The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 5 & 6

Clarissa POV
I woke up with a great headache, I had to drink myself to sleep last night. I gro-an ed and fell on the be-d as memories of last night flooded in. My clothes had gotten r!pp£dand Sasha had gave a new dress, we were about to leave the gala, when I heard my name being called by the president’s wife to give a toast.
Sasha said I should decline politely but I couldn’t just let an opportunity pas-s me by. I ignored her and walked to the podium, the looks of mockery in the other celebrities faces and been replying with looks of admiration, everyone longed for such honour. I got to the podium and was about to give the toast, when that..,that..,that.. I threw my pillow away angrily. Who is she by the way and how come I haven’t heard about her. And that Miguel he dare use fake materials to sew my dress and still had the guts to sleep with me. I’m so going to deal with him.
I picked up my phone which I had thrown away last night due to the endless calls from reporters. I switched on the phone and notifications popped up. I opened one of them and pictures from last night appeared all over the screen. One of the picture was of me with the r!pp£ddress. It had the headline #SUPER MODEL CLARISSA KNIGHTS WEARS FAKE JACQUELYN TO PRESIDENT’S GALA another picture of me in the stained dress with the headline # SUPER MODEL CLARISSA EMBARRas-sED AT PRESIDENT’S GALA. then a picture of Ray and Dianne, it re-ad #RAYMOND SURPRISES EVERYONE AT PRESIDENT’S GALA WITH THE BEAUTIFUL DIANNE”. I re-ad the re-aders comment
💬Super model more like fake model. I wonder what else is fake about her
💬 Yes, maybe the products she models are also fake
💬 DD is so nice, she offered to buy another dress for Clarissa.
💬 My Raymond is back, gosh I can’t believe it” and many other comments
“Arrgh” I threw my phone away angrily “Jeanne” I yelled for my as-sistant, she should be here by now. She c@m£ rushing in
“Ma’am you called” she said
“Of course I called, why won’t I call when you can’t do your job properly, how come this got to the news, I thought you had called to make sure none of it went public” I yelled at her
“I did ma’am, the ones on the internet were posted from an anonymous source” she replied. Who would do that could it be that Dianne?”
“Find all you can about that Dd and her relationsh!pwith Raymond, and s£nd to my email” I said
“Yes Miss, uhm, you have a meeting with the investors and also with Starz later today”
“Cancel them, I’m going out” I got dressed and left for Miguel’s place
I smiled as I re-ad the news showing on my screen. Clarissa just made this revenge easier for me, I had not anticipated that she wouldn’t go to the level of sewing a fake dress, Madame Jacquelyn had called to inform me that her prodigy had been asked to see a replica of my dress, so we made a deal with Miguel, to not only see the fake dress but to also use materials of low quality, that was why the dress had r!pp£deasily at the gala.
“Ma’am, you have an investors meeting in an hour with Knights Empire and also with Starz in two hours” Jeffery said.
“Thanks, and plea-se for the last time enough with that ma’am stuff, we are literally the same age”
“Okay ma.., I mean Dianne”
I smiled and left to get dress, afterall I’ll be seeing my step mom after two years. I got into my car and asked the driver to drive me there. Raymond called and I picked on the first ring.
“Hi baby, are you there yet” he asked
“Not yet, when are you going to st©p calling me baby, I don’t like it, it makes me feel vunerable”
“Well, you are not vunerable, and even if you are, I’ll always be here for you, plea-se try not to sma-ck Morgana’s head there okay, I have to go now” he said and I laughed
“I’ll try, bye” I said and cut the call
We got to Knights Empire and I c@m£ down from the car, people took pictures of me, I smiled at them and walked into the company, a staff c@m£ towards me.
“Miss Dianne, we’ve been waiting for you, plea-se follow me” she said and started walking, I followed her, as we walked she talked about the various achievements of the company, but I wasn’t listening to her, I hate to admit it, but I felt nervous to meet Morgana, I was afraid that I would b!ow my cover by doing something stupid “so here we are” she said pointing to a door “we hope you see that our company is worthy of your investment” she said and walked off.
“here I go” I said to myself and opened the door, the meeting was alre-ady ongoing, I walked in and the person pres£nting st©pped talking, as everyone stared in my direction.
“Miss Dianne DeVille, I’m so glad you could make it” Morgana said and pres£nted her hands for an handshake, I just stared at her
“I don’t shake hands, I’m allergic to dirts” I said and she looked stunned, she withdrew get hands embarras-sed, I smiled and walked to her sit, which is at the head of the table and sat down.
“Sorry, actually that’s Ma’am Morgana’s seat” the pres£nter said
“Morgana, do you want to argue about seats right now or do you want me to invest in this Empire” I said looking her directly in the eyes
“What are you doing, continue with the pres£ntation” she yelled at the lady “sorry Miss DeVille” she said and sat elsewhere.
