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The most beautiful goodbye batch 3

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected]d to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 7❣❣❣
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Helen didn’t noticed when she started to cry.
Jane quietly left with tears in her eyes.
Ella and Dan watched their mum cry.

Helen ran to Jane’s door and began to knock loudly. Grandma Ma ran quic-kly to her and pu-ll-ed her closed to her arms.

“St©p this alre-ady!,Let her be… Soon she will realize her mistakes” Grandma Ma said still holding unto Helen.

“Jane? Realize her mistakes?… Seems you don’t know your grand daughter well” Helen said with a sad laugh.

“St©p knocking alre-ady… She won’t open the door” Grandma Ma said feeling tired alre-ady.
Since, she was the only one doing the business in the market place all alone, She always felt pale and weak.

“Mum… I just want to talk to her, plea-se” Helen pleaded still hitting the door.

“Open up, Jane…We need to talk” Helen added.

“Go away” Jane voice was finally heard.

“You won’t…Maybe after 3 months” Helen replied softly as tears escaped from her eyes.

Grandma Ma slowly faced Ella and Dan, and it was no surprise that they were looking at their mum due to the statement she made.

Ella remembered what her mum had told her thst afternoon while eating lunch in the restaurant.She [email protected]£ worried and started thinking [email protected]
Fan’s voice jo-lted her back to her s-en-ses.

“Is mum traveling in 3 months time?” Confused Dan asked.

Ella slowly her head.

Jane opened the door afterwards.

“Are you going to disown us after 3 months and leave us” Jane asked.

Helen wanted to talk but her heavy tears shut her mouth.

Grandma Ma stared wickedly at Jane.

“It’s enough…You can go inside” Grandma yelled.

Jane went inside without asking further questions.

“Dan… Are you crying?” Ella asked seeing drops of tears flowing from dan’s eyes.

Dan looked at her [email protected]

“What do you mean?… Why in the whole world would I cry?” He asked cleaning his tears.
He left to his room immediately.

Ella stood up and slowly went to her room.
She felt tears drop from her eyes. She was sick worried about her mum.

“What in the world is she hiding from us?…I’m really scared” Her thoughts ran.
She slowly la-id down on her be-d.

Meanwhile,Dan was worried too in his room.

“What was mum talking about… 3 months?… I hope it’s nothing bad” He thought shivering.

Jane couldn’t think straight.She didn’t know what she was feeling anymore.

She couldn’t un-derstand her emotion.

“Mum…I’m sorry” She thought de-eply as h0t tears escaped from her eyes.

Ella was still in thoughts when her room began to shake.

She stood up immediately.

“What was that?” She thought.

“It’s shouldn’t be what I’m thinking about, Not an earthquake…Hell No! plea-se” Ella pleaded ru-bbing her hands together.

Soon, It started shaking more and more. Her bags parked on the t©p wall fell.
The walls of her room started cracking.

She tried pinching herself thinking it was a dream but No! It wasn’t…. This was real.

Her b©dy shivered in fear.

Ella ran outside screaming her mum’s name.

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 8❣❣❣

***Do not copy or repost⚠️❌***

Helen ran as soon as she heard her name. She met Ella shaking due to fear.

“Mum…There’s an earthquake” Ella muttered.

“Earthquake… Have you been dreaming?” Helen asked confused.

Ella slowly pointed to her room, Helen looked and sighed.

She gently went inside her room. She was surprised on what she saw.
The wall,ceiling and floor were c
cracked.Some things were damaged too.

“I un-derstand why this happened to your room!” Helen shouted which made Ella rush inside.

“Mum…What happened? Is it only my room that got infected, I really thought it was an earthquake” Ella said hiding behind her mum.

“It not an earthquake” Helen replied with a laugh.

“It’s the excessive use of water from the bathroom, You know your room is close to the bathroom….The water weakened the floors, walls and ceilings too… Seems you will move out and stay with jane” Helen said.

“Who?…Jane?” Ella asked.

“Who else before? You can’t stay with I and grandma, You have bad slee-ping habits, Dan has only one be-d in his room but Jane has two… She only use one, Just manage with her for the time being till I call the bricklayer, Okay?” Helen said slowly.

Ella sighed and nodded quietly.

“Though I hate this,But I have no choice” Ella said quietly.

Helen called the whole family and they quietly sat down waiting for what helen wanted to talk about.

