The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 25

Jack’s POV
I have lost everything, all because of Ray and his bit-ch, the fool had the guts to have all my modeling contracts cancelled, all because he had the power to do so, I didn’t even t©uçh the bit-ch, and he did all this to me, he just made the biggest mistake of life, now that I have lost everything, I have nothing to lose, I’m going to make sure I kill Ray with my own hands, and his bit-ch is going to die along with him.
I heard the doorbell ring “who could that be?” I thought as I walked to the door, I opened it and saw Clarissa, she looked shaken and scared, I wonder what could scare the great Clarissa. “why are you here?, what do you want?” I asked blocking the door way.
“what do you mean by that?, let me in” she said and I left the door way “I’m sorry about your contracts and everything” she said and I scoffed
“like you care, you disappeared when it was happening, what’s the use of coming now and showing sympathy” I said gulping down a bottle of whiskey.
“don’t try to make me feel guilty, I had problems of my own, I just found out that Dianne is… is… Dianne is the one responsible for this, so instead of sulking I think we should be thinking of a way to get rid of her” she said, I knew she was hiding something, something I’ll soon find out.
“I’m done pla-ying games Clarissa, what I’m planning next is no child’s pla-y, so think twice before you say ‘we’ because I’m going to kill that bit-ch and Raymond, and I’m going to do it myself” I said and watched Clarissa as a smile slowly crept to her face.
“just what I had in mind, Dianne has to die, for the good of everyone, what’s your plan, I hope it’s fool proof, we can’t afford fail” she said. I knew she would agree, but what surprises me is that she didn’t complain when I said Raymond will also die, or did he do something to her again, he may have destroyed her career also, maybe that’s what she’s hiding.
“don’t worry, by the time they would realize what is happening, they would alre-ady be dead”.
Morgana’s POV
“What the hell just happened, a crazy woman just sl@pped me and I couldn’t do anything. What I feared the most was alre-ady happening to me, I was losing my power, the Chief of police just refused to do my bidding, and I’m sure Dianne has a hand in this, I have to do something, before I lose everything and I have to do it fast. I’ll deal with everyone who defied me later, but first I have to take care of Derek.
I got into my car and drove home, I’m sorry Derek, but you have to die, you’re a hvge risk, and I can’t afford you opening your mouth. I picked up my phone and called one of my informants in the police station “any news, has he confessed?” I asked
“yes Ma, the process is being rushed, by Tuesday the result will be out and if positive, the case will be re-opened by Friday, so if you want to do anything you have to do it before Tuesday, and as for the criminal, no, he hasn’t confessed” he said
“good, I still have time, I nee-d you to do something for me, I nee-d you to kill him, as soon as possible” I said
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“I’m really sorry ma, normally you know I wouldn’t hesitate to do a job for you, but things are really tensed here, and only a few people are allowed to see the criminal, the only thing I can do for you is to as-sist whoever you might s£nd to do your bidding by letting them in and showing them where he is imprisoned, aside from that I can do nothing” he said.
“Ok, call me back if there’s any new information” I said and ended the call, “incompetent fool” I thought and decided to call the second best killer I know, he picked on the third ring.
“hello Victor”
“hello madam , it’s been long you called has D. boss finally let you down” he said referring to Derek.
“No, but he just got himself caught by the police, so foolish, I nee-d you to kill him, do it before tomorrow and it must not point back to me” I said
“he’s in jail?, wow, I never thought that could happen, well it’s going to be very risky, you’re are going to have to double the money, and pay deposit first, you know the amount, and the account” he said.
