The president’s wife episode 19

The president’s wife
Episode 19
Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…
I kept the call a secret and secretly finding some solutions on saving Allison also dealing with the pregnant Amanda. The president c@m£ back to Nigeria three days later and almost all citizens welcomed him joyfully, yes he regained the trust of civilians by moderating our curve alliance with China, Japan and France just within a month, this made him the best out of the other presidents who are more or less fraudsters,, the president called me the day he arrived and asked me about the upd@t£ and yes I told him about the call excluding Amanda p@rt to let him know Allison was still alive..
I was in my room at night thinking about so many ways to save Allison, I was ordered to protect Amanda not to get her killed, “no, I just can’t hand over Amanda, it’s not possible” I thought to myself sitting on my be-d with tons of thought streaming in my head, Amanda call suddenly landed on my phone and I picked it immediately..
Amanda: Jay we have to see, come to my room
Me: can we do that another time, I’m kind of busy
Amanda: this is what you are saying since last three days, Jason are you perhaps avoiding me?, no I think you are definitely avoiding me and you have been doing this since I broke the news, you can’t do this to me Jason *crying*
D–n, why won’t she just leave me alone, “I really made a hvge mistake” I said to myself b!tt!g my left middle f!nger,,,,
Me: okay calm down, I’ll be there right away *hung up*
I sluggishly get up, sighed then went to her room, I entered then closed the door as she was sitting on the be-d as usual pla-ying with her nails.. “so why do you call me” I asked not sitting down. She stared at me for few seconds before standing up and held my hand. “I miss you Jason” she replied….”but the president is around, I shouldn’t be staying any longer Amanda” I replied trying to let her un-derstand..”it’s not wrong to be missing and wanting to see the father of my child is It Jason?” she asked running her hand around my che-st, I knew something unexpected was about to unfold…”it’s right but the situation is different amanda” I replied trying to get her hands off my che-st…
I was still in the process of getting her hands off me when she locked her l!pwith mine and my ha-rd bone bec@m£ soft as I embr@ce the k!ssc@r£ss!ngher n£¢k, “what” we heard the president’s voice from the direction of the door, we quic-kly dis£ngaged and looking at the direction was the president staring in awe as he was staring at us agape, d–n when did he even open the door.. Chaii..
President: so the pregnancy that the doctor was referring to belong to this animal in human b©dy *referring to me*
He suddenly held his che-st then slowly and gradually fell on the floor, yes he was suffering from heart problem and it seemed the situation wors£n his condition as he coll@psed on the floor ma-king it obvious he had an heart attack..
Amanda: go Jason, get out now *she shouted holding the still in shock me*
Me: ab…*she cut in*
Amanda: I’ll take care of this just get out before someone sees you *she shouted again*
She pushed me out and I quic-kly and stylishly dashed to my room hearing her from afar shouting for help, d–n, it’s so over for me. I was pacing around my room with my f!nger in my mouth wondering what will happen to the president and to me when he wakes up. Chaii, am so dead… It was later revealed his condition has so much wors£n elevating him to coma.. 80% of me was happy and the other 20% was battled with conscience
I brou-ght out a USB flash from my special bag, yes the flash was containing many do¢v-ments and it was given to me by Ann’s dad a day before he died, it contains all original do¢v-ments of his companies around the world, yes I could become a billionaire in a second, for a while I thought of running away with Amanda and use the content in the USB flash, I could become CEO of many companies previously held by greedy and fake people but I have to save Allison first…i was sitting on my be-d at the night on the fourth day after we all visited the president full of thoughts when nis director call landed on my phone and I quic-kly picked it..
Me: sir
Director: Jay, I have a good news and a bad news
Me: go on sir
Director: we captured some of the terrorists and we investigated them, the bad news is, they bit their ton-gue to death, that’s not really funny,, I hope we find Allison soon, protect the First Lady at all cost *hung up*
Did he just called me for this ru-bbish?, d–n..Amanda suddenly entered my room and rushed to where I was finally sitting,, “Jason what do we do?” she asked shaking my b©dy.. “we are dead once he’s awake, we have to leave Jay” she pleaded…
Me: we can’t do that Amanda and I have to save Allison.
Amanda: there is no time Jay, we only have two options, we kill him or we leave.
Me: how can you think of killing the president and we can’t run away, he will hunt us down Amanda, we are not safe
Amanda: you don’t un-derstand Jason, you are not safe, nob©dy is safe
Me: what do you mean?
Amanda: I think it’s time I tell you the truth about myself
My phone suddenly started ringing and it was nis director again, why is this man calling like this, he must be g@y or he’s mad.. I picked it
Nis director: the president is dead jay
Me: what? *i shouted*
Nis director: he was murdered, poison was found in his system, this time you have to protect the First Lady with all your might, be careful, no one knows yet, keep this a secret *hung up*
“what happened jay?” Amanda asked worriedly and full of curiosity…”the president is dead Amanda, he was murdered” I replied.. A message suddenly struck my phone, I checked the inbox and it says “we are just getting started, you have few hours to go”…what?