“Something just happened to ella’s room now… So it’s in big mess,For now….She has to move on with jane” Helen said immediately.

“Hell no! What happened to her room, I want to stay alone, I rather have goats move in with me than this girl” Jane said pointing at Ella.

“If you hadn’t come here,I would have moved in there quietly…. Goodness, Why did you have to come here anyways” Ella whispered to their hearing.

“This is the reason why i hate this girl!…
Are you sure this is my sister” Jane said angrily.

“It’s enough… Look, The walls,Floor and ceilings are cracked, I will call a bricklayer when the money comes so for now… Stay with her, Just try to manage huh?… I If any problems arises, Come and meet me, I will clear it….Okay?” Helen said.

Jane sighed and nodded.

“I can go now right?” Jane retorted as Helen nodded.

Jane quietly went to her room.

“Oh goodness, Mum… You didn’t have to wake me, All this is’nt my business” Dan said tiredly yawning.

He walked fast to his room.

Grandma Ma smiled at Helen as she retired to be-d.

Helen and Ella moved to ella’s room.
Helen went in and began to pack her bags out of the room.

Ella held her mum’s hand quic-kly. Helen turned to her and stared.

“What is it?” Helen asked.

“I will pack them myself, Go to sleep” Ella replied.

“You sure?” Helen asked.

Ella simply smiled and nodded.

Helen yawned and walked slowly to her room before she heard Ella voice which made her turn back to her.

“Mum… Thank you”.

“For?” Helen asked.

“Everything” Ella replied and quic-kly walked into her room to pack her bags.

Helen smiled and went to be-d.

Ella took her bags and went into Jane’s room. She was alre-ady asleep. Ella chuckled.

She gently kept her bags and moved to the empty t©p be-d by climbing the ladder.

Immediately, She rested her head,Sleep took over her and she sle-pt soundly.

Helen tried slee-ping but she couldn’t, She wra-pped her arms close to Grandma Ma who was soundly asleep.

She couldn’t still sleep and it was quite late. She took her drugs and went to check on Ella.

She climbe-d the t©p be-d and met her asleep.

Helen smiled and held ella’s soft hand.

Ella smiled immediately they hand t©uçhed though she was sound asleep.

Helen smiled too and tried removing her hand from Ella’s hand but Ella made an uncomfortable sound.

“Is she having a nightmare?” Helen asked worried.

“Mum…. I want to go to school” Ella said sadly from her sleep.

Helen stared at her with her eyes twitching.

✨The Most Beautiful Goodbye🙋
([email protected] to say goodbye)

By: Nuri F. Chisom Pearl ✍️

❣❣❣Chapter 9❣❣❣

****DO NOT COPY OR REPOST⚠️⚠️❌❌⚠️❌****

That morning, while they ate Helen kept on stealing glances at Ella while she remembered what she said that night.

Helen cleared her throat.

“Ella?…. Do you plan on going back to school” Helen asked.

Ella coughed and her food jumped from her mouth. Helen [email protected] a cup of water to her.

“Goodness mum…Don’t spoil such a good day plea-se, I told you before… I have no plans to go back there!” Ella yelled.

“Infact… I’ve losed my appetite” Ella added leaving to her room.

Jane was alre-ady there and was trying to pu-ll her shi-t while sitting on a chair and facing a mirror when Ella pushed the door.

Jane quic-kly bu-ttoned her shi-t and Ella noticed.

“What are you hiding from me, We are both girls and sisters for that matter” Ella scoffed.

“What do you know? As if you even behave like a sister” Jane retorted.

“Dan calmly ate his meal and was still thinking if he should go to school.

“Mum… What did my principal say?… Did he say I should come to school?” Dan asked quietly.
Helen shaked her head angrily,Went to her room and gave him a letter and an envelope of money.

“That’s an apology letter and some moneyy,Give it to him” Helen said stretching her hand towards Dan who took it.
Dan opened the envelope and counted the money.
He opened his mouth in shock.

“You said ‘some money’….As if?…. This is a lot! Mum… You don’t really have to do this, I can earn billions if you let me be” Dan said.

“1….2…” Helen counted angrily.

Dan un-derstood and quic-kly took his bag and ran out of the house.

“You had better not skip [email protected]!” Helen yelled with a sigh.

She sat down worriedly.

