The pink clouds episode 25



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It was the happiest night of Richa-rd ‘s entire existence. He walked back to hostel excited feeling like he’s floating on the air. By the he arrived, it was alre-ady midnight and Achuba and Thomas had alre-ady sle-pt. He wished they were awake so that he can express his happiness with them. He lied on his be-d without any sign of sleep in eyes. He remained like that for an hour until he got to the extend he couldn’t take no more. He jumped down from his be-d and tapped Achuba on the shoulder.

“Wake up,” Richa-rd whispered.

It took minutes before Achuba woke up when he noticed that Richa-rd is not going to give up.

“What is it you have to tell me that you can’t wait until morning?” Achuba asked as he sat up with his eyes still closed.

“I almost k!$$£d Rebecca today,” Richa-rd happily announced.

“Really?” Achuba asked, and this time, his eyes were wi-dely opened.

“How did that happen?” Thomas who was lying on the other side of the room asked.
“Hey we thought you are slee-ping,” Richa-rd and Achuba laughed.
“I was, until you guys mentioned something about a k!ss,” Thomas laughed.

After Richa-rd told them everything that happened, they both laughed at him.
“You know we will also punish you for not telling us about your birthday,” Achuba laughed.

“It didn’t matter to me,” Richa-rd responded.

“It matters now that you miss a k!ssfor the most remarkable lady in the school,” Thomas commented.

“Yeah, and I have to wait until next year,” Richa-rd said pretending to be sad and they all laughed at him.

“I also have another big news,” Richa-rd announced.

“Really? What could that be?” Thomas asked.

“Prof. Grace said she is giving me twenty million naira to start a business after she comes back from her treatment in India,” Richa-rd announced.

“Oh my God! Are you telling the truth?” Achuba asked.

“Of course I am,” Richa-rd replied.

“Beside your mother, no any other woman can do what she did to you,” Achuba said.
“I think she considers you to be her son Richa-rd , because this is beyond ordinary,” Thomas commented.
“That’s why I don’t think I can ever thank her enough,” Richa-rd replied.

“You can never thank her enough,” Thomas said.

“So, do you intend on starting the business as soon as she gives you the money?” Achuba asked.

“No, I tend on finishing school first,” Richa-rd replied.

“fv¢k the school. What would you waste your time here and do when you have a hvge capital of starting a business?” Achuba asked.

“But I want to learn the fish farming system at school before going into the business,” Richa-rd replied.

“You can learn about that online without even having to complete the course here. You can employ people who are professionals in this field to work for you,” Achuba said.
“I think you are actually right,” Richa-rd replied.
“I will give you some books to re-ad on entrepreneursh!p, they will help you,” Achuba announced.
“Thank you,” Richa-rd replied.
“I wish I could be like you Richa-rd ,” Thomas said.

“What do you mean by that?” Richa-rd asked.

“I mean you make any decision without someone interfering it,” Thomas said.

“You guys have also interfered in my decisions recently, and I’m very glad you did,” Richa-rd responded.

“That’s not what I meant. I mean you are free to think of what’s good for you without being treated like a child. I don’t think I like computer engineering anymore, but I won’t dare face my family saying I want be an entrepreneur instead,” Achuba said.
“My family used to be like that until my brother proved them wrong. The thought going to university is the only way you can succeed,” Achuba said.

“Exactly,” Thomas replied.

“Have you ever talked to them about how you feel?” Richa-rd asked.

“No I haven’t,” Thomas answered.

“You should try talking to them,” Achuba advised.

“I will do that,” he answered.

Rebecca woke up the next morning feeling like the previous was all a dream. She sat on her be-d and smiled as she thought of him. Her mind was lost in her thoughts that she didn’t even notice it when her mother c@m£ into the room.
“What are you thinking about?” Her mother asked.
“When did you come in?” Rebecca asked looking very startled.
“About a minute ago, and I noticed that you are thinking about something,” her mother suspected.
“No, I’m not thinking about anything,” Rebecca said as she ran out of her be-d.
“Are you sure?” Her mother asked.
“Yes Mom, I’m very sure,” she said walking into her bathroom.
After her shower, she dressed in a white go-wn and walked to the dinning room carrying her hand bag.
“You are finally out,” her mother said.
“Yes I am,” she smiled and sat beside her mother.

