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The most beautiful goodbye batch 4

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 10❣❣❣

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Ella ran to school with tears in her eyes. She met the security but he wouldn’t allow her go in.

“plea-se…. My mum is there, I just want to see her” Ella said with her voice shaking.
Out of the pity, She was allowed.

She rushed into the hall and caught her eyes on her mum who was on her kneels.

Ella felt her world crash, Her heart broke into pieces, She felt her life sl!paway.

“Mum?? Why??. I don’t un-derstand Mum??… Why must you put yourself low to this devils?” Ella asked as more tears fell from her eyes.

Helen cried bitterly and looked down holding her knees which were glued to the floor.

“You!…I’m going to kill you” Ella shouted pointing to Lucy who seemed to smile.

Ella rushed to her like a hungry lion but her mum shouted.

“St©p it alre-ady, I’ve gone to far… Just apologize and let’s be done with it… plea-se, Don’t hit her” Helen begged as more tears fell.
Her eyes were alre-ady red and swollen. Helen started crying like a little child.

Ella began to shake in pain. She turned to stare at Helen.

“Mum?… Did I ever ask for this??… I said I don’t want to go to school again” Ella yelled.

“Is that what you really want?… Even if that’s what you want, I don’t want it…. Just help me fulfil my wish before I go…. plea-se” Helen retorted still crying.

“So you want me to apologize, I rather die!” Ella shouted.

Ella rushed to Lucy who was alre-ady on her feet waiting for the worst.

“Don’t bother to st©p me” Ella said as she ran towards Lucy. She [email protected]£d Lucy’s shi-t and was about to hit her when her mother words hit her.

“Ella…I’m going to die” Helen yelled as her tears didn’t even seemed to st©p. Helen tried holding her mouth to decrease her crying sounds but it was useless.

Ella stared at space not wanting to believe what she heard. She squee-zed her face ti-ght so tears wouldn’t fall.

She held Lucy’s shi-t ti-ght and Lucy chuckled.

“What did your mum mean by that?… Ha ha ha… I really didn’t mean that back then, I mean…….when I said your mum would die” Lucy whispered to her ears.

“I… Said… Never.. To…Talk… About… My… Mum… Again!” Ella stammered as tears flowed.

“But you know… I actually got what I wanted or didn’t I tell you?.. I told you that I would make your mum kneel in front of me” Lucy said as Ella held her more ti-ghtly.

Ella threw her hand re-ady to hit her but her mum cries made her soft. Ella squee-zed her eyes and faced the ceilings as her tears flowed uncontrollably.

The teacher, principal and Vice wanted to do something but Lucy’s mother warned them not to.
She was actually waiting for a bigger fight to put Ella in trouble.

“Come on… What are you waiting for?… Hit me” Lucy whispered putting herl-ips closer to Ella’s ear.

Ella looked at her and pushed her slightly.

She went to her mum and tried pu-lling her.

“St©p this… plea-se, Let’s just apologize and end this” Helen whispered seeing she had lost her voice all that crying.

Ella scoffed.

“Mum… Get up… plea-se” Ella begged.

Lucy moved closer to them with arms akimbo.

“Helen” Lucy called.
Ella turned to look at her and [email protected]£d her shi-t once again.

“Did you just call my mum by her name!!” Ella yelled angrily.

Lucy pushed ella’s hand off her shi-t and stared at poor Helen who was alre-ady facing the ground dejectedly.

“You can see your daughter isn’t still remorseful so I can’t accept this apology,Call me when you are re-ady…. This is my number” Lucy said as she threw a paper with her number on Helen b©dy.

Helen quietly took it as Ella stared angrily at her.

“Mum… What the heck are you doing?…Did you just allow this girl to use you?” Ella asked alre-ady frustrated.

“Enough Ella… I’ve done my best, Just finish the rest” Helen replied.

Lucy and the others left and Ella heard Lucy’s mother say
:”What a waste, The woman knelt down for about 40 mins and her daughter [email protected]£ to spoil everything,I hope she never has that kind of daughter in her next life”

“Mum… Stand up alre-ady, They are gone.. I guess you are [email protected]” Ella said trying to pu-ll her up.

“I’m not embarrased…why would I be?… I did What I would have done has a mother” Helen replied.

“Then why are you still on your knees?” Ella asked.

“My knees hurt…. Urrgh… It’s killing me… I’ve been kneeling down ever since,Goodness…i can’t even feel my legs anymore” Helen gro-an ed as she tried to stand up.

They both left the school.

“Do you hate me for what I did?” Helen asked.

“Yes… I do hate you, How do you know that?” Ella asked.

“Goodness,It’s all written in your face” Helen replied.

“But I hope you don’t hate me too much” Helen added with a chuckle.

She looked at her side but couldn’t find Ella.
Surprised, She looked back and saw Ella who was standing like a statue.

“Hey… What are you doing there?… Look, It seems it’s about to rain” Helen shouted looking at the clouds.

But unfortunately, The rain started too soon without even showing any more signs.

Helen ran close to Ella.
She pu-ll-ed her sweater and put it on Ella who looked at her with pitiful eyes.

