The pink clouds episode 26 & 27

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“Do you think the s£nator did this?” Rebecca asked as she stood up.

“Most likely, but I’m not certain,” Armstrong replied.

“I’m going to meet him right away,” Rebecca said trying to walk out in a hurry.

“Hold on a second, we have no strong evidence that it was the s£nator. Confronting him like that could be risky,” Achuba said blocking her.

“I think he’s right,” Thomas supported.

“I’m not scared of him,” Rebecca said and pushed him out of her way.

She walked out of the hospital angrily and took a taxi to the s£nator’s house. It was 20 drive from the teaching hospital. The house was a two sto-rey building surrounded by a very tall fence. There were about five military soldiers sitting un-der a canopy close to the gate of the house. As she walked towards the gate, one of the military officers hurriedly stood up and had it opened for her.

She hurriedly walked into the living room and found the s£nator sitting with his friends. The living room was filled with their voice as they laughed.

“Hey babe, did something happen?” The s£nator asked grinning as he walked to her. When he got to her, she sl@pped him on the face that the whole living room echoed the sound. There was a total silence in the living, as his friends were intrigued by what happened. They both stared at each other angrily without a word.

“Are you in your right s-en-ses?” He questioned after about 30 minutes of silence.

“Yes, I am on my right s-en-ses,” she replied.
“I think there something wrong with you, you are not mentally stable,” he added. Rebecca tried to sl@p him, but he held her hand.

She made an attempt to sl@p him with her other hand, but he gr@bb£d both of her hands.

“Let me go, you bastard!” She shouted as she struggled to free herself. He let go of her hands and sl@pped her to the extent that she fell on the ground.

“You better watch your mouth,” he said. Rebecca was silent, looking at the ground. She remained like that for more than a minute until she finally raised her head.

“Thank God I didn’t marry a monster like you,” she uttered at last.

“Why are you behaving like that Rebecca?” One of his friends asked.

“I’m going to sue you for trying to kill my friend,” Rebecca revealed.

“Good luck with about that,” he laughed.

Rebecca stood up and walked out of the house and took a taxi back to the hospital. On her way to the hospital, Rebecca suddenly remembered about her mother’s illness. She screamed at the t©p ma-king the taxi driver st©p.

“Is everything okay?” He asked confusingly.
“No is not, Rebecca replied,” she replied as she started crying.
“What happened?”
“I’m about to lose the two people I love most in my life,” Rebecca said.
“I’m not good at comforting people ma’am, but I think everything will be okay if you pray and ask for God’s as-sistance,” he offered.

She ignored him and kept crying. He dropped her as soon as they arrived at the university teaching hospital. she walked her way to the entrance of the hospital, her phone started ringing. When re-moved the phone from her hand bag, she noticed that it Amirah calling. She couldn’t speak after answering the call.

?Amirah: why are you crying?

?Rebecca: my mum has lung cancer.

?Amirah: Are you serious?

?Rebecca: Have I ever joked to you on something like this?

There was about a minute of silence after Rebecca said that. Suddenly, Alice started crying too. They both cried for about five and none of them could uttered a word.

?Rebecca: And Richa-rd is in the hospital, he was sh0t with a gun.

?Amirah: why do bad things like this keep happening?”

?Rebecca: I don’t know why

?Amirah:I will talk to Alice, we will be on our way tomorrow.

?Rebecca: Okay

Rebecca walked into the hospital after the phone call. She found Thomas and Achuba in Richa-rd ‘s room when she arrived.
“you are back,” Achuba said


“you know we can take care of him, you can go home and rest,” Achuba offered

“I’m not going anywhere,” she replied.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to make you angry.”

“Could you plea-se excuse me, I want to sit here,” she declared after she got to the chair close to Richa-rd ‘s be-d. Thomas quietly stood her and gave her the chair.

She sat on chair and held Richa-rd ‘s hand. After a while, she la-id her head on the be-d and watch him breathing. Around 3 am, Thomas and Achuba left the hospital while Rebecca sle-pt shortly after the left. Around 5 am, one of the nurses waked her up and invited her to go and sleep in an empty room next to Richa-rd ‘s, but she insisted she will stay there.