“Where is Emmanuel?” She continued.

“He has gone to school alre-ady.”

“Is out quite early today.”

“Yes he is,” her replied and soon they started having their breakfast.

After the breakfast, Rebecca took her car and drove out of the house. On her way, she noticed the s£nator calling her phone. He has been calling her since the previous night, but she didn’t pick any of his calls. She was wondering how she would tell him she doesn’t feel the same anymore. It bec@m£ the most thing for her to do. She wished something would come up to cause their separation. She drove for minutes before arriving at the school teaching hospital.
She parked her car in the parking lot and was walking her way to the teaching hospital when she received a message from the s£nator saying:📝is over between us

Rebecca felt so relieved when she saw the message, she finally had an excuse to breakup with him. She happily replied: thank God it is.

He retried to call her after the messages, but she still didn’t pick up his call.

The instance she walked into the hospital, she was approached by Mary and Dixxy.

“Why dont you pick up his calls?” They asked furiously.

“Can I ask you guys something?” Rebecca uttered.
“Yes you can,” Mary replied.
“Do you really want me to be happy?” She asked.
“Of course we do.”
“Then I’m following my heart right now. Richa-rd is my first love, I tried to deny it at first. But as time went by, I felt like his love is synchronized in every cell of my b©dy. I just can’t help it. And if you really are my friends, you should be happy for me,” Rebecca said.

“Is okay, we just thought the s£nator is the perfect match for a perfect girl like you,” Mary stated.

“I mean he’s rich, handsome and intelligent,” she continued.

“I Don’t think money matters to me anymore. I used to think my life was perfect until Richa-rd c@m£ back. I felt something extraordinary that I only feel when I’m with him. I can give up anything to be with him,” Rebecca replied. Few minutes later, they were being called by their supervisor.

About 30 minutes later, her b©yfri£ndarrived at the teaching hospital. When Rebecca saw him, she ran into one of the doctors’ office to hide herself.

“Good morning sir!” She greeted the doctor.

“Rebecca! How are you doing?” He asked.
“I’m fine sir,” she responded.

“What brings you to my office this early morning?” The doctor asked.
“I just c@m£ to say hello sir,” she smiled.
“Are you sure you don’t have any favour to ask in return?” He doubted.
“Yes I’m sure sir,” she replied.
She walked out of the office as soon as he pas-sed. She quic-kly brou-ght out her phone and called Alice.

💬Alice: Who is trying to disturb my peace?

💬Rebecca: there is no time for your silly jokes, I want you to s£nd me Richa-rd ‘s phone number right now.

💬Alice: you must be kidding right? How comes you don’t have his number?

💬Rebecca: plea-se s£nd it quic-k, is important. I will tell you everything later.

After about 2 minutes, Alice shared her the number, and she instantly called it. Richa-rd was slee-ping when his phone started ringing. He couldn’t hear the phone ringing due to the fact that he sle-pt late the previous night. Achuba shoke Richa-rd very ha-rd that he had to wake up.

“What is it?” Richa-rd asked with his eyes closed.

“Your phone is ringing,” Achuba announced.

“I will call the person later, I really nee-d this sleep,” Richa-rd replied.
“What if it is an emergency? This is the third time the person is calling,” Achuba explained.
“I don’t think so,” Richa-rd replied.
Achuba quic-kly picked up the phone and answered it.

💬Achuba: hello

.💬Rebecca: hello, is this Richa-rd ?

💬Achuba: no this is his friend, he is still slee-ping.

💬Rebecca: is that so? Okay tell him that if I don’t hear his voice in 10 seconds, he will lose me forever.
Achuba covered the mouth piece of the phone and delivered her message. Richa-rd quic-kly jumped up from be-d and collected the phone from Achuba.

💬Richa-rd : hello who is this?

💬Rebecca: I heard that you’ve become a big man now, you
don’t answer calls in the morning.

