The president’s wife episode 18

The president’s wife
Episode 18
Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…
I was more than surprised to find out my identity has been revealed and yes, the news was now all over the internet while people immediately started reacting, chaii. Even though I can’t really fully un-derstand the message s£nt to me from the hidden number but I was sure it has a de-ep scary meaning.. I later fell asleep unknowingly and was woken up by a call from the nis director in the morning.. I quic-kly picked it..
Me: sir
Director: your cover has been b!own. You have to l@ylow and maintain a ghost profile for now, hence rescuing Allison is not your mission so I’ll advice you to stick with your mission to avoid a great punishment, as for the punishment of your rude behaviour, we’ll settle that after this mission, be careful they are dangerous *hung up*
I coll@psed on my be-d still in my special costume, d–n.. I later re-moved the costume and put it back in it place, I then entered the bathroom and have my bath, I later stepped inside my room and clad in a simple clothes, I unlocked my phone to realise I have missed three calls from an unsaved number, I calmed my breath then dial the number and the person picked it at the third ring.. “Hi jay” the voice was a complete match with the president’s..
Me: sir?
President: I know am not in charge of you and I didn’t possess the authority to order you around but I have a favour to ask
Me: what’s that sir?
President: plea-se find Allison and save her.
Me: but I was ordered out of the mission sir
President: that’s why I called it a favour Jay
Me: at your service sir.. I’ll save her, with my life sir.. *hung up*
I really pitied the poor president, he have to travelled to China to strengthen our alliance to prove the rumour about Allison being his daughter wrong and keep his position as the president ,yes it worked as many started believing him but few were still calling him a stupid dad ignoring his daughter… My door was suddenly opened and Amanda walked inside with a bu-mshort and a white Louis Vuitton un-derwear like t©p.. I then calmly stood up “good morning ma” I bowed. She frowned her face standing behind my door but she later suddenly revealed her beautiful smile, walked to where I was standing like a fixed street light then hvgged me. “thank God you are alive” she said still hvgging me. We later dis£ngaged then sat on my be-d sitting closing all gaps between us.
Amanda: why don’t you just leave the rescue mission to the rescue team.
Me: I have been ordered out, now Allison’s fate lies in the hands of the rescue team *i lied*
Amanda: it’s a relief you won’t be endangering your life anymore, I heard you were tra-pped and was almost killed yesterday. plea-se don’t take rash action like that anymore and just stay with me and me only *holding my hand*
Me: as you wish ma *i pretended*
Amanda: now that your identity has been revealed, I guess we won’t be going out together very often anymore. I’ll miss you Jay, see you in my room tonight *she pe-cked me then walked out looking back repeatedly*
I later went back to the mansion in the forest alone without anyb©dy knowing to find any clue regarding where they are holding Allison captive, I was extremely surprised to find out the whole building has alre-ady been demolished, d–n. I was too late.
I was in my room at night thinking on any possible solution to save Allison. I was still thinking about this when Amanda call c@m£ in.. Yes, I un-derstand why she was calling..*wi-nks*.. I later picked the call.. “Jay we have a problem” she said on the phone scaring me with the tone,, “what do you mean” I replied.. “I am… Come to my room now Jay plea-se” she said.. I quic-kly wore my black tank t©p then dashed to her room, I entered her room then immediately closed the door, yes she was sitting on her be-d staring at the paper she was holding… “she fooled me again?” I curiously asked in my mind…chaii..”whatsup” I said sitting beside her while she handed me the paper without replying.. It was the result of a pregnancy test that happens to be positive.. Why is she showing me this..
Me:’s t..his *i stammered*
Amanda: can’t you see?
Me: yeah, I see it’s the result of a pregnancy test but I can’t un-derstand why you are showing me
Amanda: I am six weeks pregnant jay
Me: you’re what? Pregnant?. Wow congratulations, but you should be showing this to the father, I think Mr President will be very happy to hearthis.
Amanda: the father is right here holding the test result paper
Me: what do y..ou mean?
Amanda: you know in your mind that’s the truth, you’re the only one I did it with since I was hitched with him. My doctor said I may not live if I try ab-ortion.
Me: so what are we going to do?
Amanda: I think we are left with only a choice, we have to leave this country..
Me: how can I run away with a whole president wife, I’m not crazy Amanda, they’ll find us and once they do we die.
Amanda: we have no time Jay, we have to do something very fast
Me: it’s okay, I’ll think of something.
She placed her head on my che-st and I wra-pped my hand around her with my che-st beating “danger danger”.. I later went to my room then worriedly coll@psed on my be-d. “It was saving Allison only before, now my life has become more complicated” I thought to myself. D–n…. I was still on this when a call struck my phone, it was an hidden number, I quic-kly started my call recorder then answered the call..”Agent Jay” a 60% de-ep voice said on the phone..”who are you?” I replied…”I’m the one you’ve been looking for” he replied laughing…
Person: you are a very tough one, I give you that
Me: cut the cra-p, where the hell is Allison?
Person: oh, your eenie-meenie lover, here she is
“Jay” Allison said on the phone, “Allie?” I replied standing up from my be-d.. “Jay no matter what happens to me you shouldn’t come to save me, they’ll kill you……aargh” she shouted as I heard the 60% de-ep voice owner calling her a b—h.. “what are you doing to her” I shouted angrily.. “calm down Mr lover, it was just a sl@p” he replied laughing..
Me: I’ll make you regret this. *i vowed angrily*
Person: really?, you think I just called you so you can speak with your lovey dovey lover, I called to negotiate agent, you have what I want, I have what you want..
Me: what do you mean?
Person: Amanda, give me Amanda I’ll give you back your lover, I’ll call you back in the next five days. Remember, if I smell anything fishy, she dies. *hung up*
I st©pped the recording, I knew immediately that s£nding the recording to the nis headquarter will put Allison in a great danger so I was left with no choice than to delete the recording. “Allison I promise I’ll save you even if I have to die” I said to myself frowning at my innocent phone..