The oath Episode 3 & 4

Episode 3.
I opened my eyes and saw strange faces around. I didn’t know who they were, I tried to lift myself up but they told me to relax. It was then I realized I was in the hospital. I tried to remember how I got to the hospital and the more I tried the more I felt pains in my head. But it wasn’t long before I got the clear picture of what had actually happened to me. My mom was chasing me with a pestle because I dared to go to her pot, and I was running from her and got hit by a car on the road. By the time I got my memory I was alre-ady very weak. I heard one of the nurses talking to the only male among them whom I believe is the doctor.
Nurse: Thank God he is finally awake. Can we call him now?
Doctor: Yes plea-se do. Tell him he regained consciousness this afternoon.
I was confused, I didn’t know who they were talking about. “maybe it was my brother” I thought to myself, but I was obviously wrong because when he walked in, he was totally different.
From the smell of his perfume, even a blind man can tell he was very wealthy. I looked from his head down to his shoes. I do not wear designers but I know them when I see them and everything this guy was wearing was worth a hundred thousand. “who is he? And what was he doing in the hospital looking for me?
“Tunde my man, it’s good to finally have you awake. I was so terrified that you won’t wake up” he said.
From the way he’ spoke it was clear he knew me well. I took another long look at him.
“it can’t be Klein, but he sure looks like him. But it can’t be. How can it be Klein. Dirty, dullard, timid Klein, who was known for his normal last position back then in school. Nah nah! It’s not Klein” as I thought to myself he interrupted my thoughts.
“it’s me na, how can you say you don’t recognise me, it’s me Klein. Klein back in our school days. Can’t you remember? ” he asked smiling from teeth to teeth.
“it’s really him” I thought to myself again. “But how can it be? ”
Klein: Tundestical, the br@inz, how are you feeling? Am glad to see you fully awake.
“I smiled as he called me “br@ins” that was the name they called me back then in school because of my high level of intelligence. I tried to talk but I couldn’t and he knew as he urged me not to stress myself.
Klein: Dont bother to talk, just rest, you hit your head so bad and that’s why you are not so strong yet. But the doctor said in few days you should get your voice back. I know you are wondering how I am here with you.
Well, you ran into my car few weeks back.
My eyes wi-de-ned as I heared him say weeks.
Klein : yes dear. You’ve been here three weeks and two days now. You’ve been unconscious and I was even beginning to fear that you will never wake up. Thank goodness that you are awake now.
I looked and listened to Klein as he was talking, three weeks in the hospital. I wondered if my mom, my brothers and sisters searched for me, I remembered how my mom hates me and has always wished I leave the house and I bec@m£ very sure that she was not a bit worried that I have gone missing. No one would miss me.
My eyes began to well up with water but I quic-kly blinked them off and took my thoughts from my family back to Klein. How did he bevome so clean and so rich. His skin was as sp©tless as a baby’s own.
My mind began to run round lots of things. I was thinking how it was possible for Klein and if ever I’d get as half as rich as he is.
Klein: Don’t worry br@inz, I’ve asked the doctor to give you anything you nee-d. I can’t wait for you to regain your speech, we have a lot to talk about. For now I have to rush off to a meeting, I was actually on my way when doctor called me. But I promise you I will be back okay. Oh my guy, just relax we will see soon okay.
I watched as Klein walked away. So many thoughts ran throu-gh my head. I couldn’t ascertain if I was dreaming or in a real world. “someone plea-se wake me up”
Episode 4.
Klein discharged me and took me to his mansion. When I entered the compound, my mouth was wi-de open. I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I was seeing. I was still limping. Thank God for the clutches Klein got me. It made movement easy for me. As I limped from one corner of the house to the other. Klein just stood watching me.
“Klein, you mean to say this is your house? You own this mansion ?”
Klein was just smiling and laughing at my reaction.
“br@inz, relax, this is just one of my buildings” he said
“One of your buildings, so you have another one? Klein, are you seriously serious? ”
Klein bur-st out laughing as he urged me to come inside the house. I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing as I stepped into the house. What my eyes saw inside the house was even more amazing than the outside. I stood with my mouth wi-de open and Klein could not help but laugh.
“Klein, like seriously? How did you do it? Oh my God? Klein, I want to beg you, employ me as your houseboy, I beg you, I will clean your house. Wash your car, do anything for you. plea-se just let me stay here in your house. I don’t mind staying with the gate man at the gate. But plea-se let me stay here and work for you plea-se.
Klein was just laughing as he urged me to take my seat. I took a look at myself and the seat, I was too dirty to seat on the chair. They were just too expensive for someone like me to sit on. And so I told Klein not to worry that I would stand, I don’t want to soil his beautiful and expensive chair.
He felt a bit offended as he asked me to sit down. This time I obliged. I didn’t want to offend him, he called one of his maids to get me something to eat and drink.
When I saw the food, I knew I had to eat because I don’t know if I will ever eat this kind of food in my life. Klein watched me as I feasted on the food like a man who has not eaten for ten years. After eating, I wanted to beg for the remnant to be tied in a nylon bag for me but before I could say it. The table was alre-ady cleared. I went back to join Klein who was relaxing and watching the TV. I thanked him for the food as he sat up right.
Klein: br@inz my man. I thank God you are finally on your feet. The doctor told me in a few days you won’t be nee-ding this clutches anymore.
Tunde: yes o, I can’t wait to be up on my feet fully. I have you to thank for It. If you had left me on the streets that day maybe I would have died. Thank you so much Klein.
Klein: it’s alright. Now tell me, where were you coming from that night. Who was chasing after you?
I placed my head in shame. As I narrated all of my ordeals to my friend Klein. He listened quietly without interrupting me.
At the end of it he breath down de-eply.
Klein: You mean you went throu-gh all of this in your mothers hands? No wonder no one c@m£ to see you at the hospital and no one searched for you even took this moment.
Tunde : my brother, that is life for you o. It’s the bitter pill I have to swallow since my dad left.
Klein: Your story is so pathetic, it’s similar to mine, but the difference between us is that, my mom never abandoned me, everyone called me stupid and a dullard but my mom stood by me till the very end. I will forever be grateful to her for all of this and she will forever remain in my memories.
Tunde : memories? I don’t un-derstand.
Klein : my mother died three years ago.
Tunde : oh my! Am so sorry Klein, I didn’t know.
Klein : oh it’s in the past. I don’t think of it anymore. She was buried like the queen she was meant to be.
Tunde : so how did you do it? All of this? How did you get so rich?
Klein : Like I told you earlier, it’s all my mother, all thanks to her, she gave me all of this. (he stands up to leave) For now take your time and rest. The doctor said you nee-d lots of it. If you nee-d anything just call on the maids they will give it to you I am going to my room to relax. Tomorrow we will talk more okay.
Tunde : Thank you so much Klein. God will reward you.
To be continued!