At around 7 am, a journalist arrived at the hospital and questioned Rebecca about how it happened. She jotted down what Rebecca told her and left.

“Hey,” c@m£ a voice behind her. When she turned, she saw Dixxy and Mary standing by the door wearing their lab coats.

“Hi,” Rebecca ba-rely uttered.

“We are really sorry to hear about what happened to him,” Mary sympathized.

“Is okay, he’s going to be fine,” Rebecca replied.

“Are you coming for Doctor Fatima’s lecture?” Dixxy asked.

“I will be there,” she replied.

After Dixxy and Mary left, her mother walked into the room.
“Good morning Mom,” Rebecca greeted.

“Did you sleep at all?” Her mother asked as she sat down on the sofa.

“I ba-rely sle-pt,” she answered.

“Come on, go home and take a shower,” her mother suggested.

“No, I will be here until he wakes up,” Rebecca insisted.

“Okay, I will be going to India for treatment tomorrow,” Prof. Grace announced.

“Really?” Rebecca asked.

“Yes, you have nothing to worry about.”
Rebecca stood up with tear falling her eyes.

“St©p giving me hope, I have seen your medical report,” she cried.

“Don’t worry, I’m going to be fine,” she said as she hvgged Rebecca.

“And plea-se, don’t tell Emmanuel about it,” she pleaded.

“Why shouldn’t I? He will eventually find out,” Rebecca protested.

“Besides, it will be to tell so that he will cherish the last moments he will have with you,” Rebecca said.

“Are you crazy? Why are you saying things like this?” Prof. Grace shouted at her

“I was a fool to live a happy life thinking that you are going to be by our side forever,” Rebecca cried.

“I beg you Rebecca, even if the 1% chance of me surviving it, we have to believe it,” Prof. Grace said.

At about 10 am, Rebecca decided to go home and change the clothes she was wearing. She got dressed after her shower without even bothering to put on some makeup. She took her car and drove out of the house.

By the time she arrived at the hospital, it was alre-ady 11 am.
When she got close to the room, she noticed that it crowded with people to the extent that some of the persons stood by the door. It was Richa-rd ‘s course mates from his dep@rtment. They made way for Rebecca as walked into the room. When she got closer, she found Richa-rd to have finally woken up. She instantly ran to him and bent down to held his hand.

“You are finally up,” she cried.

“Yes I am,” Richa-rd smiled.

“I thought I have lost you.”

“Is okay,” Richa-rd said as he stro-ke his f!ngersagainst her hair.
Rebecca stood up and sat by the edge of the be-d and watched as Richa-rd smiled.
“Excuse me, is this Richa-rd ‘s room?” Asked a female voice behind the crowd.
“Yes,” the crowd answered.
Richa-rd and Rebecca bec@m£ curious about who the person was. The crowd made way for her as she walked in. When she walked in, Richa-rd couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was his younger sister Suzanna. She wore black dress that was slightly over her knees with black shoes.

“Suzan!” Richa-rd screamed.

She ran to him and hvgged and suddenly bur-st into tears. Everyb©dy stood in sympathy and watched the two cry as hvgged each other. Rebecca suddenly started feeling jealous. She wondered who was that girl bold enough to hvg Richa-rd in her pres£nce.

“Excuse me, but who are you?” Rebecca said trying to separate the two of them.

“She is my younger sister,” Richa-rd announced.

“Really?” Rebecca asked surprisingly.

Before Richa-rd could reply, Suzan interrupted.

“How are you feeling now?” She asked.

“I’m feeling much better,” Richa-rd answered.

“I can’t believe this is you, you have no idea how much we miss you,” she said.

“I’m so sorry,” Richa-rd apologized.

“You are so good at apologizing, you haven’t changed at all,” she smiled.

“But you have changed a lot, is like you are even taller than me now,” Richa-rd replied.

