The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 23 & 24

EPISODE 23 & 24.
Danny’s POV
I left to pick Jessie’s mother up from the airport, Dianne was looking after Jessie at the mansion, while Raymond had gone to talk to the judge, to try and reduce the time given to prove that Dianne is Diamond, and also to make sure that Morgana doesn’t try to manipulate the judge. Yesterday had been so stressful, and to t©p it all I had to actually cuff Jessie to a wheel chair, I think the doctor forgot a bullet in her br@in, she had wanted to walk on her own two legs.
I got to the airport and saw ma’am Jacquelyn she looked worried, she eased up on seeing me. “Danny, how’s my baby girl” she asked in her sweet Parisian accent “is she getting better?” she asked
“yes mom, Jessie is getting better, in fact more than better” I explained to her all that happened as we walked to the car and eventually drove home, editing the p@rt that I cuffed her daughter.
“I’m just glad my daughter is okay, but this Morgana are you sure she’s human, how can someone be so wicked” she said and I smiled, She was fun to talk to. We got home and I took her to Jessie’s room, she was complaining to Dianne who was trying to feed her “Jessie, how are you now?, are you feeling any pain, look at scars all over your b©dy don’t worry I’ll get the best cosmetology to make you a cream that’ll clear this scars” ma’am Jacquelyn bombarded her with questions.
I walked to Jessie and tried hvg her but she pushed me off, oh I forgot, she’s angry with me cause I cuffed her yesterday, why does this girl like torturing me?
“mom, why are you worrying too much, I’m fine, as you can see”
“what is wrong with this daughter of mine, you’re just like your dad, I shouldn’t worry?, I’m your mother for Pete’s sake, and why are you pushing your b©yfri£ndaway” she asked, uh oh, I gave Jessie a pleading look not talk, but she sm-irked and expo-sed me instead.
“Jessie, what did you do that for, do you want to get Danny in trouble, she’s just joking aunt” Dianne said defending me, while Jessie just shrugged
“Danny, you cuffed her, why would you cuff her, you should have done more than that, can’t you see she’s a bundle of trouble, she’s supposed to be resting but she’s busy talking and complaining” her mom said.“finally, someb©dy that un-derstands me” I thought and smiled
“Mom, I’m your daughter, and the one who’s injured, you should be supporting me” Jessie was saying when my phone rang, I walked out to pick it.
“hello Theo, any good news” I asked
“yeah, the chief approved it, we can take Morgana in for questioning”
“okay then meet me up at her house, I’ll leave now” I said and ended the call. “ Dianne, you still want to go, the chief has approved it” I asked Dianne walking inside.
“of course I want to go, I wouldn’t miss the chance to see Morgana, my step mom” Dianne said with a look of disgust. “see you later Jessie, aunt” Dianne said k!ss!ngthem in both cheeks before coming to my side.
“bye mom, Jessie” I pe-cked her, she allowed me this time, and left with Dianne, we got downstairs and about fifty guards surrounded us
“what is this?, leave” Dianne asked confused
“sorry ma, but sir Raymond ordered us to follow you everywhere, you can call him confirm” the head guard said
“can you believe this, hold up” Dianne said and called Ray immediately “Ray, can you plea-se tell the guards to back off”, “what?”, “pleas-sse, but I’m going with Danny” , “Danny could you plea-se talk to your cousin, he’s pissing me off” she said pushing the phone to my direction.
“no way, I’m not saying a word on this, you know how Ray can be when he decides on something” I said and walked to the car, Dianne finished talking to Ray and joined me in the car”
“so overprotective, even the president doesn’t even carry this much guards” she murmured and I smiled. We drove to the Morgana’s house, when we got to the house we met up with Theo, and he handed Derek’s phone to me.
“she has been calling since, but I didn’t pick or end it, seems like she doesn’t know that Derek has been arrested, I didn’t want to ti-p her off, in case she is as bad as you say” Theo said.
