The pink clouds episode 23


💝The pink Clouds


Richa-rd woke up in the morning feeling like the previous night was a dream. He couldn’t remember the last time he was feeling so happy like that. When he looked around the room, he noticed that almost everyone had gotten re-ady.

“So you are finally up,” Thomas said.

“Yes I am,” Richa-rd replied as he stretched his arms.

“Achuba told me that you had a plea-sant night,” Thomas said.

“Indeed, it is one of the very best nights of my life,” Richa-rd replied.

“Really?” Thomas asked.

“Yes really, let me take a bath first, I will tell you when I come out,” Richa-rd said.

As they were about to leave for their morning lectures, Richa-rd received a message from Alice.

“Rebecca is not going to lectures, we’ll be having some fun at home” the message said.

“I’m going to see Rebecca,” Richa-rd announced after re-ading the message.

“Really? What about the lectures?” Thomas asked.

“To hell with the lectures, go and meet her Richa-rd , I totally support you,” Achuba motivated.

“Thank you,” Richa-rd replied happily.

He walked out their hostel and headed to Prof. Grace’s house. At around 9 am, he arrived at the house. As soon as he arrived, he messaged Alice that he is at the gate of the house. About five minutes later, she went out to go and get him.

“Good morning,” she said to him.

“Good morning, how are you?” Richa-rd asked.

“I’m okay,” she replied. She talked to the security guard and he allowed to go in.

When they got into the living room, Richa-rd saw Rebecca sitting on the dining table, while Amirah was sitting on a dining chair besides her. She was wearing a short white transparent go-wn that rarely reach her knee. Richa-rd looked into her and smiled as he walked to her. Irresistibly, she smiled and looked at him as he walked to her.

“As a medical student, aren’t you supposed to be more serious than this? Bunking lectures so much unlike you,” Richa-rd smiled as he walked to her.

“I’m going to be busier than the bee starting tomorrow, I just want my friends to have a good time before they leave. Speaking of seriousness, I learned from an engineering kid that was once serious,” Rebecca smiled.

Confidently, Richa-rd sat beside her on table beside her. Suddenly, her heart started beating fas-ter as he got closer to her. When Richa-rd inhaled the scent on her b©dy, it took him back to six years ago and a lot of memories sparked within a second. It was unique that only she had it.
“I missed this perfume,” Richa-rd said with his eyes closed.

“Really?” Rebecca asked.

“Yes really,” he said as he opened his eyes.

“St©p pla-ying around, why didn’t you go for your lectures today?” She asked.

“Well, I’m free today,” Richa-rd replied.

“You don’t even know how to lie,” she smiled.
Amirah silently stood up and went to the living room without them realizing.

“Actually, I am thinking of changing a dep@rtment” Richa-rd announced.
“You must be kidding, right?” Rebecca asked.

“I’m really serious,” Richa-rd replied as he st©pped smiling.
“Why? Tell me what the problem is, if it is money, I can help you with some,” she said.

“No is not about money, I want to be an entrepreneur and I don’t computer engineering is the right course for me,” Richa-rd said.
“Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?” She asked.

“Because studying computer engineering will only make a civil servant in the future. And you know their is a high rate of unemployment in Nigeria and it is projected to get higher in the future because more people are graduating from the universities,” Richa-rd explained.

“But being an entrepreneur will not guarantee you success, many have tried and failed,” Rebecca said.

“But some have tried and succeeded, entrepreneursh!pis all about risk taking,” Richa-rd said.

“That’s why I don’t longer regret running away five six years ago. It made me realize something big that wouldn’t have realized if I have stayed,” Richa-rd explained.

“Tell me what it made you realize,” Rebecca asked.

“Getting employed and earning salary is not a success, but rather a slavery. You can get fired at anytime and your income remains the same,” Richa-rd said.

“But if even if you run a business, something unfortunate can happen that can ruin your business,” Rebecca said.

“That’s the difference between an entrepreneur and a civil servant, we don’t rely on a single source of income,” Richa-rd responded.

“You speak as if you alre-ady are an entrepreneur,” she laughed.

“I am, since I alre-ady have decided to be one,” Richa-rd laughed back.

“So, do you think I as a medical can be an entrepreneur?” Rebecca asked.

“Absolutely, I’m surprised you asked me this. Haven’t you heard of pri-vate hospitals before?” Richa-rd asked.
“Of course I have, but the idea of running my own hospital has never come to me,” Rebecca replied.

“Well, you know you will earn much than what you will paid in the public hospitals,” Richa-rd explains.

“It seems like you have gotten smarter,” Rebecca complemented.
“Thank you,” Richa-rd smiled.

“You said an entrepreneur does not rely on a single source of income, how do you think that will work for a medical doctor?” Rebecca asked.

