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The most beautiful goodbye batch 1


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Title- ✨The most beautiful goodbye🙋
Genre: Family drama.


Helen, is a 48 year old woman who lives with her 3 children with their grandmother.

Helen finds out she has a serious disease and is left with 3 months to live.

Realising this, She decides to be closer to her children who tends to push her away claiming they are strong and okay.
The first child and daughter, Jane who refuses to live with her husband for the main time due to an issue.

The second child and a son, Dan who is known for his truancy in school and always getting suspended because of this.

And Ella, the last daughter who is a bully and is in the process of being expelled.

However, after finding out that they are weak and soft on the inside with scars along.

Helen decides to strengthen them alongside grandma’s help before she can say her final goodbye.

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By Authoress Sommy Pearl’s [email protected][email protected]/ ©️

❣❣Chapter 1❣❣

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” I’m sorry Mrs,But you [email protected]£ late… You should have come earlier when you noticed this symptoms ” The nurse said sadly.

Helen held her [email protected] sadly.

“Is there nothing you can do to help me, I have kids” Helen pleaded.

“We are afraid not, It’s too late… This blood infection isn’t a joke” The nurse replied shaking her head.

“So, When did the doctor say I might leave” Helen asked.

“Leave to where?….. Oh” The nurse retorted realising what helen had meant.

“Three months” The nurse added.

“That’s short, I have to go now” Helen said standing up.

She went outside and looked at the sky.

“Why does this have to happen to me” She thought sadly.

Her phone rang and she quic-kly picked it

☎️ Hello the voice said

☎️Good afternoon to you, Principal Helen replied.

☎️ Well, I just s£nt your daughter from the school, I need you here.

☎️ Did she do anything?

☎️You will find out once you come.

The principal cut the call immediately.

Helen boarded a taxi which took her straight to school.

After seeing the principal, She went outside.

She meet her daughter, Ella outside.
Her bu-ttons were opened and her clean white siglet were visible. She placed her earphones ti-ghtly on her ear while using her phone.

She saw her mother and sighed.

She quic-kly walked past her.

“Didn’t you see me!” Her mother yelled facing her.
Ella didn’t bother to look back.

“Why did you bother to come here? It’s [email protected]” Ella replied.

“If you want to talk to me, Look at me… St©p ignoring me” Helen calmly said.

“Mum… plea-se leave alone” She said as she made the music loud.

Helen ran towards her and hit her on her head.

“Oowww! MUM!” ella shouted.

“You just bullied your mate and you are still behaving this way,What if you get suspended” Helen asked.

“I don’t care…. I should better get expelled instead!” She said with a shrill voice.

“You said I should leave you alone?”

“Yes…. Leave me alone, I don’t want to see you!” Ella said walking from her sight.

Helen sighed heavily.

“Ella… Let’s board a taxi” Helen said catching up with her

“No… Don’t bother, I will trek home”

“What if your feet hurts?”

“Goodness, Mum… It’s my feet… Not yours, I’m fine” Ella replied walking fas-ter.

“I wil walk with you then” Helen managed to smile.

“Hell no, Go on your way” She replied trying to run from her.

Helen got tired from catching up with her and boarded a taxi home.

She kept thinking of Ella.

“What am I going to do about her?”.

“Good afternoon, Grandma ‘Ma’ ” Ella greeted.

They always called her grandma ‘ma’, The ‘Ma’ was her short name which was gotten from her full name “Marianne”.

“Is mum home?” She asked.

“Yh… Why didn’t you come together, Your mum complained bitterly,You bullied someone in school” Grandma Ma said.

“She deserves it” Ella smiled as she walked into her room.

“You [email protected]ûghty girl!” Her grandma lamented.

Ella laughed and went into her room.

She re-moved her shoes and socks.

“Ouchh… It’s hurts” She said b!owing air on her so-re red feet.

Her feet were alre-ady sliced.

That night, The whole family ate together.

“So? Ella, Your principal said you have to apologize to the victim and of course the victim parents, Goodness… You hit her badly, She was pretty hurt, So when will you to apologize?” Helen asked.

“I’m not apologizing” Ella replied slowly.

“Why?” Helen asked

“It’s not my business anymore”

“Ella,Don’t you want to go to school anymore, For goodness sake, You are just 16!!”

“You are annoying” Ella said angrily standing up.

“Won’t you eat?” Helen asked as Ella was leaving but she didn’t reply.

Helen sighed sadly and faced Dan who sat opposite enjoying his meal.

“You!….Your teacher called,Do you want to be suspended again?” Helen asked.

Dan shaked his head.

“She called saying you didn’t come to school since last two days ago, I said you went to school…. You Traunt! What do you think you are doing?” Helen asked bitterly.

“Buy me a phone then, When you do that… I will go back to school like a normal student” Dan said.

“Keep quiet, What of the phone you mum bought for you… Huh?” Grandma Ma asked.

“I told you ,Someone stole it” Dan said.

“I’m disappointed,You are 2 years older than your sister but you still behave like a little kid” Helen lamented.

Dan angrily murmured.

They all heard a knock on the door.

“What are you waiting for, Dan…. Didn’t you hear the knock?” Helen asked.

“So?” He asked

“Go open it… Oh, Goodness” Helen said angrily.

“Well… I’m eating so I can’t leave” He replied.

Helen sighed and moved to the door.

She opened it and [email protected]

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣Chapter 2❣❣

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“What are you doing here Jane?” Helen asked shocked.

“Why are you surprised?” Jane asked struggling to get her bags into the house.

“Why wouldn’t I be? What are this belongings doing here, Did your husband chase you from the house?” Helen asked frightened.