“If you could remember, I once told you that I’m going to he taller than you,” she laughed.
The rest of the crowd left leaving only the three of the room.

“Why did you abandon us?”Suzan asked.

“I didn’t abandon you. Infact, there hasn’t been a single day in the past 6 years that I didn’t think of you,” Richa-rd said.

“If what you are saying is true, then why didn’t you come home?”

“I just couldn’t face big sis, I have disappointed her and made all her ha-rd work go into waste,” Richa-rd replied.

“Oh just listen to how dumb you sound. You are going to regret this for the rest of your life,” she replied.

“I’m alre-ady regretting it,” Richa-rd said.

“You regret more if I tell you what happened.”
“What happened?” Richa-rd asked curiously.
Suzan bec@m£ silent and the smile on face faded again.
“plea-se tell me what happened,” Richa-rd requested desperately.

“I will tell you, but not now,” she uttered after a long silence.

“I heard one of the doctors is looking for, I will be back,” Rebecca said as she stood up.

“Okay, babe,” Richa-rd replied.

“Babe?” Suzan retorted and Richa-rd smiled.

“She is so pretty, no wonder you didn’t remember to come home,” she continued.

“We used to know each other in my previous university, we recently got United, just about 2 months ago,” Richa-rd responded.

“Oh I see,” she replied.

“So, how is big sis doing?” Richa-rd asked, and at that time, Rebecca has just returned. Suzan remained quiet and couldn’t talk.

“What is it?” Richa-rd asked.

“She died last 3 weeks giving birth to her second child,” Suzan revealed.

Richa-rd bec@m£ totally confused and was unable comprehend what she was saying.

“What do you mean by that?” Richa-rd asked unbelievably.

“I mean she is death, she no longer alive,” Suzan added.

.”plea-se st©p kidding around Mimi,” Richa-rd pleaaded.

“How stupid do you think I am to joke with something like this? She is no longer with us, she died giving birth to a baby boy. But the boy is alive,” she explained.

“Did you come all the way here to tell me something like this?” Richa-rd asked.

“Believe it or not, she is dead. Do you how ha-rd she tried to look for the past five years? She kept blaming herself for not being friendly towards you, that’s why you got scared and didn’t return home,” she said as she cried.

Richa-rd started crying like baby. The memories of his started coming back to him. He remembered how she used to defend him in primary school when other kids try to bully him. He remembered how she can easily give up her toys to him when they were kids just because he liked them. He was planning to impress to her with his business once Prof. Grace gives him the money she promised. But she is no longer around to him succeeding, and those thoughts broke his heart more than anything else. When Rebecca noticed, how the two of them were crying, it t©uçhed her so much to the extent that she started crying too. She quic-kly walked out of the room and hurriedly went to her car.


After the Richa-rd heard the news about his sister, his whole turned upside down. He couldn’t think of anything than her. His sister sat in sorrow and watched him crying like a child.

At about 12 pm, Alice and Amirah arrived at the hospital. Rebecca went to the entrance of the hospital and welcome them.
“You are welcome,” Rebecca said to them.
“Thank you,” they both smiled.
“Why do you come empty handed?” Rebecca asked.
“Actually, we don’t plan on staying long here. We just c@m£ to see you and Richa-rd , we’ll be on our way back in the evening,” Amirah replied.
“That’s unfair,” Rebecca frowned.
“Okay we’ll spend the night here, we will leave the first in the morning tomorrow,” Alice inferred.
“Alice, have you forgotten that my shift starts tomorrow?” Amirah asked.

“Come on, is just a single day, you can call one of your friends to cover for you,” Alice said.

“How is Richa-rd doing now?” Amirah asked as they headed to his room.

“Not so good, his younger sister c@m£ today,” Rebecca responded.

“Really? Shouldn’t that be a good thing?”

“It is, but you know he hasn’t been home in six years. She announced to him that his older sister is death, and it has completely broken him,” Rebecca explained.

“Poor Richa-rd , I feel really terrible for him,” Alice sympathized.
When they got into the room, they found Suzan sitting next to him. He was still crying that he ba-rely noticed the people around him.

