The president’s wife episode 4

The president’s wife
Episode 4
Continues from the last scene of the previous episode..
I was shivering as she started running her palm throu-gh my che-st,, p@rt of me wanted to gr-ab her bo-ob s that was revealed in the slightly opened nightie and the other was afraid to die young….. Oh my gosh.. St©p driving me crazy will you….
Me: but isn’t *i stammered*
President’s wife: first of all, call me Amanda when we are alone, it’s an order.. And yes I know it isn’t right but you won’t st©p driving me crazy Jason,, I can’t help it
“it’s not my fault, I am just too handsome” I said in my mind na… She placed the l@pt©p on the floor taking my left hand and landed it on her extremely fresh l@p while I was just gently ru-bbing it ignoring the p@rt that was afraid to die young..our l!pwas about colliding when soft knocks suddenly landed on her door and we quic-kly dis£ngaged..
Amanda: Hide behind the ward-drobe*she whispered*
I quic-kly ran and hide behind the big ward-drobe even maintaining my breath..she later opened the door and someone entered…the voice was a match with the President’s then I know am finished,,chaii…
President: I want to sleep here today,,I have lesser work tonight and I know we have no time for each other since I bec@m£ the President..
Amanda: ooh.. But I want to be alone sorry..
President: oh,,as you wish hon, it’s okay,, Goodnight hon…
The sound of his steps showed he has turned back and was leaving but suddenly i can’t hear the sound anymore means he st©pped…
President: but why did you place the l@pt©p on the floor?…
Amanda: I guess I was very angry, it wont work..
President: still you should be careful,,you might stepped on it unknownly and get hurt…
I can hear the pe-cking sound before the door was opened “goodnight” he said again and closed the door… Amanda ran to where I was hiding.. “are you okay?”…”I think so” I replied…
Me: I have to leave now,, I’ll take the l@pt©p with me..
I can see sadness clearly visible on her face as I unplugged the l@pt©p and exited her room,, I started blaming myself as I kept reminiscing the obvious sadness shown on her face..did I just make an angel sad,,angel Gabriel is coming for my soul… I dashed into my room,fixed the l@pt©p then drifted to de-ep slumber…
I woke up the next day standing from my be-d and stretching my b©dy, I headed downstairs to gulp down don’t believe me,, that’s the truth now,, okay it was to see Amanda face as I can’t st©p thinking about her,, yes the day was a free day,, I was surprised to see the sitting room empty and TV turned on with the fashion show going on means she was there before… I was confused,, no agatha, no Amanda.. .chaii
I quic-kly asked a maid and she said she was urgently called.. D–n!!..but why didn’t she call me,,, I am doomed,,what if something happens to her… I was still in my misery when she walked in,,yeah in her angelic and dazzling dress while agatha was behind.. She later got to where I was standing with my heart beating tons of this rate, am going to have an heart attack..
Me: but ma, you didnt….(she cut in)
Amanda: shh.. I don’t have to
Me: ma?..
Amanda: you were slee-ping and I don’t wanna disturb you,,you seemed tired..
Me: but my job is to…. (she interrupted again)
Amanda: shhh, life comes first..
“forget about yesterday night, I am sorry” she whispered to my ear getting closer to me enough then climbe-d up the stairs while I was standing transfixed on thesame sp©t… Agatha had her usual suspicious look as she followed her…the more I look at Amanda,, the more my heart beats..aish,, am going crazy… I later got myself a cu-p of water even though a maid volunteered to help me but I rejected the offer forming gentleman…
I later sat on the couch watching supersport and really I was enjoying the Man United Vs Chelsea match as a fan of Man United.. The channel was suddenly changed to zeeworld,,that was when I realise I and Allison were sitting on the same couch with few distance between us,, she was wearing a simple cloth revea-ling her most Fwesh b© know “Fwesh” is fresher than “fresh”,,if you know you know…
She allowed her hair to fall freely enhancing her beauty,chaii.. I found myself sheepishly staring at her as she concentrated on the film been shown on the crazy channel while I sat calmly stylishly glancing at sister Aphrodite(goddess of beauty) sitting almost beside me… Silence occu-pied the whole sitting room and only loud sound was coming from the home theatres…i really hate that goddamned channel…
Allison: you can leave when you are done staring at me, are you househelps allowed to do anything here?
I was confused and at the same time irritated,,,househelp my foot..
Me: not one…
Allison: so who the hell are you mister? *facing me*
I cant reveal my identity to her… Chai…
Me: I c@m£ visiting my sister, the First Lady..
Allison: oh… I see…. *she hissed*
Me: A..llison right? *i stammered*
She suddenly diverted her attention to me staring at me surprisingly while my br@in went numb.. Chaii.. She was most worthy President’s wife competitor in terms of beauty..
Allison: yea but how did you know my name? *full of curiosity*
Me: my sister told me about you,anyway I am Jason *smiled*
Allison: okay Jason.. Can you leave now?
p@rt of me was angry and re-ady to punch her but the other was afraid to die young.. “okay” I replied then buzzed off..
Later in the night, I was in my room pla-ying games on my phone when it suddenly vibr@ted of incoming message.. I swiped to the notification bar and cli-cked on the message.. “can you do me a favour of returning my l@pt©p and don’t keep me waiting” from the First Lady (Amanda)..Chaii.. I quic-kly carried her l@pt©p realising I haven’t return it then rush to her room.. She opened the door after few seconds of knocking and she ushered me in even though she can just collect the l@pt©p and I can be on my f—–g way..she motioned to me to sit on her be-d while I stared at her confusingly…
Amanda: I have to be sure there is nothing wrong with it anymore *smiling*
I sat with her on her be-d and I was still operating the l@pt©p when her hand found it way to my che-st region ru-bbing it like there is no tomorrow as she slightly revealed her upper bo-ob s p@rt ma-king me go crazy than ever.. .the small Jason un-derneath was fighting for freedom while I tried to ignore her even though it was impossible.. I placed the l@pt©p on the be-d after successfully test running…
Me: I sh..ould now *i stammered standing up*
I bowed then turned back and headed door direction trying to cover my standing ovation as much as I could.. “Jason” she called while I paused.. “don’t you dare walk out on me” she added… I was left with no choice than to turned back to see the surprise of my life… Chaiii.. This is the end of me…