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The pact 2 episode 1 & 2

season 2

episode 1/2


Me, you, her and him



Two years later,


Today my son Caleb Wandi Mumbi turns 2 years old and to say I am excited would actually be an understatement, I am internally happy and my heart is filled with so much love. The past two years have been pretty exciting, Caleb is my life’s greatest blessing. I swear this little being has brought so much peace into my life, I can’t begin to explain in words how he makes me feel.


I woke up very early today, at 5 I was wide awake putting up decorations in the living room and dining area for Caleb’s birthday breakfast. This morning Lee and I are treating Caleb to breakfast then later in the afternoon, we have friends and family coming over for the main birthday celebration. Currently, Caleb is still sleeping and Lee is on his way, he went to collect one of Caleb’s cakes. Breakfast is already set and I am all dressed up but I don’t want to wake Caleb up until his father gets here.


I am sitting on the couch in the living room, listening to music and drinking red wine when Lee walks in carrying a big white box of cake in one hand and a blue gift bag in another hand. I stand up and get the gift bag from him while he puts the box on the table.

‘’Hey you.’’

‘’Hello, you look beautiful.’’

‘’Thank you, you don’t look bad yourself.’’

‘’Thank you, where is Caleb?’’


sleeping, he was all over the place last night, at midnight.’’

‘’I love what you have done with the place, Caleb will be excited to see all these balloons and flowers.’’

‘’Thank you, I woke up quite early to clean up and decorate.’’

‘’You are always welcome Bana Caleb.’’

‘’Thank you Bashi Caleb,’’ I smile. ‘’I think we should go and wake him up now,’’ I turn to walk towards the stairs but Lee grabs my hand and turns me to him, we stare at each other for a moment and then he says, ‘’Thank you Kristian.’’

‘’For what?’’

‘’For Caleb, he is the best thing that’s happened to me in years. I was so broken when Joan died but Caleb brought sanity back into my life. Thank you also for allowing me to a part of his life, I will forever be grateful.’’

‘’I am just doing what any sane mother would do, you don’t have to thank me.’’

‘’Thank you still.’’

I laugh, ‘’you are welcome, come on let’s wake baby boy up.’’

We head to Caleb’s room and quietly open the door, he is still fast asleep. We stare at him for a moment, our hearts content. There’s something about watching your child sleep, it brings some sort of unexplainable peace and joy.

Walking to his bed, I lean in, ‘’Caleb! Wake up baby boy, it’s your birthday,’’ I whisper.

He opens his eyes slowly, moving his eyelids looking around.

‘’Happy 2nd Birthday baby,’’ Lee and I say in unison.

‘’it’s my birthday?’’ His face beams with excitement.

‘’Yes baby, you are two today,’’ Lee responds.

‘’What did you get for me?’’

‘’A lot of stuff but first you have to brush your teeth and take a bath before you see what we got for you.’’

He points at Lee, ‘’I want daddy to bath me.’’

‘’No problem son,’’ Lee picks him up and they head to the bathroom. I spread the bed and put his clothes on the bed. I have lined up a number of outfits for today because I wanted to do a birthday Vlog for my YouTube channel. It doesn’t take long for Lee to get Caleb ready for the day ahead and once they are done, we walk out of the bedroom to the living room.

‘’Wow! Mummy! Daddy! This is beautiful, I love you,’’ Caleb exclaims.

‘’We love you even more baby.’’

‘’Baby boy, which one do you want to do first? Eat or open your presents?’’

‘’Presents!’’ he screams, making us burst out with laughter.


are free to open your presents baby.’’

Lee and I sit on the couch watching Caleb open his different presents, it’s the way he is smiling and screaming with joy at the presents we have that makes my heart melt- I swear nothing beats being this little boy’s mother. When he is done opening his presents, we have our breakfast while listening to some music. Then I struggle to keep him in one place for a photo-shoot, right now he is only interested in playing with his new toys.


Later in the day, people start coming over for the birthday and one of the first people to arrive is Dante.

I am talking to Lee when he walks up to me, kisses me passionately and hands me Caleb’s gift.

Dante and I are currently engaged, we started dating a few months after Caleb was born and we got engaged earlier this year.

‘’You look so beautiful babe,’’ he says.

‘’Thank you babe.’’

He looks up at Lee, ‘’Hey man, you are good?’’

‘’I am great thanks, how are you?’’

‘’I am fine.’’

‘’Where is the birthday boy?’’

‘’He should be in jumping castle with Else and Jada over, he is too excited, I can’t keep him in one place.’’

‘’Let me check up on him.’’

‘’Okay babe.’’

As soon as he walks off, Meira walks up to us, she just arrived as well.

‘’Baby, I have been calling you,’’ she whines, wrapping her arms around him.

‘’I didn’t see your missed calls, my phone is in the house.’’

‘’Okay, I was a bit lost and I needed help with directions.’’

‘’Well it’s good you are here now.’’

‘’I missed you babe,’’ she kisses him, totally ignoring me.

‘’You did?’’

‘’Too much, you want me to show you how much?’’

‘’Not now.’’

‘’Excuse me,’’ I say.

‘’Kristian!’’ she exclaims, ‘’I didn’t even notice you were standing here, how are you?’’

I manage a smile, ‘’I am fine thanks, how are you?’’

‘’I am fine, I got Caleb something I hope he likes,’’ she hands me a box.

‘’Thank you I am sure he will.’’