💬Richa-rd : I truly sorry, I was a wonderful dream about you, that’s I don’t want to be interrupted.
Rebecca: Really? What was the dream about?

💬Richa-rd : I can’t tell you, but is probably the best dream of my life.

💬Rebecca: If you are able to meet me in the teaching hospital in five minutes, I will give you the biggest surprise of you life.

💬Richa-rd : what is it?

💬Rebecca: come in five minutes if you really want to find out.

Richa-rd got down from his be-d and wore the clothes he wore the previous night.
“It was Rebecca, right?”
“Yes it was her, she said nee-d to see me in five minutes,” Richa-rd revealed.
“Imagine what would have happened if I didn’t pick the call.”
“Thank for helping me out, I’m really grateful,” Richa-rd smiled.

“You are welcome,” Achuba answered.

Rebecca walked out of hospital waiting to see Richa-rd ‘s arrival.
“What is wrong with you?” c@m£ a voice behind her. When she turned, she noticed that it was s£nator speaking.
“I thought you say we should break-up,” Rebecca said.
“Do you really want us to breakup?” He questioned.

“Yes I do,” Rebecca responded.

“You must be crazy, do you think you can find someone better than I?” He proudly questioned.

“It doesn’t matter if I find someone better than you or not. What matters is we are no longer together,” Rebecca answered.
“Fine, if that’s what you want. I know you will come back in days begging for my forgiveness while it will be too late,” he said.

“God forbid! This will never happen,” she replied.

Soon, Richa-rd arrived at the scene in a taxi. All the people around were watching what was happening. Richa-rd ‘s heart started pounding ha-rder, knowing trouble won’t be Faraway.

“Before I leave, I want to know why you want us to break-up,” he requested.

“You were the one who suggested that we should break-up,” Rebecca responded.

“Okay dear, I’m truly sorry. Tell me what is wrong.”
“To be honest with you, there is someone I really like. I have been in love with him for six years, and I just can’t help,” Rebecca replied.
“You are kidding, right?” He asked.
Rebecca suddenly saw Richa-rd standing among the crowd behind them.
“Watch me and tell me if this is a joke,” she said as she walked to Richa-rd . Richa-rd ‘s heart beat increa-sed more than ever as she got closer to him.

“What really going..” before Richa-rd could complete his statement, Rebecca held his shoulder and k!$$£d him on thel-ips. He bec@m£ totally shocked and surprised and couldn’t believe what was happening. She let him and turned back to the s£nator.

“Does this still seem like a joke to you?” She asked.
The s£nator angrily walked to his car along with b©dyguards and drove away.

“And if you excuse me, I something to do,” Rebecca said trying to walk back to the hospital. Richa-rd quic-kly gr@bb£d her hand and pu-ll-ed her closer to him. Rebecca’s heart started beating fas-ter and her breathe started to seize.

“You know people are watching us,” she uttered.

“Really?” Richa-rd asked.

“Yes, I know,” Richa-rd responded.

“I will call you later,” she said taking off his hands.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting,” Richa-rd smiled.

Richa-rd headed back to the hostel and thought about what happened as he walked. He was surprised that Rebecca was willing to show the world that she loved him. He felt like his life couldn’t get any better than that moment. He brou-ght out his phone and called Thomas. It rank for a moment, but there was no answer. As he was about to get into their room, he received a call from Thomas.
Richa-rd : hello

💬Thomas:where are you? We about to write a test right now.

💬Richa-rd : Oh my God! Really?

💬Thomas: yes, and you will miss the test if you don’t come at once.

Without any preparation, Richa-rd ran to his dep@rtment. He looked at the theatres of the dep@rtment and finally found the lecture venue at the extreme end. When he noticed that it was the lecturer he once had problem with, he gave up the test and went to a clas-s opposite to the theatre and sat down. He sat there for half an hour before his mates started finishing their tests. He then received a call from Thomas requesting for his location.

About five minutes later, Thomas walked into the dep@rtment.
“Why didn’t you write the test?” Thomas interrogated.

