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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The prettiest of them all 2 Episode 15 & 16

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I brought out the documents to go through, immediately Morgana ended the call, something was fishy, why did she ask me to take my time, when she was previously in a hurry to take the documents. Well, I’ll just do what she asked me to do ‘take my time’.

As the event started, I took my time to go through the documents, I noticed another section of the document that doesn’t look like the rest, “what’s this?” I thought and checked it very well ‘wait a minute, this looks like the power of attorney my father gave me, but there’s no way this could be it, that means this is the fake one Morgana used to fool everyone” I thought and quickly called Jeff. She just made my job easier.

“you called for me ma” Jeff said walking in

“yes, please have this scanned, photocopied and brought back immediately” I told Jeff handing him the power of attorney and he left. She must have left it there by mistake, seems like the universe’s on my side, now I just have to get the real one from where I had hidden it. With the real and fake power

of attorney, I’ll be able to prove she’s not the rightful owner of Knights Empire, what remains now is evidence to prove she killed my parents.

Jeff came back with it and I kept it back with the other documents, making sure to keep it to keep it the way I found it, I also placed the tiny microphone Danny had given me inside the documents, I kept everything inside the wardrobe and walked downstairs to greet the guest, most of the guest came with their partners, it made me miss Ray more.

“here’s our host, looking as beautiful as ever, so have you placed the microphone inside the documents, I think I saw Morgana somewhere” Jessie said walking towards me with Danny, they looked awesome together.

“yes, I had better go get the documents for Morgana.” I said, walking back upstairs

“make sure you say something, when you get there, say it in a whisper and in a normal tone. we need to test if the mic is working properly” Danny said and I nodded. I walked back upstairs to my room and was shocked to see morgana in there. She was bent over the drawer. The first thing my mind flashed to the photograph in there.

“ what are you doing here, Morgana” I asked hiding my fear. she looked shocked

“Di.ii.ianne “ she stuttered “I didn’t see you there, actually I was looking for the bathroom when I came into your room by mistake, I was about to leave when I noticed the

open drawer, so I decided to help you close it, there are a lot of people downstairs, anyone could just enter and steal something, you have to be careful you know” I watched her as she spoke, does she know?, she doesn’t look like she knows, but still morgana is a very cunning woman.

“Dianne, are you okay?” she asked

“yes, yes, I was just surprised, that’s all, well, since you’re here I might as well give you the documents” I said and brought the documents out from the drawer, I glanced at the photograph that was still turned to the back, I really hope she didn’t see it. I signed the documents and handed it to her.

“welcome to Knights Empire Dianne” she said and extended her hands for me to shake, I stared at it and she withdrew her hands “oh sorry I forgot you were allergic to dirt, see you downstairs” she said walking out

I sat on my bed, I was really worried, I just hope nothing goes wrong “Dianne was morgana here?, I heard her voice through the earplug” Jessie asked as she and Danny walked in “what’s wrong bestie”

“Jessie, I think morgana saw our family picture, I think she knows I’m Diamond” I told them as Jessie sat beside me

“what!, what do you mean?” they asked at the same time

“well I came inside to get the documents and test the mic, but I saw morgana inside bent over the drawer, where I had kept the photograph, I’m so scared”

“don’t be scared Dianne” Danny said patting my back “I heard your whole conversation, the way she talked a lot, she seemed as one who’s scared, not suspicious”

“yes, he’s right, and he’s a detective, so surely he must know these things, so no need to get scared, even if she finds out, she can’t touch you”. Jessie said assuringly

“yes you are right, she can’t touch me, at least for as long as she needs me, and since the mic is working, we can know whatever she’s planning ahead” I said calming down a bit.

“yeah you are right, so cheer up, let’s go downstairs the auction is about to start, the guest might get worried” she said and we got up to leave.

“…… any money made today goes to the orphans and less privileged all over the world, so lets put that in mind…….” The M.C was announcing when we got downstairs, I quickly scanned the hall for morgana, she saw me and smiled “don’t be scared, you’re Dianne, not Diamond” I told myself and smiled back.