“ and you wonder why I don’t give you jobs, don’t worry I’ll transfer the full amount to you now, just get it done fast” I said and brou-ght out my phone to transfer the money “what the hell is going on, why can’t I access my account” I thought and went back to the call “ can you just do it, I’ll have the money transferred soon, I think there’s something wrong with my bank” I said and he laughed again
“sorry, but you know the policy, no deposit, no soul, call me back when you have my money” he said and ended the call. “Greedy fool” I thought, but what the hell is wrong with my account. I c@m£ out of my study and quic-kly called my as-sistant. I nee-d fresh air
“what the hell is wrong with my account, I nee-d you to resolve it immediately, in the mean time, transfer four million from the company’s account to mine” I said and ended the call. Once Derek is taking care of, I will have to also kill Dianne and everyone else who knows then get rid of the DNA, then everything will be back to normal. “Where the hell did Clarissa go” I wondered, if we want to get rid of Dianne we nee-d to work together.
My as-sistant called back and I picked the call immediately, “is it done” I asked
“actually Ma, your account has been disabled, it’s been frozen, so you can’t withdraw” she said “W.what?” I exclaimed “yes ma, a.and, and also your right to the company and its account has been suspended” she said
“you’re joking right, who would dare?, in fact I’m coming there right now”
“Ma, the order is from the court, and I know it’s not in my position, but I would advise you not to come, the press is here, blocking all entrance, and they are asking after you. It would be chaotic if you come”
“What the hell, I’m going to kill you Dianne, I’m going to kill you with my ba-re hands, before you cause more damage”
Derek’s POV
I watched the Detective as he walked back in, he looked like he wanted to continue strangling me, but was restraining himself, I sm-irked, he had earlier tried to kill me in the hospital and again just now in the interrogation room, but he was dragged out, and now he’s back again, seems like he’s a big sh0t.
They are just wasting their time if they are trying to get me to talk, because I won’t, I’ll just rest here and wait for Morgana to do her thing and get me re-leased, then I’ll kill this guy, let’s see how he’ll fare when he’s not in his police uniform.
He sat down and looked at me keenly, then he scoffed “you know I really pity you, the person you’re trying so ha-rd to protect, wants you dead, “tsk tsk tsk, it’s a pity” he said shaking his head. “What ru-bbish is he talking about, Morgana wouldn’t dare, or would she?” I thought.
“you must’ve been wondering how we caught you, well I’ll let you in on a little secret” the detective continued “Morgana’s house his bugged, and guess what the microphone recorded today, don’t worry you don’t have to guess, just listen” he said and pressed a bu-tton on the machine he brou-ght.
“hello Victor” Morgana’s voice boomed out of the machine and I listened carefully, this detective must be bluffing, Morgana wouldn’t betray me.
“No, but he just got himself caught by the police, so foolish, I nee-d you to kill him, do it before tomorrow and it must not point back to me” I couldn’t hear the other caller’s voice, but I knew they were talking about killing me. That bit-ch, she had the guts to even think about killing me, and she hired Victor, my worst rival to do it.
“ and you wonder why I don’t give you jobs, don’t worry I’ll transfer the full amount to you now, just get it done fast” , “what the hell is going on, why can’t I access my account” , “ can you just do it, I’ll have the money transferred soon, I think there’s something wrong with…” The detective hit another bu-tton and the recording st©pped. “So what’s it going to be” the detective asked
“how am I sure this is not a trick” I said and he chuckled “ well you can wait till tomorrow to find out, that is if you want to gamble with your life. you and I both know that whether you speak or not, you are going to jail, and I’ll surely find a way to bring those others to jail, so why don’t you just make it easy for both of us”
“I’ll confess, but on one condition, I want her case to be brou-ght to court before mine, I will only confess as a witness in court, and not before that” I said and the Detective nodded before leaving the room. That bit-ch has tried to end my life, but I’ll make sure she gets a death s£ntence, I might die but she’ll have to die before I do.
Clarissa’s POV
Mom had called me earlier to come to my pri-vate house, that she was waiting for me there, I got there and met her pacing about, “What’s wrong mom, did the police find out everything , are we going to be arrested, am I going to jail” I asked her.