“I didn’t know we have a test today,” Richa-rd replied.

“Oh really? Can I be honest with you Richa-rd ?” Thomas asked.

“Why is that your studies seriously?” Thomas requested after Richa-rd had given him the go ahead.

“Have you forgotten that I’m going quit the school?” Richa-rd asked.

“But what if you are repeating the same mistake again?”

“I ran away without anything to do before, but this time, I will be doing something,” Richa-rd replied.

“You should at least wait until Prof. Grace gives you the money before you start thinking of leaving. What if she changes her mind?”

“I trust Prof. Grace with my life, she will never change her mind,” Richa-rd replied.


Around 4 pm, Rebecca was finally done with the teaching hospital. As she was trying to find her way out of the hospital, one of her colleagues who was a very good friend of hers called for her attention. She turned and watched him as he walked fast to her.

“We will be having a friendly football match today in the city stadium, I hope you will be president,” he announced.

“I don’t really know, if my mom doesn’t give me work when I go home, I might show up,” Rebecca replied.
“Okay, I will be expecting you,” he said hopefully.

“What time is the match?” Rebecca asked.

“By 5 I think,” he replied.

“Okay, I will see you then,” she said and continued walking.

She entered her car and drove home slowly. The gate was opened for her and she drove in slowly. She parked the car un-der the capony and headed to the leaving room. When she got in she found her sitting on a sofa re-ading a newspaper.

“Good afternoon mom,” she greeted her mother.
“Afternoon, how was your k!sswith Richa-rd ?” She asked.
“Oh My God!” Rebecca said covering her face with her and increa-sed her steps.

“Don’t you want to tell me about it?” Her mother laughed.

“I’m sure the snitch has told you everything,” she said and went to her.

She began to wonder about who told her mother about her relationsh!pwith Richa-rd . She thought of all the possibilities but couldn’t come up with a single person. She went to bathroom and took a shower before changing into a white T-shi-t and a black jeans. She had white Snickers on her legs. She quic-kly took a full selfie of herself and s£nt it to Richa-rd with the caption: how do I look?
💬Richa-rd : You look incredibly beautiful, I wish I could see you right now.

💬Rebecca: the university football team are having a match by 5:00 on. Get re-ady, I’m coming to pick you.

💬Richa-rd : okay, I’ll be expecting you.

By the time Rebecca got her room, her mother was not there. She quic-kly opened the fridge in the dining room and took some chocolate in it. She hurriedly walked to her car and drove out of the house. Soon, she arrived at the male hostel and informed Richa-rd that she had arrived. She waited for about five minutes before Richa-rd showed up. He was also wearing a white shi-t, white Snickers and a black jeans.

“Come on Richa-rd , you know we can’t go out like that, right?” Rebecca said.

“Why can’t we?” Richa-rd asked as he sat down beside her in the car.
“It seems very local to me, whoever sees us will think we are couples,” Rebecca complained.

“No, whoever sees us will know we are couples,” Richa-rd smiled.

“And since when did we become couples?” Rebecca asked lowering her eyes.

“Since when we went out yesterday,” Richa-rd smiled.

“Oh, but I can’t recall the last time you said you love me,” Rebecca said lowering her voice.

“To be in relationsh!pdoesn’t necessarily require saying ro-mantic things at the initial point. It involves the compas-sion and commitment you show your p@rtner, for they say, action speaks louder than words,” Richa-rd said.
Rebecca bec@m£ speechless after Richa-rd made that statement. They drove out of the school on to the highway.
“You know, I still can’t believe I’m doing this with you,” Rebecca revealed.

“What do you mean?” Richa-rd asked her.

“I just feel everything is not real,” she responded.

“Me too, I wish I could remain as happy as I am right now forever,” he said.

They arrived at the stadium and parked their car at the entrance. As they were walking to get in, Richa-rd held Rebecca hand. She turned and looked and smiled. They bought some popcorn just by the door and walked in. They stadium was filled people shouting all over. Because the seats in the front had been filled, they had to seat at the back.

“Which team is ours?” Rebecca asked.