“We are sorry about your lost,” Alice finally uttered, and that was when he looked and noticed.

“Thanks for your concern,” Richa-rd replied. The three sat down on the sofa and watched Richa-rd in silence. Some few minutes later, Prof. Grace walked into the room. Alice and Rebecca quic-kly stood up from the sp©t to give a space to sit.
“plea-se sit down, I’m not going to stay long here,” Prof. Grace instructed and they sat back.
Richa-rd tried his best to hide his emotions when he heard her voice, but couldn’t.

“Good afternoon Ma’am,” Suzan greeted Prof. Grace.

“Good afternoon, it seems like your face look familiar,” Prof. Grace said trying to recall her face.

“Yes we once c@m£ to you with my sister when we were looking for my brother six years ago,” she replied.

“Oh yes I remember you, you have quite grown into a beautiful woman now,” Prof. Grace smiled.

“Yes,” Suzan smiled.

“How did you find Richa-rd ?”

“Well, I saw the incident that happened to him published in one of the newspapers. Then I thought I should come and check if it was my brother,” she replied.

“That’s incredible.”

“Richa-rd , I’m glad you are finally up,” Prof. Grace as she walked closer to see his face.
“Thank you Ma’am,” he replied with his voice shaking.
“Are you okay? Should I call the doctor?” Prof. Asked worriedly.
“Actually, he just received a bad new from his sister,” Rebecca quic-kly interfered.
“What was the bad new?” Prof. Grace asked Suzan. Suzab bec@m£ quite for a moment before she finally spoke.
“Our older sister died last month,” Suzan announced.
“You don’t mean the lady that c@m£ with you the other time, right?” Prof. Grace asked.
“Unfortunately, she is the one,” Rebecca sadly replied.

“Oh! I truely am sorry to hear about your lost Richa-rd ,” Prof. Grace said will all sympathy.
“Thank you ma’am,” Richa-rd replied.

“May her soul rest in peace,” she added.

“Ameen,” Richa-rd replied.
After a short moment, Prof. Grace revealed to them that she’ll be going.
“plea-se take good care of Emmanuel while I’m away,” Prof. Grace said to Rebecca.

“Are you going now?” Rebecca asked standing up.

“Unfortunately yes, and I may away for weeks,” Prof. Grace replied. Rebecca ran to her and hvgged her.

“I hope you will come back healthy,” Rebecca anxiously said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Prof. Grace said with a fake smile.

“Alright Richa-rd , I’ll call you,” Prof. Grace said as she walk out.

“Thanks for all your help and support Ma’am,” Richa-rd said with appreciation.

Rebecca walked her Mom out of the hospital to her car that was parked outside. As soon as her driver saw them approaching, he quic-kly went to the and had the door opened for her.
“Don’t worry about me, study well and take care of your brother,” Prof. Grace said.
“Alright Mom, I promise I will,” Rebecca responded.

“Okay, then off I go,” Prof. Grace closed the door. Rebecca stood in her position and watched as the car started move. After the car went a certain distance, Rebecca ran after wave at the driver to st©p.

“What is it?” Her mother asked.

“Can I come with you?” Rebecca asked crying.
“If you come with me, then what will you do about your studies? And who will look after Emmanuel?” Prof. Grace asked.
“I can ask the maids to take of him, and I’m okay with repeating my current year,” Rebecca cried.
“I didn’t know you love me this much,” Prof. Grace smiled as she wiped off her tears.
“Of course I love you.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” her mother said.

Rebecca watched as the car drove until it was no longer visible. She then went back to the room and sat beside her friends. Even though Richa-rd was in pain, he still was able to see the behind Rebecca’s eyes.

“Is your mother gone?” He asked her.

“Yes she is,” Rebecca replied.

“Don’t worry, she will be fine,” Richa-rd replied.

“Let’s hope so,” Rebecca replied.

“Let me go home and something for your sister to eat,” Rebecca announced.

“Oh thank you,” Suzan smiled at Rebecca.