The phone rang again in my hands “plea-se can I pick it” Dianne said and I gave it to her. I watched her as she talked to Morgana, threatening her. “what did you do that for” I asked
“I want her to run out scared, she’ll come out herself in a few minutes” Dianne said and just like she said, Morgana c@m£ rushing out, with Clarissa behind. I felt like killing her, Morgana.
Clarissa POV
Mom st©pped suddenly and I bu-mped into her “hello stepmom” I heard her say. I would recognize Dianne’s voice anywhere. I swallowed my saliva in fear, I thought mom said the police will be here in ten minutes, why are they here now, and why was she with them?, are they here to arrest us, do they know everything, is this where it ends?” all this thought ran throu-gh my head in one second.
“oh, I see you brou-ght my loving sister along with you on your escape mission, sorry about the timing though, since I was in coma for twelve years I never learnt to tell time” she said to mom and faced me “I warned you that night that I’ll be back, didn’t I ?” she said staring de-ep into my eyes, I looked down, wondering why I hadn’t notice sooner that she was really Diamond, maybe it was because I had always seen Diamond as an insane girl and a fool, this girl varies from Diamond in every way.
“Morgana, we have been authorized to take you in for questioning immediately, any form of resistance and we will arrest you for non-compliance” one policeman said. I breathed a sign of relief, they were taking only mum, and it’s just for questioning, but why would mom think they were coming to arrest us, and why would they bring this amount of guards, this must be Dianne’s handwork
“ok, but first let me talk to my daughter” mom said to the policeman and walked closer to me to whisper in my ear, Dianne was talking to the other policeman. “don’t come to the police station, call my lawyer and go somewhere safe for now, be very careful and no matter what never reveal anything to anyb©dy you don’t trust, I’ll take care of…”
“times up” the other police said dragging mom
“what the hell, who do you think you are dragging my mom like that, Do you know who she is” I yelled
“of course I do, she’s a criminal, and she’s lucky I’m just dragging her and not killing her” he said and I was shocked beyond words
“young man, be prepared to lose your job, and trust me you won’t be able to get another job, not even as a toilet cleaner” mom threatened and he just laughed
“be careful what you say, it can be used against you in the court of law, and $h!ts like that, get in” he said and shoved mom inside, while Dianne c@m£ up to me, “don’t even think of running, cause I’ll surely find you, you know I always keep my word, bit-ch” she said and walked away with them.
“I have just one person I can trust now, Jack” I thought, walking to my car and drove out.
Dianne’s POV
I knew Danny was just taking her in for questioning but I just couldn’t resist the chance to scare Morgana, it was fun to see her face at that moment, and she looked like she just saw a ghost, and the guards that followed me only intensified things. They were so scared, Clarissa especially, she couldn’t even look me in the eyes. I had seen what I wanted to see, as much as I felt like sl@pping Morgana, I couldn’t do it, it wasn’t me.
I looked at Morgana in the other car with Theo, she looks scared but she’s trying to hide it, she ain’t see nothing yet, I’m going to make sure she get’s life imprisonment, if not a death s£ntence, I picked up my phone and called her lawyer, he picked immediately “ Morgana is going to request your attention, that is if she has not alre-ady called you, if she has don’t go, if she hasn’t called you yet, don’t pick the call when she calls”.
“no problem miss Dianne” he said and I ended the call. Morgana doesn’t know this, but a fair percentage of her workers and investors her loyal to Ray and I, and once this over, I’ll take total control of my father’s company.
“such a big fool, asking me if I know who are mom was, I feel like strangling her” Danny said and I patted him. We got to the police station and Danny together with Theo took Morgana inside, I waited outside, with my fifty guards surrounding me, unfortunately, the only time I want to be in a station again, is to see Morgana and Clarissa behind bars.
“Morgana is being questioned now, you should go home, Ray would be worried if not angry, and Jessie nee-ds to be taken care of, that girl is stubborn “ he said and I nodded, I got into my car and was about to drive out when a familiar car drove in, it was one of ours, I waited to see the occu-p@n-t. I was shocked to see madam Jacquelyn . “what was she doing here” I wondered and c@m£ down to meet her, Danny alre-ady ahead.
