The pink clouds episode 21

The pink Clouds🌹



Rebecca has been at home since morning. It was her birthday and was supposed to hold a p@rty for it. The p@rty was supposed to take place in a small garden in the garden of her house. She had been working since morning decorating the garden. She suddenly received a call from Alice.

💬Rebecca: Hey Alice, how are you doing?”

💬Alice: I’m okay, it seems like you completely forgotten about us.

💬Rebecca: I’m sorry for not calling all this while, I’ve been very busy that’s why

💬Alice: Is okay, guess what?

💬Rebecca: what?

💬Alice: I and Amirah are at the gate of your university, we c@m£ for birthday.

💬Rebecca: Oh Alice, plea-se st©p pla-ying around, you know I won’t fall for a small lie like this.

💬Alice: we just wanted to surprise you, that’s why we didn’t tell you.

💬Rebecca: oh my God, are you serious?
Amira snatched the phone from Alice who was standing next to her.

💬Amira: Would you get your as-s down here and st©p asking silly questions? You know how far your place is, we nee-d some rest.
Rebecca: Oh my God! I will be on my way

💬Amira: you better be here on time.

Rebecca was so excited because she will be seeing Amira and Alice . They had been her friends as far she could remember. She vividly recalled how the three of the cried when she was leaving. She missed them and wished they were there with her. She ran to the living room and gr@bb£d her car keys that was lying on one of the sofas. She quic-kly went to her and drove out of the house.

As she was heading out of the school, she c@m£ across Dixxy and Mary trying to leave the university.

“Where are you guys going to?” Rebecca asked after st©pping beside them.

“Mary’s phone is broken, we going to fix it for her and return soon for your p@rty,” Dixxy replied.

“Oh that’s really bad,” Rebecca commented.

“Could you plea-se give us a ride there?” Mary requested.

“Actually not, my friends have just arrived, I am on my way to bring them home,” Rebecca Rebecca.
“Oh come on Rebecca, do you mean we are not your friends? Is just a ride, they can wait for you,” Mary said.

“They have journeyed a long way to come here, they must be exhausted,” Rebecca said.

“Come on Rebecca, you know we won’t ask you for a lift if is not necessary,” Dixxy uttered.
Rebecca reluctantly agreed to carry them. As they drove out of the school, Alice and Amirah saw her driving in her new car. Alice immediately called her.

💬Alice: we are at the gate of the school, where are you heading to?

💬Rebecca: I’m sorry, I just nee-d to drop my friend at the market. I will be back soon.

💬Alice: okay.

They talked and laughed as Rebecca drive ma-king her to totally forget about Alice and Amirah. They arrived at the phone workshop after about 20 minutes of driving. Mary gave her to be repaired while they sat on a bench outside the workshop waiting. They talked for ten minutes when Rebecca noticed that Amira was calling her. The instant she saw the call, she quic-kly stood up and ran to her car. “where are you going to?” Mary asked.
“I totally forgot my friends, I have to go and pick them up,” Rebecca said as she walk to her.

“Can’t you wait until my phone is fixed? He said it won’t take a long time,” Mary asked.

“I’m sorry Mary, I really have to go,” Rebecca said.
She picked the call after arriving at the car.

💬Amirah: Have you forgotten that we have journeyed for 5 hours before coming here?

💬Rebecca: I am so sorry Amirah, I totally forgot.

💬Amirah: is okay, I hope I have reminded you now

Rebecca: I’m currently on way

💬Amirah: good

By the time she arrived at the university gate, it a was one hour after when they first called her. They ran to her and hvgged her the instant they saw her coming down from her car.

“I’m truly sorry guys,” she apologized.

“Is okay, we are really happy to see you,” Alice smiled.

“Just look how beautiful you have become, you really are a princess,” Amirah commented.

“I wish,” Rebecca laughed.
“plea-se get in the car let me take you home,” she continued.
They got into the car and Rebecca started the engine.
“When did Mom buy this car for you?” Amirah asked.

