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the office during summer episode 73 & 74

(Feelings; From Me To You…)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 73&74

★ ★ ★ ★


Scarlett was around Phil’s bo-dy. They were both watching a Netflix series on the huge TV.

“Hold on” Phil muttered and stood up.

Scarlett sat upright.
“Where are you off to?”

“The washroom” He smiled.

Scarlett nodded.

Phil walked away, and opened the smaller door, which led him into the washroom.

He closed the door, and turned on the facet of the sink.

He slowly took his eyes to the mirror before him.

He had been holding the tears for so long. He turned the facet the more, allowing more water gush out from the tap, and the sounds of it, filled the washroom and out.

Phil face turned red immediately, and tears ran down from his eyes.

He sobbe-d and made muffled sounds.

He had been trying to act strong for so long, but now,, He couldn’t help it.

Remembering last night, brought sorrow to his heart.

He sat down on the floor, still crying.


Phil stood up, sniffed, and wiped his eyes with his palm.

He took his opened palms to the water, and poured it on his face.

“Ouch. So cold” He muttered. written by sommy pearl f. on fb

He washed his face thoroughly and dried it, switched off the facet and walked out.

“I didn’t waste time, did I?” Phil asked.

He walked closer to Scarlett.

“Wait,,, Are you crying? Why??” Phil asked, worriedly and rushed to her.

He began to wipe away her tears.

Scarlett sniffed and pointed at the TV.

“He died. Aiish! So painful” She said.


“The main antagonist of course,, Santiago” She replied.

Phil giggled.
“Thats why you are crying? Not like it happened in reality”

“I got attached to his character already” She whined.

Phil smiled, and hu-gged her close.
“Its okay, babe”

“Hmm…Hmm” She nodded and hu-gged him back.

“Let’s go tomorrow” He whispered.

“Where? Korea?”

“No…To the restaurant you wished for”

Scarlett blinked her eyes.
“Okay” She mumbled.


Scarlett slowly ate the piece of meat, and looked at Phil, who ate gently too.

He looked up at her, and she took her glance away.

“How’s the food?” He asked, cooly.

Scarlett looked at him, with a warm smile.

Nodding, she replied;

He nodded, and they both quietly returned back to their food.

“I’m glad you like it. I love it as well” He said, and Scarlett smiled, briefly.

They were dressed elegantly and fitted, like every lovers would, in a date.

Phil took her plate, and chopped off the pieces of her meat, before pushing it gently back to her. written by sommy pearl f.

“Thank you” Scarlett smiled.

“You’re welcome” Phil smiled back.

He looked back at his plate, and it was that moment, Scarlett stood up, and quickly pecked his hair.

Phil quickly looked up at her, in suprise.

“Thank you for making this wish come true” She muttered, with [email protected]$$y eyes.


“The flight was longer than expected” Scarlett said, as she got down from the taxi.

“Swears” Phil sighed.

“So,,, work starts on Monday” Scarlett turned to him, holding her luggage tight.

Phil nodded.
“Or,,, you wanna rest?”

Scarlett chuckled.
“I’m fine”

“Okay then” He heaved.
“I’ll see your mother soon, but for now,,, I need to meet with my parents,, especially dad”

“Oh,,, okay then” She said.

He waved, entered the taxi which drove off.

Scarlett smiled and moved to the gate, opened it and went in.

She unlocked the door and strolled in.
“Mum!! I’m back”

“Daughter!!” Marie gushed, running to the sitting room.

“Be careful” Scarlett giggled, and went to her.

Immediately, Marie felt her daughter’s bo-dy, she hu-gged her tightly.

“I really miss you” Marie said.

“Me too,, mum” Scarlett replied.



“Is dad home?” Phil cut the maid off.

“Yes,, He’s in his study now” The maid replied.

“Thanks” Phil said, and walked away.


“Dad” Phil muttered, entering the study.

He saw his father standing by the shelf.

“Firstly,, I… I just wanna say that,,, I’m so sorry, this had to turn out this way. I tried but-

“Come here, Phil” His father said, and hu-gged him.

“Dad…” Phil whispered.

“I really missed you” Mr counters said.

