The prettiest of them 2 all Episode 7 & 8

Episode 7/8
Dianne’s POV
“She’ll get away with it” I told Jessie, we were in my house, getting re-ady to watch Clarissa’s press conference
“There’s no way anyone will believe her, I mean she was caught red-handed” Jessie replied. I shrugged
“You’ll see” I said and switched on the TV
🎥”Miss Clarissa, is it true that the dress you wore at the gala was fake” one of the reporters asked.
“Well yes, but I didn’t know of that until the gala”
“How can you not know of that, I mean you were the one who ordered it right” another asked
“Well, it was my as-sistant who did, and it was when I questioned her that she confessed she had purposely ordered the fake one”
“And why would you do that, where you paid by someone to disgrace Clarissa” this time the question was directed at the as-sistant who looks like she would faint any moment.
“The truth is that my grandmother was sick and nee-ded a heart transplants, the surgery was too expensive, that was why I had to do that, I never knew they would find out. I’m really sorry, super sorry” the as-sistant said bowing down
“As she said, it was all on purpose, but I can’t fault someb©dy for trying to save a life, her grandmother’s life is more important than any dress, that is why I decided to forgive her, and I even decided to support her in anyway she nee-ds my help” Clarissa’s said walking out with her as-sistant.
“Okay that’s it for today’s press conference, I hope everyone of you has realized how kind-hearted our supermodel is, and I hope we put this act of kindness in mind before spre-ading rumors about her next time” the manager concluded. I switched off the TV.
“Wow, I have to say Clarissa really knows how to act, she seriously nee-ds an award, I am believed her” Jessie said clearly surprised
“I told you, she’ll get away with it, I wonder how much they paid the as-sistant, for her to lie that way”.
“Well we have to get to college now, I have a big test to think of and you’ve got a big pest to squash” she said and I laughed hearing her refer to Clarissa as a pest. We got into the car and was driven to college, Brighter Starz college, founded by Starz so celebrities and kids of super rich parent could have a normal or somewhat normal education. We got to the parking lot and I c@m£ down along with Jessie. The students around began taking pictures of me, I just smiled at them and walked on.
We walked to the principal’s office, I had to discuss somethings with him, while Jessie waited outside for me. When I c@m£ out I didn’t see Jessie, so I sat down to wait for her, when two girls walked by
“Gosh, it’s DD, she looks like a goddess” a young girl said to her friend,
“Look at the way her skin glows, come let’s go say hi” her friend said
” Are you crazy?, she’s a supermodel” the first girl said but her friend dragged her towards me anyway. I smiled at them.
“H..iii..i” the first girl stammered seems like she’s the shy one ” help me” she said to her friend who seemed more confident
“Sorry, my friend here, I mean both of us are your biggest fans, we buy every product you endorse, you’re really beautiful” the friend said
“Thank you, you guys are also beautiful” I replied
“I LOVE YOU” the shy one whisper yelled, I smiled “I mean can we take a picture” she said quietly
“Of course I replied and she pas-sed the phone to Jeff who took a picture of us.
“Thanks so much” they said “I’m so going to come to school everyday from now on” the shy one said as they walked off.
“You’re really nice, other celebrities would have snubbe-d them” Jessie said coming towards me.
“Well I’m not other celebrities” I replied standing up
“I know, come on let’s go, the news has alre-ady spre-ad, famous DD is in our school” she said and I smiled as we walked off.
Clarissa POV
I walked out off the conference, good thing that’s over now, I can’t imagine, I had to hvg that as-sistant of mine, “so disgusting” I thought within me as I sprayed myself with sanitizer. “Is she gone” I asked my manager referring to the as-sistant.
“Yes, I paid for her scholarsh!pand had her carried to another continent” he said and I smiled
“Good” I said
“Yes, but plea-se try not to do something like that again, you know you’re a model, so not only your reputation is at stake, but the reputation of all the companies you repres£nt” he said.
“Ok manager, see ya” I said and told my driver to drive off” I can’t believe I have to go to clas-s after all this stress” I complained to no one in p@rticular.
As we drove to school, I got a call from Mom.