“aunt what are you doing here?” I asked
“I wanted to see the witch that s£nt an hit man to my Jessie, you didn’t think I was going to just sit still and be calm, did you?” she asked.
“you really don’t nee-d to be here, we will take care of this” Danny said.
“I know you wouldn’t want me to be involved, that’s why I didn’t let you know, I’m not trying to jeopardize your work son, I’m just here to hurt the person who hurt my Jessie, so back off” she said
“ Danny, I think it’s best you back off, this is mama’s drama, except you want to get on her bad side” I whispered to Danny and he nodded,
“so do you want to hurt her inside or outside, cause she’s inside right now” Danny asked
“what sort of question is that?, of course I’ll hurt her outside” this is going to be fun to watch.
Morgana POV
I can’t believe that wretched human being that calls himself a detective, had the guts to insult me, I’m so going to deal with him when all this is over, and as for Dianne or Diamond, she just made the greatest mistake by revea-ling herself to me, I’m going to get out of this mess and I’m going to end her life, before she does anything more stupid, as for Derek, how could he be so stupid to get himself arrested, now I have to find a way to get him re-leased.
I answered the questions the police, ma-king sure I didn’t admit anything, I had dealt with the police many times at a younger age so I knew how to evade their question, but I knew this was just a temporary solution, if Derek opened his mouth I was doomed for sure, so I have to make sure he kept quiet, either by re-lease or by death.
“madam, if you have not spoken to the person in question for a long time, how is it that you had his current number, and had called him only few minutes before the as-sault was committed, what did you discuss with him, you asked him to kill the girl didn’t you, have you given him any other job before?” the police bombarded me with questions, where the hell is my lawyer, he should be here by now, this questions were becoming too much
I must not show fear, I must show dominance “what sort of an institution is this, I was asked to come here for questioning and I compliedbut I’m being haras-sed instead, do you know what I can do, I’m going to make sure you are fired, where’s your boss” I yelled.
“plea-se calm down madam, this is just procedure”
“you’re directly accusing me of murder and you call that procedure, I’m going to sue you, I’m done with this” I said and stood up, the door opened and another officer c@m£ in, I think a s£nior one, cause the one questioning me immediately stood up.
“Mrs. Knights, what’s wrong” he asked
“I agreed to be questioned because I respect the law but the officers in this are disrespectful, I’m going to call the chief of police now and complain” I said and brou-ght out my phone
“you don’t nee-d to madam, let’s go to my office, you can just give me the names of the guilty officers, and I’ll have them fired” he said and I dropped the phone, now we are talking, this is why I love power, with power you can get away with anything.
“I want two people fired the one who questioned me and the one who brou-ght me here” I said when we got to his office.
“ok, two officers brou-ght you here, which one are you referring to” the officer asked
“the browned haired one, and also I would like bail for the man you just arrested” I said
“I’m sorry ma, I could fire the one who questioned you, but posting bail and firing detective kings is beyond my power, only the chief can approve that. I would appreciate it if you would forgive detective kings for his misconduct, and as for the person you want to post bail for, he will be re-leased in due time if proven innocent”. He said and I hissed
“then you’re useless to me, I’ll just go ahead and call the chief” I said and got up, picking up my phone to call the chief in the process.
Raymond’s POV
I was able to convince the judge and the d@t£ was reduced to one week, not only that I was able to have all of Morgana’s account frozen, she won’t be able to withdraw any money. I also had her authority over Knights Empire suspended till the case is over, now I sat in front of the chief of police, Danny had said he was the only one that could let Derek receive bail, it would be the chief. So I was here to make sure Morgana doesn’t have her way.
