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June 18, 2021


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The new girl Episode 23 to 26

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Episode 23&24

{ She’s a trouble maker } 😍





They dragged me to the isolated building in the school premises.

Too bad they just dug their own grave. It’s the same building I kept all my stuff.

Including my beautiful scissor.

” It was so easy to catch mrs tigeress. Where’s your lover boy now? ” She made mockery of me but unknownly she was making mockery of herself.

They pushed me to the ground and I fell right at the spot i hid my pepper spray.

“Oh trust me my lover boy is right where he belongs.Scared I took him away from you without breaking a sweat? Bitch Taehyung is mine and am gonna hold on to him forever you won’t be able to cast a glance. Pathetic. “I said buying more time before I could reach for it.

She foamed Angrily and wanted to hit me but I held her hand and twisted it backwards.

Oops I just broke a bone. She screamed out in pain.

Her puppets charged towards me. I grabbed hold of my pepper spray and gave them something to think about.

I know they might not see again. I made sure I spray more than enough into their eyes.

” You’ll pay for this bitch I promise you.” She yelled out in pain.

” I would

like to see you try. Don’t you get it Mia? I don’t love you anymore why can’t you just accept the fact that I love Sky. ” Tae said from behind.

How did he find me?

I gave the guys kicks right in the forbidden zone.

They fell in pain.

” What do I do with this girl.” I Mumbled as I went through my old stuff and brought out my scissor and glue.

” Don’t do anything Sky let’s go.” Tae insisted but am not done yet.

” Relax hubby you’re no fun.” I rolled my eyes at him.

I scraped off her fake hair revealing her bald skull.

I glued the hair I removed around her face like a mustache.

“Woow you look beautiful. Or I mean handsome.” I giggled happily.

“Can we go now? ”

” Oh yes baby. ” I peeked his cheek infront of her. That should give her a heart attack.

She glare at me with bloodshot eyes.

“You have some serious problem Sky.” Tae said with a chuckle.

” Oh really! But you just told your crazy ex you love me.” I cocked my brows.

” You wish!” He smirked playfully.

We stopped dead on our tracks when my brother in law which i hate stood infront of us.

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Oh so the prodigal son comes to school.” I said mockingly.

“What do you want now JK? ” Tae said in between clenched teeth.

” Calm down bro I just came to apologise to your beautiful wife nothing much. ” He said Smiling sheepishly.



🚫 Episode 24 ❤


❌ Kim Taehyung ❌

JK apologizing to

Sky? How come I don’t buy his bullshit.

“Look Skyler I know me and you didn’t start off on good terms. My brother’s happiness matters to me. Am sorry and I want us to start over again. ” He said Smiling.

He even knows her name? This is serious.

I glanced over at Sky. She had a smirk on .

“Okay I forgive you.” Sky said nonchalantly.

“You do? ” Me and jk said simultaneously.

This is unbelievable.

“Yes of course he’s my brother in law so I forgive him. ” She simply said.

” Alright thanks catch you later gotta go. “Jk said and walked away.

” What was that for? ” I pinned her to the nearest wall.

*What are you talking about? ”

” Acting so innocent when deep down you’re a wolf in sheep clothing. Hope you’re not planning to hurt my brother because you gonna regret you ever did. “I let go of her and walked away.


Later that day.

I was busy with my PC she walked pass me and stepped into the bathroom.

I sighed softly and left what i was doing before joining her in the bathroom.

“What are you doing here?” She growled at me.

“Ssh. ” I placed a finger on her lips.

She was yet to step in the bathtub.

I slowly loosen up her bathrobe revealing her sexy body.

Her lips were trembling. I brought my face closer and whisper into her ear.

“Relax.” I whispered and helped her into the tub.

I scrub her body gently as she looked at me intensely.

” Am sorry for yelling unnecessary at you.” I Mumbled as I ran my fingers through her smooth skin.

She closed her eyes and relaxed into the tub.

” I understand.” She responded with sexy voice.

I took her outta the tub and helped with her bathrobe.

I carried her up and walked towards the bed.

” I need to tell you something.” I started.

” Okay am listening. ”

” Will be going on a business trip tomorrow won’t be back till after three days. Mrs Lee will take care of you okay? ” I explained.

” Oh okay I understand. ” She said in a calm tune.

To be honest haven’t seen her this calm.

And why is she being shy all of a sudden?

“You should get some sleep okay?”I tucked her into bed before going back to the work I was doing.

Seriously I don’t feel like traveling at the moment but I just gotta go. Duty calls.

❌ Kim Jungkook ❌

” Is everything ready?” I asked one of my boys.

” Yes boss he should be outta the house tomorrow morning. ” He responded.

” Good. You may leave. ” I dismissed him.

Have successfully been able to lure V outta the house by giving him a fake phone call about a business trip in seettle.

This my chance to go after the forbidden fruit.

I know Tae for a fact that he won’t ever tolerate a loose girl.

Am gonna make it look like she actually brought the guys into his mansion to fvck her.

They won’t know what hit them.

What’s wrong with JK 🙄
Am afraid for Sky 😒😒


👉 Chibueze Dennis Agu👈💕THE NEW GIRL💕
Episode 25&26

{ She’s a trouble maker } 😍


🌟 Skyler’s POV

V was all dressed up ready to leave for his business trip.

Deep down I wish he doesn’t have to go.

Not that am gonna miss him tho , I’m gonna miss tunting him for two days.

“So?” He said as he got to his car.