“Oh come on, that’s not a big deal,” Rebecca replied.
Rebecca left with her friends leaving only Richa-rd with his sister in the room. Shortly after they left, Thomas and Achuba arrived at the room. They were so surprised to a girl other than Rebecca sitting beside him holding his hand. When she turned, her eyes caught Thomas’s eyes. Thomas felt his heartbeat skipped for a moment and he quic-kly looked away. As far he can recall, he had never felt something like that in his entire life.
“Richa-rd ,” Achuba called.

“I’m glad you are back,” Richa-rd replied.

“Good afternoon,” Suzan greeted them. And when Thomas heard her voice, he bec@m£ completely taken by it.

“Good afternoon, how are you doing?” Achuba answered. At this point, Thomas couldn’t help but explore her beauty. Her round bold eyes, her hairstyle and dress we’re all captivating.
“Hey, this is my sister,” Richa-rd said when he noticed how Thomas was staring and Thomas quic-kly looked away.

“Really?” Achuba asked surprisingly.

“Yes of course,” Suzan smiled.

“That’s great, when did you come here?” Achuba asked.

“Some few hours ago,” she replied.

“That’s wonderful, it an honour to finally meet you,” Achuba smiled.

“The plea-sure is all mine,” she smiled back.

“How are you feeling now,” Achuba asked Richa-rd .

“Much better,” replied Richa-rd .

“Why is your other friend silent since you c@m£ in?” Suzan asked looking into Thomas’s eyes.
“I.., I,” Thomas stammered and st©pped.

“You what?” She asked and his heart beat fas-ter as he try to speak.

“I think I’m sick,” Thomas finally uttered. He wondered what was happening to him. He had never been like that around any other girl.

“Really? What’s wrong?” Achuba asked.

“It might be a headache,” Thomas replied.

“You are not even sure,” Achuba laughed.

Some few minutes later, Prof. Grace called Richa-rd on the phone. His sister helped him to answering the call.

?Richa-rd : Hello Ma’am

?Prof. Grace: I hope you are feeling better now?

?Richa-rd : Yes ma’am, I’m much better.

?Prof. Grace: is Rebecca there with you?”

?Richa-rd : No she has left

?Prof. Grace: Good, I promise to give you 20 million Naira, right?

?Richa-rd : Yes, Ma’am

?Prof. Grace: Okay, I’ve alre-ady given my lawyer the money. He will it to you when you recover.

?Richa-rd : Thank you so much Ma’am

?Prof. Grace: is okay, just take care of Rebecca and Emmanuel for me.

?Richa-rd : I promise I will. But wait, you are coming back, right?

?Prof. Grace: God’s willing I will be back.

“Who was that?” Suzan asked after Richa-rd finished the phone call.

“It was Rebecca’s mother,” Richa-rd replied.

“She really is a nice woman, she reminds me of Mom,” Suzan said.

“Yes,” Richa-rd said.

“Could you plea-se go and get the nurse plea-se? The drip in my hand is aching,” Richa-rd said.

“Okay, I’ll be on my way,” she replied and stood up.

As she was walking out of the, she again caught Thomas staring at her irresistibly. Thomas tried his best not to make it obvious to his friends. About a minute, after she walked out, Thomas stood up and headed out.

“Where are you going?” Achuba asked.

“I want to check on something” he replied. And when he got out the room, he saw Suzan approaching with the nurse. She was just some few inches behind the nurse. They both looked into each other’s eyes as they got close to each other. She suddenly st©pped walking while the nurse Continued her walk to the room.
“What’s your name?” Thomas asked after he had gotten to where she was.

“Me?” She asked pointing at herself.
“Of course I’m talking to you, is there anyone around here that my question can be referred to?” Thomas asked.

“Oh I thought you can see the ghost around me,” she laughed. And when he noticed her laugh, his fear suddenly vanished.

“All the ghosts are over there having a p@rty, none of them is close to where we are,” he replied.

“By the way, my name is Susan, how about you?” She asked.

“I’m Thomas,” he replied.