“What wrong with Ella?… I don’t un-derstand that girl, Once…. She said she want to go to school,Then says she doesnt…I have to do something” Helen thought as she [email protected]£d her phone.

“Hello….Is this the principal,plea-se… This is Ella’s mom calling…. Can you call the hearing now, Let me apologize on my daughter’s behalf”.

After the call, Helen dressed up and went out without any one notice.
She boarded a taxi which took her directly to school.

However, The Victim and her family had not yet arrive.

She had to wait for an hour and few minutes before they arrived.

When Helen saw the victim’s face,She began to pity her.

She rushed to the victim and held her hand.

“I’m sorry… I can’t believe Ella did this… I’m really sorry” Helen said.

The Victim whose name was Lucy re-moved her hands from Helen’s.

Lucy didn’t respond, She left her immediately.
Lucy’s mother stared angrily at Helen as she walked to the hall.

The principal, The Vice,The head teacher,Ella and Lucy’s [email protected] teacher, Lucy herself and her parents sat down on a big chair with a table in front while Helen sat down on a single chair far opposite them.

She squee-zed her [email protected] gently preparing for the worst.

“Ma’am…. Welcome, I’m quite disapointed that your daughter,Ella didn’t come after all she did” The principal started.

“Did she even train her daughter well, Just take a look at my poor daughter, She has been in the hospital taking drips and drugs, Goodness…. Your daughter is a big bully!!” Lucy’s mother shouted.

Helen felt her eyes w€t alre-ady.

“You shouldn’t cry Helen…. Be strong, Don’t be a fool” Helen thought.

“Mum… It’s okay plea-se” Lucy said gently holding her hand.

“You see…. What I’m saying, Where you get a daughter like mine huh!!…. You should better place your daughter in an orphanage before she bullies everyone she knows…. What a stupid mother you are!!” Lucy’s mother yelled again.

The others laughed which made Helen cry. She couldn’t hold it any longer.

She quic-kly went on her knees with tears flowing from her eyes.

“I’m sorry… plea-se, Forgive us… Let’s Our Ella start school again” Helen cried loudly while ru-bbing her hands towards them.

“Our Ella?… That bully who didn’t even show up here!. I’m sure she is glad she did this… So Lucy,What do you say about this” The principal said looking at Lucy.

“Huh… Well, Excuse me… I need to use the restroom first” Lucy replied standing up.

The principal nodded with a smile and Lucy quietly left.

Lucy [email protected] Helen who was still on her knees.

Lucy went to the restroom and laugh.

“Goodness… That was quite funny, I really tried holding my laughter” Lucy said to herself laughing uncontrollably that even little tears dropped from her eyes.

She took her phone and quic-kly dialed a number.


Ella phone ran and she quic-kly picked it.

☎️ “Hello…Who’s This” Ella said.

☎️ “This is Lucy”

Ella looked at her phone.

☎️”Did you change your number?”

☎️”I knew you wouldn’t pick up so I changed it”

☎️Then forget, I’m hanging up

☎️Your mother is here!! Lucy said quic-kly so Ella couldn’t cut the call

☎️ I told you never ever to call my mother!

☎️ I’m serious, Your mother is here… She called for a hearing! Lucy said with a laugh.

☎️ What??

☎️ Yeah… But you know, She is kind of pathetic right now…. She is on her knees with tears on her eyes… More like a stranded puppy…You know it’s quite funny and I can’t st©p laughing!! Lucy said laughing.

☎️ You are insane!! Get re-ady… I’m coming, You had better not be breathing when I come there because I’m going to kill you… And feed you to the vultures!” Ella said as she cut the call.

Ella began to cry as she wore her clothes.

“Hey… What is it? Who was that?… Why are you crying?” Jane asked.

Ella didn’t reply but ran outside quic-kly.

Lucy looked at the mirror and cleaned her face.She made her innocent face again and went back to her seat.
She looked at helen who was still on her knees dejected.

Lucy scoffed quietly and finally said to her.
“Ma’am?” Lucy called.Helen looked at her.
“She must be embarrased Lucy’s mother laughed.

“Mum,plea-se!I think you are going too far,……as I was saying… Can you do me a favor?”

Helen nodded.

“Stay on your knees like that until i’m satisfied….. can you?” Lucy asked.

Helen stared at her,bit herl-ips and gently nodded as tears escaped from her eyes.


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