“Hello Mom” I saw picking up the call
“You did a good thing clearing up those rumors” she said
“Well, i learnt from the best, I’m your daughter afterall” I replied
“If you say so, you have to prove it”
“What do you mean by that”
“The soon to be major investor of the company is having some doubts about you, she said you have to get her to sign the do¢v-ments yourself”
“How much is she investing”
“5.8 billion”
“What!, Isn’t that too much, I mean what job is she doing to enable her give such amount of money”.
“Don’t know, don’t care, you see why it’s so important you get this deal, we can’t afford to lose her at all”
“Don’t worry, I’ll get her to sign, you know I can do anything for money and power”
“I know that’s why I’m trusting you, I’ll be paying a visit to your dad’s grave today, it’s his memorial, do you want to come”.
“I don’t get why you are going there, it’s not like the press is still monitoring you” last year’s memorial the press had followed her about to see if she was grieving for the death of her husband. Since there had been rumors that she only wanted his company.
“You never know, they might still be watching, remember in the world of fame it’s better to be killed by the sword than..”
” Than to be killed by the pen” I completed “anyway have fun, I’m not coming” I said, there was no way I was going to cry for someone who isn’t related to me, last year’s was bad enough, it ruined my make-up an I couldn’t pose for a picture with the Arabian prince, a son of my dad’s friend
We got to school and I walked inside the clas-s, I was about to go to my seat when I saw someone was seated there, with her head down, who dare sit there ,I had that seat cushioned to my taste. “Hey, bit-ch, who do you think you are sitting on my seat” I said
“Gosh, you’re giving me such a headache” she said raising her head “must you be such a loudmouth” I looked at her it was Dianne what the hell was she doing here, I don’t care.
“I give you five seconds to get your as-s off my chair or I’m going to have my guards fling you away” I said, I just hated the girl, imagine she comparing me to a rag.
“Careful Clarissa” she said smiling “after all the acting you did at the press conference today, you wouldn’t want to ruin your ha-rd work do you, I can just see the headlines, “model Clarissa can forgive someone for spending her money and giving her fake dress, but she can’t forgive her colleague whom she claims idolizes her for sitting in her chair” she said.
“You don’t want me as your enemy Dianne” I whispered in her ears
“What if I do” she replied challenging me with her eyes to do my worst, I looked at the clas-s, some of the self proclaimed press were alre-ady videoing it.
“You can have the seat, but just know that this seat is the only thing you’ll be collecting from me” I said
“Actually, I don’t want it anymore, it feels like fake” she said walking out while everyone in the clas-s laughed
Dianne’s POV
I wasn’t really in the mood for Clarissa right now, I wanted to go see my parents grave yard and today was the only free day on my schedule to do so, I didn’t want to go alone that was why I c@m£ with Jessie to school, so we could go together after she was done with her test. I had just used the opportunity to sign some do¢v-ments the principal nee-ded from me.
Jessie c@m£ out from her clas-s, she was not in the same dep@rtment with me, she was study something about software, well computer stuff. “Sorry for keeping you waiting” she said when she got to where I was sitting.
“No problem” I replied standing up, we took her car since we didn’t want to attra-ct anyone, one wrong move and Morgana might figure out who I am, and if she does, she’ll do anything in her power to make me disappear. The only way I could truely be safe was if I took away every power she had from her hands.
We got to the cemetery and Jessie drove in, to the place where my parents were buried, I got down from the car with flowers, Jessie stood at a respectable distance “Mom, Dad, brother” I said sitting close to the grave. “How are you guys doing over there, hope you’re okay” I said crying “I don’t even know what to say, I’m sorry I had not visited sooner, I was busy, busy avenging your death, I still am, and I promise to do so” I wiped my tears which kept flowing out that Jessie had to come down to console me “your killers are busying enjoying life right now, thinking they’ve utterly destroyed the Knights but what they don’t know is that as long as I Diamond knights is alive, I’ll bring them down to their knees” I said.
“Did I just heard someone say that Diamond knights is alive” we heard a voice behind us and we turned to see Morgana coming towards us.
“Oh no she can’t see me here” I thought wi-de-eyed
Hmmmmm, let me not say anything, I’m just crossing my f!ngersfor Dianne.