“Are you also a student of this University?” She questioned.

“Yes, I’m in the same dep@rtment with your brother,” Thomas answered.
“Oh that’s great.”

“How about you? Which school are you attending?” Thomas asked.
“Actually, I finished my highschool four years ago, and I haven’t start any school yet,” she replied.
“Oh that’s quite bad, what were you planning on doing?” He asked.
“I’m planning on getting married,” she revealed.
“Seriously? Aren’t you too young for marriage?” Thomas asked surprisingly.

“Yes seriously, I’m 21 years old. I don’t think I’m too young for it,” she smiled.

“Wow! You are even older than I am,” Thomas said.

“Really? How old are you?” She asked.

“I’m 18 years old,” Thomas revealed.

“That’s great,” she commented.

“I think we should be heading back to room,” she added.

“Yes you are right. But before then, can you plea-se give me your phone number?” Thomas requested.

“Okay let me have your phone,” she replied.
She punched her phone number on the phone after he gave her the phone.

“Here you go,” she said handing him the phone.

“Thank you,” Thomas smiled.

“Don’t just call me in the night, I hate when people do that,” she said frowning.

“Oh I promise I will never call you in the night,” Thomas said.

“Relax, I’m kidding,” she smiled and started walking her way back to the room.

Some minutes later, Thomas walked into the room and sat beside Achuba.

“What did you go to check on?” Richa-rd asked.

“It is nothing important,” Thomas replied. Achuba was about to comment when Rebecca c@m£ in with Alice.
“I think we should go,” Thomas whispered to Achuba.

“Alright Richa-rd , we’ll be going now,” Achuba said as they stood up.

“Okay guys, I will see you later,” Thomas replied and they headed out of the room.

“Are you interested in Richa-rd ‘s sister?” Achuba asked Thomas after they have gotten out of the room.

“Yes I am,” Thomas replied.

“You should really consider what you are doing before things get bad. Is not every boy that will stand his friends d@t!nghis sister, it can be the cause of the end of your friendsh!p,” Achuba adviced.

“I just feel something I never felt before when I’m around other girls,” Thomas replied.

“You don’t always get what you disire in life, sometimes you have to give it up,” Achuba admonished.

“I’ll try,” Thomas replied.

One week later, Richa-rd finally got discharged from the hospital. Rebecca suggested that he should stay with his sister in her place until he’s fully recovered. The doctor gave him the final check up and he was adviced on things to do to improve his health.
At around 10 am, Richa-rd was re-ady to leave the hospital. Thomas and Achuba helped Richa-rd to walk to
Rebecca’s car that was parked outside while Susan and Rebecca walked behind them. Rebecca quic-kly walked to the car and had the car opened for them. Richa-rd , Thomas and Achuba sat at the back, while Rebecca and Susan sat in the front. Rebecca started the engine and started started driving after everyone had sat down.

“So, doesn’t that mean his shooter has gone free without getting arrested?” Susan questioned.

“Well, the shooter was not identified that’s why the police couldn’t arrest anyb©dy,” Achuba explained.

“That’s really annoying. That means he could have died in vain,” Susan said angrily.

“Why would anyone try to kill him in the first place?” Thomas questioned.

“Perhaps, he was been mistaken for another person,” Achuba replied.

“No, I think it was my ex that tried to kill him,” Rebecca replied.

“Really?” Everyone in the car asked surprisingly.

“I think he is the one because Richa-rd was short on the day I announced to him that our relationsh!pis over. My mom has warned me about how dangerous he could be, but I was blinded during our relationsh!p,” Rebecca announced.

“Is that so? Then why don’t we sue him?” Susan asked.

“Is not that easy you know. I talked to my mother’s lawyer about it but he said I don’t have any solid evidence to prove my point. Had it been the shooter was identified, it could have been easier,” Rebecca explained.

“Let’s forget about everything now that I’m alive and healthy,” Richa-rd finally spoke.

“No I don’t think so, what if he tries to kill you again?” Rebecca asked.

