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The most beautiful goodbye batch 8

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected]d to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 18❣❣❣


Ella ended her story watching tears fall from her family’s eyes.

“I thought quite wrongly about you… But you could have let me know earlier” Helen said

“I’m sorry… I tried hiding it from you because you might get worried, I pretended to be strong so you wouldn’t worry or care. But finding out about your illness later on caused me to be weak…I had to tell you” Ella explained.

“What?…Is mum ill?” Jane shouted as Dan watched with curiosity.

“I will explain later” Helen said softly

“Promise?” Dan asked

“I will… But Dan, Let hear your story… Why do you keep leaving during school hours(Trauncy)?” Helen asked

Dan sighed heavily.

“Mum… Actually….

********↩️🔙FLASH BACK↩️🔙********

Dan really pitied his mother because he noticed she was getting thinner while she worked like an ant(Hand working).

He was sad and thought of how he could earn millions in a day.

One day during school, He saw the principal’s son,Tony skipping [email protected]
He followed him and met him at a café.

“What are you doing here?” Tony asked jo-lting from surprise when his eyes caught Dan.

“Well… It’s time” Tony said checking his wrist watch and sitting on the chair facing the computer.

“Time for?” Dan asked

Tony didn’t reply. Instead, He logged into a website. There was a question which he quic-kly answered and s£nt.

After that, He turned to stare at Dan who was watching him out of curiosity

“Well… Sit, Dan…Let me explain” Tony said as he dragged a seat to his side.
Dan sat down and quietly faced Tony.

“Well.. I found a website that will make me win A million bucks” Tony said with a smile.

“You got to be kidding me right…You know that a lot of money!?” Dan asked with his eyes wi-de opened.

“It’s not a lie….About the website, They s£nd a question a day and expect you to answer it quic-kly..
When they calculate the scores, they will give the money to the winner” Tony explained

“Oh wow… So are the questions easy?…Cause I will like to try” Dan said smiling.

“It requires money to open the account on the website but I got you covered, My mum that is the principal noticed I’m a traunt now and she is’nt happy with that, So for now… You will be helping me in my place till we win,When you win, I will take 40% of the money and you will take 60%” Tony said.

“A traunt?…My mum won’t be happy if she hears that but I would want to do that so I can offer my mom some money to help herself and I can also open a big supermarket for myself and st©p school….I don’t really want to go to school any more” Dan said truthfully.

“Well… Are you doing it?” Tony asked.

“Okay… I’m in But What’s the time I’m supposed to s£nd the answer?” Dan asked

“Well… It’s 1 pm and you shouldn’t miss the question because once it 1:03, The website will clear the question so you have to be early here” Tony said.

“Well… I guess I have to be skipping school hours then… But don’t worry, I will handle it with my mum, I think I will pretend to be cold towards her so she wouldn’t know….And then I’m going to surprise her with the money.. She will be so happy” Dan smiled as Tony smiled back.

Dan was then always getting suspended from school which made the mum unhappy.
Dan also couldn’t believe the principal always gave him suspension while her son, Tony went free those times he skipped [email protected]
Maybe if he had a phone, Then he wouldn’t bother about going to the Café.
He sighed heavily.

He also hated the fact he was being cold to his mum.

“At least for a short while, I will turn back to normal and everything will return to how it is” Dan thought as he answered the questions typed on the computer screen.

Dan finished his story and faced the floor dejectedly.

“So Dan?… How many days remains for you to round u on your questions?” Jane asked.

“In 3 months time” Dan replied.

“Have you gotten your surgery [email protected]£ from the doctor?” Grand MA asked Jane.

“Yes and it’s three months time too” Jane replied.

“Ella?” Helen called as Ella quic-kly turned to her.

“Yes mum?” She answered

“You said you were strong to have hidden everything from me and now felt weak that you have to say the truth but do you know it isn’t true… Instead, You got stronger…. Do you know the amount of strength you must have gathered to tell me everything, My Dear daughter, It isn’t easy… You got stronger instead…. Okay?” Helen said as Ella replied with a smile.