And with that I quickly walk away from them, I have never really liked this woman and the feeling is mutual. I just tolerate her for the sake of Lee otherwise if it were up to me, we would never cross paths.


Me, you, her and him




‘’Thank you for coming sister,’’ I tell Jada as she gets into her car.

‘’Thank you for inviting us, Else had such a great time.’’

‘’You guys are always welcome, Caleb adores his mummy Jada and his big sister Else.’’

‘’It’s so sweet how much he adores us, I need to steal this child from you.’’

I laugh, ‘’you should, Caleb makes so much noise for me it’s hard to sleep.’’

‘’I will soon, good night.’’

‘’Good night, drive safely and text me when you get home.’’

‘’Sure thing,’’ she waves at me before driving out. When the car is out of sight, I walk back into the house.

Today has been an amazing day, I still can’t believe my baby boy is two, it seems like yesterday when I first held him in my arms. Caleb has received so many presents from friends and family, there are some that we haven’t opened yet. Currently everyone has left apart from Lee, Dante and Meira, the men have been helping me put the house back in order while Meira is typing away on her phone, she hasn’t done much but whine about going back home in the last couple of hours.


‘’Caleb it’s past your bedtime, say bye to daddy so we can call it a night, I am really tired.’’

‘’But I don’t want daddy to go,’’ he pouts, running towards Lee.

‘’Caleb Wandi Mumbi! Please say bye to daddy right now,’’ I say in a serious tone.

‘’But why can’t daddy spend the night here with us?’’

Sighing heavily I blurt, ‘’because daddy has his own home, Caleb we have been through this already.’’

‘’I am not going to sleep if daddy doesn’t spend the night.’’

‘’I will whip you if you—,’’

‘It’s okay, I will stay a few more minutes until he sleeps,’’ Lee interrupts our conversation.

‘’But I don’t want you to leave daddy.’’

‘’Fine I won’t leave, I will spend the night with you, happy?’’

‘’Yes,’’ his face beams with excitement.

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, I look around for Dante, catching his eyes, he smiles then he walks towards me and leans in to give me a hug, ‘’I guess I better get going now, let’s do lunch tomorrow, after church.’’

‘’No worries baby.’’

‘’Good night, I love you.’’

‘’I love you even more,’’ I lightly kiss his lips.

‘’Caleb good night child.’’

‘’Goodnight uncle Dante.’’

‘’Lee and Meira, later guys.’’

‘’Later,’’ Lee responds.

‘’Call me when you get home.’’


‘’Daddy, let’s make a milkshake before you put me to bed.’’

‘’How about you go change into your pajamas and then we meet in the kitchen?’’

‘’Yes,’’ Caleb says, running towards the stairs.

‘’Be careful!’’ I call after him.



Caleb and Kristian head upstairs, I walk towards Meira and kneel down beside her.

‘’Babe, I think you should go home.’’

‘’What? Why can’t I wait for you?’’

‘’I don’t know what time Caleb will sleep and I don’t want you waiting up for me until then.’’

She shoots me daggers with her eyes, ‘’what are up to Lee Mumbi?’’

‘’Nothing, I just want to put my son to bed and–.’’

‘’We are not done discussing this Lee,’’ she says, her voice a low growl

‘’We really are Meira, go home I will find you.

‘’Oh,’’ she says standing up. ‘’At home, we will meet.’’

‘’I will see you later.’’

Clicking her tongue, she walks out without responding to me.

‘’Daddy!’’ Caleb runs towards me and I scope him in my hands.

‘’Let’s go and make that milkshake now shall we?’’

We walk into the kitchen and I place him on the table then I make banana milkshakes for Caleb, me and his mother.

‘’Can I also have a slice of cake?’’

‘’Caleb, you have had too much cake to eat tonight.’’

‘’It’s his birthday, he can have as much cake as possible,’’ I respond and Kristian shoots me a serious look.

‘’Fine, you can have some cake but this will be the last one you have tonight.’’

‘’Thank you mummy, you are a good woman.’’

I laugh, ‘’flattery will get you everywhere child.’’

Kristian cuts some slices of cake and places them on the table next to Caleb.

And for the next few minutes we eat while Caleb tells us random stories about his friends from school. This child is too hyper, he can talk for days, there’s never a dull moment with him- I think he gets this side of him from his mother.

‘’I think you need to put him to bed now, It’s getting late,’’ Kristian stares at the wall clock.

Clearing the table, I carry Caleb in my arms and we head for his bedroom. After he brushes his teeth, I tuck him in.

‘’Get in the blankets with me daddy,’’ he insists.

Kicking off my shoes, I get under the covers with him and he rests his head on my chest.

‘’Come and join us mummy.’’

‘’I am okay,’’ Kristian quickly responds.

‘’You are missing out.’’

‘’Can you say your prayer now,’’ Kristian says, ignoring what he just said.

‘’Okay, you and daddy should close your eyes.’’

‘’Our eyes are closed, you can pray.’’

‘’Dear God, thank you for my parents and the lovely friends you have given me, thank you for all the presents I have received today. Thank you for protecting us, help me to be like Jesus- kind and loving towards others. Amen.’’

‘’Amen,’’ we respond in unison.

His mother kisses him gently on the head, ‘’goodnight baby, I love you.’’

‘’Goodnight mommy. I love you.’’

‘’Let me know when he falls asleep,’’ Kristian whispers before she walks out of the room.

‘’Goodnight daddy, I love you.’’

‘’Goodnight son, I love you too.’’




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