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The most beautiful goodbye finale

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 20(THE FINALE)❣❣❣


It was finally 3 months, Helen was still in the hospital taking treatments.
Day by Day, The children stayed with her. Grandma Ma was not left out.
Helen looked pale but they all prayed for the best.

Jane, Dan and Ella ate quietly on the table before Jane broke the silence.

“I’m having my surgery tomorrow”

“I wish you the best sis” Ella said.

“May God strengthen you during that” Dan prayed.

“Amen… And thank you ella” Jane said.

“Mine is tomorrow too… The last question for me to win the money…Then we can do whatever we want once again like those days dad was still alive” Dan said.

Jane and Ella breathed heavily in sadness.

“Then I hope you will repair my room, I can’t stay with Jane in that room forever… She snores like crazy” Ella said lightening up the mood as the others chuckled.

“Who told you I will stay here, Once I’m throu-gh with my surgery and mum gets better, I will leave to my house… My husband alre-ady misses me a lot” Jane said with a childish smile as they all laughed.

“I still wish you the best… Dan! Make up proud” Jane added.

“Yes sis… I will, Promise” Dan said happily.

“If you fail or miss the question,I will chop off your n£¢k” Ella said pla-yfully laughing as the others laughed too.

Grandma Ma [email protected]£ in almost immediately. She was carrying some things in a big black bag.

“Welcome… Granny!” Ella yelled rushing to her.

Dan went close to her and bowed his head low in respect.

“Grandma Ma… How was work today?” Dan asked.

“Fine as usual. Though it was quite hectic” Grandma Ma replied.

“May God strengthen you…Let me help you with your bag” Jane said taking the bag from Grandma Ma.

“Amen…” Grandma Ma said as she sat down.

“What is in it?” Ella asked curiously as they all tried to peep into the bag.

“Your mum bought those…” Grandma Ma said.

“Can we take a look?” Dan asked excited.

“Yes…Sure” Grandma Ma replied as they quic-kly opened the bag.

There were 4 items in there.

“Dan… The wrist watch is yours,Dan. She wishes you the best as you wear it tomorrow at your question” Grandma Ma said as he smiled.

“When did she get this?” Dan said feeling his teary eyes.

“Before she was admitted in the hospital,She Kept it a secret and asked me to give you guys” Grandma Ma replied.

“Thank you Mum” Dan whispered softly as little tears escaped from his eyes.

“That shoe is yours, Your mother says she wishes you the best at your hearing tomorrow” Grandma Ma said.

“Thanks mum… You are the best” Ella said as she felt she wanted to cry. She couldn’t control it and cried.

“Ella?… Tomorrow is finally your hearing, You will finally go to school as you wished” Grandma Ma said.

Ella nodded as she wiped her tears with the back of her palm.

“Yes… Tomorrow or never, Because Lucy and her mother are leaving for the BIG city so if I miss the hearing, That is the end” Ella explained.

Grandma Ma nodded slightly.

“That surgery cap is yours, Your mum wishes you the best in your surgery tomorrow so don’t wear the hospital surgery cap, Just wear this… Okay?” Grandma Ma said to Jane.

Jane had alre-ady started crying. She cleaned her tears and nodded softly.

“I love you, Mum” She whispered.

“Tomorrow or never… You guys, So don’t miss it” Grandma Ma warned as they nodded.

“I won’t miss my surgery for any reason, I know how many times I tried to get this surgery [email protected]£ and I even had to move here to make things easier… So I won’t miss it” Jane said as they all nodded.

“Grandma Ma… I guess this is yours… Mum bought it for you” Ella said taking a pair of [email protected] from the bag.

“Yes, It’s mine… I complained of eyes problem to your mum and she bought an recommended [email protected] for me… I’m glad” Grandma Ma said as she took it from Ella.

They all smiled

“You must be hungry, Grandma Ma… Let me go get dinner for you” Jane said rushing to the kitchen.

“Oh… Thank you dear” Grandma Ma said as she smiled.

******(THE NEXT DAY) ******

Jane, Dan and Ella all got set for the surgery, Question and Hearing respectively.
They prayed and calmly went to their different locations.

Meanwhile in the hospital, Helen [email protected]£ shocked and was battling with her life.
Grandma Ma was there praying as the nurses and doctor tried every procedures to keep her life.

A nurse sneaked outside and called Jane number.

****(JANE’S SURGERY)****

“So…. Mrs Jane,Are you re-ady?” The doctor asked.

“Yes” She replied.

The doctor smiled and the nurse gave her all the necessary clothings.

“No need for this.. I have mine” Jane smiled giving the nurse back the surgery cap.

They were quite surprised but it was okay.

Jane’s phone ran and she picked it immediately.

☎️ Hello nurse?

☎️ It’s your mum… She is really in a bad situation now!!

Jane didn’t waste any time, She wore her surgery cap shamelessly and ran out despite the doctors and nurse callings.
She didn’t care. She ran as her legs could carry her in tears.


The time was almost re-ady, He checked the wrist watch his mother gave him.

Immediately he switched on the computer, His beeper beeped loudly.
He looked and recognized the number written on the small screen immediately. It was the nurse.

“Did something happen to mum?” He thought shaking but he didn’t care.
He ran out immediately.

****(ELLA’S HEARING) ****

Lucy waved at Ella who [email protected]£ closer.