“Well, you can get involved in the distribution of pharmacutical products at the same,” Richa-rd said.

“That’s absolutely a brilliant idea,” Rebecca said excitedly.

“I’m glad you like it,” Richa-rd smiled.

“Have you eaten breakfast yet?” She asked.

“No I haven’t, have you?” He replied.

“No I haven’t, that’s why you have to allow me to go and make some,” she smiled.

“Permission granted ma lady,” Richa-rd replied and she started laughing.

She stood up and headed to kitchen, while Richa-rd turned and watched her as walked. Change hasn’t got much of her for the last six years, but it was like he was seeing her for the first time. He couldn’t believe everything was real.
“You can go to the living room and talk to Amirah and Alice, it might take a while before I will be back,” Rebecca said after turning back.

“Okay,” he smiled and stood up.
He walked into the living room and met Alice and Amirah
watching a movie on the TV.

“I can’t recall the last time I sat down and watch a movie like this,” Richa-rd said as he sat beside Amirah.

“Me too,” she replied.
“So, since when did you become an expert on business?” She continued by asking.

“Some days ago,” Richa-rd smiled.

“That’s wonderful,” she replied.

“Thanks you,” he responded.
“So, when do you plan on going home?” Alice asked.
“As soon as this semester ends,” Richa-rd replied.
“I guess your sister would be extremely happy to see you,” Amirah commented.

“Or perhaps very angry,” Richa-rd replied.
“Of course she will be angry because you left for six years, but she will be happy that you are back,” Alice said.
“Yes you are absolutely right,” Richa-rd replied.

“How are things working out with Rebecca?” Amirah asked.

“Absolutely perfect, I don’t really know I should thank you,” he commented.

“It really makes us to you together,” Alice said.

“Thank you so much, your arrival makes it looks I’ve been taken to the past,” Richa-rd said.

“Don’t just make the same mistake of letting her go,” Alice adviced.

“I will never let go this time,” Richa-rd vowed.

They talked for about an hour until Rebecca called their attention.

“Breakfast is re-ady,” she announced from the dining room.
“Alright we are on our way,” Amirah replied and they all stood up and headed to the dining room.
“What’s the last time you cook?” Alice asked as they sat.
“About a month ago I think,” she replied.
“Wow! You really are a princess,” Amirah commented.
“plea-se st©p exaggerating it, is because I and my mom are always busy that’s why she hired a cook,” she explained.
“Really? Where is the cook now?” She Alice asked.
“She had alre-ady cooked and left, she will be coming back by noon I guess,” Rebecca replied.

“Where is the food she cooked?” Amirah asked.

“Is in the kitchen,” she replied.

“I’m glad you cooked by yourself, because I love your food,” Richa-rd commented.

“Really? She not even that great when it comes to cooking,” Alice opposed.
“Really? The last time we had a coming competition, who won?” Rebecca asked.

“That’s because you gave me a faulty stove with expired food stuff, everything was set up before we even began,” Alice said.
Rebecca bur-st into a serious laugher.

“Do you hear yourself? You never run out of excuses,” she said after she st©pped laughing.

“So even competed,” Richa-rd commented.

“That’s how they have been since when we were very young, they love competeting against one another,” Amirah replied.
“What about you?” Richa-rd asked.

“I don’t have time for their childishness,” Amirah replied.

Alright that’s enough, let’s eat before we continue with all of our noises,” Rebecca said. She opened the flask containing the food revea-ling the content. It was some fried yam and egg.
“You still haven’t changed,” Amirah said when she noticed the content.

“Oh yes I haven’t,” she smiled as she served the food on plates. She distributed to everyone and went back to the kitchen to get some tea.

.”You sure are the best cook in the world,” Richa-rd commented after taking his first bite. By that time, she had returned from the kitchen.

“Thank you,” she smiled as she sat down.
“I don’t blame you for choosing yam to be your favorite food,” Richa-rd continued.

“Only nuts would blame me,” Rebecca smiled.

“So you mean we are nuts?” Alice asked.

“Without a doubt, yes,” Rebecca said giving her a pla-yful look.
After their breakfast, they went back to the living room while Rebecca headed to kitchen with the plates they used. She returned to the living room soon after washing them.

“You will surely make a good house wife,” Amirah commented.

“Thank you,” replied Rebecca as she sat beside her.

“Can we do something fun? I’m begging to get bored,” Alice replied.

“How about we pl@ychecking the fool out?” Amirah suggested.

“No, that will be very childish,” Rebecca replied.

“And what type of a game is checking the fool out?” Richa-rd asked.

“It is a game we used to since when we were in primary school,” Alice replied.

“And how is this game pla-yed?”

“A certain t©pic is chos£n, and pla-yers are asked to call the names of things or words in that t©pic. Any pla-yer who fails to think of a name or word when his or her turn arrives losses,” Alice describe-d.