“I was just recently,” Rebecca replied.

“Wow! It really is expensive by the looks of it,” Alice commented.

“So, how are you girls doing?” Rebecca asked.

“We are doing just fine,” Amirah replied.

“You know is been long since I was surprised like today. Seeing you guys still makes me feel like I’m dreaming,” Rebecca expressed.

As they arrived home, they met Prof. Grace who was just coming back from the office.

“Wow! Look who’s here,” she said when she noticed the two of them.

“Good afternoon ma’am,” they both greeted her.

“Good afternoon, when did you come here?” Prof. Grace asked.

“We are just arriving, we c@m£ for Rebecca’s birthday,” Alice smiled.

“Aww! You really are wonderful friends, unlike Rebecca,” Prof. Grace said.

“Take them to the guest room,” Prof. Grace added.

They walked to the guest room that just behind the garden where the birthday p@rty was to take place. As soon as they got into the room, Alice and Amirah quic-kly fell on the be-d.
“You should at least take a shower before you like down,” Rebecca laughed.
“When is your birthday p@rty starting? I hope to get some sleep before then,” Amirah said.
“Is start by 4 pm, I don’t think you have time to sleep,” Rebecca laughed.

“By the way, I brou-ght you something,” Amirah Alice revealed.

“What is it?” Really asked.

Alice stood up and walked to her back at the corner of the room and opened it. She brou-ght out some pictures and took it to Rebecca.

“Do you remember these pictures?” She asked as she handed the pictures to Rebecca. When Rebecca looked at the pictures, some memories quic-kly flashed back to her. They we’re the pictures she took with Richa-rd on her inter house sport day, and the pictures they took at Ali’s p@rty. She felt like a wave of happiness was spre-ading to her entire b©dy from her heart.

“How did you get these pictures?” Rebecca asked.

“Have you forgotten that I’m good at maintaining history?” She asked.

“No I haven’t,” Rebecca smiled.

“It was really bad how things turned,” Amirah said.

“Yeah, some histories are better left buried,” Rebecca said as she gave Alice back the pictures.

“No they belong to you, you should keep them,” Alice insisted.

“Okay,” Rebecca replied.

At about 2 pm, Richa-rd finally decided to go the welcoming ceremony. Achuba decided to join, because he was supposed to meet Tina there. The three of them talked and laugh on their until they finally arrived their after some minutes.
“It seems like there isn’t much people pres£nt,” Achuba commented after they had walked in. There were many seats in the hall with a very hvge space in front. After the space was a stage

“Or course there is,” Thomas replied.

“This building can contain three thousand people, I’m pretty sure that the people here aren’t up to half of the population of the new students,” Achuba replied.

As they walked their way to the front, Achuba heard someone calling him. When he turned to his right, he noticed that it was Tina calling him with a girl sitting beside her.
“Let’s go and meet her Richa-rd , I can’t go alone,” Achuba said.
“What about me?” Thomas asked.
“You can come along too,” Richa-rd said.
“My sister is all by herself, I nee-d to go and see meet her,” Thomas said.
“Okay, then we will meet after the event,” Achuba said.
“What are you doing here? I thought this p@rty is only meant for new students,” Achuba replied as he sat beside her. And Richa-rd proceeded to sit beside the other girl.
“I come to see well my sister is doing, how about you?” She asked.
“You told me that you are here, remember? By the way, I never knew you had a sister here,” Achuba commented.
“Well, she actually my cousin sister, and I’ve never told anyone about her in the school,” Tina replied.
“That’s nice,” Achuba said.
“Your face look familiar,” Tina said to Richa-rd .
“Do you mean you don’t remember me?” Richa-rd asked confusingly.
“I’m afraid I don’t,” she replied.
“Well, I’m not going to blame you,” Richa-rd commented.
“This is actually one of my problems, I easy forget people,” she said.

