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the office during summer episode 13 & 14

(Feelings; From Me To You…)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 13&14







★ ★ ★ ★

Scarlett later calmed down and st©pped screaming but Phil didn’t rest.

His mouth was wi-de opened, screaming in louds.

“Can you st©p now?” Scarlett gulped.

“Ahh…St©p what?” Phil’s voice trailed down.

“You’re screaming too loud and you might wake my mum” Scarlett said.


“Hold on” Phil added, and blinked his eyes.
“What happened last night??” He asked.

Scarlett wi-de-ned her eyes.
“You…don’t remember?”

“I don’t” He shook his head.
“I guess the soju hit my [email protected]

“Yeah, you got drun!kafter 2 bottles and I had to bring you to my place” Scarlett explained.

“I’m sorry for the ma-king you uncomfortable” He said.

“Yeah, you should be”


“Huh?” Scarlett said back.

“I’m gonna take my leave. I have somewhere I should be” He bowed lowly.

“I made hangover soup. Don’t you want that?” Scarlett asked.

“Nah, I’m cool. I took my bathe. My headache and fatigue are gone. Thanks… I really need to leave now” Phil said, and walked past her.

“Oh, Alright” Scarlett said.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“But excuse me?” She called quic-kly and Phil st©pped.

He turned to her and she also turned to him. They were facing each other once again.

“What’s the matter?” Phil queried.

“You…really don’t remember what happened last night?” Scarlett gulped.

“I don’t but if I did something wrong, I’ll highly compensate you-

“No” She scoffed lightly and shook her head.
“Its fine”

“Alright then. Bye and have a nice day” He uttered, went into the room and changed.

Afterwards, he went out of the house.


Phil parked his blue sports car in front of the beautiful and well made police station before walking out.

He breathed de-eply, as the sunlight [email protected] his glowing face.

He rubbe-d his made up hair, gave a sm-irk before walking into the station.

“Dee!!” Phil waved to a handsome detective cop, checking few papers on the table.

The detective cop raised his head up and sighed de-eply.
“St©p calling me that. I’ve told you many times without number” The detective warned.

“Sorry… Sorry” Phil breathed, and sat down opposite him.

The detective didn’t look up at him again. He just continued what he was doing.

“Hey, Dylan? Shouldn’t you look at your brother in the face and ask why he [email protected]£?” Phil frowned, and tapped the table.

Dylan sighed and looked at him.
“I’m your cousin and not your brother”

“We used to be ti-ght before…” Phil said.

“And we still are. But things had to change a bit after few realization” Dylan retorted.

“You still think I’m a ra-pist?”

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

“Phil, What do you want? What brings you here?” Dylan asked, and looked at his face.

Phil blinked.
“I was threatened yesterday night”

“What? Threatened by who?” Dylan asked.

“How am I supposed to know? The person just called and told me he/she would kill me. I don’t know. I’m confused”

“How was the voice? Explain” Dylan said.

“It was very de-ep. So de-ep” Phil said.
“I’m guessing the caller is a man” He added.

“Oh, maybe a woman” Dylan said.

“What? How?”

“The person must have used voice changer. Always, can I get the phone number?”

“Nah, Its pri-vate”

“The person must have hidden the number and made use of a burner phone so that he/she wouldn’t be caught by tracking” Dylan rubbe-d his jaw.

“Anyways, I’ll look into it. Give me time. Just always give me reports” He further said.

“Okay then. Thanks”

“You are welcome” Dylan nodded.

Phil gave a small smile and turned.

Immediately he got to the door and t©uçhed the knob, memories from last night [email protected]£ flooding in.

He blinked a hundred times, and his expression on his face changed.


“plea-se, don’t barf on me,,, huh” Scarlett said, as she carried him on her back.

Many people who saw this duo laughed, and talked wondering why a girlfriend was carrying her drun!kb©yfri£nd.

“Aiish! You clearly told me, you knew how to drink well!” She shouted.

“Oh no!” She snapped, after hearing him ma-king puking sounds.

“No, You don’t!” She snapped and threw him down.

“Oww…” Phil gro-an ed.

Scarlett quic-kly bent down.

“Hey, Where do you stay?” Scarlett asked.

Phil slowly closed his eyes.
“Do you wanna know something?”

“Yes, plea-se. I wanna know where you stay” Scarlett answered.

“No..No..No” He shook his head, moving his pointer f!nger to and fro against her face.

“My parents are causing my eyes to rotten! Their s*x life is mehhh!” He exclaimed.

“Can you plea-se quieten your voice?You shouldn’t be talking about your s*x life outside like that” Scarlett whispered.

“Whatever, My father never grows up and mother complains a lot” He chuckled.

Scarlett sighed.

“I guess it because they are still young. They gave birth to me at their early stage of life. While in high school to be precise. They were 18 and 20 years old apparently… Luckily, they both come from extremely rich family” He explained.