“not yet, but they will find out soon if I don’t do something about Dianne soon, I can’t even hirer an as-sas-sin because my account has been frozen, and now my authority over the company has been suspended”
“what about dad, were you able to get him re-leased from jail, he could finish the job” I asked hopefully
“no he wouldn’t be able to, the chief of police has refused to re-lease him or even grant him bail, I’m sure that br@t and her supporters did this, I’m going to deal with every single one of them, I just have to get her first but she’s always surrounded by guards”
,” she said. Wow, this is getting worse than I thought, I think we’ll have to use Jack’s plan.
“mom, the main problem here is Dianne and Raymond right?” I asked and she nodded “ then I have a way to get rid of them” I said and explained Jack’s plan to her.
“this Jack, I hope you weren’t foolish enough to tell him, cause once Dianne and Raymond is dead, I’m going to kill every other person who knows” she said
“no, I didn’t, he just has the same grudge against them as we do” I said and she nodded “ok then. It’s a great plan, but are you sure she’ll be alone then” she asked
“yes, our category is the last they call to receive an award, the male before the female, So Ray would be on stage at that time, and everyone’s attention will be on him, the nominated celebrities are the only ones allowed backstage, no guards and if there happen to be any, Jack’s guards and mine will take care of them” I explained.
“ok , if that’s the case, then I’ll be waiting, I want to kill that br@t myself , I’ll make sure she dies this time around”.
Dianne’s POV
I finished the t©uçh up on my face, I had decided to go with my natural look putting on a light make up. these past day’s had been stressful, yet fulfilling, Danny had been able to make Derek agree to confessing, the D.N.A results will be out by tomorrow, and soon the case will be re-opened, I can’t believe I’ll finally get justice or my parents death.
so far Morgana and Clarissa has been un-der check, Ray and Danny had gotten some guards and officers to keep an eye on them, since the mic was now sort of useless, the press had camped in Morgana’s house, so she didn’t return home, she stayed with Clarissa instead.
“wow, you look beautiful, forget the award, I’m sure it’s nothing compared to your beauty” Ray said as I c@m£ down the stair.
“nevertheless I still want to win it” I said when got to his side
“ I’m sure you’re going to win the award, because you’re the best” he said and k!$$£d me “bro, are you sure you don’t want to go to the event with us” he asked Danny.
“of course I’m sure, Jessie and I will just watch it live from here, except you nee-d me?” he asked but Ray and I shook our heads negative, Jessie is not fully strong yet, and he nee-ds to spend more time with her, he’s been helping us all week.
“sir, miss, we nee-d to go now” Jeff said and we went outside with him,
“Finally, fresh air” I said when I saw there was no much guard following us. Jessie and I had been un-der house arrest for the past few days, okay not really house arrest, but our over protective b©yfri£nds Ray and Danny had restricted our movement and surrounded the house with guards, for our own protec-tion
“I felt like you nee-ded a break, and by the way, they won’t let us bring that much guards to the event, so I thought we should just take twenty guards, eighteen for you and two for me” Ray said, that was still much but I’ll take it, it was better than the hundred guards that was to go with me to the mall the day before yesterday, I had to order the clothes online.
Ray opened the car door for me I got in, he followed and we were driven to the venue. The place was beautifully decorated and the front entrance was packed with fans and reporters, immediately our car drove in, our names were announced and the press rushed towards us as we climbe-d the red carpet.
“Kings, DeVille , smile plea-se” , “how does it feel to be nominated”, “is it true that you’re responsible for the latest predic@m£nt of Knights Empire”, now how did that get out. Most times this press scare me, the guard kept them, press and fans alike, at bay till we got to the interview ground. As was tradition, all nominated Celebrities must be interviewed.
“well, here we have Raymond and Dianne, the number one couple in Carlifornia and the whole of America” the T.V repres£ntative said “ it’s a plea-sure to see you today, I have to say you look really stunning in your Del Vigo dress, and Ray, you’re a sunshine as always”.
“thanks, you also look very beautiful” Ray and I said, well mostly me, Ray wouldn’t dare compliment another lady, when I’m by his side.