Had to follow him to car with mrs Lee staring at us in a strange way.

“So? I guess am supposed to say goodbye?” I rolled my eyes.

” You’re silly. Should I get you any thing while coming? ” He chuckled.

” Some chocolate bar would do. Take care of your ugly self. ” I Smirked.

” Alright I’ll.” He said and drove outta the house.

I walked back into the house and went straight to the living room.

” Would you like anything dear?” Mrs Lee had asked.

I nodded negatively.

” Okay I’ll be out for awhile be back before you know it. Have to check on my kids. ” She said Calmly.

” Good ma’am say hello to them for me. ” I said as I focused on the kdrama that was being played.

Mrs Lee had left so it’s just me myself and I in the big house.

I feel so bored right now how about some little fun.

I stood up and decided to explore the building Abit.

Oh we have a neighbor. Nice one.

I was still staring at the building next block.

A kid stuck her head outta the window and showed me a ‘fuck you sign.

Wow wow.

I went back inside and looked for so many plastic bags.

I went to the kitchen and filled them with mashed potatoes.

I took it to the spot I was standing earlier.

I started throwing them in the neighbors compound.

I made sure I aim for the kid’s window before firing.

Oopies the house is now painted with beautiful mashed potatoes.

I giggled and ran upstairs to my room.

Needs some sleep.


I was laying down with my eyes closed but I could hear some sounds coming from downstairs.

Maybe Mrs Lee is back.

The door to my room was pulled open that was when I decided to open my eyes.

It was some strange guys.

They were all wearing mask.

“What the heck are you doing here!” I half yelled.

“Wow boss she’s really beautiful just like you described.” One of them said.

” I told you.” The boss whose voice sounds familiar.

” If you know what’s good for you all you had better leave else you gonna regret ever coming here.” I said and stood up fully.

They tried to ripped off my clothes but I fought them off.

Unfortunately there were too many of them I couldn’t fight off all them.

They grabbed hold of me and pinned me down after ripping off my clothes.

Tears roll down my cheeks for I know what’s about to happen next.

❌ Kim Taehyung ❌

Why do I feel like something is wrong?

I was at the airport but refused to board the plane.

Something tells me this business trip isn’t meant to be.

How come I only got a call from one representative yet any of my board members doesn’t know about it?

Almost immediately my phone beeped.

I brought it out and glanced at it.

Oh no . The security censor had been triggered.


I raced to my car and drove off in high speed.

I hope nothing had happened to her.



{ She’s a trouble maker }😍


Skyler’s POV

I won’t give up that easily I wasn’t taught to give up a fight.

I kicked the one standing in front of me and bit the one holding me.

He let of my immediately as he yelled out in pain.

“This bitch! Just bite me.” He held the spot which was bleeding already.

I grabbed the vase and throw it at them.

I kept grabbing anything I could lay my hands on.

I was caught unaware from behind by a different person.

I didn’t see him there.

He gave me a slap that sent me flying to the ground.

Grabbed hold of my hair aggressively and slammed me the bed.

I kept trying to fight my way through till I became weary.

They tied up my hands against the bed while one was holding up a camera recording everything.

He brought his lips closer to my face but I ended up biting off his ear.

He yelled out in pain and back off.

Even if am tied up there’s no way am letting them succeed.

“You American bastard!” He roared and wanted smacking me when someone caught hold of his hand and gave him a punch on the abdomen.

Kim Taehyung

I drove like a mad man to my mansion and just as suspected someone had broken into my house.

I dialed the 911 before walking into the house.

All the antique and electronics had been ruined.

I heard someone screamed from upstairs. That’s not Skyler’s voice.

I raced upstairs to my room just in time to stop that bastard from touching her.

The four goons rounded me.

Even with my eyes closed I can still take them down. One of them seems to be looking for a route to excape but that’s not gonna work.

I grabbed hold of him and gave him a hard punch.

The rest tired to attack at once but I ended up breaking their arms and legs.

Let’s see how they’re gonna excape now.

I untied Sky and she hugged me tightly.

“Relax Barbie doll am here.” I whisper audibly.

” It was terrible. This niggas are gonna pay dearly in my own way. ” She said coldly and broke the hug.

” Before that let’s see who’s behind the masks. ” I said and went over to removing their masks.

WTF the three thugs are Jk’s boys.

Wait! Wait! I hope it’s not what am thinking?

I turned towards the last one which was trying to avoid getting exposed.

I forcefully took the mask off and guess who was behind the mask.

“Jungkook? How dare you bastard!” I growled angrily and toss him across the room Angrily.

He grunts unable to fight back because of his broken arms and legs.

” How dare you even tried to lay your filthy hands on her ? Are you crazy?!!! ” I gave him a hard kick.

He cough out blood as he was in serious pain.

I trusted him. He’s my better half my best friend how could he do this?

“B… Brother please you’re hurting me.” He managed to say as I gave him another punch to shut him up.

” Am hurting you yeah!! You don’t want me to hurt you but you had the nerves to hurt someone special to me. ” I blurted out before I could stop myself.

” That’s enough V I think I’ve the best punishment for all of them.” Sky said grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re a disgrace to the Kims trust me I’ll make sure the family hears about this but In the main time I’ll let barbie doll handle it in her own way. ” I spat .

I feel like strangling someone’s child

Wow wow did you hear what Kim said?

JK I pity you Sha Sha

Have already gone to ShopRite to price Gucci wheelchair for you.. 🥴🥴😂😂



I trust you Sky 😂
Baddest girl 😉

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