“Wow! I guess you can forget your children by the time you get old,” Richa-rd tea-sed.

They remained for about an hour until Richa-rd decided to leave.

“Hey, the p@rty hasn’t even started,” Achuba reminded.

“I have to meet Prof. Grace remember?” Richa-rd said.

“Oh yes, but do you she will be at home by now?”
Achuba asked.

“I’m not going there directly, I want to go and eat before going there,” Richa-rd explained.

“Is okay, we will tell you everything that happened when you return,” Achuba said.

At about 4:00 pm, Prof. Grace’s house was filled with people. The security at the gate was doubled, no one was allowed to go in without an invitation. The s£nator was pres£nt with his friends. Rebecca’s colleagues we also pres£nt. There were many kinds of food and drinks, but no one cared to t©uçh them. Alice Amirah wore the special dresses the kept for the occasion. The two of the walked out of their room to the ground. The place was filled with noise as everyone was waiting for Rebecca. As Alice and Amirah walked to the ground, they somehow felt like they didn’t belong there. Some of the girls turned and stared at them as they walked.

At about 4:05 pm, Rebecca walked wearing a black sleeveless go-wn. The makeup she applied has made almost unrecognizable. She looked incredibly beautiful that almost everyb©dy stared at her. As she walked to the ground, they sang her a birthday song, and the s£nator proceeded to hold her hand. He k!$$£d her before they continued walking towards the cake. Alice and Amirah were very surprised, because Rebecca had never told them anything about d@t!ngsomeone.

Richa-rd later arrived at Pro. Grace’s house. He was confused at first and thought he went to the wrong house when he the heard the music coming from the house. As he walked to the gate, he was asked to show his invitation card by one of the security guards.

“I’m sorry, but is this Prof. Grace’s house?” Richa-rd asked.

“Yes it is,” replied the security guard.

“She asked me to come and see her at home today, I didn’t know an invitation card is required,” Richa-rd complained.

“Her daughter is having a p@rty today, that’s why the invitation card is required,” the guard explained.

“I have nothing to do with her birthday, I’m just here to see her mother,” Richa-rd replied.

After about a minute of dragging, the security guard finally allowed him. As Richa-rd walked in, the first thing he noticed was Rebecca k!ss!ngthe s£nator. Richa-rd bec@m£ broken, and hopeless right away. He felt a pain he never felt before, and couldn’t st©p looking at them. When Rebecca turned, she saw Richa-rd standing by the gate. For a moment, her heart raced ma-king her to feel somewhat guilty. They both quic-kly looked away, and Richa-rd prentended he had it all un-der control.
He proceeded to the door of the living room and knocked at it. After about a minute, Emmanuel c@m£ had it open. He was surprised that he couldn’t utter a word, he stood still looking at Richa-rd .

“Do you remember me?” Richa-rd smiled.

“Of course I do,” Emmanuel laughed.

“Who is it?” His mother who was sitting in the living room asked.

“I think is Richa-rd ,” he announced.

“Oh Richa-rd , plea-se do come in,” Prof. Grace permitted.
He slowly walked into the living room and found Prof. Grace sitting on one of the sofas. She asked him to sit on a sofa that next to her.

“Good evening ma’am,” Richa-rd greeted after he had gotten to where she was.

“Since when did I become your enemy Richa-rd ?” She asked.

“No ma’am, I have never considered you be my enemy,” Richa-rd replied.

“Then why didn’t you come when I asked you to? You have to make me f0rç£,” she asked.

Richa-rd bec@m£ silent for a moment and couldn’t think of what to say.

“I just couldn’t bring myself to to see you,” Richa-rd replied.
“And why couldn’t you bring yourself to see me?” Prof. Grace asked.

“Because I betrayed you,” Richa-rd replied.

“Hmm, you didn’t betray me, you only betrayed your sister. Do you know how ha-rd you’ve made her life? She c@m£ to the school about five time after your disappearance hoping that you will come back,” Prof. Grace informed.