“awwwn, thanks, it feels so great coming from two of the t©p models in the world, so Raymond, you’ve won the award for the best male model, four years in a roll, and if you win this year, you will become a legend and enter the hall of fame, so tell me how does it feel” she asked
“well if you must know, I feel nervous and excited, but whoever wins the award, I’m still a winner, because I’ve got the best woman by my side” Ray said and I blu-shed
“awwwn, so ro-mantic, Dianne, I have to say you’re one of the luckiest girl alive, I can say every girl in the world right now wants to be in your shoes, I know I do” she said and I laughed, “ keep dreaming girl” I thought. “Dianne you have also been nominated for the best female model, how does it feel to go head to head with the three times award winner Clarissa” she said and I smiled
“well I feel privileged to be nominated and I really hope I win, as for how I feel about going head on with Clarissa, I think it’s about time, old things must surely pas-s away” I said, and the interviewer nodded.
“well that’s all for now, I wish you the best” she said ending the interview. Ray and I was about to enter the main hall, when another Limo drove in, the door opened revea-ling Clarissa and Jack, so they actually had the courage to come.
“ I should have brou-ght more guards” Ray said when he saw them “in fact I’m calling for more” he said bringing out his phone to call, I quic-kly st©pped him, there’s no way I’m letting him call those hundred guard of his, I’ll just have to be wary of them.
Clarissa’s POV
I watched Dianne, she looked shocked to see us here, did she actually think I’ll allow her defeat me so easily, we had spent the past few days, lying low, and planning, putting everything in order for today, how will she fare when her prince charming is no more, Ray made a big mistake by supporting Diamond, now he’ll have to die with her.
I skipped the interview and went into the hall with Jack, the place was packed with celebrities such as myself, I got myself a drink and watched them, Ray was really sticking close to Dianne, “no matter how close you stick with her Ray, you cannot prevent the impending doom, you should have chos£n me when you had the chance” I thought and took a sip from my glas-s.
“everything is done on my p@rt, make sure you do yours well” Jack said joining me at the table and I nodded, some other celebrities c@m£ to greet me and wish me good luck on winning the award, but I ignored them all, as much as I wanted to win, this is more important, my future depended on this going well. It was soon time for the pres£ntation of the awards, the nominated names where called out and everyone applauded. It
They started giving out the awards, calling the winners of each category one by one. I watched as one of the staffs whispered to Ray, then he went backstage with Dianne, guess it was time for his category. Jack also walked back stage, I hope he wouldn’t do anything stupid or suspicious to ruin the plan.
“now it’s time to give the award to the best male model in the world, phew, I can feel the excitement in the air, I feel very nervous to open the envelope” the M.C said and everyone laughed, most people alre-ady knew who would win, I don’t get why the M.C keeps creating unnecessary suspense. I was asked by the organizers to go backstage, my category was next.
“and the winner is no other than our city’s Darling, our Ray of hope, Raymond Kings” the announcer said just as I got backstage and the hall shook with applause. ten guards were backstage with Dianne and Ray, normally guards were not allowed, but he’s Raymond, who can refuse him, good thing we had planned for this.
“congratulations, go it’s your award not mine, don’t worry I’ll be safe” Dianne said when Ray made an attempt to take her along to the stage, I hope he won’t insist, he hesitated for a moment but later went, without her, the applause increa-sed as he stepped out. “Oh Dianne, wrong move, you should have gone with him”
Raymond’s POV
I collected my award and gave my speech ma-king it short, I wanted to be with Dianne, with Clarissa and Jack here, I didn’t want to leave her side for long, I finished my short speech and was about to head backstage, but the organizers directed me to another seat, I wanted to object but they insisted, saying since this was the last time I was going receive this award, I had to go there, not wanting to disappoint the organizers, I went there, but not before s£nding the other ten guards to her.
They were calling out her category anyway, she would join me immediately she receives her award, I knew within me she was going to win “okay now, the last awards of the ceremony, but not the least, the best female model in the world, we have had great competition in this area, between new comer Dianne DeVille and three times award winner Clarissa Knights, hmmm, I can feel the tension in the air, soooo, the winner of this award is none other than… Dianne DeVille” the M.C said and everyone applauded.
