The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 17 & 18

Raymond’s POV
“I can’t believe you Ray, how could you just leave like that” betty said on the phone
“I’m sorry, but I had to leave, Dianne uhm, nee-ds me to uhm, do something important” I lied
“something important, really!, you’re not a really good liar, I think you should just turn Dianne to a purse, so you can take her everywhere” she said and I chuckled
“Thanks for un-derstanding Betty, I owe you one, I alre-ady signed all the important do¢v-ments so there should be no problem, I promise to make it up to you”
“you owe me a ton, and you are surely going to fulfill that promise mister” she said and ended the call.
I drove to Dianne’s Mansion immediately after leaving the airport, I plan to surprise Dianne with my arrival, that’s why I didn’t tell her I was returning today, I hadn’t feel too comfortable leaving her in California in the first place, and when she told me about the trick jack and clarissa had pla-yed on her, I knew I had to get back. Plus I missed her so much. I checked the time, she should be here any moment, her shoot was supposed to end thirty minutes ago. I tried her line it was switched off so I called Jeff “is Dianne not done with her shoot”
“yes sir, she left twenty minutes ago” he said, that’s strange she should be here by now, maybe she’s with Jessie, I ended the call and was about to call Jessie when another call c@m£ in from one of my p@rtners “hello Dylan”
“hey Ray, remember that day I said jokingly you’ll regret not being a pla-yboy like me, but you said you were satisfied with your girlfriend Dianne. then I said…”
“get to the point Dylan” I interrupted him, Dylan is always like that, beating about the bush.
“actually Dude, not to seem like I’m meddling in your personal affairs, but I just saw your girlfriend with Jack at Royal’s, she looked wasted, seems like they are planning to have a fun night” he said
“what ru-bbish are you talking about, are you drun!k” I asked him, very sure he doesn’t know what he’s talking about
“I knew you wouldn’t believe me so I took a picture, I’m s£nding it to you now, I told you h0t girls are never faithful, they are just good for…” he was still talking when I received the image “what the.., I’ll call you back” I said, ending the call.
I ran to my car, driving to the h0tel, what was Dianne doing with jack, I told her repeatedly to stay away from him, and why the hell was she smiling in the picture, something’s not right. I got to the h0tel and ran to the reception. Some of my fans on seeing me rushed towards me but my guards held them off.
“what’s the room number of Jack, you know the model” I asked the receptionist
“yes I do, I’ll marry you” she said with a faraway look in her eyes “what?, excuse me?” I said tapping her.
“oh, I’m sorry but we don’t really give out that kind of information, it’s against h0tel’s policy, you’re going to have to call Mr Owen, the proprietor of the h0tel, I’m really sorry” she said apologizing sincerely
“ listen, I don’t have time for this, I’ll give you the shi-t I’m putting on right now if you tell me”
“suite no 1116, you can take the elevator down at the lobby, st©p at the eleventh floor” she said pointing in the direction
“Thanks” I said taking off the shi-t and throwing it at her. I took the elevator, st©pped at the floor and walked to the suite, I really hope Dianne is not in there, I thought and ban-ged on the door.
“who the fv¢k is that, trying to interrupt my sweet night” I heard jack say from inside, I heard footsteps then the unlocking of the door, jack opened the door, coming out shi-tless, I could see the shock on his face “what are you doing here?, I thought you went to europe” he asked
“where did you go prince, come inside let’s have fun” I heard Dianne’s voice coming from the suite. And I made to walk inside. “where the hell do you think you’re doing, trying to intrude on my privacy” he said blocking my path, I pushed him out of the way and walked inside.
I saw Dianne sprawled on the be-d S-xily, four bu-ttons from her t©p were loosed, her br@ was visible, she turned to me and smiled “ here you are my prince, come on your princess is here for you, it’s so h0t” she murmured and re-moved the last bu-tton, I felt my anger rise, HOW DARE YOU t©uçh HER” I yelled and pounced on Jack .
Clarissa’s POV
I waited for an hour before calling the press, that should be enough time for Jack to have his fun. . I better go to the h0tel, I would love to see Dianne’s face when the press attacks her with questions, with this thought, I got into my car and drove to the h0tel.
At first I didn’t think the plan would work, I mean how would we be able to drug her, but then Jack found a way to put the drug into her drink during her shoot, and it went smoothly from there, I just hope Jack films drugged Dianne in the h0tel room, it’ll be fun to post that on the internet and watch the reactions, I’ll just blur Jack’s face, Dianne won’t be able to show her face in public again.
I got to the h0tel and walked into the reception to get the spare keys of Jack’s suite, in case he had locked it but I saw the receptionist busy snuggling a shi-t “will you st©p snuggling that shi-t and hand me the spare keys of suite 1116 commoner” I said disgusted at her behavior, she handed me the keys and I hissed collecting it.
