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June 18, 2021


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The president’s wife episode 7

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The president’s wife
Episode 7

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

I fake-smiled ignoring her question then ushered her inside, I can smell the most sweetest and rare fragnance oozing from her body as she walked inside and sat on my bed… “Yes I have to create a stupid excuse just to go meet Amanda asap” I thought to myself standing still.. I don’t want Amanda don’t believe me?, that’s it na…Okay junior Jason has be woken up by her message that’s why I have to get to her before it angriness reach peak so stop looking at me like that… “you are not sitting?” Allison asked worriedly while I let out another fake smile then sat with her..”Weytin be your problem sef” I said in my mind..

Me: so I wasn’t expecting an angel and obviously rapture isn’t coming today…

She bursted to laugh and slight slapping my left hand…that was cool though..

Allison: so I wanted to………(interrupted by phone ringtone)

I checked the caller and it was Amanda,,I quickly silenced it making sure Allison doesn’t see it…. “continue” I said with a smile…

Allison: Eerrm, I wanted……(interrupted by ringtone again)

I silenced the call once more and totally activated silent mode on my phone…

Allison: why are you ignoring the call, you don’t want me to know your girlfriend

is that it?

Me: *smiled* it’s not a she, it’s a he, he’s a friend and probably wanted to remind me of his wedding and talk trash….and unfortunately there is no girlfriend *i lied*

Amanda: so that’s it, but you not having a girlfriend I don’t believe that *she smiled*

*thats your problem* in my mind

Me: I didn’t tell you so you could believe me

Allison: *smiled* so am here to thank you for taking me out and showing me nice places in Nigeria, I don’t know Nigeria is this beautiful…

“let me take you to Ibadan you will know Nigeria is lame” I said in my mind…

Allison: and eerm……..

“eerm kill you there” I said in my mind getting bored of the conversation and can’t wait to free the junior Jason out of the bondage…

Allison: can we do that some other time?

Me: oh, sure, am always here…

I wanted to check time on my phone when I realised I have got an unread message,,I quickly click on the message icon and the message was…” I know you deliberately ignored my calls Jay, anyway be expecting me in your room” from Amanda… What?…i stared agape at my phonescreen.. “what’s wrong” Allison asked and before I could reply

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my door was suddenly opened and Amanda stormed in but stopped when she saw Allison…”here comes your sister” Allison whispered… I could see fire burning in Amanda’s eyes as she was staring at us..chaii…”oh Allie I don’t know you are here” she suddenly said then smiled,obviously a fake one…

Allison: I

have to go now

Amanda: no you don’t have to, I was just checking on him ,,,,I don’t know you guys have gotten closer…cool… I should excuse you…

She shot me a bullet of a complete murderous look then walked out… Yes everything wasn’t right for me again as it seems my body has stopped working… “it seems your sister is not happy about us becoming friends” Allison said with a mocking tone and smile while I also smiled in return…”you must be tired you have to sleep” Allison added, she pecked me again to my surprise then walked out….

I messaged Amanda several times which she ignored, I called her numerous times to the extent I went to knock at her door and she failed to open up.. Chaii… I collapsed on my bed Immediately I entered my room..”this is the worsest day ever” I murmured to myself…”this is bad for me” I added then later fell asleep not to my will

I woke up next day stretching my neck painfully… Yes I had a rough sleep.. Few minutes later, I was inside the car with Amanda…agatha at the front seat and beside her is the driver..yes the First Lady must give speech about the kidnapped girls… We were still in the car when my phone beeped means I have a message… I unlocked the phone and went straight to my inbox to see “I’ll never forgive you” yes from Amanda who was sitting beside me… “just give me a chance to explain myself” I replied her… “I’ll think about it” she replied then I saw as she slipped her phone in her purse without looking at my direction, what an actress…

Later in the night, yes Amanda called me up to her room to explain myself and I wasted no time and quickly rushed there… She was sitting on her bed resting her back to the wall raising her right leg in inverted V-shape and was concentrated on the phone she was pressing…”so what do you have to say” she said still engrossed in whatever she was doing on her phone…

Me: it isn’t what you are thinking…

Amanda: what am I thinking? *she raised her brow not looking at me*

Me: just look at me, to Allison am still your brother

Amanda: that explains why she was in your room?

Me: she said she wanted to thank me for taking her out…

Amanda: and she can’t text you or call you? *still not looking at me*

Me: *sighed* it’s okay if you don’t believe me, I’ll be leaving now..

I turned back to leave..”I think I already told you not to dare walk out on me” she said while I turned back.. She left her bed to where I was standing like a statue… “you know I love you and you are using that against me” she said calmly…”I don’t dare do that christine” I replied calling her second name while she smiled..”okay I forgive you” she said while I hugged her…”one more thing” she whispered to my hear with a finger in her mouth..”oh am not in mood” I said.. “then that means you are lieing” she replied standing akimbo…

Yes, I was left with no choice than to give her what she wanted.. After the hot session,, I exited her room and was headed mine “Mr Jason” a familiar voice called… I turned back to see agatha smiling like she won a lottery…”what’s wrong with this one” I asked in my mind…..”Hi” I replied…”follow me” she said surprising me…

Me: where?

Agatha: to my room

Me: and why will I do that?

Agatha: cos I have what might ended your life with me

What?…whats up with this evil one…”okay” I replied then followed her to her room….she closed the door immediately we entered… Yes, I was surprised when she undressed before me sparing only her pant..she started walking to where I was standing seductively making me confused…”what a…re you doing” I asked…”you will find out eventually” she replied…she ran her hand all over my chest with her seductive smile and was heading to the shameless junior jason that was dancing to her tune.. “stop it” I said angrily then took off her hand…but to my surprise she bursted to laughter then picked her phone that was on the bed..”I have something great for you” she said with her evil smile… I was dumb-founded not believing my eyes when she played my sex session with Amanda recorded on her phone….what?



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