“where’s Dianne?” I thought and got up “Miss Deville, can you come onstage and receive your award” the M.C said again, I was alre-ady heading backstage, the guards I had s£nt were running out “where’s Dianne” I asked them.
“sir, she’s not there, I think she’s been kidnapped all the guards are unconscious” one of them said, I pushed them aside to see for myself, every sig le guard that had been with her was unconscious “are they dead?” I asked. “no sir just unconscious”
Clarissa and Jack must have done this, I quic-kly brou-ght out my phone and activated the tracker on Dianne, good it was on, I called my driver “bring my car to the back entrance” I said and walked out. The organizers tried to st©p me to ask for the whereabouts of Dianne, but I didn’t have time to answer, according to trackers location, they’re alre-ady far from the arena.
I got into my car and the Driver drove off, my guards following behind, only to get caught up in traffic. “What do I do now?” I thought and just then a guy ri-ding a bike drove past, I quic-kly got down and st©pped him.
“can you plea-se lend me your bike, thanks” I said and pushed him off the bike “but..”, “sir, st©p, don’t go alone” I drove off, leaving my guards and the guy. They’ll settle the guy and find their way there “I’m coming Dianne, and this time around, I’m going to kill anyone who t©uçhes you”
Clarissa’s POV
I can’t believe it, the plan had actually worked, as soon as Ray stepped out to give his speech, I alerted Jack, and s£nt his men inside, they c@m£ out two minutes later with Dianne in their arms, she was unconscious, I made sure the hall was empty, and in five minutes time, we were alre-ady out of the premises.
“how are you going to get Ray to come to you and not us” I asked Jack, that was my only concern, Ray always had a way of ruining my plans, I didn’t want him to ruin this also, this was our last chance, our last hope to set things right, I don’t want anything to interfere.
“with this” jack said and re-moved Dianne’s n£¢klace from her n£¢k, I looked at him confused, “it’s a tracker n£¢klace, I saw Ray give it to her at the hospital” he explained and I nodded “good luck on your revenge, I have to go take care of mine” Jack said and we went our separate ways.
My driver drove to the abandoned and alre-ady forgotten factory, where mom was pacing up and down waiting for us, impatiently, I walked up to her “mom” I called.
“Clarissa were you able to…” she st©pped and smiled on seeing Dianne being brou-ght in like an animal all tied up, but still unconscious. “is she dead alre-ady, I wanted to be the one to kill her” mom asked
“no, she’s not, just unconscious, I think a little water should do the trick” I said and mom frowned
“ I didn’t raise you that way Clarissa, why would you think of a little water, when our hands can easily do the job” mom said and I smiled, she had a point, and I’ve always wanted to sl@p Dianne but never had the opportunity to, this is my last chance before she dies.
“can I have the honor” I asked mom and she smiled “of course dear”
Raymond’s POV
I drove the bike to the trackers location on my phone, it was an abandoned warehouse, it was locked from the inside, I went around and saw an open window, I jumped in. “Dianne, Diamond, where are you” I yelled as I ran inside, the warehouse was very big. “where would they have kept her?” I thought as I searched the warehouse. I couldn’t find her anywhere. “but the tracker st©ps here” I thought as I checked my phone again to be sure, I was really worried.
“and as expected the Dog comes to save his bit-ch” I heard Jack’s voice behind me, I turned and saw him standing there with a gun and , and Dianne’s n£¢klace.
“Bastard, where the hell is Dianne, where did…” gboa, gboa, two sh0ts rang in the air.
“your bit-ch is on her way to hell, and you’ll soon join her,” he pointed the gun at me, I rushed towards him to wipe the gun away from his hands, he sh0t the gun again and the bullets grazed throu-gh my arms, but I achieved my goal, I quic-kly punched him and a hvge fight ensued.
