that day, when I heard you had died in an accident, I remember how sick I fell, mom was really worried, I never healed from that sickness, but twelve years after, you returned, you returned to me, healing me with your sunshine, and even when the enemies tried to separate us, you never let go, that same hands you held when you were little, you still held on” Ray said squee-zing Dianne’s hands with so much emotion and care, Dianne was in tears, some of the audience were also in tears, Ma’am Jane also cried remembering the past. “Dianne, a lot of people call me the world’s ray of sunshine, but the truth is that you are the real sunshine, I can only radiate the light you give me, I’m lost and confused without you, Dianne, right from childhood you usually call me your prince charming, so I wanted to ask” Ray said getting on his knees “will you be not only my princess but my wife and the queen of my kingdom” Ray asked bringing out a diamond ring.
Dianne bur-st into tears, she had not expected he’ll do something like this, every eyes and c@m£ra were on them, everyone waiting anxiously for Dianne’s answer, “y.yes, yes I’ll be your wife” Dianne said and Raymond put the ring on her f!nger before standing up. “why did you take time to think about it, my knee hurts” Ray said and k!$$£d her, she laughed into the k!ssand de-epened it.
Down in the audience, Jeff was busying battling with phone calls from different designers “how could you have designed the wedding go-wn alre-ady, he just proposed. Or are you a seer”. “oh, you want to design Ray’s tux, I’ll get back to you” “hello, how can the bride’s maid wear your designs, you design for sport, hold up”. “yes yes, you’re giving away your event center for the wedding, but he just proposed, I’ll call you back”. “arrgh, this is so crazy, why could he not propose in secret like a normal person, I nee-d to switch off my phone’s” Jeff thought and switched off all his phone.
“Jeff tell those designers, that they are wasting their time, Dianne is like a daughter to me, it’s only appropriate that I design the wedding go-wn, right Jane” she asked Ray’s mom “of course and I’m going to plan the wedding, it’s going to be a fairytale wedding, make sure the wedding go-wn is better than that of Cinderella, hers should be like a queen, I wish I could join them up on stage” Jane said.
“continue wishing aunt, I’m alre-ady on my way there” Jessie said rushing up the stage. “crazy girl” Danny said and they all followed her to join Ray and Dianne up the stage, “my bestie is getting married, we should totally do our wedding on the same day, Danny, why didn’t you propose to me in this manner” Jessie asked. “because you’re crazy and could have said no” Danny said and they all laughed, as they chattered on stage not caring if the world was watching, Dianne watched them, even though her parent were dead, she was not alone, she had two mothers, a brother ,a crazy bestie and a man who loved her very much, and she knew that no matter the challenge, with them by her side she’ll always win.
Authors Note.
The prettiest of them all is not a title that belongs to the one who wears more makeup and designers clothing, rather it belongs to the purest of mind and the kindest of heart, Physical appearance is good, but should never be put above inward beauty, take care of your inward beauty and your physical appearance will take care of itself, THANKS FOR re-adING.

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