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The oath Episode 9 to 12

Episode 9
Tunde looked like a ghost as he was walking along the road. He couldn’t un-derstand why his mom hated him this much. This hatred is far more than just money and being rich and Tunde just cannot fanthom why?
If it was just his properties and clothes that was burnt it wouldnt have hurt too much, but his mom had burnt all of his certificates right from his primary school days. The more Tunde tries to un-derstand the more he felt hurt.
Finally he got to his father’s grave side. He fell on the floor and cried.
Tunde:Dad since you left me I have become a slave. You taught me to be strong and to dace every obstacle that comes my way. Right now this obstacle is my own mother and I do not know how to face it. Father I am here to ask you if truly she is my mother and if yes she is then I want to know what it is I did wrong that makes her hate me with so much [email protected]
Tunde cried like a baby as he la-id on t©p of his father’s grave. He cried so much that he sle-pt off on t©p of the sand.
Tunde dreamt and saw himself in a very beautiful mansion with lots of cars at his disposal, men and women who [email protected]£ running at his beck and call.
And then he saw his dad sitting at the balcony drinking a [email protected] of wine. Tunde joins him smiling with his own [email protected] of wine.
Tunde: Dad all of this looks like a dream to me, all this wealth, all this cars and most especially you here with me, dad I still find it difficult to be true. It all seems too good to be true.
”Son, this is a dream, and soon you will wake up to the reality of life. I am gone and we can only be together again many years from now. But as for this mansion, these cars, this life, you can achieve them if and only if you stay throu-gh the right [email protected] Do not be swayed away or carried away by the fancies of life.
With your pain comes your victory. For every challenge you face, take it as the step to success. Do not be carried away, do not be pushed into what you don’t want to do, do not look down on yourself, for the potentials you carry on your inside is far greater than what you believe.
Be strong my son. Be strong. ”
Tunde opens his eyes to the coldness of the rain that was falling on him and has drenched him completely.
”So this was a dream ” he muttered to himself. He got up and dusts himself as he walked on. He doesn’t know what the future hold for him but he was sure of one thing, he was never going back to that house until he has become successful.
He was still thinking and didn’t know when he got to the gate. He hit on it gently and the gate man opened for him.
Gateman: welcome sir. Oga don’t even ask of you as he come back.
Tunde smiled, for the first time in his life he was being addressed as ”sir” he was grateful to God and to Klein. It doesn’t matter his level of education but he was willing to work for Klein even if it means been his house boy.
Episode 10.
Tunde was well treated in Klein’s home. He ate whatever he wanted and sle-pt on a very comfortable be-d. Klein had travelled for two weeks and made him boss of the house before his return.
Tunde was careful not to mess with any of his properties, he maintained the room which he was given. Klein had left some money with him when he was leaving, but since Klein travelled he hasn’t t©uçhed the money because he didn’t know what to do with it. He had everything he needed. Good food, a full wardrobe with new clothes , everything , and so he just kept the money inside his bag enjoying his stay.
One this faithful morning ,he decided to get himself a new phone. He really didn’t have friends to call but he felt since he had the money he should just get a phone and check on Klein. And so he went to a phone shop and got himself a new phone. The phone was quiet nice and expensive too. He also got a sim card and registered it immediately.
On his way out of the shop he stumbled on Cynthia his little sister, she was with a young guy who looked quiet rich. Cynthia was too shocked to see see her brother. He looked nice. She wanted to hvg him buy was scared he would scold and [email protected] her in front of her friend. And so she just looked at him and managed to greet him.
Tunde: Cynthia how are you and how is mama?
Cynthia: mama is fine, we are all fine. Brother where have you been, you look so good. Mama said you stole her money and ran away.
Tunde: is that what she said?
Cynthia: Yes brother, but I really don’t believe her because I know you can’t do that .
Tunde turned and looked at the guy that was with her and asked who he was.
Cynthia: He is my friend brother, he [email protected]£ here to buy me a phone. We are just friends brother.
Tunde looked at his sister.
Tunde: I didn’t ask of just friends or not I only asked who he was. Anyways greet mama for me.
Cynthia: Brother when are you coming to the house? I miss you
Tunde: Not now, when I become worthy of our mother’s love, I will return.
Cynthia: But brother where do you stay, how are you? You look so nice.
Tunde: For now am with a friend. If you want to see me or tell me anything just call my line.
Cynthia was very surprised to hear her brother talking of a phone. She gladly took the number from him.
Tunde also gave her some money for herself and their mom. Cynthia was very surprised. She just stood staring at him. She just could not believe what her eyes was seeing. Even when Tunde was leaving she stood and watched him until he was completely out of sight.
She just cannot get home to tell her mom what her eyes just see
Episode 11.
Tunde could not get enough of his phone. He kept on calling everyone whose number he had written down. He was excited to give out his phone number. He happily called Klein and gave Klein his new number.
Klein was excited over the phone when he heard that Tunde had gotten a phone for himself. Tunde went ahead and told him how he saw his sister and even gave her money from the one Klein had given him and how excited his sister was.
Klein: (over the phone) so you mean you s£nt money over to your mom.? Despite all you told me he did to you?
Tunde: yes I did, what can I do? That’s the only family I have. Besides I love my mom so much and I can’t watch her suffer for long no matter what she may do to me. Besides the bible admonishes us to have a forgiving spirit.