“Finally, we’re here” Jack said when we arrived at the mansion, I ignored him and instead admired the expensive decorations, this investor lady really had taste, maybe I could talk her into sponsoring my career. We walked into the main hall, the place was filled with important and famous people, I hope that Dianne is not here. I don’t think I can stand her.

“10 million” I heard her voice, speak of the devil. Seems like they were holding an auction and what better way to show your superiority than in an auction, I took a flag.

“15 million” I said raising my flag

“Clarissa are you crazy?, you want to pay 15 million for a product you don’t know” Jack said and I smirked.

“you don’t know me jack, to put Dianne below me, I can pay billions”

“20 million” another guest said

“25 million” Dianne said

“100 million” I said earning gasps and stares of admiration

“can anyone beat 100 million, anyone?” the M.C asked and I glanced correction, glared at anyone who would dare “well since no one can beat 100 million this round goes to flag 49, miss Clarissa knights” the M.C said and I smiled victoriously, I looked at Dianne, she was also smiling, why is she smiling?, she lost.

“since, that’s the last round, we’ll give our host time to talk” the M.C continued “ I present to you, our host, the famous DD, miss Dianne DeVille” He said and everyone applauded. What’s he talking about, how can Dianne be the host, the investor is the host

“I want to thank all of you for coming here today and to support my cause to help the orphans and less privilege, around the world, I also want to thank our biggest donor, Clarissa Knights, I have to say I was surprised at her generosity…..” she was still talking when I saw mom coming in.

“Clarissa, you’re finally here, I was worried…” “ mom, is the investor, Dianne DeVille” I interrupted

“yes, didn’t you…. what the hell Dianne, you donated 100 million, what were you thinking?” mom yelled.

Jack’s pov
I watched Dianne as she walked down the podium with such elegance; Clarissa looked so pissed and shocked when Dianne was announced as the host. She must really be seething in anger right now, that’s her problem, I have a mission and anything else comes after. I walked up to Dianne who was talking to that girl I had nearly stripped in high school, the computer geek, she looked prettier now, I wonder how she’ll look on my bed. Focus Jack, Dianne first, other girls later.

“it’s an honor to meet the beautiful DD” I said to her but she just ignored me, ouch. “you don’t want to ignore me Dianne, the press are here, what would they say when they see you snubbing a guest” I said and she turned to my direction.

“what do you want” she asked. the geek girl left, but not before giving me a glare. I smirked at her behind.

“I want you, it’s a shame, such a beautiful creature all alone without a partner, well I’ve come to fill that void” I said giving her a charming smile and at the same time caressing her hands

“I think you forgot who my partner is and what he can do” she said snatching her hands away “if you try to touch me again, I will make sure you lose a finger, I wonder how hard it will be to model with one finger cut” she said turning to walk away

“it’s funny how naïve you are, you trust Ray so much but he didn’t waste time to find a sexy woman to warm his bed at night” I said and she turned back

“what rubbish are you saying” she asked, obviously angered that I had insulted her Ray.

“ah, I knew you won’t believe me so i brought evidence, your precious Ray, making out with another woman” I said handing her the picture of Ray and Lisa. Lisa had taken it in such a way, one would actually think they were making out, and her revealing dress only intensified it

“you see Ray might seem like the perfect man on the outside but this is really what he is on the inside, I dare say I’m better than him, at least I’m not in any relationship, all the girls I’m ever with knows their place, but for Ray to deceive you this way, it’s really disgusting” I told her and she looked like she was about to cry.

“how could Ray do this to me, after all we’ve been through together, what does he think of me?, I’m so breaking up with him right now” she said bringing out her phone to call Ray. I smiled victoriously, I knew this plan would work, Dianne seems like the kind of lady that won’t let a man deceive her, and if she thinks Ray is such a man she’ll surely severe ties with him. very soon, Ray and Dianne will be separated and I’ll have Dianne all to myself.





“I’m so breaking up with Ray” I said and brought my phone, I saw him smile victoriously and I couldn’t help but laugh “is that want you thought I would say?, tell me, how was my acting?” I said still laughing he looked confused “ahh” I sighed shaking my head “it’s sad you know, that you guys try so hard, do you think I’m stupid, listen, even if you and that bitch over there” I said pointing to Clarissa “find a way to put Ray and some naked woman in the same bed, I’ll still trust him, get that into your brain dickhead” I said and walked out on him.

