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July 30, 2021


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The new girl Episode 6 & 7

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{ She’s a trouble maker }😍




Kim Mia

Omg I can’t believe she did this to me. My hair is badly ruined.

Am gonna make her pay for this. She’s gonna leave Korea for good.

I entered my car and drove home in tears.

I got home shortly and didn’t bother parking my car I rushed into the house in tears.

Daddy was in his study room. He got tensed when he saw me in tears.

” Daddy!!” I cried and rushed into his arms.

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“Omg Mia what happened to your hair?” He asked with concern .

” Daddy it was that American bastard. She did this to me simply because i told her to stay away from my Tae. ” I lied and cried even more.

Dad became infuriated.

” What ? Does she know who your father is? How dare she? ” He groan as he rocked my back.

” she humiliated me in front of the whole school and told them she was gonna take my Tae away from me. ” I added more sugar to it.

” Don’t cry okay? Am gonna get thrown outta the city for hurting my baby. ” He assured me.

I smiled wickedly. That newbie doesn’t know what’s in for her.

“Thanks so much Dad.” I kissed his cheek.

“It’s okay my child. You should go the salon and something done to your hair. ” He said and patted my shoulder.

” Okay Daddy I’ll be upstairs.” I said and left his study room.

I can’t wait for that newbie to be kicked outta School.

💐 Skyler

It was another beautiful morning and I was trying so hard to mind my business today.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t break any leg if necessary.

Am skipping breakfast today. I left home without saying anything to mom because her husband was around and his hatred for me only increased.

Today I was looking more girlie I got my hair dyed pink.

Pink and black are my favorite colors. I hung my headset and rode outta the house.

I rode into school but something was wrong everyone was gathered just after the gate all glaring hard at me.

What’s this drama again?

I stopped my bike and set down and Walk towards the crowd.

It seems someone was in the middle. They all patted ways and I met face to face with that crazy girl. Or it seems she got a fake hair to cover her nice hair cut.

There was some people which I don’t know standing around and lots of securities are all over the place.

“That’s the witch Everyone. She tried to kill me yesterday.” She accused me.

Wait what?

Everyone started raining insults on me but I stood my ground chewing gum.

“So you’re the lowlife that tried to humiliate my child huh? ” A middle aged man said as his securities got round me.

” What are you waiting for guys!! Finish her.” She shouted as everyone started throwing food, garbage, and all sorts of this at me including water.

I used my palm to cover my face so it won’t get injured.

It seems this people don’t really know me. I can’t be broken that easily.

They stopped and stared at me a confused expression.

I stared back with a smirk plastered on my face.

“Are you done?” I chuckled softly.

Someone came with a dirty water and splashed it all over my body.

I know the person that did that, it was one of Kim Mia’s minions.

She should get ready cause am coming for her soon.

“You all are so pathetic. Do you think you can bend me to your will just like you do to all the commoners here?am not even a commoner still I can handle all of you one by one.” I giggled and they got even more confused.

” For your information miss you are here by expelled from hillton high.” One of the men in suit said.

” And who gave you the right to do that without my permission?” A familiar voice said from behind.

I turned to the direction and saw that grumpy guy again.

“But V …”

“Stop Jung who asked you to do anything in my school without my permission huh ? Did you ask miss Mia here which she actually did ? No you decided to punish the innocent. I could fire you for this.” he said and stood beside me.

Omg OMG Mr grumpy owns the school? Wow this is huge. He’s even defending me. This guy has serious mental problem.

” Am sorry sir but she was the one at fault you know the rules.” The principal defended.

Am also coming for him too .

” Shut up fool!! Don’t talk when am talking. You’re busy pointing fingers at her but you failed to realize Kim Mia’s mistakes. Mia should be punished instead of her.” He said coldly and the whole school turned to Kim Mia

Who became scared of what the angry mob can do to her.

Her father left school with his securities in shame.

Kim Mia was humiliated by the students. She ran away in tears.

“Here have this.” Mr grumpy said and handed me a tissue.

I took it and wiped off the dirt on my face.

“Thank you.”, I mumbled.

” Don’t thank me I just returned the favor.” He said coldly and walked away.





Is this guy for real? He was being helpful just now he changed to being cold again.

I never asked for favors tho.

“Hey hold up!!” I ran after him but he refused to stop had to stop him by holding his arm.

“I already told you I don’t need your thank you. ” He shoved me off.

” What’s your problem huh? One minute you this the next thing you’re something else. Tell me who you’re nigga. ” I lashed out angrily.

He just stood there staring at me .

” You heard me nigga who are you? Or what you think of yourself. ” I spat.

I really don’t know what’s his problem even if he owns the school doesn’t mean he should always act cold.

“Are you done?” He asked all of a sudden getting me confused.

” Huh? ” Obviously confused.

” Have a nice day miss. ” He said coldly and walked away.

I Huff loud and walked towards the locker room. I took a shower and tied a towel around my chest.

What am I gonna wear? I didn’t bring any extra clothing to school.

“Here have this.” He stretched forth a shopping bag.

I looked at him then back to the bag.

” Am I can’t accept this until you tell me what exactly is your problem.” I rolled my eyes at him.

” I thought you might need some fresh new clothes.” He said and dropped it before leaving me in the locker room.

Gush not again. This guy is acting like a ghost. Always everywhere and don’t talk to anyone. Who does that?

I picked up the bag and went through the content. It was a beautiful white dress with real diamonds embedded on the edges.

This is one of Annabelle collection. Super expensive.

Eww I hate dresses but not that I have a choice tho.

I wore it and re packed my hair in a princess Darth.

It was a short dress that stopped just above my knee. It cling to my body bringing out all my shape.

I hate this.

Huh? there’s a silver stilettos attached to it.

Oh no I hate looking girlish.

I groaned and wore them and took a deep breath before walking outta the locker room as all eyes turned towards me.

Reasons why I hate looking girlish. Am gonna kiss I mean kill him for this.

I Walked angrily to class thinking of all the possible things I would do to three people today.

❌ Kim Taehyung

She’s right , I should stop trying to help if I don’t wanna talk to her.

I just find myself doing it.

I even ordered a dress for her. Yuck! That’s unlike me.

Am just trying to return the favor.

I stayed in my private class and watched everyone through the big screen . How do you think I know what everyone was doing .

Somehow I only wanted to watch that new girl to see where she was presently.

I got her name from the principal who told me her name was Skyler Cortez.

American blood hmmm nice. She’s interesting tho and hilarious I cracked when I saw what she did to Mia.

She walked outta the locker room looking so breathtaking.

Snap outta it V.

I was so tempted to go out and and make Kim Mia even jealous and probably stay away from me.

I have an idea. I have to do it even if I don’t want to.

She seems like a cool girl and would definitely help me but first I need to do this.

I stood up and walked outta the class.

She’s at the hallway. I Walked proudly towards her as everyone fixed their gaze at me.

“I thought you were not gonna wear it.” I whisper audibly.

“Do I have a choice?” She rolled her eyes at me.

” You should avoid getting into trouble I might be there to save you next time.” I smirked playfully.

” You haven’t answered my questions. Why are you always giving me cold shoulders and secondly you still owe me a thank you for saving your ass. You’re so mean and PR…

I cut her off with a kiss.

Her eyes widened in shock.

I could hear cameras clicking sounds but I don’t care.



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