The lady continued with the pres£ntation and when she was finally done Morgana took over. “So I’m sure from the pres£ntation, you seen reasons why you should invest in knights Empire, since it would be a profitable venture, we..”
“Actually” I interrupted “all I heard right now was gibberish, Knights Empire did a lot better un-der the control of Mr Desmond, and I also heard that the company’s going bankrupt, how am I sure that if I invest all my money won’t go down the drain” I said and the other investors agreed she looked angry but she quic-kly covered it with a smile
“Those are all rumors, Miss DeVille, and I as-sure you that this pres£ntation is just a draft from the original plan, just trust us” she said
“I don’t believe in trust Morgana, Trust kills, a person can kill his/her best friend, a wife her husband, in the name of trust” I said staring at her she seemed uncomfortable “actually that’s not the case, I just have some concerns”
“Well, as our biggest investor, your concern is our responsibility”
“Your daughter, she’s the sole heiress, of this empire right?”
“Yes, after her sister died, may her soul rest in peace”
“Well, it c@m£ to my knowledge, that she wore a fake dress at the president’s gala, last night..”
“I don’t see how that affects..”
“Don’t interrupt me Morgana, as I was saying, she wore a fake dress, at the p@rty yesterday despite her reputation, someone who doesn’t care much for her reputation, how will she care for the reputation of Knights Empire or the investors” I said
“Miss DeVille is right Morgana” another investor said, and they all nodded in agreement
” That is also a rumour”
“Well, it seems that your company is built on rumours, let’s go Jeffery this people aren’t re-ady, I’m pretty sure there are other companies in nee-d of us” I said and made to get up.
“What if I prove that my daughter is capable of handling this company, will you invest” she asked
“Ok then, I like you and your zeal to take this company to the next level, so I’ll give you a chance, your daughter will pres£nt the contract herself in my house and if I seem her worthy, I’ll sign it”
“Well if Miss DeVille signs the contract, I’ll also sign it” the investors said one by one all agreeing with me.
“Well I’m sure, she will surprise you with her skills” she said
“We shall see” I said and left the hall, the other investors following behind. I walked to my car and breathed a sign of relief. It had taken all the guts in me to keep myself from accusing Morgana of murder. “Where next” I asked Jeffery
“Starz” he said
“Let’s go”
Clarissa’s POV
I walked angrily into Miguel’s place, the employees just worked on not even acknowledging my pres£nce ” where the hell is your boss” I yelled but they didn’t answer, he had not been in his office earlier, I was about to leave when I saw him coming, I walked towards him and sl@pped him
“You son of a bit-ch, how dare you, I payed you two billion for that dress and you also also” I stammered as I realized everyone was staring at us
” I also what, come on say it” he taunted as he ru-bbe-d his cheeks
” I don’t care, all I know is that you should refund my money or else I’ll call the police on you” I said and he laughed
“Go ahead and call the police” he said pushing his phone towards me “let me warn you, nothing is going to happen to me but your whole reputation would be ruined, so you better make a wise decision. And Clarissa I’m going to forgive you for sl@pping me, but the next time I see you here I’m in to have the security throw you out like trash” he said and walked off.
My phone rang, but I just ignored it and walked to my car angrily. “Take me to a bar” I told the driver, the phone kept ringing, so I pick it up ” hello” I said
“Are you crazy, after the mess you caused yesterday, you have the guts to cancel, you better get yourself to Starz right now or consider your contract with us terminated” she said and cut the call.
“Take me to Starz” I told the driver and he changed route.i received a text from my as-sistant “DD is a super model from New York” ” that’s all?” I thought to myself, “my as-sistant is so stupid, I’ll have to fire her later, but right now I’ve got other pressing issues, I’m just glad that this DD, or whatever she calls herself will go back to New York, I can’t stand competition.
We got to Starz and reporters crowded my car. My guards c@m£ and cleared a path for me to pas-s, I headed straight for the conference room ” good, you’re here” they said but I just ignored them and they began with the meeting.
“First of all, Clarissa what the hell were you thinking, doing that” my manager yelled
“It’s a normal thing the only problem is that I got caught” I answered nonchalantly
“Yes, you got caught, and do you know what that’s costing us, some other models un-der our agency are being rejected because of you, right skin cosmetic is thinking of terminating their contract with us” another official said
“Enough of stating problems, I nee-d solution” the CEO said
“Well, I think we should have a press conference to clear the issue and also re-move Clarissa as our ambas-sador” another said and I scoffed
“You’re joking right, where will you find a supermodel to replace me” I said.