I can’t believe they would even think of turning me against Ray, aissh its getting me angry, I’m missing Ray so much and now they are making me jealous.

“what do you mean I don’t get anything, after losing as much as 100 million to Dianne, I don’t get anything to show for it” I heard Clarissa shouting at Williams, the man in charge of the auction and I walked up to the them

“what do you mean you don’t get anything?; didn’t you tell her Williams, you get to have your picture hanged in the halls of the foundation homes, I’m just worried that it might give the children nightmares, cause with the way your face is, I don’t think it deserves to be made into a floor mat” I said and she tried to slap me. I caught her hands “don’t let me be a bad hostess Clar, the press are here” I said and released her hands

“you picked the wrong person to become an enemy to Dianne, you hide in the shadow of Ray thinking I won’t get to you, but guess what?, Ray’s tired of you, and soon he’ll leave you all alone to your fate” she said and I rolled my eyes, she’s trying to use the same trick as jack, should I play along or just ignore her” I thought as my phone rang, I smiled when I saw the caller.
“are you sure about that clarissa, cause Ray’s calling me right now” I said and waved my phone in her face “you’re invited to eaves drop on the conversation but trust me you won’t like it” I told her and picked the call.

“hello prince charming, how’s Europe?” I said to Ray

“boring without you, princess, how’s the party going over there”

“great, will you believe Clarissa actually donated 100 million, the fool was competing with me, you should have seen her face when she knew I was actually the one throwing the party” I said and glanced at Clarissa who was a foot away from me, so shameless

“I wish I could have seen that, uhm baby, I want to tell you something, promise you won’t get mad?” he asked and I smiled

“you want to tell me, that an almost naked girl kissed you”

“yes, how did you know?” he asked sounding surprised

“well, jack and Clarissa showed me the picture, will you believe they actually thought I would break up with you”

“what the hell, Jack came close to you, that son of a bitch” Ray said angrily, wow, he’s really good at changing moods

“chill, my knight in tuxedo armor, this princess can handle herself” I told him and he chuckled

“I’m sorry though, I should have known Lisa would try something like that”

“I’m not angry at you Ray, the girl saw an opportunity and grabbed it, it’s my fault anyway, for allowing the most handsome man in the world go on a business trip alone, I would have done the same if I were in her shoes

“wait what”

“I’m just joking”

“you love teasing me don’t you, I got to go now, make sure you stay away from Jack, I’ll try to come back as soon as possible, I love you”

“yes sir, I love you too” I said and ended the call. I turned and saw Clarissa glaring at me “did you hear our conversation, your plan failed” I told her and walked away to enjoy the remaining part of the party.

Morgana’s POV

I got home and dropped my bag angrily on the table I still can’t believe Clarissa had wasted 100 million, that girl can be so careless with money, she’s one of the reasons Knight’s empire is bankrupt, with all her expensive cosmetic surgeries, if she wasn’t my daughter, I would have gotten Derrick to deal with her, but even he can’t torture his own daughter.
I brought out the power of attorney and scanned through it, not one page was missing, but that Dianne seems suspicious, she’s Clarissa’s rival, but is still investing in a company that Clarissa is the sole heiress, and that photograph, why did it have Knights name on it, and why was it hidden away so carefully, too bad I didn’t see the picture, Dianne just had to show up.

“madam, a man dropped this earlier, said I should make sure it gets to you” one of my maids said startling me

“how many times have I told you guys to knock before entering my study” I yelled at her.

“I’m sorry ma, it’s just that the man said it’s important I give it to you, once you returned” she said shaking in fear.

“give it to me, who was he?” I asked as I took the envelope from her

“he didn’t say his name ma, and I didn’t get to see his face, he was all covered up, like a criminal” she said.