“I don’t know, I’m supposed to ask you this,” Richa-rd replied.

“I’m not quite a fan of football you know,” she responded.

“Really? Then what kind of sport are you into?”

“Basketball maybe, I used to pl@yit with Amirah and Alice when were kids,” Rebecca responded.

“When was the last time you pla-yed it?”

“I don’t really know, ten years ago I think.”

“Wow! No wonder you are getting fat, you don’t move your b©dy,” Richa-rd laughed.

“If I get fatter than I am right now, I will b very Happy,” she laughed.


The match ended some few minutes past 6. They talked and laughed throu-ghout the March without paying much attention to it. After the match, they head to a small restaurant close to the restaurant. They headed back to the university after their meal. She dropped him close to his hostel and headed home.

After her parking her car, she walked into the living room and found her mother sitting on the sofa. She totally forgot about what happened earlier and sat beside her mother.
“I don’t see you studying much nowadays,” her mother complained.

“I most study in the night,” Rebecca replied.

“Well, you have two more years to go, you have to put in your maximum effort,” her mother adviced.

“Okay Mom,” she replied.

As they were talking, her mother suddenly sneezed and blood oozed out of her nose.

“What wrong with you Mom?” Rebecca asked looking very frightened.

“I’m okay, is just a cold,” her mother said trying to calm her.

“Okay,” Rebecca responded, but she always knew when her mother is trying to hide something from her. She stood up and sneaked into her mother. She searched for minutes before coming across her mother’s medical report.

The instance she set her eyes on the report, she screamed louder than she ever had. Her knees bec@m£ so weak that they could no longer support her. Her mother ran to the room and found her on the floor crying.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Rebecca cried.

“Because I didn’t want to distract you from your studies,” she replied.

“Who cares about studies when you are dying?” Rebecca cried out loud.

“Who told you I’m dying?” Prof. Grace asked.

“I’m medical student Mom, I know what I saw.”

“Seeing you becoming a woman is the most joyous thing that has ever happened to me in my life, I will not regret it even if I die now,” Prof. Grace said as bent down to hold her hand.
Rebecca quic-kly stood up and ran out of the house. She went to the stream that was at the entrance of the staff quarters and sat on rock. She cried out loud there as if she was a little baby. She brou-ght out her phone and called Richa-rd . The moment he answered the call, he heard her crying.

💬Richa-rd : what’s wrong dear? Why are you crying?

💬Rebecca: my mom is dying of cancer.

He bec@m£ silent knowing that she finally found out.

💬Richa-rd : where are you right now?

“I’m at the steam close to the bridge,” she informed.

Richa-rd quic-kly boarded a taxi to the place she told him. Richa-rd saw her sitting on a rock that was just below a very hvge street lamp. When she saw Richa-rd , her voice increa-sed as she cried. Richa-rd felt bad for her when he saw her in that condition. He began to think of the method he is going to use to calm her. When he was just some few inches away from her, a man wearing a mask appear from the bush.

“Richa-rd ! Behind you!” She screamed.

When Richa-rd turned, he saw a man holding a gun. Before Richa-rd could make any effort to run, he was short twice on the che-st ma-king him to coll@pse on the sp©t. Rebecca screamed out loud like her lungs were going to explode. The man ran back into the bush and Rebecca ran to Richa-rd . She saw as blood rushed out his che-st. She quic-kly re-moved the white shi-t she was holding and tried to st©p the bleeding. Soon, people gathered in and noticed her screaming. An ambulance was summoned, and Richa-rd was taken to the teaching hospital.

After arriving at the university teaching hospital, Richa-rd was taken to the emergency room where the doctors started operating on him. Rebecca sat on the waiting bench with her hands covered in blood. Her face was completely we-t with tears as he had cried terribly. She wished and prayed that he will be okay. She had never been so scared in her entire life like she was at that moment. As she was sitting, her mom suddenly call her on the phone.

💝Prof. Grace: I heard that a student has been short, where are you?

💟Rebecca: it was Richa-rd

💟Prof. Grace: what do you mean it was Richa-rd ?

