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The office during summer episode 5 & 6

(Feelings; From Me To You…)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 5&6

★ ★ ★ ★

“Chew the fv¢king socks till it dries or I’m gonna post the whole thing now!”

“Huh? Hold on. Have you gone suddenly nuts-

“Tick tock. Time is [email protected] by” Scarlett swinged the phone to and fro, right on her face in mockery.

“Fine!” Belle snapped.
“I’m gonna do it. It not that [email protected] after all” She f0rç£d a smile and threw the socks into her mouth.

“How does it taste sweetheart?” Scarlett laughed, looking at her.

“Grreeaat” She f0rç£d her words.

“If you dare shoot videos or take any pictures! I swear,,, I’m gonna sue y’all and your family included!” Belle shouted, pointing at the others who kept quiet.

“And as for you,,, Enjoy this while it still lasts… cause later, I’m gonna make sure you go to jail, alongside your whole fam- Belle paused.

She noticed she was about to puke.
“fv¢k” She muttered and threw the socks away from her mouth.

She trembled and faced Scarlett.
“I’m sorry, I… I…I just… It was a mistake. I swear. Aiish, My mouth is too fast!” She uttered, and [email protected] her mouth.

“Ouuu! That kinda hurt. Take it easy on yourself. Besides, you tried” Scarlett win-ked.

Belle beamed.
“Really? I’m glad you think so. I guess you will have to delete it now?”

Scarlett suddenly laughed.

“Why…Why are you laughing? Aren’t you gonna delete it just as you promised?” Belle whole b©dy was shaking.

Scarlett laughed again.
“What to do? I only pu-ll-ed a prank on you and you certainly fell for it. I guess you are quite the easy type”

Belle ear twitched.
“What do you mean?” She asked.

“The video. I never took a damn video of you. It was fun though” Scarlett win-ked and turned to leave.

“What!” Belle screamed.
“Are you crazy!”

She turned Scarlett over and landed her a [email protected] r0ûghly against her cheek.

“Oww. That kind of hurt. Anyways, I’m just gonna let it go. I promised my mum I wouldn’t hit anyone again” Scarlett f0rç£d a smile.

Jenna rushed over.
“Hey, Mind you! She’s my friend so hurting her simply means you’re hurting me!”

“What can you do possibly do! How dare she [email protected] kind of stunt on me! Was it fun?”

“Yeah, It was. You laughed too, remember?” Scarlett smiled.

“Aiish!” Belle exclaimed and [email protected] her again.

“Hey!” Jenna shouted and jumped, in re-adiness to pounce on Belle but Scarlett held her back.

“I’m fine. Let’s just go” Scarlett said.

“What a rotten kid! I guess your stupid mother didn’t train you well!!”

“What about your mother? She never knew she trained a worthless sperm? Why did you have to be the one who swiftly swam to fertilize her fv¢king egg!” Scarlett screamed back and there was an uproar of laughter.

“Whoa!” Jenna opened her mouth wi-dely.

“Whaa…at?” Belle stuttered.

“Let’s go, Jenna” Scarlett turned again and Jenna agreed.

“Dumb fool! That what you are! Your father must be stupid to have fv¢ked with your mother in other to produce you” Belle said, and everyone laughed.

Scarlett eyes grew red.
“Keep my father out of your mouth. At least, He’s better than your dad who would have been better off being [email protected] than fv¢king with your mother at the cheapest motel built in the 30th century”

Of course, Everyone laughed, shouted and [email protected]

“At least, My mother didn’t kill my father…” Belle said.

“W….what did you say?” Scarlett asked.

“Everyone knows your mother killed your father! What a wretched family! No wonder the daughters- Belle paused and scrolled her eyes from her head to her toe.

“Are wretched fools too!” She added, flatly.

“Hey, Jenna…” Scarlett called.

“Huh…Huhn! Yes?” Jenna answered.

“How many times did she [email protected] me?” Scarlett asked.

Jenne knew where she was headed.

“No, you don’t” Jenna thought.

She calmed down and decided to answer.
“Hmm… She [email protected] you twice”

“How many hands did she use?” Scarlett asked.

“Scarlett, don’t tell me you wanna revenge?” Jenna wi-de-ned her eyes.

“Just…just tell me” She spoke, curtly.

Jenna swallowed [email protected]
“She used just a hand. Her right hand in [email protected]

“Then, Two [email protected] multi-plied by one hand?” Scarlett asked.

“You’re using multi-ply?! fv¢k! Belle is so dead” Jenna thought.

“Its 2”

“How many f!ngersdoes her right hand have?” Scarlett asked, still glaring at Belle.

“What the hell are you up to?” Belle scoffed.

“5” Jenna answers.

“The 2 you got, multi-plied by 5?”

“10” Jenna replied, and inhaled de-eply.

Scarlett sm-irked.
“Too bad. I was hoping it would be 20”

“Huh?” Belle asked, puzzled.

Before one could say Jill, Scarlett has given her two loud and [email protected] [email protected]

It s£nt Belle moving backwards. Scarlett didn’t st©p. She was as fast as flash. She [email protected] her 5 more times again.

“Scarlett, plea-se… Its enough..People are watching! The staff might come back and you’ll get caught” Jenna sighed.

“Just 3 more!” Scarlett grunted and zoom, she was done.

Belle was holding her red and swollen cheeks while sitting on the floor.

“That felt so relieving” Scarlett cracked her n£¢k.