“You will catch a cold… Goodness, You should take care of yourself… Who would do that if I’m not around, Come on… Let’s go alre-ady” Helen said.

“Mum… plea-se tell me it’s a lie” Ella said quietly and slowly.

“What?” Helen asked.

“Are you really going to die? Are you going to leave me after 3 Months, 1 month has alre-ady [email protected]!!…Mum, plea-se don’t leave me… Huh?… plea-se!! I’m begging you” Ella said alre-ady crying holding her hand.

Helen looked at her with tears. She wiped them quic-kly.

“Mum???!… plea-se tell me it’s a lie!!…You weren’t saying the truth… Huh??… Telle I’m going to believe you” Ella said still crying and stomping her feet on the ground.

“Ella….. I’m sorry” Helen whispered.

“No…. Mum… No… plea-se…. No…I’m begging you…plea-se …” Ella said muttering as her tears flowed like waterfall.

“Let’s look for shelter, You are getting w€t, What if you catch a cold and get sick” Helen said tearing up and brushing ella’s hair to her ear.

“Mum… up to this very moment…. You still care for me…. I’m sorry mum… plea-se forgive me…. I love you so much… I love you… plea-se mum, Don’t leave me… I love you mum” Ella said as she hvgged her mum ti-ght.
Helen hvgged her back as tears escaped from her eyes.

Ella cried that even her nose began to get runny but she didn’t care about getting soa-ked in the rain and catching a cold, at least her mum’s warmth she felt while hvgging her was enough to keep her warm.

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 11❣❣❣


Helen’s eyes wi-de-ned as soon she remembered something. She quic-kly dis£ngaged from her daughter hvg and ransacked her bag. She brou-ght out the phone number Lucy had written on the paper. Helen squee-zed her face immediately.

“Oh my…. It’s all ruined” Helen lamented.

“Mum… Forget about this thing of a school, I’m never setting my feet there ever again” Ella said cleaning her eyes with the back of her arm.
The rain was over and they were both comfortable outside.

“What do you know…?… You might want to go to school and need to call for an apology” Helen replied.

“Even though mum… By the way, Don’t you worry… I have her number” Ella said.

“You do?… How?” Helen asked.

“She recently called…. Ella st©pped taking and faced Helen who was alre-ady curious.

“Never mind…. Let’s go mum, Before I catch a cold” Ella said gr-abbing her mum’s hand as they walked slowly.

“Ella…. About What I said about…..

“Mum…. Don’t bother yourself, I won’t tell anyone because I want to forget it…. No, I rather not believe it” Ella interrupted.

Helen simply smiled as they walked fas-ter.

When they reached home, they quic-kly went for a h0t shower and changed their outfits.

“Jane isn’t home?…. Where did she go to?” Helen asked Dan who was engrossed in the comic book he was re-ading. He didn’t even seem to hear her and didn’t bother to reply. Ella glared [email protected] at Dan and quic-kly [email protected]£ closer to him.

“Mum is talking to you!” Ella yelled hitting his head.

“Hey….!!” Dan shouted angrily as he slowly faced more. He placed his eyes back to where the comic book was.

“I don’t know….I think that’s what you wanted to hear Ella” Dan said as he left to his room.

Jane [email protected]£ just in time.

“Hey…. Where were you?” Helen asked her.

“Huh?”….Just somewhere” Jane said going to her room.

Helen shaked her head as Ella went into her room too.

Jane opened her wardrobe and placed the things she bought from the so-called ‘somewhere’ and [email protected]£ out to also have a h0t shower.

Ella looked at Jane’s wardrobe. She had remembered how Jane had warned her never to t©uçh her wardrobe.

“What could be inside?” Jane thought as she opened it quietly.


Jane went into her room slowly and met Ella with some papers and drugs.

“What the??…… Did you go throu-gh my things!!?…. I told you not to!!!” Jane yelled.

Ella started crying immediately.

“Why did you have to suffer alone??… Why didn’t you tell us… Huh???!… Tell me!!” Ella shouted.

“Shhhh!!!… Ella!…. What if mum hears” Jane whispered.

“I don’t care!!… Why does my family has to suffer this way?!… Huh??!…. Why me!!…” Ella yelled.

Helen and Dan heard her yelling and went to her room.

“Ella… plea-se… It’s okay” Jane whispered seeing Helen who stared at them.

“Was that why you never opened your b©dy to me and always closed your b©dy whenever I [email protected]£ in unexpectedly” Ella asked still crying.

“Ella what is it?” Helen asked worriedly.

“Mum?… What will happen to my family now huh?… I love my sister so much…I don’t know what to do!” Ella said as she cried the more.

“Can someone just explain this to me… I’m confused” Dan yelled.

“Mum…. Jane actually went to the pharmacy” Ella said as she sat on the cold floor.

“Why?” Helen asked shivering.

Ella rushed to her sister and hvgged her ti-ght causing more tears to flow. Jane cried too, It was’nt an expectation.

“Mum….Dan….. Ella started with a stammer as the others watched them. Her hand was still holding the paper she saw in Jane’s wardrobe ti-ght.

“Jane……..has…. br£@st cancer”


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