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June 15, 2021


Mind blowing palace

The president’s wife episode 10

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The president’s wife
Episode 10

Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…

Yes I stared agape at the calm looking Allison as she stood before me with our eyes both sending signals to each other, yes my signal was weak or I should say there is no network as I cleared my eyes off her staring at the floor, even the floor was beautiful as at that time…” are yo….” I was still stammering when she cut in “can I enter?” she asked calmly…”oh sure” I replied making way for her to enter… I closed the door but was still standing behind it not believing my eyes still staring at Allison that was also standing facing me and both looking at each other with a little gap between us..

Me: so….?

Allison: so…..

We both let out a big grin painting the scenario a great colour… The atmosphere was intense as silence occupied my whole room…”I am ..eerm…so…rry for everything” I finally broke the silence…”that was actually what I came here to say” she replied playing with her finger facing the floor yet shocking me with her reply…”Jason” she called my name with a calm angelic tone now facing me…but somehow it sounded different.. “is not like she swallowed autotune before coming to my room” I thought to myself…

Allison: I

am so sorry for how I acted,It wasn’t your fault, you are just doing your job..

Me: it’s okay Allie… I hope you keep this between us

Allison: I promise *she smiled*

“thank you” I said then held her hand gladly… We went another round of stares “you must be tired you have to rest don’t you?” she asked me jokingly but to my surprise my mind was shouting “no”…”yeah thank you” I replied going against the idiotic mind… She pushed herself in my direction with the aim of pecking my cheek but I was fast to kiss her lip….yes, I can see how surprised she was as she was still smiling trying to hide her red cheek…

Allison: I’ll leave now…see you tomorrow

Me: Tomorrow

She stood by the door for few seconds and finally turned back for another few seconds smiling before she opened the door and went out…chaii… My heart was still beating to my surprise,, yes why did I kiss her.. Did I just kissed her?….d–n… Yes no doubt,, am in love with Allison… I sat on my bed still thinking about what just happened few minutes ago… I unlocked my phone to find out I have missed 5 calls from Agatha… “I have to finish this girl off” I said to myself…quickly I have thought of something,,,I quickly dialed her number and yes she immediately picked it…

Agatha: I see you care not for your life for ignoring my calls…

What? I was vexed…but no I have to keep calm to follow my

plan to remove the witch forever from my life…

Me: Am so sorry love, I was in the bathroom…

Agatha: hmm, I forgive you…

It’s obvious she was blushing…”fool, wait till I get you out of my life” I said in my mind…

Me: how about meeting tonight?

Agatha: yea for sure love, I can’t wait to feel you inside me Jay…just come already…

Me: on my way love *i smirked*

I quickly exited my room and went to hers… She opened the door immediately I knocked and as usual she was almost naked… “I missed you so much” she said then drew me closer after closing the door… She started caressing my body… Yes she found the junior Jason she has been looking for and the show started…yes, the battle was a tight one… After the tough battle, I was lying on the bed with Agatha placing her head on my chest comfortably..

Me: now that we are like this, can’t you delete the video, someone may see it on your phone…

Agatha: are you trying to trick me to delete the video?

Me: that’s not true love, I just realised how much am in love with you.. Amanda is just forcing herself on me you are the one I love…

Agatha: *blushed* really? What about Allison?

Me: she thought am Amanda’s brother, nothing is going between us…

Agatha: if that is the case, I’ll think about it… Promise me you won’t leave me

Me: you have my word love….

She later went to bathroom to clean up… I picked up her iPhone but unfortunately she was wise to use password…”d–n” I said in my mind.. I returned the phone to where I picked it… I later exited her room not after telling her… Chaii….i just wasted my energy…stupid plan failed,, I angrily entered my room then fell on my bed… Suddenly Allison face made it way to my head again.. Oh why can’t I stop thinking about this girl… Slowly and gradually,, I later drifted to wonderland…

Amanda called me the next day to tell me we are going to meet the US ambassador that just arrived in Nigeria…yes I clad in my best suit, checked myself in the mirror and wowed at my cool look.. Chaii… To my surprise Allison call came in… Oh cool… Following conversations ensued:

Allison: hi are you free?

Me: Going somewhere with Amanda..

Allison: so you have to follow her everywhere she goes?

Me: am her bodyguard Allie…

Allison: it’s okay, we can go out another time, bye….*hung up*

I later entered the car with Amanda, the driver on his seat this time without Agatha. We left aso rock in convoy…. Amanda was stylishly holding my hand smiling alongside… Yes the car we are in was the second and there are 10 total number of cars all moving in translational motion…. The sudden bullet sound causes commotion,,,some cars were seen headed the bush as a result of the driver been hit… In no time… Some cars painted in black crossed us and some gunmen alighted with heavy guns…amanda was shaking holding my hand tightly…Chaii… Is this the end of me…



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