Phil blinked his eyes, in confusion.
“We shouldn’t be talking about that. I literally, spoilt the whole thing in Paris. Hello??!”

“Pofff!” Mr Counters puffed out air, and waved his right arm off.

“It’s alright, While handling a company or business, there are ups and downs. I faced a lot when I was still in the seat. I also wondered when you would receive a controversy or crash. But still, I’m glad you’re doing just fine”

Phil smiled and gave him a thumb up.
“Appa, You’re the best”

“You can say that again” His father winked.

“Yeobo(Honey), Food is ready” Mrs counters came in. written by sommy pearl f.

“Oh,,, Adeul(son)!! You’re here! C’mon! Join us!!”

Phil nodded sharply.
“Yes, Umma!”

“Gosh, I missed you. What of Trina?” His mother held him close.

“Her mansion, maybe. She left before everyone though” Phil answered, before the whole family walked out.


“Geez!!! No!!” Phil shouted and Scarlett ran into the office.

“Is something wrong?” She asked, worriedly, moving closer.

She looked at his face and traced where he was looking at.

There was a letter on the desk.

“What’s that?” She asked, taking it.

She checked it out and opened her eyes in shock.

“Oscar. He’s gone…” Phil said.

“He…resigned” Scarlett muttered.

“You okay though?” She asked, looking at his sad face.

Phil rubbe-d his hair with his palm.
“Not really. I was already getting attached to that niggar”

“I understand”

“Let me give him a call” Phil suggested and Scarlett nodded.

Phil called him, but he didn’t pick.

He called him lot of times.

“He isn’t still picking” Scarlett sighed.

“Yeah” Phil nodded.

“He mentioned in the letter, that he would be moving to Vietnam soon” Scarlett said.

“I’m gonna miss him” Phil sighed, sitting down.

Scarlett sighed, went to him and hu-gged him.
“I’m here”

“Thanks” Phil for-ced a smile, hugging her back, from where he sat.

“By the way, are you gonna get another one? I mean,,, a bo-dyguard?” Scarlett looked at him.

“Nope. There is no need” Phil replied, looking up.

“Hmm…Okay then”


“So,,, right now,,, you wanna go to the station??” Phil asked.

They were both in his car. He was driving her to her destination.

“Yes. Concerning my sister” Scarlett replied.

“Oh…” Phil muttered.

“Scarlett,,, I’m sorry…but can you go in alone?” Phil asked.

“No problem,,, but is there a problem?” She asked,, and Phil laughed.

“Nope. I wanna see my sister, and ask if there’s a problem. She hasn’t been picking my calls, and even our parents. She ignores our messages too. Dad asked me to check on her tonight”

“Oh my. You should do so”

“I know right”

“I hope she’s fine”

“She will”

“Pull up. Its not far from here”

“Okay then” Phil said, and stepped on the [email protected]

He pecked her forehead lightly.

“Okay,,, bye” She waved, getting out.

“Bye, babe” Phil waved, and she giggled.

He continued waving till he was out of sight.

Scarlett walked to the station and went in. She saw Dylan standing, checking some files.

He slowly walked to his desk.

“Mr Dylan!!” Scarlett called, and he turned around.

“Oh…Miss Scarlett?” He smiled.

She smiled back and bowed. written by sommy pearl f.

“Longest time. Have have you been doing?” He asked.

“Good, I guess. I came days back to check on you,,, but you weren’t around”

“Yeah,,, I was so suspended” Dylan cooed, rubbing his hair.

“Yeah. so as I heard”

“I made a mistake,,, but it’s fine now. So,,, let me guess why you are here?” Dylan asked.

“Hmm…You know too well. Besides, I’ve mentioned it to you before and you promised to help me” Scarlett responded.

“Yeah… So,,, Your sister?”

“Yes. Samantha…”

“Let me have her picture and details”

Scarlett opened her bag quickly.


Phil stopped his car, and stepped out.

He took out his phone and made a call.

“Hello?” He said, after it got accepted.
“Come out now. I’m outside your place” He said, before hanging up.

It took 5 minutes before, someone jumped from of the gate before him..

“Oppa!” A gushed voice came.

Phil looked up.
“Let’s talk” He smirked, and entered the car.

The person walked in also, and closed the door.


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