“Well, there is nothing we can do about it,” Richa-rd replied.
They arrived at Prof. Grace’s house some few minutes later. The gate was opened for them and Rebecca drove into the house.
After the car c@m£ to halt, Achuba helped Richa-rd to get down from the car.
“Let me lead you to his room,” Rebecca said as she walked in the direction of the guest quarter.
“Oh that will be helpful,” Achuba replied. Richa-rd and Achuba walked gently to guest rooms that was located behind a small flower garden leaving behind Susan and Thomas.
Thomas looked up into her eyes and she looked extremely beautiful in the red dress she was wearing. His heart pounded fas-ter as she walked closer to him.
“Why didn’t you call me after I gave you my number?” She asked.
“I’m sorry, I was very busy,” Thomas replied.
“Oh I see,” she said and headed towards where Richa-rd was taken.
“Look I’m really for not calling you,” he tried to apologize.
“No, you don’t have to apologize,” she responded without even looking back that was when he realized he gave the wrong excuse.
Before he caught up with her, she had alre-ady gotten to the room.

“We will go to the hostel and get his stuff,” Achuba announced as soon as Susan walked in.

“Thank you,” Richa-rd said.

“No problem, we’ll be back soon,” Achuba said and walked out.

“What would you like to eat?” Rebecca asked as she sat beside Richa-rd .

“Nothing, I’m satisfied just by looking at you,” Richa-rd replied.
“That’s a pretty big like you are saying,” Rebecca responded.
“Do I look like I’m lying?” Richa-rd asked turning back to Susan who was standing by the door.
“You look like a fabulous lier,” she smiled.

“Oh so you are even supporting her because she is a girl like you,” Richa-rd said with his eyes wi-dely opened.

Before any of them could talk, one of the security guards of the house interrupted.

“The s£nator is here,” he announced.
“You go and tell him that I’m not re-ady to see him, he should leave,” Rebecca replied.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I don’t think I’ll be to say this to the s£nator,” the security guard replied.
“Then in that case you will fired,” she said angrily.

“Oh plea-se calm down. Just ignore him, he will leave when he get tired,” Richa-rd interfered.

“I think Richa-rd is right,” Susan supported.

Shortly after that, the s£nator headed to guest room himself. The instance Rebecca saw him throu-gh the window, she stood up and walked out the room.

“I thought I made it clear to you that is over between us,” she uttered angrily when she got to where he was.
“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t st©p thinking about you for the past day,” said he helplessly.

“There are plenty of girls out there, why can’t you get yourself one with all the money you have?” She questioned.

“In all the women I’ve met in my life, you are exceptionally the best. I didn’t realize that until now.”

“I’m afraid is too late now, I’m alre-ady in a relationsh!pwith someone,” Rebecca rejected.
“You can’t be serious, right?” He doubted.

“I’m so damn serious,” she answered.

Richa-rd stood and managed to walked out when the s£nator insisted.

“Let me properly introduce you to him. His name is Richa-rd , we met five years ago ,before I met you,” Rebecca said as Richa-rd walked out.

“So are you willing to give up or relationsh!pover a kid with no future?” The s£nator asked.

“Absolutely, not only will I give up my relationsh!pwith you, I can also give up my life for him,” Rebecca announced.


The s£nator was silent for a moment until he finally looked up at Richa-rd .

“Can I have a word with you?” He said looking at Richa-rd .
“No whatever you are going to say to him, you can say it in my pres£nce,” Rebecca protested.
“It will only take a minute,” he continued.

“Is okay Rebecca, let me have an audience with him,” Richa-rd said.

“Okay,” she replied and walked back into the room.

“I’m giving you ten million Naira to leave her alone,” the s£nator offered.

“I’m sorry sir, that won’t be enough,” Richa-rd replied. The s£nator gave him some evil laugh and moved closer to him.
“I will make it 50 million,” he added.

“Even if you will make it a trillion, I won’t leave her alone,” Richa-rd boldly replied.

“I guess you don’t value your life, haven’t you learnt your lesson yet?” He threaned.