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The pact episode 47 & 48







Six months, that’s how long it has been since that incident at Lee’s house. After finding him in that compromising state with Meira, I decided to move on and focus on the baby. There were so many forces against Lee and I and I just wasn’t ready for all the fights and drama. The last six months have been full of ups and downs but thank God we have made it through.


Today I have a doctor’s appointment at 9:00 for my seven-month pregnancy check, clad in a flouncy floral print dress. I rub my belly tenderly and smile at the small movement. I have gained so much weight over the last couple of months, my baby bump is more like a mountain. The process of bringing a child into this world is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced. It’s exciting to see my body grow and adjust in order to nature this tiny baby into a beautiful little human that I will soon be able to hold in my hands.


The familiar car honk shakes me out of my reverie and I jump at the sound. I grab my bag and walk out of the room. In the kitchen, Stella hands me my milkshake and muffins and I walk out of the front door to where Dante is parked.

‘’Good morning,’’ he leans forward and kisses my forehead.

‘’Good morning.’’

‘’Slept well?’’

I Shake my head, ‘’I think I will only be able to sleep well when I give birth.’’


laughs before he opens the door for me and I slide into my seat. Once I settle down, he walks round to the other side of the car and gets in, then he starts the engine and slowly drives the car out of the parking lot and into the street.




‘’Babe!’’ she whines, ‘’It’s a Saturday why don’t we just stay in bed, Kristian can keep you updated about her appointment, do you have to physically be there?’’ She wraps her hands around me and holds me tight.

‘’Quit being dramatic Meira, this is my child we are talking about and I don’t want to miss anything concerning him.’’

‘’Fine, I am coming with you then, give me a few minutes to get ready.’’

‘’I am only giving you ten minutes.’’

‘’Fine,’’ she gets out of bed and rushes into the bathroom.

The last six months have been a roller coaster of emotions but one thing has been certain, it’s been a growth season.

Meira and I are now together. I don’t know when or how it happened but we have been seeing each other for the last three months. Meanwhile Kristy and I have been in constant communication but the only thing we talk about is the baby.

‘’I will be done in a few minutes,’’ Meira says when she walks out of the bathroom.

‘’Be quick, I don’t want to be late.’’

‘’Okay,’’ she quickly gets dressed and we head out.

Pulling up in the parking lot at the hospital, I spot Dante’s car. He and Kristy have gotten closer the last couple of months. They are always found together. I swear I hate this man, the mere sight of him makes my blood boil.

‘’It seems Kristian and her man are already here.’’

‘’Please don’t start with this your drama.’’

She laughs, ‘’’truth hurts right?’’

‘’I better get going, Kristian is obviously inside already, I will find you.’’

‘’Alright babe, I love you,’’ she says, I step out of the car without responding to her. It’s been so hard for me to tell her I love her back because I don’t think we have reached that stage yet, maybe I do like Meira but love is out of the picture.




I am lying on the examination table and the doctor is squeezing some clear lubrication onto my stomach when Lee walks in. He is late, and for a minute there I thought he would not come. I must mention though that Lee has not missed any of my appointments and he is always on time, well maybe he was stuck in traffic or he had to attend to his woman before coming here. A familiar wave of jealousy sweeps through me at the thought of Lee being with Meira. I know they are officially together now, Meira has been posting a lot of photos of Lee and her on her Facebook page which she recently created.



rolls up a stool beside the bed and sits down as he holds my hand, ‘’I am sorry I am late,’’ he whispers.

‘’Better late than never,’’ I respond.

Moving the wand back and forth on my belly, the doctor points to the computer screen ahead of us, ‘’There is your baby.’’

‘’Wow!’’ Lee exclaims, his face creasing in a wide grin.

I stare at the little human growing inside of me and for a moment there I am overwhelmed with emotions. I want to jump and scream, at the same time I want to cry, I am so full of joy.

‘’Your baby is growing perfectly and his heart is beating just fine,’’ He points at the organ which is the heart and it moves from white to black in a rhythm.

‘’You didn’t want to know your baby’s gender when we did your last ultrasound, do you want to know now?’’

I stare at Lee and we both nod our heads. We discussed this the other day. We are ready to know the baby’s gender because we want to start decorating the nursery.

‘’You are having a boy.’’

‘’A boy?’’ My heart melts with love. ‘’A little boy of my own,’’ tears run down my face and Lee wipes my face with his hand.

‘’We are having a little boy, I can’t believe it,’’ he gently squeezes my hand.

‘’I know right.’’

Getting up from the bed, I pull down my dress then the doctor gives me my next appointment date and we walk out. When we get to the parking lot, Lee walks me up to Dante’s car, his car is on the other side and Meira is in it.

‘’Thank you for coming,’’ I say.

‘’You are always welcome, when it comes to you and the baby nothing else matters.’’

I smile, ‘’I text you concerning the decoration of the nursery.’’

‘’Sure thing, take good care of yourself and our boy.’’

‘’I will.’’



And with that he walks back to his car, I watch as Meira throws herself at him when he gets into the car, I don’t think I will ever get used to the idea of Lee being with someone else but it is what it is and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.


End of season 1

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