“Whoaa! Nope, Don’t get the wrong idea… I [email protected]£ here on my own, I’m starving… What’s for dinner?” Jane asked rushing to the food.

“Hey… That’s for ella” Helen yelled seeing Jane eat the meal.

“I’m not sure she wants to eat” Jane replied.

Ella heard that and [email protected]£ out angrily. Her phone was on her hand with earphones attached to her n£¢k.

“That’s mine… I didn’t say I wasn’t going to eat!” She yelled at Jane.

“Ella! St©p that, why are you yelling at your elder sister!” Helen cautioned.

“But mum! She’s at fault, Why did she eat my meal! Why are you even blaming me!” Ella shouted.

“Alright… St©p it alre-ady,I have a headache” Helen complained.

Jane simply ignored her and li-cked the plate.

“You are annoying,You aren’t even remorseful!” Ella yelled.

“I’m going to sleep, Dan… When you are done, Take my bags to the room plea-se” Jane said yawning.

“Hell no! Do that yourself” Dan said.

“Mum… plea-se, Can you help me with that?” Jane asked turning to Helen and pointing at her bags.
“It’s alright,Just leave it to me” Helen said tiredly.

“Why did she have to come here, Did she have a fight with her so-called husband” Ella snarled.

“Ella… Be warned, She is 22 and you are just 16!” Helen warned again.

“Whatever mum!, I guess you hate me…. Besides, I’m hungry!” Ella yelled.

“I don’t hate you, You know what… Should I just prepare noodles for you?” Helen asked.

Ella nodded.

“Add a lot of onions and little pepper” She added.

Helen nodded weakly.

“So….Uhmm Since I’m going to be pretty busy,why don’t you help with Jane’s bag, Move them to her room” Helen said.

“No… Ask her to do that, why did she come here to cause all those fuss!Mum…you should do it yourself like you said you would” Ella said leaving.

“I’m done with my Meal” Dan said standing up.

He was about leaving when helen called out his name.

“Why are you leaving without clearing your table” Helen asked.

“Mum… plea-se, help me clear them” Dan whimpered.

Without hearing helen response,he left.

Helen stared at grandma and sadly sighed.

“Let’s talk first” Grandma Ma said with a thick smile

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣Chapter 3❣❣

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Helen sluggishly went to sit close to Grandma.

“Oh dear… Those children, where did they inherit those characters from?” Their mother was different back in their age! Grandma patted.

“Oh goodness, st©p flattering me” Helen said trying to dry her w€t eyes with her hand.

” I guess that doctor alre-ady called you in after all your appointments…That nas-ty hospital!” Grandma yelled.

In their town, they had only a well equipped hospital with few schools but lots of rivers, marketplaces and trees. It was more like a village. It’s name was Nappi.

Helen moved from the big Town to Nappi with her kids to live with Grandma Ma after the sudden death of her husband.

The hospital in Nappi was quite near to Helen’s house so they responded to her after booking about three appointments.
Most times, People had to book 10 appointments with the doctor before they would be called especially if they lived far away.

Helen stared at grandma for a while.

“Won’t you ask what they said in the hospital?” Helen asked looking at the floor.

“I’m sure it going to be sad, don’t tell me… My eyes are alre-ady blurry… Don’t make tears come out” Grandma replied still worried.

“It’s three months” Helen said and busted into tears.

Grandma Ma stared at her with her weak eyesight. She un-derstood immediately.She was wise after all.

Helen cleaned her tears quic-kly.
“Cry all you want, You don’t have to hold it… You might get hurt more” Grandma said softly.

“I don’t want my kids to hear their mum crying” Helen replied struggling to keep her tears.

“Hey… Listen, I know you care about your children but I care about my daughter more likewise I know my mum would care for me if she was here, Even though you are a mother, You are still a daughter to me… So cry all your pains out, I’m going to hold you, I’m sure your children are all busy” Grandma said.

Helen couldn’t hold her tears any longer. She busted in tears. Her tears flowed like heavy rain fall.

“What I’m I going to do… Mum? What will happen to my kids huh? Do you think they even care about me, Sometimes it seems they can do without me” Helen said.

“Sssh… Don’t say that,They are more in someone’s mind you can’t see, Keep that in mind, I’m sure they love you and can’t do without you but I advise you to st©p the business for now and try to get closer to your children and has for me, I will pray for you” Grandma said holding Helen’s ti-ght to her che-st.

Helen nodded.

“But how will we get money, Food might run out… My kids might get hungry” Helen whispered as she held her mum close to her arms.

“Here you go again worrying about your kids, As for the business I will take care of it” Grandma replied.

“You are the best,Thanks mum” Helen said softly.

Grandma chuckled.

“Mum!!… I said I’m hungry!” Ella yelled.

Helen stood up immediately,cleaned her eyes and looked at Grandma Ma.

“She is hungry, I need to go to the kitchen” Helen said.

Grandma nodded as Helen hurried into the kitchen.

Helen quic-kly made the noddles and entered Ella room. She met her re-ading a comic book.

“Is it interesting?” Helen asked dropping the h0t meal on her table.

Ella nodded and began to eat. Helen watched her for a while and smiled.

“Do you like it?” Helen asked.
Ella simply nodded.

“Ella?” Helen called.

Ella looked at her mum.

“Do you want to go eat lunch in a good restaurant with me tomorrow?” Helen asked.

“Why?,Did you finally realize you that I’m your daughter?”

“You don’t have to talk like that! So are you coming? ” Helen asked.

“No” Ella replied shaking her head and still chewing her food at the same time.

“plea-se?” Helen added.

Ella stared at her.

“Unless, You give me money and buy ice cream,It’s been long I tasted that” Ella said with her mouth full.

“Alright, I will” Helen replied with a smile.

“Deal” Ella smiled.


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