“where did she get that shi-t, it’s rare and super expensive, maybe a celeb forgot it and she stole it” I thought as I walked into the lobby, I was surprised to see guards in the lobby, wait aren’t these Ray’s guards, and the shi-t the receptionist was snuggling earlier, was from the line Ray had modeled this month, is it possible…, no way Ray’s in Europe.
I hurriedly took the elevator to the eleventh floor, something isn’t right, I better warn Jack and the press might show up soon. I got to the suite and opened the door “R.r.ray” I stammered, how is he here, he had beaten Jack to pulp and was still pouncing on him, I was too scared to walk in, I don’t want to be on the other side of Ray’s anger again.
Fortunately one of his guards c@m£ to the rescue, “sir, the press are on their way here” he informed Ray and Ray st©pped beating Jack.
“Get my car re-ady, and tell the other guards to get here, we’ll take the back entrance, no one must see Dianne in this manner” he said and walked inside to carry Dianne, I stood at the far corner of the door, giving Ray room to pas-s. With Dianne in his arms resting peacefully, he walked out, not sparing me a glance, I watched as his guards surrounded him in such a way, you wouldn’t even know he was carrying someone.
I rushed inside as soon as they left “Jack are you alright, you’re injured” I asked cleaning the blood on his face
“I’m fine” he replied weakly and spat out blood.
“good, let’s go, the press are on their way” I said helping him up. We were able to get to my car without any reporter seeing us “How did Ray get here, or did he know if our plan all along” I asked Jack as I drove off
“ I don’t know, but I don’t think he knew of our plan, if he did he wouldn’t have let it get this far, Damn it my face hurts and I didn’t even get what I wanted, this whole thing is messed up” he said and hit my car cushion
“hey don’t hit my car, where was all this strength when Ray was beating you up” I said and he glared at me “whatever, I’ll just take you to the hospital, before the injuries become scars, we’ll plan our next move when you’re better” I told him and he nodded spitting out blood.
We got to the hospital and Jack was admitted, while I went outside to get some fresh air, to clear my head. I was surprised to see Ray outside also, he was just staring into space, perhaps trying to comprehend the whole situation “what’s he doing here, maybe he had also admitted Dianne here. ” I thought
He looked a bit calm now, “this is my chance” I thought, maybe if I go and try to convince him, that I have no hand in this, that Dianne had been flir-ting with Jack and deceiving him when he was in Europe, he might believe me, after all Dianne won’t have any memory of what happened and won’t be able to defend herself. “ Yes I’ll do just that this could still work out”. I said out loud and walked towards Ray.
Clarissa’s POV cont’d
I walked to Ray and tried to t©uçh his back but I st©pped “maybe I shouldn’t” I thought and withdrew my hands “Ray, I know you must be enraged right now, I am too, I couldn’t believe that Jack would cheat on me, especially not with my rival” I started “that was why I went to the h0tel immediately I heard the rumor, I wanted to confirm whether it was really true, I was really shocked to see you guys in that position, Dianne wasted on the be-d and you beating up my Jack” I said and wiped fake tears
“the truth is during those days you went to Europe, Dianne and Jack bec@m£ closer, I really wanted to believe that it was just a colleague relationsh!p, but today has shown the truth, they were deceiving us Ray, you have to accept that she’s been lying to you, and not only is she a liar, she’s a drug add!çt and a fv¢king slut” I said and t©uçhed his arm to comfort him.
“CLARISSA” he yelled and gr-ab me by the throat “how do you sleep at night with all the evil you do ?, how can you call yourself human?, do you think I’m stupid, that I’ll believe you, I feel like killing you right now, it’ll get rid of half the problem ” he said gr-abbing my throat ti-ghter
“R.r.ray, you’re choking me” I stuttered trying to re-lease myself from his grasp
“what did she ever do to you to make you hate her this way, why are you so hell bent on ma-king her life difficult, listen to me carefully Clarissa, I may have not been there to protect her the first time you tried to kill her, but I’m here now, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you guys don’t harm her again” he re-leased me from his grasp and walked away.
I slumped on the ground g@sping for breath. “what did he mean by the first time I tried to kill her, I just met her three months ago, what’s the problem, and if I’m one half, who’s the other?”.
Danny’s POV.
I searched Morgana’s data base for information on Derek but there’s no information on him. “since he’s Clarissa’s Dad, i should be able to find some information if I go to where Clarissa was born” I thought and searched for the hospital instead “got it” I said and immediately drove to the hospital.
“where can I find the birth records office” I asked the receptionist when I got to the hospital showing her my I.D
“Down the hall, second door by the left” she said and I walked towards the direction she wanted. I walked inside the office, there was an elderly lady in there. “ can I help you? ” the lady, I think secretary asked.
“yes, I’ll like to check the birth record of Clarissa Knights, born on the first of June, 1997”
“are you a relative of hers, we only re-lease such information to the family or…”
“or the police” I interrupted her “I’m from CDP, the California Police Dep@rtment” I said showing her my I.D
“oh, I’m sorry, can you wait while I get it, it might take a while” she said getting up
“I’ll wait” I told her, ten minutes later she returned with a file, I collected it, it was Clarissa’s record, I checked the name recorded as the Father, Derek Diego, I hurriedly copied his address, contact and most importantly his identification number. “thanks” I told her and left.