Klein: You really do have a large heart . And that is really nice. I will s£nd you some more money and if it’s not enough for you plea-se do not hesitate to let me know.
Tunde: Wow Klein you are so generous and God bless you.
After the call, Tunde relaxed. This was something great he was being offered by Klein. He started thinking of what kind of business he would do. He had never been a business kind of man, all his life he has dreamt of working in the office dressed in his clean suit and sorting out files. But at this moment he had no choice, since his mom burnt his certificate, he knew official work was totally over. So he sat to think of what kind of business he could do. Expecialy with this kind of offer he had gotten from Klein.
After hours of thinking and deliberating, he decided he was going to set up a dry cleaning shop.
Since he couldn’t afford a shop or washing machine for now, he would advertise his business and collect clothes and wash with his hands. Thank God Klein had bulks of irons, he would borrow one and use for his day to day businesses.
He decided to call Klein back to share his thoughts.
Surprisingly KLEIN was excited to help. He told Tunde not to worry that he had shops all over town and he was re-ady to give him one of his shops. He also promised to buy Tunde a big generators and washing machine. Tunde could not contain his joy as he jumped from one chair to the other calling on Klein and saying thank you in every little way possible
Klein asked him how soon he wants to start and he said it was immediately he gets the things he needed to start up.
Another two hours and a maid walked up to Tunde and asked him to come that oga asked her to take him somewhere.
Tunde could not believe what he was seeing and hearing. When they arrived.
A well organised office with AC , washing machines, big generators and two staffs alre-ady re-ady for work to begin.
Tunde was confused. He was excited but confused .what could he have done to deserve this from Klein. He was speechless as he kept praying over and over again.
Episode 12.
Tunde was excited with the news that Klein was returning home. It’s been three months since he travelled. I’m that three months Tunde’s laundry services has grown beyond his wildest imaginations.
People from all round come to him with thief clothes and he was beginning to feel like a real man. He was alre-ady planning on renting his own house because he could now afford it.
He would have rented the house and moved out alre-ady but he wanted Klein to be back first so it wouldn’t feel awkward telling him on phone. Besides he felt it would make him look ungrateful for everything that Klein had done for him. So he decided to wait.
Tunde made sure the maids prepared a delicious meal in preparation for Klein’s return. He also made sure the house was thorou-gh cleaned and organized.
Finally Klein arrived. Tunde was very happy as he hvgged and welcomed him. They approached the dinning and ate the delicious meal that had been prepared. Tunde would have brou-ght up the discussion of his moving out but he felt it was too early. He would give him at least a day or two to rest before he tells him of the plan. They both stayed awake for a long time gisting about the trip and Tunde’s business. They laughed and joked about everything before they finally retired to be-d.
That night it happened again. The two men [email protected]£ and dragged Tunde from his room. He saw himself in the midst of those men dressed in black and red again. He saw Klein amongst them dressed in black too. He was kneeling helplessly in thier middle. Tunde tried to pinch himself to confirm if he was dreaming or not. But he felt the pains as sharp as it could be.
Tunde turned to Klein who was not looking at him. He wanted to be silent but he changed his mind and stood faced Klein.
Tunde: Klein what is this? What am I doing here?what is this place?
But Klein ignores him. Then he tries to look around to see if there was an exit he could go throu-gh. He finally found one. As he made attempt to go throu-gh he was pushed down by same two men that brou-ght him.
Tunde: What is this? Let me throu-gh. Am not a [email protected] to whatever you are doing here. It’s a mistake being here so plea-se allow me leave in peace plea-se.
Then one of the men stood up. He has Ben the only one sitting since the whole thing began. And he was the only man wearing a white go-wn. Tunde quic-kly figured out that he was thier leader. As he stood up they all bowed thier head as a sign of respect.
“He is re-ady , your Lord spiritual” that was Klein’s voice.
Tunde looks at him in shock and quic-kly shouted. “Who is re-ady Klein? re-ady for what?” (He was becoming scared)
Lord Spiritual: Tunde, you don’t have to panick or get confused. Your friend loves you and wants you to be happy and enjoy the plea-sures of life and that is why he has brou-ght you here. You should be very happy because not everyone is opportuned to meet this great brotherhood.
Tunde: what, what, what we you talking about? (He stammers)
Lord Spiritual: This is the brotherhood of Satan. And your friend has brou-ght you in to be initiated as one of us. And we have gladly accepted you as one of us.
Tunde: Brotherhood of what? Initiated? But I never asked to be initiated into any brotherhood. I never asked to be one of you.
Lord Spiritual: Well you are now one of us, and we gladly accept you.
Tunde: But I didn’t ask for that. Anyways thank you for accepting me, but I am not interested, I don’t want to be [email protected] of you or any brotherhood so if you don’t mind can you allow me leave?
The men all bur-st into laughter and Tunde got confused even more.
Klein: It’s too late brother, you are alre-ady one of us.
Tunde: How is that possible?
Klein: You have eaten our food, worn our clothes, tasted our wine and enjoyed our money. And so you are now one of us. There is no backing out.
Lord Spiritual: I don’t have time for this argument. Tunde, you are one of us and it is required of you to bring in your sacrifice to renew your blood covenant.
Tunde: Blood covenant? What blood covenant?
Lord Spiritual: I have been made to un-derstand that you have eaten and spent our blood money there fore you are now one of us and you must do what you must do if not.
Tunde stood confused staring at him as he disappears into thin air.
To be continued!

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