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The office during summer episode 1 & 2

(Feelings; From Me To You…)

GENRES: [email protected]ç£, Comedy, Mystery…

TAGS: Hatred, Revenge, Love, Past, Suspense, Office Drama, Family, Strong Female Lead, Rich & Pessimistic Male lead, Celebrity, Bucket List…

SETTINGS: Modern City Of Korea…

By; Sommy Pearl F.


Scarlett Neil is a crazy 22 year old lady who wishes and plans to work in a big company as a secretary.

She gets interviewed and fate as it ways, She ends up working as a secretary for Phil Counters who happens to be the guy she once bullied in high school.

Phil Counters is a troubled and pessimistic 25 year old guy who has everything planned out for him. However, he is been threatened by an unknown person.

When he finally employs Scarlett to work for him,, He finds the true past and his life changing despite his main motive of employing her.

Coming into the picture is h0t and hansome b©dy guard is Oscar Jones who’s a silent and calm type.

Now The Questions are;

What will happen when Scarlett finds out she has only till summer to live after contacting a terminal illness?

Will Scarlett ever find her missing elder sister who left home due to a burdensome past?

Will the real truth about Phil get revealed?

Will he have his revenge back at Scarlett just has he planned?

Will Scarlett ever accomplish all her bucket list before the end of summer?

Will love ever bloom despite all this?

And what consequences and troubles awaits all of them?

You’ll only find out this answers if you come along and re-ad this intriguing novel.

(Feelings; From Me To You…)

By; Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 1&2


★ ★ ★ ★

Scarlett grunted lowly after in-serting her key into her locker. She brou-ght it out and looked at it.

“Oh great” She muttered, with an eye roll.

“I took my old keys,,, again”

“Aiish…Why does this have to al-ways happen to me? Will I take this unnecessary hvge books home again?” She muttered.

Scarlett inhaled de-eply, after an idea [email protected]£ across her mind. She smiled and ran to the field.

Of course, Just as she hoped, She saw her sister, waiting and standing there.

She was kicking her feet on the field, while her both hands clinged ti-ghtly on the stra-ps of her blue bag.

“Samantha!” Scarlett called.

Samantha looked around before seeing Scarlett close to the field fountain tap.

“Yoo!” Samantha gushed, and waved with a smile.

Scarlett waved also, beaming. She ran to her and Samantha just looked at the big books she was holding.

“Wait,,, don’t tell me-

“Yup. Again. I forgot my keys again” Scarlett interrupted, [email protected] [email protected]

Samantha sighed de-eply.
“So,, will you tell them to taekwondo [email protected] again? Its pretty heavy you know. You are too young, sweet and pretty to be stressed” Samantha giggled, and pinched Scarlett’s soft cheek gently.

Scarlett laughed.
“Don’t pu-ll my legs. I [email protected]£ to take your keys” She said.

“My locker keys?” Samantha asked.

Scarlett nodded.

“Oops..What to do? My locker is freaking filled up”

“Pretty plea-se..I’ll just squee-ze these in. Besides, you said you wouldn’t want me stressed”

“Okay,,, Okay,,, but in case of next time, bring the right keys” Samantha advised.

“Sure,,, Sure. Can I have them now?” Scarlett stretched her hand over.

Samantha frowned at her and she giggled awkwardly.

“plea-se?” Scarlett added.

Samantha sighed, and opened her bag, took out her keys which had a small rubber star fish on its holder.

“Here” Samantha handed it to her.

“Yay…k!sses” Scarlett pe-cked her cheek.

“Yikes!” Samantha gro-an ed.

Scarlett laughed and ran to her sister’s locker. She unlocked it and squee-zed in her books.

“Uurgh. This is [email protected] I hope my books don’t get rou-gh,,, especially Samantha’s. She will just kill me, Aiish!” Scarlett blurted.

She closed it and it sounded in its usual metal way. She locked it back and slowly walked down the silent hallway.

While she was walking, two guys who were also in school uniform walked past her. They seemed to be s£niors.

They were the same heights. One of the boys had his hand over the other’s shoulder.

Scarlett caught a glimpse of them and saw smiles on theirl-ips. She really wasn’t immersed in them so she just walked away.

“Samanthaaaa!” Scarlett shouted and hurried to her.

“I’m alre-ady late for dancing [email protected] and I’m sure you are late for your taekwondo lesson too. Mr. Choi will throw a fit as usual” Samantha laughed as they walked together.