“That sounds quite easy to me,” Richa-rd said.

“Is actually not, we will be arranged in a circle. As soon the first person calls a name of a thing, the person next to him or will call a different thing without any del@yand the next person will also do the same. And that’s how it will continue In a circle. No reputation of words, and if you del@yfor more than a second without calling a name, you will be marked as the loser,” Amirah explained.

“That sounds fun to me,” Richa-rd said.

“No I think is very childish,” Rebecca insisted.

“Is fun to be reminded of your childhood I think,” Richa-rd smiled.
Soon, they started pla-ying the game. They laughed out loud as they pla-yed and tea-sed one another. Richa-rd felt like everything happening was in a dreaming. Throu-ghout the game, he couldn’t take his eyes off Rebecca. He felt like it was all a fantasy and everything will disappear any moment. They pla-yed for hours until they were exhausted.

“Who is hungry like me?” Rebecca asked?

“We all are hungry,” Alice replied.

“I would to cook, but I’m exhausted,” Rebecca complained.

“How about the other breakfast the cook left?” Alice asked.

“Actually, I’m thinking of getting us some pizza,” Rebecca announced.

“That will be very great,” Amirah announced.

“I can’t go out like this, look at what I’m wearing,” Rebecca said.

“Why don’t you give Richa-rd the money so that he can go and buy?” Amirah suggested.

“That’s a brilliant idea,” Rebecca replied. She ran to her and c@m£ out with her purse. She opened and handed Richa-rd ten thousand naira along with her car’s key.

“Can you get go and get us some pizza?” Rebecca asked.

“I would love to go with you,” Richa-rd said looking into her eyes.

“I would love to go too, but look at what I’m wearing,” Rebecca responded.

“You don’t have to go out of the car, besides I noticed that the glas-ses of your windows are tinted,” Richa-rd replied.
As she looked into his eyes, she felt an invisible f0rç£ drawing her to him that she couldn’t resist his request.

“Okay, let’s go,” she replied and they headed out together.

“Are you really going out like that?” Alice asked.

“Of course I am,” Rebecca replied.

“I pray you should meet your mother their,” Alice said.

“Your pray is definitely not answered,” Rebecca replied.

They walked to her car and she opened the pas-s£nger’s door and sat at the back so that she won’t be seen while Richa-rd sat at the front. And soon he drove out of the house.

“The last time we drove like this, you didn’t know how to drive,” Richa-rd said.

“Yes, I was young back then,” Rebecca replied.

“So, who taught you how to drive?” Richa-rd asked.

“I went to a driving school,” Rebecca replied.

“But I hope you have never hit something?” Richa-rd asked.

“No, but I almost fell off a bridge,” she replied.

“Is good thing you didn’t fall, I would have been in sorrow right now,” Richa-rd replied.

They drove out of the onto the highway. They were close to the pizza shop when Richa-rd noticed the highway police patrolling on the road.

“Oh my God, we are in trouble,” Richa-rd announced.

“What’s the matter?” Rebecca asked.

“The police are patrolling on the road and I don’t have a driving license,” Richa-rd said.

“What? How comes you don’t have one?” She asked.

“I don’t have a car, remember?” He responded.

“Okay, I think you will have to allow me drive from here,” she said.

Richa-rd st©pped driving and Rebecca crossed over to the front seat. As they were trying to exchange seat, Richa-rd heart beat increases when they got really close. They both st©pped moving and stared at each other. Suddenly, the urge of k!ss!ngher c@m£ to him at that moment. He felt something pu-lling him towards her that he couldn’t describe.

“Let’s go and get the pizza,” she said at last and moved to his seat.

When they got to the police, she showed them all that they nee-d to see, and soon, they arrived at the pizza shop. Richa-rd got down for the car and bought the pizza while Rebecca returned to her previous position. They headed back to the university after Richa-rd c@m£ back.

They arrived back some minutes later and found Alice and Amirah alre-ady asleep.

“Wake up sleepy heads,” Rebecca said as she shook Alice and they both woke up.

“What took you so long?” Amirah asked.

“Hey, we were gone just for minutes,” Rebecca replied.

“That’s what you think, to us, you have been gone for centuries,” Alice replied.

“Perhaps you had some fun without us,” Amirah win-ked at her.

“Absolutely not,” Rebecca quic-kly replied and Alice and Amirah laughed at her.

They sat down and ate the pizza. As soon as they were done eating, Amirah received a call that there will be a verification at her place of work.

“What did they tell you?” Alice asked.
“I think we must leave now,” Amirah replied.

“Why can’t you leave tomorrow as we planned?” Amirah.

“I must go now, I will miss the verification exercise if I stay until tomorrow,” Amirah replied.