“So… The question is Do you still want to go to school?” Helen asked pointing to both Dan and Ella.
They looked at each other and faced their mother.

“No” Dan replied.

“Well… Uhmm.. Yes” Ella said but Helen was cut short by Ella’s phone which was ringing.
It was Lucy calling.

“What the hell does she want this time?” Ella said showing her mum the phone.

“Answer it” Helen whispered.
Ella nodded and picked the call and placed it on loudspeaker.Then,Placed it on the table.

☎️Hello? Ella said.

☎️Hey? I’ve got something to tell you Lucy said

☎️What’s that?

☎️I’m actually sorry for what happened but I don’t need to see you anymore because I’m leaving this town for the BIG City next three months so you can go to that school for all I care… April and Lillie alre-ady confessed everything, However… My mother still says she needs an apology.

☎️Wow? Well… So?

☎️Will you still apologize upon everything that I caused you?

☎️If that will make me start school… Then, I’m re-ady.

☎️Okay, My mom said she would be free next three months….So, Call me when you are re-ady for the hearing.

☎️No problem and Lucy, Thank you


☎️You actually made me closer to someone

Lucy laughed.

☎️Well… Okay then even though, I don’t un-derstand you but Anyways,I’m sorry for the pain I caused.
See you next three months at the hearing.

☎️Okay… Then, Bye Ella said as she cut the call.

Helen smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

“You did great” Helen smiled.

“Thanks mum” Ella replied.

“I can’t believe we all have 3 months to get everything back to normal, I got my br£@st surgery [email protected]£ that day…. Dan got his last question to be the winner that day and Ella got to go her hearing to be a student once again” Jane smiled.

Ella de-eply sighed as tears fell.

“What is it Ella?… Aren’t you happy?” Dan asked.

Ella looked at Helen who faced the floor sadly.

“And mum…has only 2 more months to live” Ella whispered to their hearing.

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 19❣❣❣


“What the hell are you saying?!!… Never say such thing again” Dan yelled angrily at Ella.

“You are joking right?… That joke is too much, I think you went to far” Jane furiously said as she turned to Helen who had alre-ady started crying.

“Mum? What’s all this… plea-se don’t cry, Ella just said a little joke…I promise she won’t say it again,… Ella, Apologize to mum… She is crying alre-ady” Dan complained as tears fell down from his eyes.

Ella began to cry too. Grandma Ma sadly looked at the ground.

“No… No… No… Tell me she is lying, plea-se… Mum.. Tell me she is joking!” Jane yelled sadly as tears flowed from her eyes.

“She…is’nt…lying… I’m….sorry… plea-se,… Just bear with…me” Helen cried the more as she stammered.

“Hell No…I refuse to believe this” Dan shouted as he left.

“Yes… Me too mum, Let’s pretend you never said it because I don’t want to believe it” Jane said as she sadly left.

Few days later, The family adjusted to their life trying to get closer and loved each other the more.


The three children, Jane Dan and Ella sat on the round mat nervously.

“I’m glad nothing has happened to mum,It has been 2 months, 3 days alre-ady” Jane said.

“I agree… We just need to keep praying [email protected]” Dan said.

“I hope nothing happens to her, I guess the doctors were’nt right after all…

Ella was interrupted by a loud yell.

It was their mum’s voice.
They all ran quic-kly to their mum who was in the room.

“Mum??… What is it?” Jane shouted.
Helen looked at the ceiling and quietly spoke.

“My eyes… I can’t see”

“Wha…What do you mean?” Ella shouted.

“Oh Goodness! plea-se save us!” Dan said as he placed both hands on his head.

Jane [email protected]£ closer to her and turned helen face to her side.

“Mum.. Watch me” Jane said.

“How… How….Can… I… watch…you… When..I… Can’t… Even… See…You” Helen stammered.

“It’s a lie mum… I refuse to believe this” Jane said noticing her mum couldn’t even face her. She was rather facing another place.