“so what you’re telling me is that I shouldn’t grant any of Mrs. Knights wishes, Ray you are a powerful man, but I’m sure you also know how powerful and scary Mrs. Knight is” the chief aid, he was clearly scared of granting my wishes, one thing people like him hate the most is when two powerful people are at logger heads with each other, and bring them in the middle of it, you refuse anyone, you’re in trouble, you support the losing team, you’re also in trouble.
“listen chief, I know what you’re scared of, you don’t have to worry, I never lose, and by the way you won’t be doing anything bad, what you have to do for me is to allow judgment take his true course, so it’s a win-win situation, you do the right thing and still get paid, how does a hundred million sound to you” I said and I watched him gulp, as his greedy eye shone. Another thing about this kind of people, their heart beats money, so to get them on your side you have to pl@ytheir game.
“wow, Mr. Kings, I’m doing this for the justice, but since you want to give me this gift, who am I to reject, I’ll do your bidding, whatever you want” he said and I smiled, “ah, she’s the one calling now, should I pick” he asked and I nodded “put it on speaker” I said and he did.
“hello chief, I nee-d you to do something for me, there is someone I would like re-leased from jail, the same person I had you close his case two years ago, Derek Diego, he was arrested by some of your boys in District 48, not only that I want a young officer, I think his name is Detective Kings, I want him fired immediately, so give the order” she said so authoritative, I wonder what Danny did to anger Morgana, that she wants him fired.
“hello, are you there, can you hear me, why are you not saying anything” the chief looked at me for permission, I gave him a go ahead.
“I’m here Madam, but I’m sorry I can’t help you” he said
“what?, what’re you talking about?, you’re joking right” Morgana’s voice boomed out of the speaker. “ cut it” I told the chief and he did
“you see Mr. kings, I’ll do whatever you ask” he said and I nodded.
Danny’s POV
I stood outside with Dianne and mom, waiting for Morgana to come out, she c@m£ out soon, with an angry look, Dianne smiled as mom walked toward her, “I think I should video this, for do¢v-mentation” Dianne said and brou-ght out her phone
“what are you, what do you want” Morgana asked with an eye roll, so rude.
“you really look like a witch, it must be ha-rd to be ugly right, maybe that’s why you have a heart of stone” mom said and Dianne laughed
“are you crazy, who the fv¢k do you think you are insu…” whack, Mom sl@pped her without letting her finish what she was saying, Morgana looked stunned for a moment “what the…, do you know…” she stammered before another sl@p, two sl@p met her face.
“wow, aunt’s on fire, I know it’s bad to feel good at someone else misfortune, but this feels great” she said taking the words right out of my mouth, she signal for two guards and they c@m£ right away, “make sure that witch, doesn’t l@ya f!nger on aunt” she said and they walked to mom, just as Morgana was about raise her hands on mom. Theo c@m£ out and wanted to intervene but I st©pped him.
“this is just a warning, if anything like a scratch happens to my daughter again, you are going to regret it, what am I saying, my future son in law will make you regret it” Mom said and I smiled.
“awwwn, he’s blu-shing, you’re going to get married to my troublesome friend” Dianne tea-sed me just as mom c@m£ back “aunt, you’re my role model, that was so cool, that’s why you’re called Madame Jacquelyn” she praised mom
“yea yea, let’s go now, that witch has ruined my mood, and I want to check on my daughter, see you later son” mom said, Dianne also waved me goodbye and they both left. “Danny, sir Fred is looking for you, I think you’re in trouble” Theo said and I nodded
“What, what just happened?” I heard Morgana murmuring to herself, I just shook my head and walked in. “Danny what did you do to annoy Mrs. Knight, she wants to have you fired” Fred said and I smiled.
“so am I fired, should I clear my table” I said
“you know you’re indispensable that’s why you keep stepping on powerful peoples foot, one day you might actually get fired” he said and I laughed
“nice joke Fred, I’ll retire before then, I’m going to interrogate the criminal” I said referring to Derek
“wish you luck, he’s refused to say a word” he said, oh he’s going to talk by the time I’m done with him.
Team Diamond thumbs up.