Scarlett handed her the keys and sighed.
“That man has a knack for doing such. He makes me regret choosing his [email protected]

“But it worth it. It really paying off,,, your taekwondo skills”

“You think?”

“Sure” Samantha replied.

Samantha held her hand, as they discussed further walking down the opened gate.

At Night**

Mrs Marie Neil, Samantha and Scarlett’s mother and a widow was savoring the dishes on the table quietly when she broke the silence.

“I finally got a small stall where I can sell my corn dogs” Marie smiled.

“Wow. Really? You finally got it?” Scarlett asked happily, wi-dening her eyes.

Marie chuckled and nodded.

“I’m happy for you Mum. I wish you good and plenty sales” Samantha prayed.

“Amen,,, hunny. Thanks”

“Its obvious mum will make a lot of sales. Her corn dogs are nourished and too good. It tastes pretty nice. Even those that don’t like corn dogs will like yours after tasting a bite” Scarlett said.

“That’s the truth” Samantha agreed, with a smile.

“Where is your stall? We will come help when necessary” Scarlett said.

“It close to RM Company-

“Whoa! Really? Daebak(Awesome!) Thats one of the biggest company ever with highest conglomerates!” Scarlett gushed.

“Wow. Mum,,, I think you just hit the jackpot. You’ve been blessed. Having a stall close to RM?! Yay!! We will come tomortow to help wi-

“Aiish… No,,, plea-se. I disagree” Marie interrupted Samantha, shaking her head.

“You have a lot of your plates. Study [email protected] Your education and your after school lessons first” Marie added.

“Then,,, can we come by 7pm?” Scarlett asked, and prayed in her mind that her mom wouldn’t say no.

“No!!” It [email protected]£ fv¢king loud.

“Ouch” Samantha laughed.

“Mummm!” Scarlett danced childishly, pretending to cry.

“You two have a house to take care of. Who will prepare dinner? Aiish” Marie blurted.

Scarlett pouted.
“I really wanna see RM company”

“Then, dream about it” Marie said and Samantha chuckled.

“By the way, rumors has been flying in, since yesterday at school” Samantha said, as she shook a spoonful of soup into her mouth.

“About?” Scarlett asked.

“Well, I’m sure its not true but people say the two sons of the CEO of RM companies attends our school”

“What! Our school? Ronnie High? They’ve got to be kidding” Scarlett scoffed.

“I swear. Besides, their sister schools in the most expensive and prestigious school, Axel’s High so I’m sure that’s where they are” Samantha said, and Scarlett nodded.

“Table manners now” Marie said, hitting the metal spoon on the edge of her plate.

The girls giggled, and finally kept quiet and soonest, they concentrated on their food.

The Next Day**

“Umma! Umma!(Mum)” The girls shouted, happily as they saw their mother take off her sli-ppers from her feet.

Marie smiled, wondering the source of her two daughters happiness.

“What is it?” She kept on smiling.

Scarlett held her left arm and Samantha took the other. They both walked her to the sofa, where she sat down.

“What is it?,,, Don’t keep me in suspense now, girls” She giggled.

“Tada!” The girls screamed, and held something on their hands.

Scarlett was holding a black rope, while Samantha was holding a pink cover sweet looking letter.

“Huh? What are those?” Marie was puzzled now.

“Mum! I finally got my black belt today, from Mr Choi. For the first time today, he praised me. He awarded me with this after I took down the strongest in the team. I got mine, finally!” Scarlett chuckled.

“Awwwn… Really? I’m so happy for you” Marie smiled, and hvgged her briefly.

“My baby girl finally got her black belt which she had always prayed for” She added.

Scarlett pouted.
“Baby girl? I’m not a baby! I’m a lady. I’m 16 with a black belt. Who does it better?”

Marie laughed, and stroked her hair.
“No one,,, actually. So,,, now,,, Let’s see what Samantha got for us”

“Someone is in love with herrr” Scarlett spoilt the surprise.

“Heeyyy!” Samantha exclaimed.

“Whoa. Is it true?” Marie smiled.

“Well,,, I guess” Samantha answered, with a giggle,, scratching her head in [email protected]

“Let’s see. What do you have there? A letter??” Marie smiled.

“Yes,,, He s£nt it to me his feelings throu-gh a letter” Scarlett answered.