I finally pushed him off balance and reached quic-kly for the gun but he had regained his balance and kicked me to the floor, he picked up the gun again, and pointed it at me, “ I don’t know why you bothered fighting me, my guards are right outside and you think they’ll let you leave just like that, you won’t be able to leave this place alive, I think your bit-ch would be burning in hell by now, time for you to join her” he said and c0cked the gun..
Morgana’s POV
“ I’ve always wanted to sl@p her, but I never had the opportunity and now that her hands are tied I can do it” Clarissa said sl@pping her ha-rd on the face, she woke up. I smiled, I really trained a mini me, a ha-rd girl.
“the br@t is finally awake, enjoy the few minutes you have left to live, cause soon you’ll join your family in hell” I said and Dianne spat on me, she actually spat on me, I chuckled and gave her two more sl@ps, ha-rder than the one Clarissa had given her.
“I should have known sooner that you were Dianne’s daughter, you behave just like her, I guess the saying is true like mother like daughter, your mom stole the love of my life, your father and everything that should have belong to me, and you did the same to my daughter, Desmond and Knights Empire should have been mine from the start, your father me t me first but he fell for your stupid mother instead”. I said, her face crea-sed in anger then she laughed.
“are you sure you’re not the stupid one?, he saw you first but he married my mom, even when you finally got married to him, you couldn’t make him love you, and now you couldn’t even figure out that I was Diamond , so tell me, who’s the stupid one” she said
“you’ll not talk to my mother like that” Clarissa yelled and rushed her, I held her back, “don’t waste your energy dear, she’s going to die very soon” I said to her then faced Dianne “you’re very bold,and for that you’re going to die a very slow and painful death, empty the acid into the tank”.
Danny’s POV.
Jessie and I were watching the live coverage of the event along with mom, we were really happy when Raymond awards he was nominated for, then it was time for Dianne’s category “I can’t wait for Dianne to come on stage, I just know she’ll win” Jessie said . and just as she predicted they called Dianne’s name as the winner, but she didn’t come out, then Ray ran backstage “something’s wrong” I thought and my suspicions were confirmed when Ray was filmed leaving the events with his guards.
“I think something is wrong over there” Jessie said worried.
“Don’t worry, everything will be alright, I have to go check it out” I told her k!ss!ngher goodbye “be careful Danny” Jessie and mom said as I left, I quic-kly accessed Dianne’s location from my phone, Ray had given me and some of the guards link to Dianne’s tracker but only three people could activate it, Dianne, Ray and I.
I s£nt the coordinates to Theo asking for back up, incase my suspicions were right that Dianne had been kidnapped, I drove to the location on getting there I discovered it was an old warehouse, there were about fifty guards blocking the door way.
“I can’t go out there alone, I have to look for another way in. I hope the backup gets here on time” I thought and sneaked to the back, I jumped in only to see Jack pointing a gun at Raymond, Raymond was bleeding and he was about to shoot, I quic-kly brou-ght out my gun and sh0t his hands ma-king the gun and him fall to the ground.
Raymond’s POV
When I heard the gunsh0t, I thought I was alre-ady dead, then I saw Jack fall to the ground, then Danny c@m£ to help me up “thanks man” I said, soon we heard gun sh0ts coming from outside, I cared less about that, I bent down to pick Jack’s gun. “where’s Dianne?” I asked Jack.
“go to hell” he said and I sh0t him on the leg, Danny tried to st©p me, but I gave him a look that said back off and he did but not without taking the gun from me. He knew what I could do if I get angry. I stepped on Jacks wound instead, digging in with the sole of my shoe, he screamed “I’ll ask again, where the fv¢k did you keep Dianne?”
“fv¢k, she’s with Clarissa and her mother at the abandoned factory, in Maples Avenue” he said “you better not be giving me a wrong address” I said, “I’m not, I want you to see her dead b©dy, I’m sure she’ll be long dead by now” he said laughing “give me that” I said to Danny dragging the gun from him and sh0t Jack’s second knee.