“Okay. Okay then. But we have to go, Hop in” Scarlett turned over, showing him her back.

Phil looked at her back, and suddenly k!$$£d her cheek.

“What was that for!” Scarlett shouted, and held her cheek.

“That’s for being my drinking buddy” He win-ked, and slumped back to the ground.

She [email protected] aloud and hit him.
“Hello!! Geez!! Wake up!!” She said at the t©p of her voice.


“You’ve got to be kidding me. What memory was that? I mean,, whose memory was that? Certainly, not mine!” Phil shook his head.

“Oh no! fv¢k! Phil, What the hell was that!” He yelled.

“Don’t worry, Breath in, breathe out, Yeah,,, that’s it. At least, you won’t be seeing her anymore!”

“fv¢k! Still, What made me say all that?” He slammed his palm against his forehead.

“I…I even k!$$£d her cheek?” He whispered and wiped hisl-ips.

“Dylan?” A cop called.

Dylan looked at his colleague.

“What’s up with your brother?” He asked.

Dylan took his eyes to Phil who stood at the door, behaving funnily.

He looked back at the cop coldly.
“He isn’t my brother. Now, get back to work”

The cop cleared his throat, and bowed his head lowly.
“I’m sorry. Forgive my manners” He uttered before walking out.

Dylan sighed and looked at Phil who didn’t st©p talking to himself. He was also hitting his forehead, cheek and wiping his mouth.

“What’s wrong with him now?” Dylan shook his head.

He stood up and went closer to Phil. He tapped his shoulder, and Phil flin-ched.

“fv¢k. You got me scared for a second there” He complained.

“Are you alright?” Dylan asked.

“Well, I guess…”

“I think you are still afraid of the threat. Is that why you are behaving this way?”

“What?…Yes,, Yes… I guess” He f0rç£d a chuckle.

“Don’t you think its better you hire a fit b©dyguard?” Dylan asked.

“What? b©dy…guard?”

“I’m just saying”

“Hmm… I’ll think about it”

“Okay then. Give me a reply. I’ve got lots in my beck and call for you and they are all perfect”

“Oh,,, Okay”

“And…Phil, treat your fist. It might lead to a scar” Dylan advised.

Phil blinked and looked at his fist, which had little cuts here and there.

He remembered punching the mirror in his room last night.

“Uhm…Yeah,,, Thanks. I’ll do so”

Dylan nodded, and finally walked away.


Phil went to his office.

He had no secretary and because of that, no one bought him contracts, schedules, minutes books, meeting books, etc.

He was so bored.

“Tomorrow is the interview for the secretary job but I’m gonna make I fire them all” He said.

“I just need Mrs Keepers back” He sighed.

Just then, the door opened and a young girl who happens to be in high school [email protected]£ in.

She had a smile on her face, as she ti-ghtly held the stra-ps of her bag.

Her uniform was neat and well ironed.

Her Sk-irt was so short but she wore a long stockings which was white and clean.

“Oppa” She smiled.

Written By Sommy Pearl F.

Phil inhaled de-eply.
“Oh…Beverly” He muttered.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in school,,, or are you done for the day?” He asked.

Beverly rolled her eyes, and [email protected]£ closer to his desk.

“Aren’t you happy to see me? I’m really happy to see you, Oppa” She giggled.

Phil f0rç£d a laugh.

He wished he had never met Beverly. She was so obsessed with him.

She liked him and always followed him everywhere. Her wish was to get married to him. She was only 17.

Phil knew her when she was just 11 years old.

“Oppa! Your hand!” She exclaimed sadly, when she saw the bandage.

“Huh? No…It’s fine.. Just a minor injury” Phil retorted, and kept his arm behind.

“Oppa? I received the gift you s£nt me” She smiled.

“The gift I s£nt you? I never s£nt you anything” He shook his head.
“What was that?” He asked.

“I didn’t open it. I saw it outside the house and from the package, Your name was there. I haven’t received anything from you and i was so excited to even unwra-p the pres£nt-

“Where is it now!” He asked, aloud, standing up.

“Huh? Its in my bag” Beverly shivered slightly.

“Let me see”

She nodded, and opened her bag.

She took it out and Phil snatched it from her. He kept it on the table and unwra-pped the gift.

“Ahh! What’s…that?!” Beverly shouted, and fell down on the ground with her bu-tt.

Phil ran his red eyes around the office, and gulped [email protected]

He looked back at the content and there was a dead pigeon which was dripping blood.

On it was a small paper which was written; I Will Kill You. It was written with blood too.

Phil clenched his fist.
“This person knows Beverly too?” He thought and looked around.

“I’m being watched. The person is around me or probably close to me” He muttered, as his heart pounded extremely [email protected] and loud.

“What’s happening, Oppa?” Beverly cried out, shaking.


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