“go” I told her, what does she mean like a criminal, I opened the envelope, there was a letter, and a phone, I opened the letter, “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID, I KNOW YOU KILLED THE KNIGHTS FAMILY” what the fuck, who the hell is this. I brought out the phone and unlocked it, there was only one file in it, a recording, I played it. What the hell, it was a recording of me confessing to killing them. I quickly took my phone to call the one person I know who could do this

“hello hottie , I mis…” “shut the fuck up derrick, you think this is a joke, you think is fun to threaten me” I yelled at him, interrupting his greetings

“what the fuck are you talking about?” he said and I laughed

“ you think I’m dumb, you think I don’t know you sent this package, to get more money, Listen to me carefully, you were the one who killed them, and I don’t care if you’re the father of my only child, you’re are going to end up in jail if you try something stupid” I threatened him careful enough not to admit anything.

Jack’s POV
That party last night was a total disaster, a total failure, not having Dianne is getting me angry, making me want her more, I haven’t want a girl, the way I want her, but she keeps eluding me,and she keeps making fun of me I threw the bottle of scotch I was holding and watched it crash to the floor.

“this is all your fault you know, if you weren’t all ‘I don’t want to spoil my chances with her I must have her’ we would have dealt with her by now, after all the claims you made, didn’t you say no woman could resist you, I’m so disappointed” Clarissa said deliberately hurting my pride

“will you shut up?” I yelled at her “I can still get her, I will still have her” I said and she scoffed

“stop fooling yourself Jack, there’s no way she’s going to leave Ray for you”

“she doesn’t have to, Ray’s going to leave her after I’m done with her” I said and smiled deviously

“what are you planning jack”

“I’m no longer patient, Dianne rejected me, no girl has ever rejected me, I’m going to have her by force” I smiled at the image in my head

“you get to have what you want, but what about me?”

“Don’t worry, you’ll also get what you want, by the time Ray returns, he would be in doubt if this was the California he left”

Dianne’s POV

I was driving home from the commercial shoot, when Danny called. “what’s new” I asked picking the call and putting it on BT speaker

“Morgana took the bait, I know who the killer is, I just have to get his profile and location” danny said.

“really, that’s good, who’s he?”

“Clarissa’s father, his name’s Derek” Wow, so Clarissa’s dad was the killer. What did my family ever to do theirs to deserve this. Clarissa’s father killed my dad, Morgana killed my mom, while Clarissa tried to kill me and would have succeeded if not for Ray.

“so did Morgana confess to the crimes this time around” I asked hopefully.

“no, she didn’t, she’s really smart, that’s why I have to find this Derek guy, before she realize it was a bait, I have to go now, just called to inform you”.

“thanks Danny, bye” I said and ended the call. I was feeling dizzy and relaxed, I stopped the car for a bit to get myself.

Jack’s POV
I watched as her car slowed down and finally came to a stop. The drug must be in affecting her now for her to stop the car. I got down and walked to her car, “Ray,I thought you were in Europe , why are you here, and why are you glowing” she said smiling, the effects of drugs.. she looked super sexy, with her messed up hair

“I have to say, good plan, so are you going to just rape her with your eyes or are you going to get on with it” Clarissa said behind me.

“I’ll take her to the hotel, you call the press anonymously”

“I know what to do, stop acting so bossy all because your plan is going well” Clarissa said and took my car.

“make sure you don’t call them too soon, I don’t want them ruining my fun” I told her as she left, while I carried Dianne from the driver’s seat and took her car. The plan was simple, drug Dianne, sleep with her, I get what I want. Clarissa call’s the press to see her in her drugged and dazed state, Dianne’s reputation gets destroyed, Clarissa gets what she wants, Raymond gets devastated and leaves her, we get what we want.

“you look really hot Ray” Dianne said and I looked at her at the back seat, she was really high, she was staring at me sexily and smiling. the drug’s working too well. Its code name was “the happy pill” once you’re high on it, you feel very happy and relaxed, you’ll see whatever you want to see. At this rate, she’ll sleep with me happily and when the drugs finally clear off, she won’t remember a thing.


We got to the hotel and I took her to the room, I and I placed her on the bed and she giggled “you know, if you had just accepted earlier, I wouldn’t have done this, but no, you wanted only Raymond, what you don’t know is that no one rejects jack, once I want someone, I get them, and now, I’m going have you” I said as I took off my clothes .




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