“You are here?” Lucy smiled.

“Yh” Ella replied.

Lucy looked down and her eyes caught with Ella’s shoes

“Wow… Nice shoes” Lucy complimented.

Ella smiled.

“Thanks” She replied.

“Well then,Let’s go in” Lucy said as she led the way.
Ella followed but st©pped when she heard her phone [email protected]

It was a call.
She picked it up seeing the nurse number.
After their conversation,Ella ran out immediately despite Lucy’s calling.
She just didn’t care.

Jane, Dan and Ella all arrived at the same time.
They were all crying.They didn’t say anything to each other but ran inside the hospital.

They entered their mum’s room and met her pale on the be-d.
They ran to her holding her and crying loudly.
Grandma Ma watched sadly shaking her head as she looked at the ceiling in tears.

“Mum… plea-se, Don’t go” Jane yelled.

“Help her plea-se!!” Ella shouted to no one in [email protected]

“Live… plea-se stay alive” Dan said loudly.

Helen’s cough jo-lted them back to to life.

They all sighed heavily in relief.

“Thank you mum” Jane whispered.

“I’m glad” Dan muttered.

“Oh… Thank Goodness” Ella slowly said

“Jane?…Dan?… Ella?… Is that you?” Helen asked as tears flowed from her eyes.

“Yes!” They replied.

“What are you guys doing here… You should not be here, What if you miss it” Helen said softly and gently as she got no strength in here.

“Let miss those, We can’t miss you” Jane replied

“It’s doesn’t concerns me anymore..You are more precious” Dan said.

“Whatever… Who cares about school” Ella said as she cried heavily. The others couldn’t hold their tears any longer.

“Thank you… ” Helen said as she coughed.

“Thank… You… For.. Being…my… Children… And staying… With… Me” Hellen stammered in tears as they continued crying.

“But.. I have to go” Helen added.

“No… Mum!! plea-se don’t say that, plea-se… I’m begging you” Ella cried as she held her ti-ghtly kneeling on the floor.

“Mum… Just stay with us…Huh?… plea-se, plea-se,plea-se,plea-se,plea-se, I’m begging you” Dan said crying heavily.

“Oh God!… What are we going to do… Doctor What is she saying, plea-se do something” Jane begged as she knelt before the doctor who kept shaking his head.

“But… You…know… For all this things you sacrificed….” Helen coughed loudly.

“Water… plea-se she needs water” Ella shouted crying at the nurses as she stomped her feet loudly on the floor

The nurses all stood dejectedly because they all knew nothing could help.

“For… All… This… Things… You… Sacrificed…For…Me… Makes…Me… Feel… Like…I’m…. The… Best… Mother… In…The…World..Though… I… Feel… Bad… To… Have….Made… You… Lose… Such…… Lifetime…. Opportunities” Helen stammered slowly and gently.

“Mum… I’m begging you, plea-se st©p saying all this, I promise to be a good daughter huh?… I promise to change…. plea-se…. [email protected]!” Ella cried as her eyes got all red and her nose got too runny

“We never got to say this…. But we love you mum, We love you so plea-se we are all begging you, Just consider us and stay strong, You can fight it so for our sake, Just stay alive” Dan said as he cried endlessly.

Jane moved to the wall and cried facing it. She slowly sat down and wra-pped her self with her arms. She managed to crawl to her mother’s be-d and held her ti-ghtly.

“plea-se help us… DoctorHuh?..!! Mum, You better take me along too and I know you wouldn’t like that so plea-se, Stay alive… plea-se!!.. What are we all going to do now! ” Jane screamed in tears as she held her pained br£@st ti-ghtly.

“I…Never….got… To…. Say… This… But… I… LOVE… YOU… KIDS… SO…. MUCH… My… Good.Children,.. Your Mother (Coughs) I forever holds you in her heart… I love you My Strong first daughter Jane (Coughs), I love you My Sweetest and only Son, Dan(Coughs loudly) and I love you My Little Smart daughter, Ella… plea-se, Stay strong for me (Coughs continuously)” Helen struggled to say.

The kids all cried not knowing what to do or say.

Helen finally gathered her courage and shouted.


They all looked at her and watched her hand drop and her eyes closed slowly and lightly.

“plea-se!!…No!! Noooooo!!” Jane shouted as she started hitting and squee-zing her che-st painfully

“Huh??… Mum?? Wake up… plea-se!!” Dan yelled as he bit hisl-ips painfully

“Help us… Doctor, plea-se…Do something,She can’t just go like that…. You should know that plea-se, We haven’t even started doing or achieving anything for her… plea-se!! I’m begging you help us” Ella begged as she cried ru-bbing her palms contionusly as she slowly knelt down.

They all wished it was a nightmare.

The Doctor shaked his head.
The nurse went to cover her b©dy with the white clothing but Dan angrily st©pped her.

“Don’t dare!” He warned as his eyes wi-de-ned. It was very red and tears flowed like never before.

Jane, Dan and Ella knelt down crying de-eply and [email protected] with their runny noses still holding their mother till she went cold.

“And indeed it was the most beautiful goodbye in the whole of Nappi” Grandma Ma whispered as a slim tear flowed from her right eye.

“But it was [email protected] to say goodbye” Three little voices echoed in the room.



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