The door opened to reveal my guards and the police, headed by Theo’s p@rtner, I ignored all of them and rushed outside, jumped on the bike and drove to the factory, “I hope I’m not too late”
Dianne’s POV
I watched in fear as Morgana filled a hvge tank with acid and other toxic chemical, but I was not going to show that fear. “Do you like it, it was my idea you know to have your b©dy disintegrated with chemicals, it serves two purpose, first the face that you used in stealing my love and career will be ruined, you won’t even be able to take it to hell, and second the acid will destroy all evidence” Clarissa said to me and I looked at her in disgust. “you know I can make your death quic-k and painless if you beg me, just cry and beg”.
“never how can a human be so, so” I couldn’t even find the words to describe her. “I’m sure the devil is learning from you and your mother” I said and she laughed. “I’ll take that as a compliment, I know what’s giving you the boldness to talk back, you think Ray will save you, well let me tell you a little secret” she said and leaned closer “we used your tracker to set a tra-p for Ray,Ray’s dead” .
“it’s a lie” I said refusing to believe it, but I couldn’t feel my n£¢klace on my n£¢k, “it can’t be true it’s a lie” I kept saying; “whether you believe it or not, it’s none of my business, you can confirm it when you’re dead”.
“you made a hvge mistake revea-ling yourself and daring me br@t” Morgana said walking towards me, “you should have just stayed hidden, but now you’re going to die, and you’re going to stay that way, dead” she said and dragged me up, I quic-kly pushed them and made to escape but since my legs were tied, I fell.
“awwwn, Mom look she’s trying to escape” Clarissa said laughing and Morgana laughed with her. They dragged me up the stairs, I kept struggling with them, but couldn’t break free, we reached the t©p of the stairs one single push and I’ll fall inside that acid.
I fought back tears, if I was going to die, I would prefer not to die crying, “ok mom, let’s do this together, we’ll push on three, one, two…” Gboa, a gun sh0t rang in the air and I saw Morgana falling off the railing straight into the acid, “Mom” Clarissa cried and rested on the railing of the stairs. I looked at where the sh0t c@m£ from and saw Ray, with Danny behind him. I shed tears of joy.
I heard a crack and I turned to see that the railing Clarissa had rested on had broken and she too was falling off, I instinctively reached out caught her, “Dianne plea-se don’t let me fall, don’t leave me” she cried out.
“Dianne what the hell are you doing” my subconscious yelled “this is the daughter of the one who killed your parent and the same person who tried to kill you twice, just let her fall”. To be sincere I was confused, one p@rt of me wanted to let her fall, the other p@rt of me pitied her, her hands was sli-pping alre-ady, and I couldn’t keep holding her, the stairs was way too weak, and could give way anytime, I did the only thing I could think of, I swung her, that way even if she falls, she won’t fall into the acid. My plan worked and she landed on the ground, I think she broke her legs, but still, she’s alive.
The railing un-der me gave way and I could feel myself falling, but then a hand caught me, the hand that had always caught me, protected me and fought for me, Raymond’s, the same man that had given me so much hope, joy and love. I rested on his shoulder and re-leased all the tears I had been fighting back, as he carried me downstairs.
The railing that had given way un-der me, had fell into the acid creating a splash, which fell on, and burnt half of Clarissa’s face and b©dy. I could not st©p crying, st©p thinking that I would have been the one burnt. “ you don’t nee-d to cry anymore Dianne, it’s all over” Ray said ma-king me bur-st into tears again “st©p crying or I won’t tell you the surprise” Ray said and I looked at him curiously. He bent down and whispered in my ears. “you won the award you wanted, you are the best” he said and I smiled, cried, I don’t even know what I was doing, all I knew was that my parents death have been avenged and I was standing beside the man I loved, all I knew was that it was finally over and I won. THE END.
I was crying while writing this episode, well as they say, everyday is for the thief, one day for the owner, the one that digs a pit will surely fall inside their own pit, Epilogue loading. But quic-k question, of you were Dianne,would you have caught Clarissa???