“What about DD?,there’s no agency repres£nting her for now, and I’m sure if Raymond talks to her she’ll agree” the one in charge of relations suggested
“You’re right and she’s beautiful”
“Yes, and she has charisma”
They all complimented her attributes one by one as if I was not in the room.” You’re not seriously thinking about replacing me with that bit-ch, are you?” I yelled getting their attention
“And who are you calling a bit-ch, bit-ch?” Dianne said walking inside.
Dianne’s POV
“Who are you calling a bit-ch, bit-ch” I said as soon as I walked in.
“What is she doing here by the way, I thought she’s just visiting from New York” she said
“Well, you thought wrong baby, I’m here to stay” I said, sm-irking at her discomfort
“Dianne, welcome, it’s so a plea-sure to have you here, I’m Kate” a lady said and made to shake my hands
“The plea-sure is all mine Kate, Ray had mentioned you to me, the managing director, right” I said taking the handshake.
“Yes, plea-se seat” she pointed a seat for me.” Miss Dianne is the newest model in this agency and has agreed to help us with the case at hand”
she said and everyone welcomed me. I sat down despite the glare I was receiving from Clarissa. I smiled, it reminded me of the first time I did a ph0to shoot with Ray, except this time, I was not scared of her, not one bit.
“Ok, but I don’t think that’s a good idea, removing Clarissa as your ambas-sador, I mean she’s more experienced and has been with us for a long time”the model she c@m£ to the gala with said and she nodded, some other staff also agree.
“Yes, she has been with you for a long time” I said ” but let me paint a scenario for you, you were given a dress, and you loved that dress so much, you wore it everywhere, and it begin to fade, it becomes rag, then an opportunity comes for you to trade that rag, for a more prettier dress, will you keep that rag because it has been with you for a long time, or will you gr-ab that new dress” I asked them staring directly at Clarissa
“Are you trying to say, I’m an old pieces of rag” Clarissa asked angrily.
“You said it yourself, I only painted a picture” I said smiling.
“How dare..” she said standing up but the model held her back, he looks familiar, I wonder where I know him from. I to-re my eyes away from him and looked at Clarissa, she sat down.
“But you have to admit, Jack is right, I’m surely more experienced than her, and have been with you guys for long, I mean it’s obvious she’s just a gold digger, how else will she make it this fast to the t©p” Clarissa said
Jack, Jack, that name, I looked at him closer, wow!, I can’t believe this, it was the same guy that had asked Jessie to str!p n-ked, the one that had nearly R@p£d me in highschool. How did he become a model?, I’m almost sure that Clarissa has a hand in his rising, since he was her lead goon in school.
“Yes, it’s obvious she’s just feeding off Ray and the idiot is so stupid to realize it” Jack said
“Well, at least I’m a real man, to have a woman depending on me, how many women are depending on you Jack, or rather how many women are you depending on?” Ray said walking in, everyone eyes turned to his direction
“Ray, you’re here, I’m glad you could make it” Kate said
” I’m sorry for interrupting your discussion, I just hate it when humans are talking and parasites bu-tt in” he said walking to the empty seat beside me. I smiled at him, he smiled back.
“Do you have a problem with me, Raymond” Jack asked angrily
“Can you plea-se continue with the meeting” Raymond said to Kate ignoring Jack completely.
“Okay, first off, we’ll have to call a press conference, Clarissa plea-se try not to mess it up, Thanks to Raymond calling the president, all traces of the event have been cleared from the internet.
“What do you mean by mess it up” Clarissa asked
“You know what I mean Clarissa, as for the issue of whether Clarissa would be replaced or not, we would discuss that in another meeting, I’m sure we are all tired from the stress of last night, so let’s just go home and have a nice rest, tomorrow is a workday” she said ending the meeting.
I seriously hated seeing that Jack again, I would have long gotten rid of him but his father was my business p@rtner, so I had to tolerate him. What’s surprising is that he got to this level in just two years, though he was nothing compared to me, I was more worried about Diamond.