I got into my car, as I drove to the address, I called my p@rtner “ I’m going to s£nd you an identity number, I nee-d you to s£nd me his profile” I told her
I reached the address and got down from the car, it was an ap@rtment building. How will find him, I don’t even have a picture of him, I just hope Jessie hurries with the profile.
“excuse me for a bit, do you know anyone that goes by the name, Derek, Derek Diego” I asked a lady.
“sorry but I don’t, I just moved here recently, maybe you can ask madam J, she’s the landlady, her ap@rtment is over there” she said
“Thanks” I told her and went to the ap@rtment, “hello, Madam J” I called out as I knocked on the door.
“nob©dy let’s an old lady rest in peace anymore, close your eyes for a minute and someone comes knocking” I heard her say from the inside, then the door opened to reveal a short grey haired lady “who are you?”
“sorry for the disturbance ma’am, I’m from the CDP, I c@m£ to ask about Derek Diego, I was told you might know him”
“that hooligan, of course I know him, it’s ha-rd to forget someone who burnt your first floor, he and that witch, do you know they had a daughter, that little wee devil, burnt my grandson f!nger once, I would have….”
“does he still live here” I interrupted the old lady
“that’s rude you know, cutting off an old lady” she said and I gave an apologetic look “I chased him out years ago, right after the witch left with her daughter, she was the one paying the bills you know, I heard she got married to some rich widower, good for her, bad for the widower”
“do you know where he moved to” I asked her hopefully
“don’t know, don’t care, if you see him though, can you tell him he still owes me 500 dollar, I nee-d money now in my last days, bye” she said and walked inside. “Where do I find him now, I just hope my p@rtner was able to do better” I thought and was about to call him, but he beat me to it.
“dude, you won’t believe what I just discovered” he asked excitedly
“so you remember that cute insane girl that was attacked last two years, I always thought that it was weird, his death and everything, but since her mama didn’t want to do anything about it, I let it go”.
“I know it was weird, everyone thought so, where are you going with this”
“ chill dude, when I typed in the ID number you gave me, his profile popped up, I thought it was weird that you’ll ask me to get you the profile of a dead man, so I did a little computer work, turns out this dude is alive, and he’s in Brooklyn”
“wow” I said, this just made arresting him much easier “plea-se I nee-d you to copy his address, get an arrest warrant from the chief and meet me at the airport, we’re going to Brooklyn”.
Morgana’s POV
“finally you picked” he said immediately I picked his call he’s been trying to reach me since I threatened him earlier.
“are you regretting what you did, are you calling to beg, forget it you messed up big time” I told him
“will you listen to me, I didn’t s£nd any package, why will I think of threatening you, you’re my money bank, and by the way the police thinks I’m dead, so why would I b!ow my perfect cover” he said
“well who else would do it?, the only people that know the truth of their death are you, Clarissa and I ” I said reasoning with him, he was right, he might be greedy, but he’s not stupid, he knows I’m his only means of survival.
“I think this is a tra-p, don’t do anything rash just think about anyone who blames you for their death and would want to tra-p you, then you s£nd the list to me, I’ll take care of them my way” he said
“Thanks Derek, I’m sorry I doubted you” I said and ended the call. “Who would threaten me, Clarissa is not dumb enough to tell that Jack and he has no reason to threaten me” I thought and listened to the recording again, this was what I said at the grave site, and I only saw two people at the grave site that day. The cemetery caretaker and that girl, Diamond’s friend, did she record this, but she had alre-ady gone when I said this, or was she there.
Then there’s Dianne, why was the name Knights written in that picture, what image was in that ph0togra-ph. Now that I think about it, she seems suspicious, why did she choose to invest so much money in Knights even though she’s Clarissa’s rival, she’s bearing the name of my former best friend, the late Desmond’s wife and she is mainly friends with Diamond’s friends.
The first day I saw her, her eyes looked familiar, but I had brushed it off and not thought about it because I nee-ded her money and those words she said that day “ you can’t trust anyb©dy, a woman can kill her best friend, a wife, her husband” maybe I’m just being paranoid especially about the familiarity thing but it’s better to be safe than sorry. I quic-kly called Derek.
“ I have my list, Jessie and Dianne, you can kill the first one but the second is important to me, I nee-d to get more information on her first” I told him
“okay, anything else” he asked and I thought about it
“yes, I nee-d you to add Raymond Kings to that list, I know it’ll be ha-rd but you have to make sure you do this” I told him and ended the call. Raymond was the closest to Diamond even closer to her than her father, as far as I know they were friends from childhood and she was his only friend, he might be trying to have justice for his friend, I can’t take any risk, I can’t let anyone ruin my ha-rd work.