The president’s wife 12

The president’s wife
Episode 12
Continues from the last scene of the previous episode….
Yes, I was extremely shock that it seems I t©uçhed a working transformer, she withdrew her l!pfacing down probably shy while I was still lost in the garden of Eden.. “ so..rry” she stammered and made to leave when I pu-ll-ed her back and went another round of pas-sionate k!ss.. “I am also sorry” I said after dis£ngaging smiling alongside… She busted to laughter slightly punching my che-st… We were still holding hands when knocks landed on my be-d, we quic-kly dis£ngaged and the knocker opened the door, yes it was Amanda… She entered and closed the door smiling even though I can see some traces of anger on her face..
Amanda: oh, I see you have a visitor, anyways I just wanted to give you this..
She gave me a white nylon she was holding, pe-cked my cheek then left the room, I can see confusion mixed with jealousy on Allison face as she stared at me somehow…
Allison: why did she…. (I cut in)
Me: *smiled* that was just an act, nothing more.
“oh I see” she muttered as it obvious she doesn’t seems to believe me…”rest well, see you tomorrow” she finally said after minutes of exchanging sweet stares…”y…eah goodnight” I stammered…she then stood up and was about to leave when I called her and pointed to my cheek…she smiled, turned and k!$$£d me instead before she left my room…
I placed my back on my be-d only thinking about my moments with Allison that I forgot about the white nylon beside me… I later opened the nylon to see a great surprise…a br@nd new iPhone 5 softly packed inside…chaii..God bless Amanda… I quic-kly plugged the phone after in-serting the simcards and later drifted to sleep..
A call from the nis director who commended my effort and wished me good luck in my suicide mission woke me up the nextday… I was called up by a maid few minutes later that I have a visitor waiting for me downstairs… I quic-kly brushed my teeth, I can’t afford to go with that gutter-like odour so I had to engage in a quic-k bath before dashing downstairs… I was a bit surprised to see Mirabel sitting on the couch comfortably watching the TV… “Hi” I said sitting beside her, she clad in a pink sleeveless go-wn, d–n I can see those fresh big twins wi-nking at me s£nding the signal to my br@in while my br@in notify the junior Jason…
Mirabel: Hi, I heard about what happened to you and the First lady, so how are you doing?
Me: am now fine..
Mirabel: is something wrong with your phone? I’ve been calling your number but it’s not available
Me: Yes I lost it am sorry..
Mirabel: oh it’s okay, I can’t sleep because I thought something bad has happened you, thank God you c@m£ back to me…
She t©uçhed my forehead gauging the temperature level, “are you really okay?” she asked once again….”perfectly” I replied removing her hand… “It’s not like I have malaria” I said in my mind…she smiled…..”aren’t you planning to marry very soon?” she asked with a smile…..”ja….” Allison voice c@m£ from the back but she probably st©pped when she saw Mirabel with me… Mirabel stood up staring at Allison surprisingly,disgustingly and somehow angrily
Mirabel: don’t tell me the rumours about you two are all true if not what’s she doing here…
“she c@m£ to buy land na” I said in my mind and hissed alongside, all in my mind though…
Allison: and as you can see, they are all true..
Mirabel: I don’t believe you..
Allison c@m£ to where I was standing then planted a k!sson myl-ip.. Mirabel whose angriness was at peak took her handbag and angrily walked out… I turned to Allison who busted to laughter immediately…”come on I’ve been looking for you” she said then gr@bb£d my hand heading upstairs, we later made our way inside my room and a strange aroma nearly busted my nose, chaii everywhere stew… I can see a pot of food placed on a tray accompanied with my favourite lemon drink all on a small stool beside my be-d… Choi.. I don’t know when I k!$$£d Allison then quic-kly sat on my be-d and opened the plate cover, d–n, the fried rice and the chicken l@ps won’t st©p staring at me…this combination is my number one, how did she know?…..”how di…….” I was still stammering when she cut in.. “secret” she replied wi-nking…
After she cleared the plate, I la-id on my be-d with a full stomach while she was sitting beside me… “how was the food?” she asked…”it was cooked in heaven no doubt” I replied smiling… She slightly sl@pped my arm laughing…we talked about many things before she left… “How I wish I can eat that food again” I said clearing the food p@rticles in my mouth with the ti-p of my ton-gue…
Later in the night.. I was still lying on my be-d tirelessly when the thought of my new phone suddenly broke my mind firewall.. I quic-kly took out my new iPhone and unlocked it to see I have new messages…i quic-kly checked my inbox, the messages are from mtn except one.. Oh the one was s£nt by an hidden number and the content was “We know who you are and we are watching you”…what?…i have to see Amanda… I quic-kly jumped down from my be-d and my door was suddenly opened, Amanda walked inside in her nightie..
Me: oh I was coming to see you
Amanda: whatsup?
*i explained*
Amanda: does that mean the message is from the criminals that attacked us
Me: 100%
Amanda: what are we now going to do?
Me: I am not sure.. We have to find them before they attack again… I’ll let the nis director know tomorrow
Amanda: yes let’s do that, but we can just leave this country and live in peace, only I and you Jason *she held my hand*
Me: that’s not possible Amanda *re-moved my hand*
Amanda: you have changed Jason. Did you not love me anymore? You now have someone else in your heart don’t you? *she asked calmly with a sad tone*
Me: Amanda let’s just st©p this…
Amanda: that’s a yes, is it Allison?
The question shocked my whole b©dy and I was just staring at her stupidly…”I gave you my all but is this my reward?” she asked with tears trick-ling down her eyes..”am so sorry Amanda” I tried to t©uçh her but she sl@pped my hand away.. She was about to leave when I pu-ll-ed her back and she landed on my arm in loads of tears… “I am so….” I was still saying when she st©pped me with a k!ss,, my door was suddenly opened and looking at direction was Allison standing speechless and amazed… I quic-kly tossed Amanda away to face the alre-ady in tears Allison…she angrily left the scene and I know nothing good will come out of following her…