“What’s with that face” Dianne asked
“Nothing, just that fool Jack, I don’t want him getting close to you” I said
“You don’t have to worry much about me, I have the guards and I know you’ll always be here to protect me” she said and I smiled
“So baby, how was your meeting with Morgana” I asked
“You’ll never st©p calling me baby, will you?” She said rolling her eyes
“Never, so tell me how was the meeting with Morgana”
“Well, I didn’t hit her or scream at her, so I guess it went well” she said
“That’s my girl” I said ruffling her hair , we walked to the entrance it wasn’t much crowded since it was a weekend and our car was brou-ght we got in. ” Now that you’re in the game, I’ll brief you on some important things you nee-d to know” I said
” I’m all ears boss” I said in a pla-yful manner and he chuckled
.”okay, there four major bill boards in California, owned by different companies, Starz inclusive” if you can get your face on these boards then you’ll rule California”I said
“That should be easy, I’ll soon get Starz” she
” Not as easy as you think, being a super model is one thing, but taking down a super model is another thing, Clarissa is the current face of three of those companies, and she has a good chance on the fourth, even if she loses Starz to you, she’s still in the game”
“So how will I get to the t©p?” She asked
“Rayven , the number one fashion company in the whole of America and three-quarter of the world, they also pay the highest amount, models fight to get noticed by them and Clarissa is staking her whole career on being the face of their company”
“Well then I’ll just have to take the contract away from her”
“I’ll put in a word for you, but I’ll have to warn you, Mr Rayven is ha-rd to impress, so most of the success will depend how ha-rd you work, he will be at the awards ceremony and will be staying in California for a week”
“Well then, I’m sure I’ll get it since I have the best in the game as my trainer” she said smiling. I smiled back, I just hope you’ll continue smiling this way
Clarissa’s POV
I watched Lisa as she walked to the bar and got a drink. She was also a model and she just returned from a fashion tour in Paris. I had told her about the meeting at Starz and I was worried but she was just non-challant about the whole issue. “So why are you worried” she asked
“You’re Clarissa Knights, they wouldn’t dare replace you, by the way, you have Rayven to look forward to, once you’re announced as the new face of Rayven, they’ll come crawling to have you back” she said and I reasoned with her. She’s right. I still have Rayven.”When are you going to begin shooting for Rayven anyway”
“Well, Mr Rayven would be coming for the awards ceremony, after that the shoot will begin, and the contract will be signed on the day of the unveiling, then the tour will follow” she said
“Wow, you’re so lucky, I wish I were you, oh and congrats on being nominated for the best female model, you’re going to have to take me out if you win” she said
“Did you just say “if” I’ll surely win, and no novice is going to take that away from me” I said confidently
“Now that’s the Clarissa I know, how did that bit-ch even get nominated” she asked me
“remember the masked concept I rejected from Gucci, well Ray recommended her to them and that was how she made her first name, he also gave her some other contract in New York, the way I did for Jack here in California, so she bec@m£ famous, and was nominated” I told her what Sasha had told me
“Well baby, she’ll only be getting the things that you reject and nothing more” she said ” I don’t still get why got Jack those contract in the first place, he’s now in the same level as you” she asked me
“Well, I loved him so much and since he had the zeal to be a model, I had to help him” I lied to her. I couldn’t tell her that Jack had seen me the night Diamond died and had blacmailed me into helping him become who he is now. In the eyes of the world we were d@t!ngand in love. But truly we were just p@rtners in crime, he still helps me sometimes to get rid of competition and I in turn help him climb the ladder of fame
“I don’t believe you, the Clarissa I know only loves power, but if you want it that way, no probs, why don’t you s£nd that lover of yours to help you with Dianne, I have to go rest now, I have a shoot with LV this afternoon” she said and walked off to my guestroom.
She’s right, I only love power, and I’ll do anything to keep that power in my reach.
I looked at one of the pictures of Dianne, she was really S-xy in this picture, the picture gave me cravings, cravings for her b©dy, I nee-d to have her.” I’m going to have you Dianne, no matter what” I said and k!$$£d the picture. My phone rang and I picked it
“Dad” I said in form of greeting
“Don’t Dad me, the files you were to sign, have not been returned and I nee-d them this night”
“Sorry Dad, I was busy, I’ll bring them to you tomorrow”
“No, you’re going to bring them to me this night, Raymond is more busy than you, but he has alre-ady brou-ght his, all you know how to do is to move around with girls, I hope you change, because I can’t imagine leaving my company in the hands of someone like you” he said and cut the call.
That’s the way it has always been with my dad, ever since Raymond took over his father’s company, my dad won’t st©p comparing him to me. Okay maybe, I love drinking and girls, and maybe I had used the company’s money once or twice, but it’s not like the money was going to finish.
It bec@m£ worse the day I tried to r@p£ that girl, Diamond, Ray had me expelled from the school and my dad disowned me. You can imagine. Since that day I’ve always looked for an opportunity to get back at Ray and to do that, I had to get to his level.
The opportunity c@m£ that night. The night of the competition, I saw when Clarissa pushed Diamond off the building to her death, I wasn’t going to help her. She had put me in so much trouble alre-ady. I c@m£ to an agreement with clarissa. I was going to keep her secret in return she’ll help me become a super model.she agreed and within two years I got to the level I am now. My dad also gave me back my shares to the company
But he’s back, and if he thinks I’ve forgotten all he did, he’s joking I’ve waited a long time to get back at him. I will deal with Raymond, then I’ll get his girl, I’ll get Dianne.
At least we now know where Dianne learnt her trash talk from, a whole parasite, Ray well done ooo. As for Jack, you better dey your lane. Clarissa aka rag girl worry ooo.