💬Rebecca: Someb©dy sh0t him, he currently un-dergoing a surgery.

💬Prof. Grace: Oh Lord, where are you?

💝Rebecca: I’m at the teaching hospital.

💟Prof. Grace: okay I will be right there.

After the call, Rebecca went into one of wash room and cleaned herself up. By the time she walked out, her mom had arrived at the hospital. She ran and hvgged her mother as she cried.

“What really happened?” Her mother asked.

“I was talking to him in the garden when a man c@m£ out of nowhere and sh0t him,” Rebecca cried. Her mother could feel her tears we-tting her shoulder.
“How could something like this happen in the university?”
“The security in this school is just use. How can a criminal get throu-gh with a gun without being detected?” Rebecca furiously asked.

Suddenly, one of the doctors walked out of the operation room. The instance Rebecca saw her, she stood and ran to her.

“How is he doing?” She asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry dear, he’s going to be fine.”
.”Thank God,” Rebecca said with a hvge relief.

“Good evening ma’am,” the doctor greeted Pro. Grace after she had gotten to where they are.
“Good evening, how did surgery go?” She asked.

“Fortunately, it went well,” she smiled.
“Thank you so much,” Prof. Grace said gratefully.

After a short while, Richa-rd was taken to one of the best rooms in the hospital. The room was of medium size, and the sick be-d was placed close near the wall beside the glas-s sliding window. Opposite to the be-d was small table with a basket of flowers kept on it. Beside the table, was a door that leads to the bathroom. Rebecca and mother walked into the room and sat on the two sitter sofa that was next to the table. They watched as his che-st go up and down with the oxygen tube in his face.
“Is he going to he okay?” Rebecca asked.
“I believe he will be,” Prof. Grace replied as she placed her hand on her daughter’s shoulder.

“I feel really bad for him,” Rebecca said.

“Me too,” her mother replied. Just then, Richa-rd ‘s phone that was on the table started ringing. Rebecca stood up and walked to the phone and saw Achuba calling.

💬Rebecca: Hello

💬Achuba: Hi, how are you?

Rebecca: I am fine.

💬Achuba: is this Rebecca speaking?

💝Rebecca: yeah how do you know is me?

💬Achuba: because I know you are the only girl that answer Richa-rd ‘s phone.

💬Rebecca: I’m flattered, but do you know that your friend is in the hospital?

💬Achuba: I have no idea, what happened to him?

💬Rebecca: didn’t you hear about the gun sh0t?

💬Achuba: Don’t tell me it was Richa-rd that got sh0t.

💬Rebecca: why should I be the one answering your call if he wasn’t the one?

💬Achuba: Oh my God, in which hospital is he?
Rebecca: the T.H

After the call, Rebecca went and sat beside her mother.

“I will be going home now,” her mother announced.
“Okay Mom, I think I will spend the night here,” Rebecca replied.
“Is okay, you can call me if you nee-d anything,” Prof. Grace said as she walked out of the room. After her mother left, Rebecca went out of the room and took a small chair and returned with it. She placed the chair beside Richa-rd ‘s be-d and sat on it and watched as he breath. Suddenly, she heard some footsteps behind her. When she turned, she discovered Richa-rd ‘s roommates.
“You can come in,” Rebecca replied after they asked if the can come in.

“How did he get sh0t?” Thomas asked.

“I was talking to him close to the garden when a man suddenly from the bush and sh0t him,” she explained.

“I never knew Richa-rd getting involved in people’s affairs, why should someb©dy shoot him?” Achuba asked.

“He did, when he started liking the s£nator’s girlfriend,” Armstrong said.

“Do you think the s£nator did this?” Rebecca asked as she stood up.
“Most likely, but I’m not certain,” Armstrong replied.
“I’m going to meet him right away,” Rebecca said trying to walk out in a hurry.

“Hold on a second, we have no strong evidence that if it was the s£nator. Confronting him like that could be risky,” Achuba said blocking her.

“I think he’s right,” Thomas supported.

“I’m not scared of him,” Rebecca said and pushed him out of her way.