“I’m…gonna report you to my parents!” Belle cried out, in pains.

“Yeah,,, go on. I’m not suprised though. You’re a still a toddler who doesn’t behave properly. Run to mama but don’t forget to ask her to change your diaper. You stink”

“fv¢k you!” Belle gro-an ed.

Scarlett sm-irked and showed her, her middle f!nger.

“Let’s just go, Scarlett… plea-se” Jenna held her.

Scarlett turned and they walked.

The students started paving way for her. They were all afraid of her. She was once a big time bully so there was certainly a need to get frightened.

“I’m gonna report you to my b©yfri£nd!” Belle sobbe-d, childishly and Scarlett st©pped.

“No… Scarlett, Ignore her. Let’s just go, plea-se” Jenna adviced.

“Hold on” Scarlett muttered, and walked to her.

Belle was shaking. She was freaking afraid. She started shifting away with her bu-tt on the floor.

“Your b©yfri£nd, eyy?” Scarlett whispered and bent down.

“I guess he’s the one that made you bully the nerd” She asked.

“What are you talking about!” She half yelled.

“You called the nerd, a whore, a slut and an harlot. You also said no guy would want to k!ssher either. It simply means, you are jealous of her cause your b©yfri£ndseems to have eyes for her. In that case, You had to take it on her”

“Have you gone crazy? What kind of @ssumption are you ma-king now!”

“I guess I’m a lil bit cray cray. I want to be a detective if I grow up so I couldn’t help but connect all this and I’m 100% sure I’m correct. Guess you don’t trust your so called b©yfri£nd”

Scarlett stood up and began to walk away.

“My b©yfri£ndloves me, okay! He fv¢king adores me! fv¢k you! fv¢k that nerd! fv¢k all of you! I hate you all! Ahh!” She screamed in frustration.

“You will pay for this, I promise!” She gnashed her teeth.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“Hey,,, Scarlett. You never told me you wanted to be a detective” Jenna smiled, as they walked on.

“Well, now you know” Scarlett returned the smile.

“I guess the taekwondo is gonna be of great help to you in future” Jenna said, and Scarlett nodded.

“I never knew bullying was so bad. Its really irksome. I’m glad you talked some s-en-se into me” Scarlett whispered.

Jenna win-ked and Scarlett giggled.


“Humph! So that was what happened?” Samantha asked.

Scarlett nodded.
“Too bad that mum won’t give me a listening ear”

Samantha f0rç£d a smile.
“It’s fine. I un-derstand Mum and I un-derstand you too. Both of you,,, just need to cool off and talk things out”

Scarlett sighed de-eply. They were both on the be-d, watching the ceiling and rotating fan above their heads.

“How did it go?” Samantha asked.

“What?” Scarlett asked, and faced her.

“At Belle’s place of course. How did it go? Did you apologize?”

“Why won’t I? Mum would definitely kill me if I didn’t. I apologized and mum made peace with them. However, Belle said she would still have her revenge on me. She told me this secretly. I’m still waiting for this so called revenge”

“You!” Samantha bu-mped on Scarlett shoulder and she laughed.

“You’re still going, right?” Scarlett whispered.

“You mean,,, tomorrow,,,, at the school basement? Me and Mr Feel?” Samantha asked.


“Of course. I’m gonna dress really pretty. By the looks of his unique handwritings, I’m sure he’s definitely gonna be handsome. I’m really excited and nervous for tomorrow meet up” She almost shouted out of joy.

“But have you told Mum?”

“Aiish. How do you expect me to tell her? Can’t you see how angry she is”

“Yeah,,, right”

Samantha inhaled de-eply.

“Be careful, sis” Scarlett whispered.

“Sure,,, Sure,,, I will. definitely” Samantha smiled, and started slee-ping off.

Scarlett opened her eyes and watched her sister slee-ping with a smile on her face.

“I had a bad luck today by bullying someone while my sister received good luck by receiving a letter asking for a meet up with Mr. Feel”

“I do hope I don’t jinx your good luck, Samantha” Scarlett thought with a de-ep sigh before going to sleep.


Samantha kept practicing exhalation and inhalation with her hand ti-ght£ñed on her bag stra-p across her che-st.

She took two steps back when the door opened.

“He must be here” She muttered.

A handsome guy [email protected]£ in. He dressed expensive and his hair was cool. He had a grin on his face.

“Wow. I was right. He’s so handsome and h0t” She thought.

“Hi” He said.

“Hello. I’m Samantha” She whispered.

He blinked repulsively.

“Huh?… I’m Samantha. You always s£nt me letters. Samantha Neil. Lady S,,, as you always called me” She explained.

He smiled.
“Oh… I’m Mr. Feel. That’s my code name” He win-ked and she flu-shed red immediately.

“What’s your real name then?” She muttered.

He sm-irked and suddenly locked the door. Afterwards, he began walking close to her.

“Don’t…don’t you think we should take things slow… We…We just met” She whispered, looking down as she slowly walked backwards.

Her back t©uçhed the wall and she st©pped. She looked up at him and gulped.

“Take off your clothes now!” He commanded, curtly.

“Excuse me?” She blinked.

He sm-irked at her.
“You heard me” He said, and dragged off her go-wn arm.

“Ah!” She screamed, and pushed him away. She ran to the door but his right arm went around his [email protected]!st, and his hand pu-ll-ed her hair back.

“Someb©dy!!! Help me!!” She screamed, before being dragged to the floor by him.


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