Ella rushed to her mother and calmly held her hands.

“Mum….Just calm down… Take a de-ep breath okay?” Ella said as Helen did so.

Dan slowly went to where Helen was facing and held a cup.

“Mum?… Huh… So, Uhh… What… Wha…What am… I holding?” He stammered trembling.

“Dan,?… I don’t know” Helen replied.

Dan yelled angrily and threw the cup.
He went outside and cried his eyes out.
Ella and Jane weren’t an expectation.They cried too.

8 minutes later

Ella rushed outside and saw Dan sitting on the floor crying and also placing his hands on his head.
Ella was breathing heavily.

“Mum… Just….

“What happened?” Dan interrupted Ella standing up immediately.

“She just fainted” Ella replied shaking in tears as they went inside the room
Dan went inside and met his mum on the be-d unconscious.

Jane was alre-ady calling the ambulance.

“Whst happened?” Dan asked.

“We were just talking and she fainted” Jane replied admist tears.

The ambulance [email protected]£ and she was rushed to the hospital.

Grandma Ma also [email protected]£.

Soon, Helen received her consciousness back however, Her eye sight was gone.
They were sad about it but were also glad she lived.


Helen was to stay in the hospital till she was fully okay.Her kids were worried anyways.

Jane went to the nurse and whispered to her ears.

“plea-se nurse, In case of any emergency, plea-se call me This is my number” Jane said giving her a note with her number.

“No problem at all,But should I let your siblings know?” The nurse asked.

“No… plea-se,Just help me… I don’t want to see them worried… Okay?”

“Okay” The nurse replied with a smile.

30 minutes later, Dan also went to secretly meet the nurse.

“Hello nurse” He said looking left and right suspiciously.

“Oh hello… What do you want?” She asked with a smile.

“Uhh…it’s just I need your help” He replied.

“With?”She asked

“I want you to alert me when something happens to my mum… Like an emergency” He said

The nurse warmly smiled.

“What’s your phone number?” She asked.

“Uh??… The thing is that I don’t have a phone… I just have a beeper” He said showing her his beeper.

In Nappi village, Phones were pretty expensive so people bought beeper in case they wanted to alert someone. You just need to call the beeper number and it’s owner would see it beeping and rushed to where he or she is expected.

“I also have a beeper” The nurse smiled showing him her beeper.
He smiled warmly.

“My beeper number is 2365” He said.

“Mine is 9347” She smiled.

“Alright thank you” He said as he saved the beeper number.

“Alright I will beep you when it happens” The nurse said storing dan’s beeper number.

“But what about your siblings… Should I let them know?” She added.

“No!… plea-se no… It will just make them worried” Dan replied quic-kly.
The nurse smiled as Dan left.

“Those siblings are so nice, Keeping secrets from each other to make their mom happy and make each other not to be worried” The nurse smiled in thoughts.

5 minutes later, Ella also went to see the same nurse.

“How may I help you?” The nurse asked kind of suspecting what Ella might want to ask.

“plea-se… I’m sorry but can you take my number in case of….

“Emergency?” The nurse asked smiling.

“Oh… How did you know?” Ella asked.

“I just guessed right” The nurse said smiling as she took ella’s number.

Ella thanked her and turned back to leave.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” The nurse asked.

Ella looked around confused.

“What plea-se?” She asked.

“That I shouldn’t tell your siblings” The nurse chuckled.

“Oh… plea-se, Do not tell them.. But I must say, You are a good mind re-ader” Ella said with a warm smile.

“I can also guess why you don’t want them to know” The nurse said.

“Okay… Why?” Ella asked.

“You don’t want them to be worried” The nurse replied with a chuckle.

“Wow.. [email protected]! I got to leave now… Thanks anyways” Ella smiled waving as she left. Ella twisted herl-ips amazed because she was quite surprised by the nurse’s right guesses.

“Wow… Such adorable kids…I hope she have those kind of kids again in her next life” The nurse whispered to herself with a warm smile.


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