“Did she really do that?” Richa-rd asked sadly.

“Yes she did, and I really feel bad for her. The brother she cared so much has wasted his life,” Prof. Grace said.
Richa-rd was mute when Prof. Grace said that.

“Why did you run away from school?” She asked.

“Janet committed suicide because of me, it broke me down psychologically. And I know you will be aware that it all happens because I like your daughter, that’s I why I left,” Richa-rd informed.

“You know what? Life is like race on a track, of you run away from your problem now, you will definitely meet it later,” Prof Grace mentioned.

“Besides, Janet didn’t die because of you. She has some family issues, so the doctor she usually sees was hired to prescribe the medications to her. That’s how she died,” Prof. Grace said.

“Really? Richa-rd asked.

“Yes, you are so much of an imbecile for running. Why didn’t you seek for anyb©dy’s advice before carrying out your decision? And for your information, I alre-ady knew you like my daughter right from the moment you skipped my test to go and see her during her inter house sports. That’s why I allowed you two to go out my car that evening,” she narrated.
Richa-rd was very surprised to hear those. The fact that Janet didn’t die because of him made him feel so much better.
“You could have been a great man if you hadn’t run away, I’m sure you could have graduated with a first clas-s degree,” Prof Grace uttered.

“I used to regret why I ran away, but not anymore,” Richa-rd announced.

“And if may ask, why do you st©p regretting?”

“I believe everything happen for a reason. I’m pretty sure that I would have graduated with a first clas-s degree by now, but seeing the level of development in Nigeria, I think studying computer engineering would be irrelevant. I can ha-rd ly practically use what I’ve learned in school in the real world,.

“I will only end up being a civil servant. But if I study something with and immediate problem solving, I can be an entrepreneur with bothering if I’m hired by the government,” he added.
Prof. Grace was surprised and quiet for a moment.
“You know, that why I’m really happy Rebecca is studying a medical course,” Prof. Grace revealed.
“I’m really happy for her too,” Richa-rd replied.
“But why are you still studying computer engineering?” She asked.
“Because I shortly realized that I was on the wrong track,” Richa-rd revealed.

“What course so you wish to study now?” She asked.

“Anything that has to do with fish farming and poultry farm,” Richa-rd said

“What made chose fish farming?” She asked.

“I used to work in a poultry farm before coming here and I know how much they earn. I believe I can earn better if I apply mordern technology,” Richa-rd explained.

“You really haven’t changed afterwards,” Prof. Grace said.

“So, what do you think of Rebecca?” Prof. Grace asked.

“She doing great, I heard that she will be getting married to a s£nator,” Richa-rd replied.

“That’s the problem. I don’t want her to marry him, I tried to convince her but she doesn’t listen to me,” Prof. Grace said.

“Why don’t you want her to marry him?” Richa-rd asked?”

“Because there is a charge against him that he tried so ha-rd and buried. He lied to Rebecca that he has never gotten married, but the truth is he has. He was constantly haras-sing his wife that he killed her one day. When taken to the court, he managed to go free because of his family influence. I don’t want my daughter to marry a monster like that,” Prof. Grace explained.

“Why would Rebecca even fall for someone like that?” Richa-rd asked.

“I don’t really know. I want my daughter to be in the hands of someone who will protect after I’m gone,” she announced.

“Are you going somewhere?” Richa-rd asked.

“No Richa-rd , I have been diagnosed with cancer,” she announced.

Richa-rd bec@m£ sad, confused and shocked all the same. As he looked at her, tears starts dropping from his eyes.

“Oh plea-se don’t be like that, my children are yet to find out,” she pleaded.

“When did you find out?” Richa-rd asked.

“Last week actually, I’m planning to go India next week for treatment,” she informed.

“I wish you could be treated,” Richa-rd said.

“I hope so,” she replied.