“re-ad it. re-ad it!” Marie said, excitedly.

“Now, My 17 year old baby isn’t a baby anymore. She is now a grownup! She got a crush who s£nds her letters!” Marie added, yelping.

Samantha giggled.

“She isn’t a baby. But I’m still a baby. Uff!” Scarlett said, meekly.

“Whatever. Samantha, Let’s re-ad” Marie smiled, and Scarlett rolled her eyes.

Samantha finally opened the pink envelope and brou-ght out the cream colored paper.

She fli-pped it over and the most beautiful handwriting she had ever since, unfolded.

“Whoa. The handwriting is beautiful” Marie smiled.

“I know right” Samantha smiled.

“re-ad it for us, Scarlett” Samantha said.

“What? Why should I? It’s your letter so you ought to re-ad it” Scarlett shook her head.

“Pretty plea-se. I might blush [email protected] and I won’t st©p smiling if I re-ad it out. You want me to pee on my [email protected] out of [email protected] and excitement?” Samantha asked.

Scarlett scoffed.

“Just do as she says,,, will you?” Marie asked.

“Then,,, am I still a baby girl?” Scarlett wi-de-ned her eyes.

“Oh no. Not at all. You’re a pretty big lady with a black belt” Marie chuckled.

“That’s more like it” Scarlett smiled, and took the letter from Samantha.

She cleared her throat, and began to re-ad aloud;

Dear, Lady S.

My Heart Feels For You.

Just Like The Warm Upperl-ips Feels For Its w€t Lowerl-ips.

You Are The Woman My Eyes Wants To See Day By Day.

The Voice My Ear Wanna Hear Everyday.

You Are The Woman I Wanna Hold Hands With,, Staring At The Beautiful Sea During The Summer.

You Are The Woman I Don’t Wanna Ever Lose.

The Woman I Want To Share The Each Day With.

My Feelings For You Are Genuine.

Its True….


From Me, Mister Feel.

“Mister Feel? Is that his name? Or does he wanna stay anonymous??” Scarlett asked, and turned to them.

Samantha and Marie looked at her de-eply.

“Why…are staring at me that way?” Scarlett asked, awkwardly.

“Your face… Why is it,,, red?” Marie asked.

“So fv¢king red” Samantha added.

“Huh!” Scarlett yelped, and ran to her room. She sat down on the chair and faced the mirror.

Her face was extremely red. She wi-de-ned her eyes, and opened her mouth.

She t©uçhed her face.
“So h0t!” She exclaimed.

“What’s this? Why…am I this way?”

“Don’t… tell me,,, that I’m-

“blu-shing! fv¢k!!!” She yelled and two stars alongside the crescent moon above the roof on the sky seem to form a smiling face.


“Scarlett! Scarlett!” Samantha called in loud voice, as she walked into the house. She was back from her dancing [email protected]

Scarlett sprang up immediately. She looked up to see Samantha smiling, while shaking a purple envelope over her head.

“Another letter?” Scarlett asked.

Samantha nodded.
“This is the 11th letter I’m receiving from Mr Feel. He used a purple envelope today instead of his usual pink” She chuckled.

“Yea. Yea. I ain’t re-ading you any sh!t today though. I’m tired. We didn’t even taekwando practice today cause Mr Choi was [email protected] his mother’s birthday at some island,,, so I had to do all the house chores alone” Scarlett said, and yawned tiredly before sitting back on the sofa.

“There’s absolutely no need for you to re-ad the letter for me. I re-ad this one myself alre-ady” She smiled.

“Gosh,, I was so nervous when I was about to re-ad it but I jumped out of happiness when I re-ad it after school in [email protected]!” She added

“Wha…What does the letter say?” Scarlett queried.

“Mr. Feel wants us to meet!!! Tomorrow!!! At 4pm,,, In the school basement”

“What?? Isn’t it risky??” Scarlett bulged her eyes.

“What do you mean??” Samantha asked back, narrowing her eyes.

Suddenly, Marie walked into the house.

By the looks of things, She wasn’t happy. She was fuming in rage. Her eyes were literally shooting arrows and spears.

“Welcome, Mum. You’re early today” Samantha smiled.

“Mum” Scarlett whispered, b!tt!g her lowerl-ip.

“Scarlett,,, Let’s talk now!!” Marie retorted, furiously.


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